Scientists invent a faster and cheaper way to repurpose EV batteries

While electric cars are great at reducing emissions, they aren’t a totally perfect solution. With the rise of EVs, the world will have to deal with an influx of worn out batteries creating a new waste problem. But thankfully, scientists are already coming up with ways to tackle the issue. Researchers from Warwick University’s manufacturing arm WMG have developed a new system for testing the potential life of used Nissan Leaf batteries to determine whether they should be reused, recycled, or disp...
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C8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Spotted Making Exotic Flat-Plane V8 Noises

A heavily camouflaged Corvette mule - most likely the next Z06 - was filmed near San Diego emitting an unmistakably flat-plane-flavoured soundtrack
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US to inject $300M into research for cleaner transport tech

The electric vehicle market looks like it’s going to get a boost in the United States. The Trump administration has just announced that it’s set up a $300 million grant to research clean vehicle technologies. Mark Menezes, an official from the US Department of Energy announced the grant earlier today at the Washington Auto Show, Washington Examiner reports. The DoE is also partnering with an energy utility research group. [Read: Tesla Model 3 drives surge in UK’s battery-powered vehicle registra...
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2020 Corvette Dealer Allocations Reportedly Cut

The extended UAW GM strike of 2019 was the longest the automotive industry endured in a couple of generations. At the time, General Motors said the situation would delay production across its entire model lineup, including the 2020 Corvette. The mid-engined C8 is all-new, encouraging plenty of interest. It was assumed the model was destined […] The post 2020 Corvette Dealer Allocations Reportedly Cut appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Built Under Pressure: HardNine’s Harley XLCR tracker

Building a custom bike is often beset with difficulties: there can be unreasonable client demands, unforeseen technical issues, cashflow problems, and in some countries, strict regulations to circumvent. We tend to dwell on these in our reports, but sometimes the build story is only half the real story. The other half is life outside the workshop, and on occasion, life ‘gets in the way.’ Swiss builder Danny Schneider of HardNine Choppers has had a lot on his plate recently. But that didn’t...
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Cleveland CycleWerks Lets Out Some Info About It’s Upcoming Electric Motorcycle

Good News From CCW I reported a while back that Cleveland CycleWerks is going to have an electric bike reveal on March 20th in Cleveland. I’ll be going to the event and covering it. While I wait in anticipation, CCW has released some information about the motorcycle. The bike will feature removable and swappable batteries, a +12KW motor with a 300A speed controller, and 110-240 VAC fast charging.  The speed controller will connect to the rider’s phone via Bluetooth to allow the rider to adjust ...
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The Suzuki Jimny Set To Be Killed Off In Europe

Suzuki will be forced to cull the Jimny from its European range due to incoming emissions rules, although it's expected to return as a commercial vehicle
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Hanging out in Phoenix, AZ

Drove to Phoenix from the Gila Bend AFAF on Monday of this week, unloaded stuff from the URRV and did laundry at my Father-in-Law's place in Sun City, AZMy FIL Richard continues to do well and has fully recovered from his open heart surgery from almost two years ago.Weather was overcast and light rain.I installed a set of cheap driving lights that I had delivered to my FIL's home that afternoon and we'll see how those do in actual usage.  I also unloaded Yagi, the Yamaha TW200 dualsport from the...
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MTM loads 787 hp into the 2020 Audi RS 6 Avant wagon

Filed under: Audi,Wagon,Luxury,Natural Gas,Performance Continue reading MTM loads 787 hp into the 2020 Audi RS 6 Avant wagon MTM loads 787 hp into the 2020 Audi RS 6 Avant wagon originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 23 Jan 2020 17:13:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink |  Email this |  Comments
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As autonomy stalls, lidar companies learn to adapt

Lidar sensors are likely to be essential to autonomous vehicles, but if there are none of the latter, how can you make money with the former? Among the industry executives I spoke with, the outlook is optimistic as they unhitch their wagons from the sputtering star of self-driving cars. As it turns out, a few years of manic investment does wonders for those who have the wisdom to apply it properly. The show floor at CES 2020 was packed with lidar companies exhibiting in larger spaces, seemingly ...
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Toyota Has Made A FWD CVT GR Yaris, Reportedly Develops Just 118bhp

A CVT-equipped GR Yaris prototype was among the cars showcased by Toyota at the Tokyo Auto Salon, but it's unclear if it'll make production
Tags: Autos, Tokyo, Toyota, CVT

GM Employees Apparently Fired Following 120mph C8 Corvette Street Race

Following an audacious street race in Bowling Green, two GM employees have seemingly been let go
Tags: Gm, Autos

Maserati Is Testing Its First EV Powertrain In A Gran Turismo, And It Sounds Like This

Maserati is promising a "distinctive signature sound" for its first electric powertrain, which is undergoing testing in the old Gran Turismo
Tags: Autos, Maserati

The Suzuki Jimny Is Set To Be Killed Off In Europe

Suzuki will be forced to cull the Jimny from its European range due to incoming emissions rules, although it's expected to return as a commercial vehicle
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 24 January 2020

Magnificent Dunrobin Castle also features a wonderful falconry demonstration in its lovely gardens. Come on this year’s Scotland Tour and enjoy this with us. Good morningIt has been a terrible week on two fronts.  Boeing announced a massive delay in when they are guessing the 737 MAX might be recertified to fly again, with the earlier February hope now being shifted to “mid-year” with nothing more than a fingers-crossed belief that this means June or July.  That’s another four or five months o...
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This Huge WRC Crash Feels Like It'll Never End

Ott Tanak and co-driver Martin Jarveoja somehow walked away from this enormous accident during the Monte Carlo Rally
Tags: Autos, WRC, Ott Tanak, Martin Jarveoja

When Is Ridesharing a Better Deal Than Owning a Car?

When I suddenly found myself without wheels this fall after what I thought was just a fender bender, I spent a few weeks flip-flopping about whether or not I wanted to buy another car. Read more...
Tags: Transportation, Cars, Lifehacks, Ridesharing

Future needs designs like this flat-packing electric scooter that comes with its own automated storage system!

In a world that is getting more crowded by the day, where there’s hardly any place to walk, let alone drive our cars, compact means of personal transportation have gained immense momentum. Innovative and exciting designs have been coming up for electric scooters, e-bikes, and even skateboards! There could be a world where everyone will be zipping by on their little electric vehicles. Upholding such a vision in mind, and to meet the needs of such a world, Ekaterina Tiholova designed her version o...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Electric Scooter, Automated Storage, Ekaterina Tiholova, Ekaterina TiholovaTiholova, Tiholova

Even The Toyota GR Supra's Instrument Cluster Was The Work Of BMW

BMW's in-house firm Design Works developed the GR Supra's instrument cluster and infotainment system to have a Toyota-like look and feel
Tags: Autos, Toyota, Bmw, Design Works

QOTD: Taking the Short Way Home?

One of your author’s biggest pet peeves is the complete lack of confidence some drivers have in their own abilities — and that of their vehicle. It’s an odd thing, as these days the rolling stock on any street or highway consists mainly of car-based CUVs outfitted with increasingly capable all-wheel drive systems. You’d think […] The post QOTD: Taking the Short Way Home? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Autos, Crossovers, Qotd, News Blog, Off-roading, Question of the Day

Harley-Davidson’s Electric Flat Track Concept Looks Awesome

What’s the Price on This One? The electric revolution for motorcycles could be the basis for Harley’s rebirth. The company totally bungled the LiveWire in the eyes of many, but this electric flat track concept looks friggin awesome. Harley recently released some updated design images for the motorcycle.  The one at the top of this article is the most recent, though I kind of like the image shown above, which is a little older and more of a sketch. The idea of this bike is a great idea. Flat tra...
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Guenter Butschek: Tata Harrier automatic with sunroof coming to Auto Expo 2020 [Video]

At the launch event of its first four BS-VI vehicles, including the Altroz,...
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Porsche Nabbed The GTD And GTLM Pole Position For The 2020 Daytona 24

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Uber’s Shin-pei Tsay is coming to TC Sessions: Mobility

Government and policy experts are among the most important people in the future of transportation. Any company pursuing the shared scooters and bikes business, ride-hailing, on-demand shuttles and eventually autonomous vehicles has to have someone, or a team of people, who can work with cities. Enter Shin-pei Tsay, the director of policy, cities and transportation at Uber . TechCrunch is excited to announce that Tsay will join us onstage at TC Sessions: Mobility, a one-day conference dedica...
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MG ZS EV tech specs, variant-wise features & charging addresses revealed

The MG ZS EV was launched in the Indian market today, with prices starting at...
Tags: Autos

Lexus LC officially confirmed to be launched in India on 31 January

The Lexus LC has been officially confirmed to be launched in India on 31...
Tags: India, Autos, Lexus LC

Hyundai AX micro-SUV concept to debut at Auto Expo 2020 - Report

Like Tata Motors, Hyundai is working on a micro-SUV similar to Maruti...
Tags: Autos, Hyundai, Tata Motors Hyundai

BS-VI KTM 390 Duke Mumbai prices revealed has got its hands on the latest KTM price list that reveals...
Tags: Autos, KTM, Duke Mumbai

Production Tata H2X (Tata Hornbill) shows its bright LED headlights in the dark

As Tata Motors continues testing the production H2X on the public roads, a test...
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992 Carrera S Versus Cayman GT4: Which Would You Take?

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