Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Mileage Test - Distance Covered in 250ml Petrol

The Bajaj Pulsar RS200 has proved its mettle when it comes to outright...
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2021 Suzuki Hayabusa India Launch Details Revealed - Check Inside

Around a month ago, Suzuki Motorcycle India had released a new teaser video on...
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Hiking the dunes of the Great Sand Dunes National Park

 Well, I got my exercise today, I elected to try and climb the dunes more to the north side of the Great Sand Dunes, away from the maddening crowds along the southern edge of the dunes.It was mid-morning by the time things had warmed up enough but not too much to allow me to do the hiking in relative temperature comfort.  The light however, was very flat.  Sorry.I tried to reach one peak first, found my way barred by very steep sloping sand and instead wandered further north, traversing dunes ti...
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Automakers notch sales bounce a year after COVID-19 onset

Automakers posted higher sales in the first quarter as General Motors Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and others benefited from strong demand for new cars and trucks in comparison with a year earlier, when the spread of Covid-19 shut showrooms. U.S. auto sales surged by more than 8% in the quarter, according to analysts’ estimates. The gain reflects buying as vaccination rates increase and more people return to their pre-pandemic routines. Increased confidence in the economy and worry about lower suppli...
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Barrett-Jackson VIN 001s Boost Auction Results

VIN 001s are a rarity few can appreciate, let alone afford. Barrett-Jackson, auctioneers with aplomb, moved a handful of them last weekend at their auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. Who can afford a VIN 001 is less important than why. After all, VIN 002 and any produced thereafter are the same. Will VIN 001 produce a […] The post Barrett-Jackson VIN 001s Boost Auction Results appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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2020 Ford Escape Hybrid SE Sport Review – Mixed Bag

It’s been a year and a half or so since I first drove the current-gen Ford Escape down in Kentucky, before anyone heard the word, COVID, and I still don’t know what to make of it. That goes double for the hybrid. I wasn’t enamored with its blob-like styling, but some of youse guys found […] The post 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid SE Sport Review – Mixed Bag appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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How Audi’s New Hotel Deal Might Replace the Dealership Test Drive

One of the many challenges facing automakers right now is acquainting potential buyers with the experience of driving or riding in their newest models. As early as 2014, a third of car buyers test drove only one model, and 17% skipped the test drive completely. With the pandemic having restricted the availability of many showrooms...
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QOTD: What New Vehicle Would You Picture Yourself in?

Jan, Toyota’s innocuous ad spokesperson, poses our question of the day (QOTD)  to picture yourself in a new Toyota. We’re asking, what new vehicle of any make would you picture yourself in? Assuming, of course, dealers still exist. We cover dozens of brands from around the world and many hundreds of vehicles. Which would you […] The post QOTD: What New Vehicle Would You Picture Yourself in? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Rare Rides: A Pristine Chevrolet Monte Carlo From 1987, Mid-market Personal Luxury

Rare Rides has touched on Monte Carlo once before, in a well-past-its-prime NASCAR / Jeff Gordon edition from 2000. Monte Carlo surfaced again more recently, as its Nineties iteration was effectively a renamed second-generation Lumina coupe. But we’ve never covered the Eighties Monte Carlo, which was a very popular car in the midsize segment at a time […] The post Rare Rides: A Pristine Chevrolet Monte Carlo From 1987, Mid-market Personal Luxury appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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History repeats itself: A Canadian XR750 returns home

Most of the customs we drool over on these pages have little or no history. They’re usually modified after a few mundane years of weekend riding—or transported straight from the showroom floor to the workshop, in the back of a van. Occasionally, though, we happen across a machine with a decades-long backstory. Like this street legal Harley XR750 tracker from Quebec, Canada, which houses a tuned Sportster engine in an XR750 frame. Builder Costa Mouzouris originally created the street tracke...
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Do Parents Drive Differently Alone Than With Children? Here Is What The Data Says

A recent study sheds light on how parents drive alone versus when they are with their children. The National Safety Council (NSC), Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association, and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute conducted the study for Distracted Driving Awareness Month (April). The survey featured 1,000 adults age 25 and above who regularly drive with children. Key Findings Alone Perhaps not surprisingly, the study found that parents drive differently when their chil...
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In the Future, Will Car Dealerships Exist?

Car dealerships are a conundrum. For decades, they’ve prevailed despite changes in every aspect of what occurs at a new car dealership. The big question is whether they will continue doing business as they have, or will there be changes to a system that’s out of touch with buyers today? How new cars are bought […] The post In the Future, Will Car Dealerships Exist? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Nissan Taps Into Brand Heritage While Promising ‘Thrills’ During NCAA Tournament

While most major automakers are focusing their marketing efforts on their embrace of electric vehicles, Nissan is taking a look back at the brand's early EV development and showing what's to come. Nissan plans to roll out 10 new models over the next 20 months, but the goal goes beyond touting new lines of cars....
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CarMax Acquires Edmunds in $400 Million Deal

Yesterday, used-car giant CarMax announced it finalized a deal to acquire automotive consumer advice site Edmunds, in a deal worth just over $400 million. CarMax promises it’s magnanimous, and that Edmunds and its advice will operate independently of CarMax and its sales. CarMax first showed interest in Edmunds in January of 2020, when it handed […] The post CarMax Acquires Edmunds in $400 Million Deal appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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India-Spec Volkswagen Tiguan - Facelift vs Pre-Facelift Model

A couple of days ago, Volkswagen took the wraps off the India-spec Tiguan...
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Is This The Perfect Lexus LFA Spec?

This barely-used LFA, up for auction in Florida next month, looks fabulous in Steel Gray with a red interior
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Solar-Powered Humble One Concept SUV Will Have Tesla Worried - Here's Why

It seems that California is becoming the new hub for innovations when it comes...
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Enjoy Watching 9 Minutes Of Cars That Look Out Of Place At The Nurburgring

This compilation video celebrates some more unconventional 'Ring weapons, from a track-prepped Fiat Multipla to a bog-standard Citroen AX
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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Looks More Retro in this Rendering

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is indeed a good-looking motorcycle,...
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Here’s How Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Would Make a Comeback If Ever It Does

All that is left around the arrival of the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evo are...
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2021 Tata Safari XE Base Trim Detailed on Tape – VIDEO

The 2021 Tata Safari was one of the first launches of this year. With a...
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TVS Apache RR 310 vs Bajaj Dominar 400 - Drag Race of Flagships

The Apache RR 310 and Dominar 400 are the flagship models of TVS Motor Company...
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