When you should worry, or not worry, about car repairs

You hear something odd, or your vehicle does something strange, and your first thought is, How expensive is this? The good news is that not everything requires a trip to the shop. Find out what needs it, and what doesn't, in my story over at the National Post ( [Author: Jil McIntosh]
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TVS Scooty Pep+ Mudhal Kadhal Edition launched only in Tamil Nadu

TVS Motor Company has launched the new Scooty Pep+ Mudhal Kadhal Edition. It is...
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Tata Altroz Turbo Brochure Leaked Ahead Of Launch - Reveals New Details

The Tata Altroz Turbo is just round the corner, slated to be unveiled on...
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Sony reveals more details on its secretive Vision-S sedan

Sony’s Vision-S prototype sedan, one of the biggest surprises at CES last year, didn’t fade away after the tech trade show ended. The Vision-S is back in a series of new videos released by Sony during 2021 CES, which kicked off Monday. Two videos show the Vision-S prototype driving on a private track and then public roads in Austria. But it’s a third, longer video (included below) that sheds more light on how Sony designed and developed the prototype, its partners and some of the tech that...
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BMW shows off the future of iDrive tech at CES 2021

BMW used CES 2021 to celebrate 20 years of its iDrive infotainment system, and to give a preview of the next-generation iDrive system debuting in the iX EV.
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Ford to shut down Brazilian auto plants

By Ban Klayman and Alberto Alerigi | Reuters DETROIT – Ford Motor Co said on Monday it will close its three plants in Brazil this year and take pretax charges of about $4.1 billion as the COVID-19 pandemic amplified the company’s under use of its manufacturing capacity. Production will cease immediately at Ford’s plants in Camaçari and Taubaté, with some parts production continuing for a few months to support inventories for aftermarket sales. The Troller plant in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, will co...
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‘Otis Creates a Personalized Experience’: How Hogan Tire & Auto Service Serves Today’s Digital Consumers Using Advanced Online Chat for Automotive Service Businesses

Hogan Tire & Auto Service is a third-generation family-owned tire and auto service business in the greater Boston area. Founder Thomas E. Hogan started the company in 1915 when the automotive service industry was just beginning. Hogan Tire & Auto Service has been in continuous operation for over a century through a winning formula of a superior tire and automotive repair combined with customer service excellence. Innovation has played a key part in Hogan Tire’s lasting success. What began as a...
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Splitvolt Fast EV Charger Debuts at CES

Splitvolt has answered two major drawbacks to electric vehicle (EV) ownership, slow charging and costly rewiring. Their Splitvolt Splitter Switch is a game-changer, rolling out this week at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Splitvolt Inc. is one of those techie, geeky Silicon Valley startups you wouldn’t normally hear about. Daniel Liddle, the founder and […] The post Splitvolt Fast EV Charger Debuts at CES appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Mobileye is bringing its autonomous vehicle test fleets to at least four more cities in 2021

Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, is scaling up its autonomous vehicle program and plans to launch test fleets in at least four more cities over the next several months, including Detroit, Paris Shanghai and Tokyo. Mobileye president and CEO Amnon Shashua said Monday during the virtual 2021 CES tech trade show that if the company can receive regulatory approval it will also begin testing on public roads in New York City. The expansion announcement, along with details about a new lidar System o...
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Bring Some Grunt To Your BMW S 1000 XR With New HP Corse Slip-On Exhausts

 Bump Up Your “Brap”! HP Corse – a notable Italian exhaust manufacturer – has three new Evoxtreme slip-on exhausts for your BMW S 1000 XR. Slip-on exhausts can either be a time-saver or a time-waster. Replacing an entire system will often give you the benefit of some extra horsepower, but a slip-on option can be a nightmare to mount if it’s not specifically tailored to your bike. Luckily for BMW S 1000 XR owners looking into slip-on options, these Evoxtreme’s come ready for seamless integration...
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Breaking: 2021 North American International Auto Show Canceled

The 2021 Detroit Auto Show has been canceled. Originally set for summer, then pushed back to September due to COVID concerns, the show has now been binned completely. It’s unclear if that’s just for this year or permanently. In its place will be a six-day event called “Motor Bella” that will take place in the […] The post Breaking: 2021 North American International Auto Show Canceled appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Rare Rides: A 2003 Volkswagen Passat W8 4MOTION Wagon, for Low-cost Motoring

The Rare Rides series featured a Passat wagon once before, in the long ago time of 2018. It was a 1992 G60 with all-wheel drive, a manual transmission, and supercharged engine. Staying true to quirky form, today’s newer and more luxury-oriented Passat pairs its all-wheel drive grip with an eight-cylinder engine. The B5 generation Passat […] The post Rare Rides: A 2003 Volkswagen Passat W8 4MOTION Wagon, for Low-cost Motoring appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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From Paris to NYC, Mobileye will bring self-driving cars to metropolises

Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Detroit and New York City will all see fleets of Mobileye-powered vehicles rolled out in early 2021.
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FBI Smacks Down On Ducati’s North American Headquarters

Trouble In Little Italy Although the incident happened last month on December 17th 2020, news has just recently become public regarding a scheduled FBI raid on Ducati’s North American headquarters.  The details are still hazy as to what business the FBI had at Ducati’s home-base, but another publication – Asphalt & Rubber – is reporting that sources are stating that the FBI also hit some of the houses belonging to high-ranking Ducati officials in relation to a financial investigation.  Back to ...
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Question Of The Day: Is White Your Favorite Car Color?  

  White is the most popular car color, according to Axalta, covering 38 percent of all automobiles purchased worldwide. In a story we posted on December 14th, 81 percent of vehicles are said to be white, black, gray, or silver, according to Axalta’s 68th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report. Maybe you choose certain car colors because of […] The post Question Of The Day: Is White Your Favorite Car Color?   appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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'Death by Pokémon Go': Study finds that driving while playing likely cost billions in car damage, injuries

Pokémon Go craze hits New York City on July 25, 2016. Mike Coppola/Getty Images Users playing Pokémon Go while driving resulted in a "disproportionate increase in crashes near PokéStops" in an area of Indiana, a Purdue University study found. The study analyzed 12,000 police incident reports in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. It concluded that resulting car damage, injuries, and fatalities incurred county-wide costs of $5.2 million. Nationwide, the study estimated costs to range between $2 bil...
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Daily Stunner: A Kawasaki ER-6F by Cowboy’s Chopper

The Kawasaki ER-6F ticks all the right boxes as a daily runner, but it’s not much of a looker. And it’s an uncommon choice for customization, too—we’ve featured a handful of custom ER-6Ns on these pages, but never the fully faired ‘F’ model. It takes imagination to look beyond its vanilla bodywork and standard-issue ‘sport commuter’ style, and see potential. So this 2006-model ER-6F spent most of its life as a loaner, parked in Alex Gao’s garage. That is, until he needed a custom donor in a p...
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You Can (Sort Of) Buy A Brand New Mk2 Ford Escort In 2021

Welsh firm MST is selling Mk2 Escorts based around newly fabricated bodyshells
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2021 NACTOY Winners Announced, Ford Takes Two of Three

Every year before 2020, automotive journalists descended on Detroit for the North American International Auto Show at this time in January. Bleary-eyed scribes shook off their hangovers from Sunday’s pre-show parties and new-model unveilings and rolled into Cobo (now TCF) Center early on Monday morning to hear which vehicles won the North American Car and […] The post 2021 NACTOY Winners Announced, Ford Takes Two of Three appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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BMW previews its next-gen iDrive infotainment system

At CES 2021, BMW today provided us with a first glimpse of the future of its iDrive system, twenty years after it first launched in the 2001 7 Series. Today’s announcement mostly focuses on the past, with a look back at the history of BMW’s infotainment platform, but the company did provide a bit more context and images of the new system that will make its official debut on the sizable displays in its upcoming iX soon. Obviously, we’re looking at a refreshed and more colorful design here. Based ...
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Recycling startup Redwood Materials is now accepting your old smartphones

Redwood Materials, the recycling startup founded by former Tesla CTO JB Straubel, has quietly opened up its enterprise to everyday consumers and all of the old electronics sitting in their junk drawers. The move expands upon the Carson City, Nevada-based company’s existing and primary strategy to recycle scrap from battery cell production and consumer electronics for corporate customers like Panasonic and Amazon. The startup has posted a “recycle with us” tab on its website, which states “...
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Kia Hotseat Reopens When COO Exits the Building

Kia Motors America is looking for a new number two behind Sean Yoon, president and CEO of Kia Motors America, because as reported by Automotive News, COO Bill Peffer quit one week into the job. Sources within Kia said a successor to Peffer has not yet been appointed after his resignation last week. There was no indication where […] The post Kia Hotseat Reopens When COO Exits the Building appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Kia Hotseat Reopens When COO Leaves After One Week

Kia Motors America is looking for a new number two behind Sean Yoon, president and CEO of Kia Motors America, because COO Bill Peffer quit one week into the job. Kia said late Friday it has not yet appointed a successor to Peffer after his abrupt resignation was tendered Thursday. Kia did not offer any details […] The post Kia Hotseat Reopens When COO Leaves After One Week appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Tesla Model S-Rivalling Nio ET7 Has 644bhp An A 150kWh Battery

Nio has revealed its latest electric vehicle, which is available wit ha giant 150kWh battery pack
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Junkyard Find: 2001 Plymouth Neon, Last Gasp of the Plymouth Brand Edition

Quite a few hallowed (and not-so-hallowed) Detroit brands got axed forever during the decade of the 2000s (whatever we’re calling it now— the Noughts? the Oh-Ohs?), and the one that went to the slaughterhouse first was Plymouth. Starting in 1928 (not-so-coincidentally, just a couple of years after the birth of Pontiac), Americans and Canadians could […] The post Junkyard Find: 2001 Plymouth Neon, Last Gasp of the Plymouth Brand Edition appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Hyundai and Apple Working on New Electric Car That Will Debut in 2027: Report

Hyundai Motor Group and Apple are reportedly in talks to build an electric car....
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Bentley Achieves Their Highest Ever Sales In 101 Years History In 2020

Bentley Motors have released their sales data for the year 2020. The British...
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The Station: the 2021 predictions issue, part two

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every Sunday in your inbox.  Hi friends and new readers, welcome back to The Station, a newsletter dedicated to all the present and future ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B. Last week, I provided some of my predictions for 2021 focused on autonomous vehicle technology and electric vehicles. I’ll weigh in today with a few predictions about the rest o...
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Jeep Compass Facelift Prices To Be Announced On February 4 In India

Jeep unveiled the India-spec Compass facelift just last week and now the...
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Here's A Better Look At The New Mercedes-AMG SL

The incoming AMG-developed SL has lost a little camouflage, giving a clearer look at Mercedes' new sports car
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