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Boondocking near the Dragoon Mountains

 This morning I left the Hot Well Dunes Rec Area soon after breakfast, it was forecasted to be a cool day with a high of only 60 degrees so might as well displace further south!Couple of hours later, and one wrong route by Google Maps, I had dumped tanks, taken on fresh water, replenished propane and found myself a camping spot at the base of the Dragoon Mountains near Tombstone, AZ. The main road is FR 687 and takes you to several designated camping areas, I'm on the southern end of this str...
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Trips into Safford, fixing a leak, 4-wheeling to the nearby hills avoiding the maddening crowds

 Friday, FEB 26The day was spent mostly riding to/from the campsite to the town of Safford, AZ which is located about 37 miles away.  It has most of your regular stores, to include a Walmart, so a better choice than Bowie, AZ which is slightly closer but without many amenities.First trip was to take the broken Sony camera to a a shipping store where they printed out for me the paperwork to be included with the camera, the Fedex label provided by Sony and I paid for a box/packaging for them to sh...
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Changing campsites and a camera malfunction.

I decided to displace to a better campsite within the Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area this morning, it's a bit more secluded/isolated and away from the UTV crowd that showed up last night.It was within walking distance of site 11 where I had been so not a big hassle. Not sure if it was the same road runner but one of them showed up at the new campsite, walking around the URRV like he owned the place.  I followed him around and once he was in the light, I activated the zoom on the Sony
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Wind Pumps, a Roadrunner and more dune driving...

 An issue-free day as it pertained with Mariko!She and I drove out of the Hot Well Dunes Campground area and meandered northward, eventually finding four wind pumps while exploring trails as we found them. Driving along Tanque Road (Spanish word for Tank) Never did find the tank... Aermotor is still in business it turns out. These things are pricey! Got back to the campsite around 1PM, had a light lunch and just hung out at the campsite listening to podcasts, relaxing and f...
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Mariko is a project at times...

 A bit of a stressful day in terms of issues that arose with Mariko.First, everything was fine as I drove the 30 miles or so to Safford, AZ where the nearest NAPA store was located.  Well, almost everything was fine, she seemed to be idling at around 1100 rpms where normally it would be between 800-900 rpm.  Hmm.I got there just fine and purchased antifreeze (50/50 mix) and another 5 quart bottle of 10W30 oil.  It didn't take very much to fill up the radiator to the top so being low on coolant i...
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Now boondocking in the Hot Well Dunes BLM campground, Arizona

This BLM campground is located roughly halfway between the towns of Safford on the north and Bowie on the south.  I've stayed here before, a little short of a year ago: LINK, leaving when things were starting to be shut down everywhere due to the pandemic.The hot water tubs remain closed due to Covid-19 but camping is once again permitted, at the rate of $3/vehicle per day.  A bargain!  Especially since as a American the Beautiful Pass holder, I only pay half.I even got the same spot as last tim...
Tags: Motorcycles, Arizona, Bowie, PSI, Mariko, Safford, RV Trips, Mariko Maintenance, Mariko Drives

Checking out the Flea Market and some T-Dubing.

 Clear skies today, but a high of only 61°F (16°C) and gusty winds.  It was definitely a long pants and fleece jacket kind of day.Sunrise: Drove into Las Cruces to check out the Flea Market, searching for a replacement handle for the scissor jack that came with the Sammy.  Found out it was very helpful for me to know Spanish when asking a vendor of tools and stuff like that for this item.  In spite of being understood, no one had one on hand, they'd all left theirs at home, darn it. The rest...
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Now boondocking near Picacho Peak, waiting for a package.

 Nope, not the Picacho Peak in Arizona, which I climbed up to the top of back in January of 2020: LINKThis Picacho Peak is located just outside of Las Cruces on the west side of town and isn't quite as imposing as Arizona's peak.Why such a short distance displacement you ask?  Well let me tell ya.  The package Martha mailed via the USPS to the post office near where I had been camping has been "delayed".  The original arrival date was the 16th, it's now the 18th and the folks at the post office ...
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Visiting the White Sands National Monument with Mariko

 Today, the weather was warmer than the last couple of days but still more cloudy than desired, so it was still a brisk experience, walking among the dunes when the sun was hidden by clouds.I'd been to this park before, back in December of 2018, better pictures than the ones taken today here: LINKSo I learned one thing about the "white sands" at this monument.  If you visit after shortly after a snow fall, the sands are still wet if not still around and turns the sand, well, sand colored!  It wa...
Tags: Motorcycles, Arizona, New Mexico, Sammy, Alamogordo, White Sands National Monument, Mariko, RV Trips, Mariko Drives, Mariko the Sammy

Visiting the Missile Garden

 That's the nickname given to the White Sands Missile Range's museum's outdoor display of the missiles, rockets and associated equipment, drones, and launchers that have been developed/tested at this range.Last time I'd tried to get into post to take the pictures, the rules still didn't allow me access onto post as I didn't have a military ID card anymore.  Now, as of over a year ago, I now have access to active military posts with my Veterans Health ID card.  So after registering myself and the...
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A Cold and Monochromatic Day

 Woke to a Winter Wonderland of snow covered vegetation and cloud-enshrouded mountain peaks.The peaks would play hide and seek with us campers at their base throughout the day, but mostly hiding in the freezing clouds which brought sporadic snow flakes down on us.It's supposed to get into the high teens tonight, the fresh water intake hose that's exposed outside froze by late afternoon and I switched to water cans for washing dishes and flushing the toilet.  I did check the water in the fresh wa...
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Lazy Last Day at the Monticello Road BLM area.

 Didn't really get much done in the morning, was content to just sit and listen to my current e-book and putter around the URRV and the Sammy.I did pull the plugs on Mariko and the color of the plugs look good now.  I had thought they were too white or lean before but now they're a faint caramel color so things should be good with them.I did go for one last drive in the northern trails of the Elephant Butte State Park, checking out trails I'd not wandered down before....nothing earthshaking foun...
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Nuro can now operate and charge for autonomous delivery services in California

Autonomous delivery startup Nuro is allowed to launch commercial driverless services on public roads in California — the first company to clear this hurdle — after receiving a permit from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Nuro, which was founded in June 2016 by Google alums Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, plans to start commercial delivery operations early next year. The so-called Autonomous Vehicle Deployment permit will allow Nuro to operate commercial services — meaning it can charge...
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Nuro acquires autonomous trucking startup Ike

Autonomous delivery company Nuro has acquired Ike, a startup founded by veterans of Apple, Google and Uber Advanced Technologies Group that aimed to commercialize self-driving trucks. The deal, the latest in a busy season of acquisitions and consolidation in the autonomous vehicle industry, brings together two companies that have deep ties and shared technology. And while the two pursued different applications of autonomous vehicle technology — Nuro with local delivery and Ike on long-haul fr...
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Home Again

 Dec 09, Wednesday:Got back to the clogged cesspool that is the Metro Denver area soon after noon today.  Left Springer, NM soon after the sun had risen above the horizon with temperatures hovering at 21°F (-6°C).Temperatures would climb throughout the drive and it would be in the mid-60s as I unloaded the URRV and then took it to the storage yard before the forecasted cold/snowy weather that starts tomorrow.I was gone for 37 nights this time out.  It wasn't as warm as I remembered Arizona, this...
Tags: Colorado, Motorcycles, Arizona, Nevada, Phoenix, Owen, Ural, Scarlett, Fiona, IAA, Beemer, Metro Denver, URAL Patrol, RV Trips

Overnight Stay at Springer Lake Wildlife Area, New Mexico

 Headed home, got about five hours of driving time closer.  Left the Monticello BLM area shortly after sunrise this morning.  Using I-25, I would arrive near the town of Springer, NM and the campground area set up within the Wildlife Area by 12:35 PM.Had the place to myself!  :)Got set up under sunny clear skies, warm temperatures in the low 70s.  It felt good even though it's forecasted to be around 18°F (-7.7°C) overnight!There was ice buildup evident on the edges of the lake, not sure how thi...
Tags: Motorcycles, Arizona, New Mexico, Yagi, RV Trips, Yagi Rides, Springer Lake Wildlife Area New Mexico, Springer NM

Hanging out in the Indian Bread BLM Recreation Area

 Sunny but cool today, I don't think the temperature reached 60°F (15.5°C) which was the forecasted high.The sunrise was meh but it was a good opportunity to test the new camera's capabilities in low light conditions.  Some post-processing was again involved. I was using f8 to achieve the sunburst when the sun broke past the small hilltop to the east of my campsite.  Not bad. I did get some Cactus Wrens wandering near the URRV and it was a good chance to use the zoom capabilities o...
Tags: Motorcycles, Arizona, Sunrise, TX, RV Trips, Yagi Rides

Boondocking at the Indian Bread Recreation Area (BLM) and testing a new camera

I displaced from the vicinity of Gila Bend and the Barry Goldwater AF Range Thursday morning, and parked at my FIL's place so I could hand deliver the title for Fiona to my insurance company's office in Phoenix.  Thursday after, after a lot of anguished thought, much bothering of both CCjon and Scooter in the Sticks' Steve Williams, thinking about needs vs wants, trying to establish and adhere to requirements grounded in reality....I went ahead and picked up a new camera at the BestBuy store nea...
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Birds, Bugs and Bushings

 A pretty quiet day here in the desert.  Some Gambel's Quails came by to check out the URRV but did not tarry.  Sorry but the camera in my Pixel 4a, as with most camera phones, is lacking when it comes to zoom function.  The below pic is shot at 2X zoom, I think its optical, but not sure. As to bugs, there have been very few flies this time around, probably the cool temperatures at night killing off any remaining flies from summer/fall.  There are however, enough black beetles crawling around, ...
Tags: Colorado, Motorcycles, Arizona, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Fiona, Gambel, Fiona Misc, RV Trips, Yagi Rides

Self-driving trucks startup TuSimple raises $350M from U.S. rail, retail and freight giants

Self-driving trucks startup TuSimple has closed a $350 million funding round from a diverse consortium of strategic investors that include major U.S. corporations in rail, retail and freight,  according to sources familiar with the deal.  The round, which was oversubscribed, was led by VectoIQ LLC, confirming a report by TechCrunch in September. VectoIQ is the consulting and investment company founded by Steve Girsky, the former GM vice chairman, consultant and investor whose special purpo...
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Cross-Country T-Dub'ing to a False Cave

 After breakfast this morning, I was walking around the outside of the URRV and happened to spot what looked like a railroad tunnel opening in the distance, high up on one of the nearby hills.Using the binoculars, it seemed to be a railroad tunnel for it didn't match the existing railroad which traverses the Barry Goldwater AF Gunnery Range I'm presently boondocking in, it was an alluring mystery.So, after gearing up, I rode Yagi the 2 miles or so across country as there was no road o...
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Boondocking again in Area B of the Barry Goldwater AF Gunnery Range

 Spent the last few days with my FIL in Phoenix, AZ....parking the URRV in his complex's parking lot.  There was another RV parked a few slots over after one day; and they even deployed their slideouts!Thanksgiving was at a very small gathering in Fountain Hills, AZ.  Friends of the family comprised four of the six members of the gathering, yours truly and my FIL completing the sixpack. Friday through Sunday of the week were spent hanging out at my FIL's place, me perusing online sources for po...
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T-Dubing about the Lake Pleasant Regional Park

 BLUF: The park is "meh" in terms of scenery, am sure it's much better when you're on a boat but that's the impression I got today.First though,  pictures of the old iPhone 6 and Sony A5000 camera as they looked when I picked them out of the ashes the day after the fire. Rode there a bit past mid-morning after a family zoom call to catch up on things back in Colorado.Temperatures were in the low to mid 60s but felt colder due to the wind chill factor while riding to/from the park.Several of t...
Tags: Motorcycles, Arizona, Sony, Sun City, Martha, Angela, Yagi, Fountain Hills, Colorado Temperatures, RV Trips, Yagi Rides, Dubing, Phoenix Metro Area, Lake Pleasant Regional Park, New River State Trust

Boondocking near New River, AZ

 Spent three days at my FIL's place in Sun City, working on the paperwork related to Fiona's insurance claim, the camera insurance claim and just trying to get my mind straight on this event.Spent some time as well trying to clean up the tools I managed to recover from among the ashes in Fiona's trunk where I carried the tool cases.  Most likely will end up buying new versions of most of them I think.As if to memorialize Fiona, the sunsets for visible from Sun City were pretty good:Saturday, Nov...
Tags: Google, Verizon, Walmart, Motorcycles, Arizona, Sun City, Youtube Music, Tcl, Fiona, FIL, Lake Pleasant, Phoenix Metro, RV Trips, Yagi Rides, New River AZ, Verizon Tech Support

Fiona is Gone

 Thursday, November 19 So, Fiona is toast.  Literally. I was riding back from taking pictures of a beautiful sunset, after a near perfect day of riding on Yagi, and about a mile away from the campsite, I heard a "pop", looked down and the left carburetor's fuel line was on fire! I immediately stopped and killed the engine, and attempted to put out the fire using dirt from the road.  Before I even the second scoop of dirt on the fire, I heard a "whomp" and the whole rig was on fire! I couldn...
Tags: Motorcycles, Arizona, Martha, Ural, Scarlett, Fiona, USAA, Shell Gas Station, Volunteer Fire Department, Yagi, Fiona Repairs, RV Trips

T-Dub'ing to the Betty Lee Mine and Shooting Super Stallions

 I woke near Sunrise and caught the sun as it crested the horizon: The plan today was to go nearer the Copper Mountains that are roughly 8 miles to the south and check out the Betty Lee Mine therein.The mountains themselves were OK, not much in terms of majestic scenery or such, pretty much a larger/longer version of Baker Peaks next to the campsite: From the signpost labeled F7, one takes one of the sub-trails towards the southwest and following the sign for the mine, arrives after roughly ...
Tags: Motorcycles, Arizona, Sunrise, Sunset, Uma, Fiona, Yagi, Fiona Rides, RV Trips, URRV, Yagi Rides, Betty Lee Mine, Copper Mountains

Boondocking in Block C of the Barry M. Goldwater Gunnery Range

 I displaced about 130 miles west of my campsite of the last few days, entering Block C of the same gunnery range where I'd been camping in its Area B.Block C is in the western half of the range but my permit was an all areas access permit so I was good to go after I checked in via the Luke AFB isportsman website.I'm about 2-3miles away from the small town of Tanac, AZ, south of I-8 Super Slab.  Like Area B to the east, this section of the range is open to the public and apparently little known ...
Tags: Motorcycles, Arizona, Border Patrol, Sunset, Yagi, Umarang, RV Trips, Yagi Rides, Barry M Goldwater Gunnery Range, Tanac AZ, TOW Missile Launcher, Border Patrol Truck

Hanging out in Area B of the Barry Goldwater AF Gunnery Range

 Wednesday, November 11: Veterans DaySpent the day relaxing close to the campsite for the most part, did a lot of nothing surrounded by quiet solitude with the occasional road noise from US Highway 85 in the background.The temperatures got into the high 60s so it was not bad at all, just sitting outside, reading my e-books and drinking a beverage.Thursday, November 12Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Martha and I being married.  Truly the woman should be sainted for putting up with me for all ...
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Walmart and Cruise partner to test autonomous grocery delivery in Arizona

U.S. retailer Walmart and autonomous vehicle company Cruise are pairing up to test grocery delivery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Under the pilot program, customers will be able to place an order from their local Walmart store and have it delivered via one of Cruise’s autonomous, electric Chevy Bolt cars. While the vehicles will operate autonomously, a human safety operator will always be behind the wheel. The companies haven’t provided details on the size of the fleet or customer area that will...
Tags: TC, Transportation, San Francisco, Tech, Walmart, Cruise, Automotive, Ford, Arizona, Houston, North America, Doordash, Scottsdale, Chevy Bolt, Phoenix, Ward

Back to Boondocking in Southern Arizona

 Sunday, November 8The light of my last morning in the Valley of the Gods: I passed through Monument Valley in Arizona on the way to the new destination. The plan had been to displace to a dispersed camping location near the Sunset Crater National Monument north of Flagstaff, AZ.  However, the weather turned colder than expected and when I arrived at the planned destination, it was snowing!The forecasted overnight low was going to be 11°F (-11°C), much colder than what I'd planned on s...
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