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Adventures in Marketing: Ford Bronco Goes Into the Wild

A 1970 Dodge ad campaign once said of the viewer, “If you can cope with a whole new image, you could be Dodge material.” Well, today — a week out from what this writer has dubbed B-Day — Ford is appealing to those wild at heart to leave their old lifestyles, and the pavement, in […] The post Adventures in Marketing: Ford Bronco Goes Into the Wild appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Advertising, Marketing, Ford, Autos, Dodge, SUVs, Ford Bronco, Bronco, News Blog, Product Planning, Off-roading, Future Models, Adventures In Marketing

Adventures in Marketing: Looks Like B-Day Is Actually a Thing

Ford’s not calling it that, but the marketing push surrounding the debut of the new-generation Bronco on July 13th is looking a lot like a joke your author has tossed about the past few weeks. The sheer amount of prime-time programming space purchased on the Disney Media Network’s ABC, ESPN, and National Geographic channels — […] The post Adventures in Marketing: Looks Like B-Day Is Actually a Thing appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Advertising, Marketing, Ford, Autos, National Geographic, Ford Bronco, Bronco, ABC ESPN, News Blog, Product Planning, Adventures In Marketing, Disney Media Network

France bans e-bike commercial

France has just banned a commercial for a Dutch bicycle over concerns that the commercial creates a “climate of fear” about cars. The ad, which has been aired on both Dutch and German television, is apparently worrying France’s advertising regulation authority, as they believe the ad unfairly discredits the automobile industry. The ad, for the VanMoof e-bike, features a shiny black car reflecting images of chimneys, flashing emergency lights, and traffic jams. The car then melts and transfor...
Tags: Travel, Climate Change, France, Advertising, Cars, Bikes, Cycling, All, Vanmoof, e-Bike, Stéphane Martin, Taco Carlier, Climate Of Fear, Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité ARPP

Ford to Honda: Hey, Wait Up!

On the same day that it encouraged fans to follow it on Instagram for sexy Bronco teasing, Ford Motor Company announced it will pull advertising from all social media platforms for a period of 30 days. As you read here roughly nine minutes ago, Ford’s move comes after Honda did exactly the same. The automakers, […] The post Ford to Honda: Hey, Wait Up! appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Ford, Autos, Honda, Ford Motor Company, News Blog

welcome … back / La porte ouverte à tous les recyclages?

THE ORIGINAL? Volkswagen Touareg 4×4 –  2006 (Click image to enlarge) Source : Ad Forum Agency : Arnold Woldwide Boston (USA) LESS ORIGINAL Hyundai 4×4 – 2020 (Click to enlarge) Source : Agency : Innocean (Australia) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
Tags: Outdoors, Advertising, Cars, Doors, Exit, Welcome, Open Doors, Volkswagen Touareg, Entree, Print & Outdoor, Joe La Pompe, Bienvenue, Outside, Auto - 4x4, Reverse, Reversed

Dacia Launches Inventive Lockdown Spot to Show You Can Do a Lot with a Little

Dacia, the best value car brand in the UK, has launched a TV ad to show that when you apply Dacia’s smart engineering and ingenuity to the world of marketing, you can make a little go a long way. With UK lockdown restrictions easing, Dacia aims to be front of mind for those thinking of buying an award-winning car on a lower budget.Where many car brands might balk at the idea of creating an advert without a full production crew, hired actors and budget, Dacia saw an opportunity to use the same sm...
Tags: UK, Advertising, Tel Aviv, Automotive, Publicis, Dacia, Dacia UK, Dacia Renault, Vania Muggia, Publicis•Poke

Lexus Brings Together Two Outstanding Athletes In The Power of Two Campaign

Sporting icon Seb Coe meets the up-and-coming sprinter and aspiring Olympian Alex Haydock-Wilson in a new film for the Lexus RX Hybrid, created by for Lexus UK.The Power of Two reveals what happens when the wisdom of experience meets the raw potential and promise of a new generation. In the 12-minute film Lord Coe, an Olympic gold medal winner and current President of World Athletics, takes 20-year-old Alex Haydock-Wilson out for a spin in his Lexus RX Hybrid.The two men find out a lot about e...
Tags: UK, Advertising, Automotive, Lexus, Tokyo, Birmingham, Parliament, Lord Coe, Alex, IAAF, Yokohama Japan, Mark Benton, Coe, International Association of Athletics Federations, Seb Coe, SEB

Volkswagen Apologizes for Ad, Forced to Talk About Its Dark Past Yet Again

Sometimes a commercial runs afoul of government overseers for reasons only an uptight, power-hungry bureaucrat could understand. Recall the UK giving Ford a hard time for suggesting its Mustang could go fast — perhaps even being capable of exceeding the speed limit. Worse yet, Ford implied that a driver might like it. Over in Germany, […] The post Volkswagen Apologizes for Ad, Forced to Talk About Its Dark Past Yet Again appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: UK, Germany, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, History, Vw, Ford, Autos, Volkswagen, News Blog

Honda Moto France Presents ‘Africa Twin at Home' Campaign

For the arrival of the new AFRICA TWIN 2020 in dealerships, HONDA Moto France and DDB Paris sign an original and ‘adventurous’ campaign, far from the codes of the motorcycle sector and the maxi-trail universe.THE STARTING POINT For more than 30 years, the legendary AFRICA TWIN has been roaming road all over the world. From mountain passes to dune deserts, this mythical maxi-trail bike has been everywhere. Is there any place the AFRICA TWIN has never been? THE ANSWER IS YES.Through a series of 5...
Tags: France, Advertising, Automotive, Honda, Honda Motorcycle, Africa Twin, DDB Paris, Sylvia S, Alexander KalchevCreative, Honda Moto France Presents ` Africa Twin, Alexis Benbehe Pierre MathonatArt, Claude Henri GalboisPrint, Corinne VulliezMotion, Nicolas PageaudTrafic, Sophie Toque Virginie Fruchard

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Has Ford Humming a Sad Tune

Did Ford rip off someone else’s playlist? The answer to this question will emerge from a courtroom, now that the owner of a vast digital music catalog has filed a lawsuit against the automaker. The copyright infringement suit, filed late last week, accuses Ford of improperly using 54 songs in its marketing materials over the […] The post Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Has Ford Humming a Sad Tune appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Music, Lawsuit, Advertising, Marketing, Ford, Autos, Law And Order, News Blog, Copyright Laws

Fiat Goes ‘All In’ with Three Stunning Italian Fashion Collaborations and a Fully Electric 500

Fiat is going ‘All In’ with a stunning new worldwide campaign to promote the launch of its first-ever electric car. Endorsed by Leonardo DiCaprio, who has spent the last 20 years fighting climate change and defending biodiversity, Fiat’s new mission is to invite everyone to champion more sustainable living. To support this cause, the car manufacturer has not only launched a new fully-electric Fiat 500, but three one-off collaborations with Italian fashion brands Bulgari, Armani, and Kartell.The...
Tags: UK, Advertising, US, Automotive, Leonardo Dicaprio, Fiat, Leo Burnett, Federico, Bulgari, Kartell, Geneva International Motor Show, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Elisabetta, Great Guns, Gloria J, Bulgari Armani

RCLUB Emphasizes the Emotional Aspect of High-Performance Driving

Driving represents an escape—and a possible gateway to deeper connection—in a new spot for Toronto-based luxury auto share service RCLUB.The two-minute spot from Toronto-based Smaller Agency, and directed by Sean McBride of Someplace Nice, showcases the throaty roar, acceleration and handling of a high-performance car but also adds an element of humanity. It features a father taking a young car-obsessed boy saddened by the apparent loss of his mother to a mostly empty parking lot, where he lets ...
Tags: Advertising, Toronto, Automotive, Sean McBride, Someplace Nice, Smaller Agency, RCLUB, McBride RCLUB, Noah Barlow, Noah BarlowCreative, David RossArt, Sean McBrideExecutive, Estelle Weir Chilo FletcherDirector, Michael LeBlancProducer, Mike SmithEditorial, Chris MurphyExecutive

Volvo Launches Four New Trucks by Stacking Them on Top of Each Other in Spectacular Film

Volvo Trucks’ latest launch film has reached new heights. To demonstrate the power and strength of its four new vehicles, Volvo built a colossal 15-metre, 58-tonne truck tower, stacking its four new trucks on top of one another. Adding to that, they stood president Roger Alm on top. In the truck industry, releasing one truck is a huge project. But releasing four at the same time is almost unheard of. When renewing the entire range of heavy duty trucks, Volvo Trucks went for a differe...
Tags: Europe, Featured, Advertising, Automotive, Volvo, Gothenburg, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Dynamic Steering, Volvo Launches Four New Trucks, Roger Alm, Volvo FH Volvo, Volvo FMX, Markus Wikström

adam&eveDDB’s New Touareg Campaign for Volkswagen Reveals the Power of Night Vision

Completely invisible on a dark winter night, a woman and her faithful dog take a run in the park in the latest national TV and cinema campaign for Volkswagen, created by adam&eveDDB.Revealed only by the mist of their breath and their shadows under lights, their journey takes a thrilling turn as they encounter Volkswagen’s new flagship Touareg Black Edition in the fog that surrounds them.The ad highlights that the Touareg is the first Volkswagen model available with the Night Vision assist system...
Tags: London, Advertising, Automotive, Volkswagen, Richard, Volkswagen VW, Niclas Larsson, Adam&EveDDB, Carlos Cipa, Gloria J, Volkswagen Reveals the Power of Night Vision, DOP Linus Sandgren La La Land No Time, TouaregProject Campaign, Geraldine Ingham, Glyn Butterworth, National Communications

Adventures in Marketing: The Welcome Return of Body Damage

Automakers go to great pains to show off their vehicles in the best possible light. Via the deft touch of their respective marketing teams, ordinary machines suddenly grow the ability to do the impossible: getting the hopelessly nerdy guy his dream girl, soothing inconsolable babies, and performing feats of strength that would leave even Frank aghast. […] The post Adventures in Marketing: The Welcome Return of Body Damage appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Advertising, Marketing, Autos, Jaguar Land Rover, Land Rover Defender, JLR, News Blog

Electric plug looking like a car / Étaient-ils au courant?

THE ORIGINAL? Citroën C-Zero –  2011 Source : Adeevee Agency : Euro RSCG (Austria) LESS ORIGINAL Expresso Newspaper –   2020 Source : Agency : Moon Lisbon (Portugal) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
Tags: Miscellaneous, Advertising, Cars, Austria, Electric, Electric Car, Electrical, Voiture Électrique, Plug, Lisbon Portugal, Courant, Print & Outdoor, Joe La Pompe, Mixed sources, Plugs, Power Outlet

MINI Launches All-New Cooper SE with Music Festival Activation

Iconic car brand MINI recently introduced its all-new, all-electric MINI Cooper SE by partnering with bicoastal creative agency Pereira O’Dell to create a three-day electronic music festival at Coyo Taco’s Wynwood Arts district location in Miami. Musicians performed on a refurbished shipping container, which hosted the car on the inside and boasted a stage for performers on top. The entire concert promoted the theme “MINI Goes Electric,” which ties into the car and featured music, with a select ...
Tags: Advertising, Kanye West, Automotive, Miami, Montreal, Mini, Tomorrowland, Migos, Patrick, Trak, Pereira O'Dell, Coyo Taco, Gloria J, David Dave, Macklovitch, Wynwood Arts

‘Real People’ Ad Chief Leaves Chevrolet

The man behind a Chevrolet ad campaign that spawned a particularly hilarious, long-running spoof almost from day one has left the company, Automotive News reports. Chevrolet ad chief Paul Edwards took a walk Thursday, with General Motors replacing the brand’s U.S. marketing VP with Steve Majoros, currently the bowtie’s director of cars and crossovers marketing. […] The post ‘Real People’ Ad Chief Leaves Chevrolet appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Advertising, Marketing, General Motors, Gm, Autos, Chevrolet, Paul Edwards, Automotive News, Steve Majoros, News Blog

Lucky Post’s Marc Stone Helps Kia Deliver Action-Packed Spot “Stunt Person”

The hardest working stunt person has a vehicle to match in the new spot for Kia's new SUV, the 2021 Seltos. Edited by Lucky Post's Marc Stone for the creators of the TV spot, Inspire Agency, the spot traverses various locations, from city streets to rugged landscapes - showing the style and capability of the vehicle. The Kia Seltos makes a star appearance while delivering the man of action. He rides, leaps, and fights with spectacular precision and daring attitude... the Kia Seltos, much like th...
Tags: Hollywood, Advertising, Automotive, Kia, FOX Deportes, Lucky Post, Kendall Kendall, Gloria J, Marc Stone, Scottie RichardsonOnline, Kia Seltos, Marc Stone Helps Kia, Norry Niven, Inspire Agency, Jon JaimesArt, Karlo RamosPresident

QOTD: The Most Superb of All?

Yesterday was, in addition to being an excellent palindrome, a pretty big day for sports. With untold million being thrown around by companies vying for attentive eyeballs, our own Chris Tonn offered a roundup of the various and sundry Super Bowl cars ads, leaving us with one questions: what was your fave? Hyundai seemed to score […] The post QOTD: The Most Superb of All? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Advertising, Marketing, Autos, Super Bowl, Hyundai, Qotd, News Blog, Chris Tonn, Question of the Day

reading a magazine while parking / Zéro de conduite!

THE ORIGINAL? Lancia Delta – 2009 “Autoparking system” Source : Cannes BRONZE LION Agency : Marcel Paris (France) LESS ORIGINAL Ford – Slaviero Car Dealer –   2020 “Ford Edge. With park assist” Source : Agency : LCT Curitiba (Brazil) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
Tags: Advertising, Cars, Reading, Magazine, Parking, Newspaper, Reader, Lecture, Curitiba Brazil, Lancia Delta, Print & Outdoor, Joe La Pompe, Park Assist, Marcel Paris France, Cannes BRONZE LION Agency, No Hands

CES 2020: Q&A with Formula 1’s Matt Roberts

Director of Research & Analytics Matt Roberts discusses how Formula 1 uses data to drive strategic and commercial decisions around the sport. The post CES 2020: Q&A with Formula 1’s Matt Roberts appeared first on brandchannel:.
Tags: Technology, Advertising, Data, Analytics, Ces, Automotive, F1, Matt Roberts, 5 Questions, Research Analytics

Honda Canada Drives CO2 Emissions Reduction with New Awareness Campaign

Honda Canada has launched a bold new environmental campaign entitled 'Driven to Reduce Emissions Since 1948', designed to help Canadian consumers reduce their personal carbon footprint. A first of its kind, the awareness campaign posts government-verified vehicle CO2 emission ratings directly on for every model Honda sells in Canada. Similar to food service providers listing caloric information offering product transparency, vehicle Emission Indicator badges display the grams per kilo...
Tags: Featured, Advertising, Canada, Automotive, Honda, Green House, Acura, Dave Gardner, Honda Canada Inc, Honda Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Alliston Ontario, Gloria J, Honda Canada Drives CO2 Emissions Reduction, Environment Climate Change Canada, Honda CanadaHonda Canada Inc HCI

Dust storm created by a car / La créativité est partie en fumée?

THE ORIGINAL? Mitsubishi Pajero 4×4 – 2005 “The more powerful Pajero is available” Source : Agency : JWT (Bahrain) LESS ORIGINAL Volkswagen Pick-Up – 2019 “The most powerful 4×4 Volkswagen Pick-Up Source : Agency : Geometry Global Buenos Aires (Argentina) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
Tags: Advertising, Cars, Argentina, Storm, Desert, Volkswagen, Dust, Powerful, Dusty, Print & Outdoor, Joe La Pompe, Sable, Nuage, Mitsubishi Pajero, Auto - 4x4, Fumée

5 NBA Stars Flex Their Car-Shopping Skills in CarMax Campaign

What do NBA players have in common with used cars? Five-star players have demonstrated their unique and recognizable attributes in a content series that translates their skills on the court into a realm of new offerings from CarMax, the nation’s largest retailer of used cars. Featuring a variety of NBA talent, including retiree Chris Bosh, Justise Winslow, Kelly Oubre, Zach Lavine and Seth Curry, the players debut in a season-long social media video series entitled, “Call Your Shot.” The videos ...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Portland, Nba, Dallas, Miami, Curry, Raptors, Chris Bosh, National TV, The Martin Agency, Bosh, Zach LaVine, Seth Curry, CarMax, Gloria J

Aston Martin Proves ‘Beautiful is Relentless’ in Striking SUV Launch from Great Guns’ Daisy Zhou

Great Guns director Daisy Zhou has shot a bold new film to mark the launch of Aston Martin’s newest model and first-ever SUV: the Aston Martin DBX. Built at the new Aston Martin St Athan production facility in South Wales, the DBX takes the qualities and characteristics that have defined the brand for over a century to a whole new level. Creatively devised by Prism and produced by Great Guns, the striking piece explores light, dynamism, and emotion – drawing on Daisy’s own memories of childhood ...
Tags: Featured, Advertising, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Beijing, Automotive, South Wales, Aston Martin, Rankin, Daisy, Nick Knight, Zhou, DBS, DOP, Aston Martin DBX, Great Guns

Jack Whitehall Tries Out Land Rover's Advanced Tow Tech with His Father

Land Rover and Spark44 invite British comedian and actor Jack Whitehall and his father Michael to test the skills of the Land Rover Discovery using its Advanced Tow Assist technology or ‘The Knob’.Reversing a trailer is stressful at the best of times, but add the watchful eye of your father, a narrow single-track causeway, a luxury Airstream Missouri 6.8m caravan and an incoming tide, you have all the ingredients for a towing disaster – especially for a novice driver. But the pressure didn’t sto...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Land Rover, Jack, Jack Whitehall, Michael, Jersey, Land Rover Discovery, Gloria J, Spark44, Advanced Tow Tech, Michael Whitehall Jack, Matt Statham, Chris McDonald Spark44

Daniel Riccardo 'Enjoys the Moment' in New Renault Clio Commercial by Publicis Italy

DANIEL RICCIARDO DISCOVERS NEW RENAULT CLIOWhile he is having fun, the director despairs.A Publicis Italy idea planned for all over Europe.A set, a Formula 1 driver and a car to test. Everything’s normal, except that the car to test is the New Renault Clio, a car able to impress even Daniel Ricciardo – Renault Formula 1 Team racing driver – who during the spot will have fun finding out the technology on board instead of follow the Director’s indications and disobeying one scene after another.Thi...
Tags: Europe, Featured, Advertising, Automotive, Publicis, Renault, Daniel Ricciardo, Luca, Publicis Italy, Bruno, Giada, Daniel Riccardo, Publicis Italia, Augusto Zapiola, Publicis WW CCO Publicis Groupe Italy, Stefano BattistelliDigital

Renault Clio Celebrates 30 Years in the Making

Renault has launched a new campaign for its All-New Clio model, celebrating thirty years in the making. Created by Publicis•Poke, the campaign travels through three decades of the iconic car, which is the best-selling French car of all time with over fifteen million sold to date. As a hero model for the brand and a main flag bearer for many years, the campaign tracks the development of the Clio, with changes in culture and society over the same period. The 30-second, 60-second, and 2-minute comm...
Tags: Spotify, Europe, UK, Advertising, Dave, Automotive, Britain, United Kingdom, Publicis, Renault, Luis, Renault Clio, Laura Henderson, Renault Uk, Fréderic Planchon, Publicis•Poke

Ford Amps Up the Starpower for EV Crossover Launch

Two weeks from its global debut, there’s still no confirmation of the name adorning Ford’s upcoming “Mustang-inspired” EV, though we’ve been calling it Mach E for some time. Prove us wrong. What is known at this time is what actor will be alongside it for part of its journey: Idris Elba, former star of The […] The post Ford Amps Up the Starpower for EV Crossover Launch appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Advertising, Marketing, Ford, Autos, Idris Elba, EVs, News Blog, Ford Mach E, Mach E

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