Benelli India to open more dealerships, increase production capacity in '21

Benelli India is going to play on the front foot in 2021. The Chinese-owned...
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Tata Could Be Launching The Altroz Turbo On January 13, 2021

Tata has been testing the turbo-petrol variant of the Altroz for quite some...
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Replacing Fuel Lines on Brigitta and a look at past and present cousins....

 Today the weather had finally warmed enough to allow me an easy and almost iceless exit out of the neighborhood while riding Brigitta, my '87 R80 Beemer.I rode her the nine miles to the RV Storage Yard and as I parked her next to the URRV, noted the smell of gas.  Oh Oh.A quick look showed drops of gas emanating from the vicinity of the right tank petcock!  I had recently installed a couple of worm gear clamps  (none had been there before Fiona's immolation); and apparently the clamp's pressure...
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Elon Musk says Tim Cook refused meeting about buying Tesla

Elon Musk says he once tried to contact Apple CEO Tim Cook about the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla, but claims Cook "refused to take the meeting."
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Elon Musk claims Apple’s Tim Cook refused meeting about Tesla acquisition

Elon Musk says he once tried to contact Apple CEO Tim Cook about the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla, but claims Cook "refused to take the meeting."
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You Can Make Your Yamaha Triple Look Like a Race Bike

In collaboration with Yamaha Europe, Bottpower has created a carbon/composite fairing kit for the Yamaha Triple line-up. Per , the Bottpower “XR9 Carbona” kit can fit onto any MT09, XSR900, or Tracer 900. This kit was inspired by the experience Bottpower gathered at the Pikes Peak race in 2017. It’s notable to mention, Bottpower won in two categories and fourth overall at the event.  The BOTT XR9 Carbona fairing kit can be fitted to your Yamaha Triple with no extra modif...
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Invoice Price, Factory Rebates, F&I: What They Mean & How to Understand Them

A 2014 survey by found that people consider shopping for a car more stressful than planning a wedding. More recent studies show consumers would rather be stuck in an elevator than spend an afternoon in a car dealership. The stress consumers feel can be caused by the different “unknowns” in the car buying process. And the typical car business lingo only makes things more confusing! Disclosure: Automoblog and its partners may earn a commission when you visit the links below.  ...
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Elon Musk claims he tried selling Tesla to Apple but Tim Cook wasn’t interested

Tesla stock’s miraculously bizarre 2020 might have a gone different way had Apple’s Tim Cook agreed to a meeting in recent years, or so says Elon Musk. Reacting to Reuters’ recent news that Apple has not abandoned its electric car program and is still pursuing plans to build a physical vehicle, Musk tweeted that in “the darkest days” of scaling Model 3 production, he reached out to Apple CEO Tim Cook and raised the possibility of the Cupertino company acquiring Tesla. Musk says that Coo...
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NHTSA Requires Odometer Statements Up to 20 Years

NHTSA, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, issued a reminder that starting January 1, 2021, every vehicle ownership transfer will require an odometer statement for the first 20 years. Odometer disclosures will be required for every transfer of ownership for the first 20 years, beginning with Model Year 2011 vehicles.  Model […] The post NHTSA Requires Odometer Statements Up to 20 Years appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Rare Rides: The 1962 Singer Vogue, the Smaller Side of British Luxury

Today’s Rare Ride is the first time a Singer vehicle has appeared on these pages. Compact and well-trimmed, the Vogue was a bit more than the standard Sixties British family car. Singer got its start not in automobiles, but in bicycles and motorcycles. Formed in 1874 in Coventry, England, the firm’s initial name was Singer […] The post Rare Rides: The 1962 Singer Vogue, the Smaller Side of British Luxury appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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One-year Ownership Update: 2019 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

Well friends, it’s been an entire year since I purchased a CPO Golf SportWagen, and it’s time for an ownership update. Do you expect I’ve had any more issues since we last spoke? You may remember that my initial (and so far, only) ownership experience with a non-Audi VW Group product was not an awesome […] The post One-year Ownership Update: 2019 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Apple iCar: The Next Big Thing?

Apple has targeted 2024 to produce a passenger vehicle that could include proprietary self-driving and battery technologies, according to Reuters. Project Titan, The iPad creator’s automotive effort, started in 2014 with the goal of Apple designing its own vehicle. Apple later scaled back the effort to shift its focus elsewhere. Doug Field, an Apple veteran […] The post Apple iCar: The Next Big Thing? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Porsche Cartoon

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7 to 8 new BS6 Benelli motorcycles to launch in India by Aug 2021 - Report

A new media report says that 7 to 8 new BS6 Benelli motorcycles are slated to...
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Mustang Mach-E Launch Brings Forth New Ford Online Buying System

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is finally here. We’ve even driven it. Along with the arrival of the car comes a new online buying process, one that seems likely to spread across the Ford lineup – it should be set for use with the Bronco, as well. It’s a process that could mostly eliminate the […] The post Mustang Mach-E Launch Brings Forth New Ford Online Buying System appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Hyundai i20 vs Hyundai Venue Turbo-Petrol DCT - Acceleration Comparison

Along with Volkswagen, it has been Hyundai who has really been bringing...
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Kia Sonet vs Tata Nexon Spec Comparison: Which One to Buy?

After its success story with the Seltos, Kia Motors has stirred up a storm in...
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How Much More Grip And Traction Can Extra Weight Give You In The Snow?

It's a commonly held belief that more weight over a driven axle will give you traction in the snow, but how well does this really work? Time to get testing...
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Semiconductor shortages are causing delays at several Volkswagen factories

Semiconductor suppliers shifted to consumer products earlier in 2020, but the car market rebounded quickly.
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Honda Activa 6G & Honda CB Shine 125 year-end offers announced

The Honda Activa 6G and Honda CB Shine 125 are available at attractive year-end...
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The Toyota Yaris GR-S Is A Souped Up Yaris Sedan For Malaysia

The Toyota Yaris is a humble, easy-to-live with sedan in the Indian market but...
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This £17k Mercedes CL63 Is The Classiest Way To Get AMG's 6.2 V8

The AMG CL we've plucked from the classifieds isn't the smartest way to spend £17k on a used car, but boy, is it tempting
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New Honda CB1300 series launched in Japan, price starts at INR 11.16 lakh

The new Honda CB1300 series of motorcycles were put up on the brand?s official...
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Bush Riders Xmas Trail Ride

 Since the purchase of the RMX I've been keeping a keen eye on trail riding Facebook groups and Silver Bullet for any sniff of a trail ride and so far I seem to be able to find at least one per month not too far from me.  I spotted an event listing for the annual Bush Rders Xmas Trail Ride a while ago and was really keen to give it a whirl.The ride was on Sunday and as usual I was up early and [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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BMW and MINI Car Prices To Be Hiked By 2% From January 2021

BMW India has officially announced that they will be hiking the price of their...
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Electric two-wheeler sales in India could decline 15-17% in FY21, says ICRA

Electric two-wheeler sales in India are expected to shrink 15-17% year-on-year...
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The Bentley Flying Spur Reindeer Eight Is Santa's Most Opulent Sleigh Ever!

Christmas is just round the corner and Santa might be wanting a new set of...
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Horizon Robotics, a Chinese rival to Nvidia, seeks to raise over $700M

In their rush to offer alternatives to advanced western chipsets, Chinese semiconductor companies are racking up large fundings from investors. Horizon Robotics, a five-year-old unicorn specializing in AI chips for robots and autonomous vehicles, announced Tuesday that it has secured $150 million in funding. The proceeds are the first close of an over $700 million Series C round that Horizon is seeking to raise. The partial funding is jointly led by prominent investors 5Y Capital (formerly Mo...
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5 Common Tire Problems Drivers Encounter

Nobody likes to think about tire problems. But if you don’t anticipate what could go wrong, you’re practically guaranteeing that something will go wrong. And that’s not exactly a ball of laughs, is it? The bottom line is this: If you drive a car, you’ve got to think about your tires. Not only that, you’ve got to keep a constant eye on them. Failure to do that could move you to the side of the road real rough and fast. Don’t know much about tires? Don’t worry. Here are 5 of the most common tire ...
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Next-Gen Mahindra Scorpio Interiors Leaked In New Spy Images

Mahindra has been testing the next-gen Scorpio for quite some time and we have...
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