Kia Sonet 7-Seater – First Ever Real Life Images

Kia Motors Indonesia has officially unveiled the new 7-seater version of the...
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Why Today Should be the Day You Get a Dashcam

Many vehicles on the roads in 2021 are equipped with dashcams either from the factory or aftermarket. A dashcam is a camera that is mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard to capture video and audio of any event – big or small – on your travels. Should an accident occur, a dashcam can mean the difference between a terrible “he said, she said” situation and provide the facts surrounding the event. As you know, motorcycles do not have dashboards per se, but in recent years, technology has evolved to give...
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’Otis Can Handle That’: Why Cleve-Hill Auto & Tire Uses Openbay Otis Intelligent Chat to Elevate the Online Customer Service Experience and Grow Service Revenue

“At Cleve-Hill, we love customer service,” shares Joe Nicosia, Jr., Vice President of Cleve-Hill Auto & Tire. “In fact, it was our interest in new ways to better serve today’s customers that led us to Openbay Otis intelligent chat.”  Cleve-Hill Auto & Tire is a successful family-owned and -operated auto and tire service business located in the Buffalo, NY region. The operation includes three retail locations, all proud NAPA AutoCare Centers, in addition to a thriving wholesale tire operatio...
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Biden Planning to Pour $100 Billion Worth Of Rebates Onto EVs

The Biden administration expanded on its $174 billion proposal to boost electric vehicle sales on Thursday, suggesting that the United States government make it rain money on those purchasing EVs. Technically a part of the $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, which has been expanded to include jobs and numerous environmental projects, the proposal makes a lot […] The post Biden Planning to Pour $100 Billion Worth Of Rebates Onto EVs appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Hyundai Releases Santa Cruz Design Video & Teaser

Ahead of its debut on April 15th, Hyundai has released this teaser video of the new Santa Cruz. The video follows these cool teaser sketches Hyundai released on March 31st. What exactly is the new Santa Cruz? Hyundai designers Brad Arnold and Senon Franco explain in this video. Original article: Hyundai Releases Santa Cruz Design Video & Teaser
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GM idles more North American plants as chip shortage drags on

General Motors is idling more plants and extending shutdowns at other facilities in North America due to a continued shortage of semiconductor chips that are used to control myriad operations in vehicles, including the infotainment, power steering and brake systems. In an update Thursday, GM indicated that eight assembly plants are affected by the temporary closures. CNBC was the first to report on the temporary plant closures. GM confirmed the shutdowns to TechCrunch and added that it plans to ...
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Rich People Are Finally Back On Top, Mercedes Takes U.S. Quarterly Sales Honors

Mercedes-Benz had an enviable first-quarter and managed to find itself back on top of U.S. luxury sales, icing out its chief rival BMW after two years of living in its shadow. Mercedes reportedly sold 78,256 vehicles within the first three months of 2021, thanks largely to its crossover vehicles. It’s a year-over-year increase of 16 percent […] The post Rich People Are Finally Back On Top, Mercedes Takes U.S. Quarterly Sales Honors appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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2021 Ford Explorer Enthusiast ST – More For Less

The 2021 Ford Explorer Enthusiast ST has the same 3.0-liter, 400 horsepower EcoBoost engine, with 415 lb-ft of torque, just like the Explorer ST. What it also has is a lower starting price, $49,995. Ford made this happen was by creating a new Standard Equipment Group for the ST, combining the engine with a 10-speed […] The post 2021 Ford Explorer Enthusiast ST – More For Less appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Kaspeed gives the Ducati Supersport 750 a second wind

Some would say the 750 SS was not Ducati’s finest hour. The podgy, plasticky styling has always been divisive, and the engine is rated at a somewhat underwhelming 65 hp. But this Duc is light—a mere 403 pounds (183 kg) dry—and the handling is good on smooth asphalt. The trellis frame is a work of art, the Brembo brakes are well up to the job, and the Supersport is easy to ride compared to most Ducatis of its era. Best of all, you can now pick up a mint 750 for less than $5,000 in the US if lu...
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Say Hello To 'My' New BMW M340d Touring (AKA The Best New Car On Sale)

In a departure from unreliable shitboxes, I'm spending four months with an M340d Touring. Here's a look at the car...
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The Toyota GR Yaris Has Lapped The 'Ring As Quickly As An FK2 Honda Civic Type R

We know the GR Yaris is rapid, but a new Sport Auto video shows it can hang with the hottest hatches
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Triumph’s Trident 660 Arrives On Indian Shores

The Final Piece to the Asian Market Puzzle In the short amount of time that the Trident has been available for purchase, it has already cemented itself as a brand favorite when it comes to riders seeking an intermediate motorcycle manufactured by a British OEM. The Trident’s sales have been steady – meaning the naked 660cc gamble paid off for Triumph – and as a result, Triumph is sending it over to India’s difficult market to see how it fairs. The Indian market is a very difficult segment to en...
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What to expect from Google I/O 2021

Google I/O is back as a virtual event and free to everyone who wants to attend.
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IT’S OFFICIAL: Royal Enfield’s Meteor 350 Is Finally Coming to America

Meteor Strikes North American Coasts Every time that I write an article about the Meteor 350’s success across seas, there are always comments left from our readers along the lines of: “Awesome, but when the hell will Royal Enfield bring the Meteor to America? I’m sure it will sell great”. Honestly, I didn’t have an answer for any of the readers asking questions of this nature, but thankfully Royal Enfield delightfully answered that question themselves… The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 will finally ...
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Rare Rides: The Sporty and Very Rare 1991 Mitsubishi Debonair, by AMG (Part II)

Last time on Rare Rides we introduced Mitsubishi’s Debonair, which began its tenure as Mitsubishi’s flagship luxury sedan in 1963 and remained the same for a very long time. Upon the model’s second generation in 1986, the Debonair made the switch to front-drive and adopted more modern looks in an attempt to appeal beyond very […] The post Rare Rides: The Sporty and Very Rare 1991 Mitsubishi Debonair, by AMG (Part II) appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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2022 Mercedes-Benz CLS: Styling Updates, Powertrain Specs, New Tech Features & More

If you’re old enough to remember, the first-gen Mercedes-Benz CLS is to blame for the swoopy-roof styling we’re all seeing in modern sedans and crossovers. In short, the CLS is responsible for kickstarting the “four-door coupe” movement. Launched in 2004 and riding on E-Class underpinnings, the CLS is a more stylish alternative to the former while retaining E-Class levels of luxury and prestige. 2022 Mercedes-Benz CLS: Updated Styling The Mercedes CLS has always been a thing of beauty, b...
Tags: Cars, Research, Autos, Amg, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz CLS, Alvin Reyes, Lancer GSR, Starling Blue, MBUX Augmented Video for Navigation, MBUX Interior Assist 2022 Mercedes Benz CLS, Mercedes Benz CLS Warranty

Citroen C5 Aircross vs Hyundai Tucson - Price and Spec Comparison

Citroen launched the C5 Aircross in India yesterday with prices starting from...
Tags: India, Autos, Citroën, Aircross, Hyundai Tucson Price

QOTD: What Cars Are Driven Badly in Unpleasant Conditions?

Drivers of certain cars are prone to drive badly in foul weather. Over four million applicants for insurance are a pretty good indicator. Is it the type of car, or a more aggressive driver? You be the judge. Fog, rain, snow, and ice are weather conditions that could make a road unsafe even at the […] The post QOTD: What Cars Are Driven Badly in Unpleasant Conditions? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Verizon and Honda want to use 5G and edge computing to make driving safer

Honda and Verizon are researching how 5G and mobile edge computing might improve safety for today’s connected vehicles and the future’s autonomous ones.  The two companies, which announced the partnership Thursday, are piloting different safety scenarios at the University of Michigan’s Mcity , a test bed for connected and autonomous vehicles. The aim of the venture is to study how 5G connectivity coupled with edge computing could allow for faster communication between cars, pedestrians an...
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New Kawasaki Vulcan S Discount Can Save You INR 20,000

If you have been planning to buy a Kawasaki Vulcan S, perhaps, now would be a...
Tags: Autos, New Kawasaki Vulcan S Discount Can Save You INR

Made-in-India 7-Seater Kia Sonet Debuts in Indonesia; India Launch Unlikely

In India, the Kia Sonet classifies as a sub-compact SUV as it measures under 4...
Tags: Indonesia, India, Autos

Bajaj Dominar 400 Transformed into Police Cruiser - Rendering

Here?s a Bajaj Dominar 400 that has been digitally transformed into a police...
Tags: Autos

New CyberLandr Turns Tesla Cybertruck Into Bonkers Campervan

The $50,000 camper unit is stowed in the truck’s bed and is said to allow several weeks spent off-grid
Tags: Autos

BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo Facelift Launched In India - Price and Details

BMW has launched the 6 Series Gran Turismo facelift in India today. Priced from...
Tags: India, Autos, Bmw

A Porsche 911 GT3 Test Mule Covered 3100 Miles At A Constant 186mph

To prove the reliability and strength of the new GT3’s engine, Porsche put it on the circular Nardo test track and racked up 5000km at a constant 186mph, with stops only for fuel
Tags: Porsche, Autos, Nardo

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Launched in USA, Prices Start at INR 3.27 Lakh

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 has been launched in the USA. The new motorcycle from...
Tags: Usa, Autos, Royal Enfield Meteor, USA Prices Start

2021 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Launched in India

With the launch of the 2021 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster, the iconic British...
Tags: India, Autos

Hyundai Alcazar Makes Its Global Debut In India - Full Details

After numerous spy shots and a slew of teasers, Hyundai have globally debuted...
Tags: India, Autos, Hyundai, Hyundai Alcazar

Next-Gen Mahindra XUV500 To Be Called XUV700; Launch in Q2 FY2022

Mahindra has been working on a replacement of the current-gen XUV500 for quite...
Tags: Autos, Mahindra

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Portrayed as Adventure Tourer in this Rendering

The true nature of the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is of a naked streetfighter. It has...
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