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Geico admits fraudsters stole customers’ driver’s license numbers for months

Geico, the second-largest auto insurer in the U.S., has fixed a security bug that let fraudsters steal customers’ driver’s license numbers from its website. In a data breach notice filed with the California attorney general’s office, Geico said information gathered from other sources was used to “obtain unauthorized access to your driver’s license number through the online sales system on our website.” The insurance giant did not say how many customers were affected by the breach but said the fr...
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Geico admits fraudsters stole customer driver’s license numbers for months

Geico, the second-largest auto insurer in the U.S., has fixed a security bug that let fraudsters steal customer driver’s license numbers from its website. In a data breach notice filed with the California attorney general’s office, Geico said information gathered from other sources was used to “obtain unauthorized access to your driver’s license number through the online sales system on our website.” The insurance giant did not say how many customers were affected by the breach but said the frau...
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A Tesla Helped Police Track Down a Hate Crime Suspect Accused of Burning Down a Black Church

In the category of news that is both good but also unsettling: Authorities say a Tesla’s security system recently helped them catch the culprit behind a string of hate crimes.Read more...
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Mexican unicorn Kavak raises a $485M Series D at a $4B valuation.

Kavak, the Mexican startup that’s disrupted the used car market in Mexico and Argentina, today announced its Series D of $485 million, which now values the company at $4 billion. This round more than triples their previous valuation of $1.15 billion, which established them as a unicorn just a couple of months ago in October of 2020. Kavak is now one of the top five highest-valued startups in Latin America. The round was led by D1 Capital Partners, Founders Fund, Ribbit, and BOND, and brings K...
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Investors Clara Brenner, Quin Garcia and Rachel Holt are coming to TC Sessions: Mobility 2021

The transportation industry is abuzz with upstarts, legacy automakers, suppliers and tech companies working on automated vehicle technology, digital platforms, electrification and robotics. Then there are shared mobility companies from cars to scooters and mopeds to ebikes. And who can forget the emerging air taxi companies? At the center of this evolving industry are the investors. Simply put: TechCrunch can’t hold an event on mobility without hearing from the people who are hunting for the bes...
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The Best Motorcycles of the 1940s

The 1940s was a particularly turbulent decade in world history, dominated by the Second World War causing widespread destruction all over the globe. As the Allies and Axis powers battled in different theatres, the world’s largest industrial manufacturers were forced to support the war effort in whatever way they could, and a wave of innovation swept across the planet. There’s no doubt that war is bad, but generally, the military-industrial machine helps fuel innovation, and during the war years,...
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MetroMile says a website bug let a hacker obtain driver’s license numbers

Car insurance startup MetroMile said it has fixed a security flaw on its website that allowed a hacker to obtain driver’s license numbers. The San Francisco-based insurance startup disclosed the security breach in its latest 8-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. MetroMile said a bug in the quote form and application process on the company’s website allowed the hacker to “obtain personal information of certain individuals, including individuals’ driver’s license numbers.” I...
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The Best 2020 SuperSport Bikes You Can Buy

Riding a motorcycle means something different to anyone that rides. Some ride to relax. Some ride because of the freedom it makes them feel. Some ride as a primary means of commuting. However, there is that subset of riders that ride for the adrenaline. The riders that want to redline at 16,500 RPM, that want to have to buy replacement knee pucks for their one-piece leathers because it’s been worn down so much on the track. The ones that want to go super fast. In this list, we’ve put together wh...
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German space agency reveals an autonomous, electric urban mobility prototype for use right here on Earth

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has debuted a prototype of what it calls ‘U-Shift,’ an urban mobility vehicle designed for multiple uses. U-Shift is a fully electric vehicle, designed for autonomous operation, and could serve in a number of capacities including as an on-demand shuttle, a bus, a mobile distribution center for package delivery, or even as travelling salesroom. As you can see from the images, the base of the U-Shift itself is pretty simple, containing the wheels, drive system ...
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From Wheels To Wings: The Next Step In Adventure

We motorcycle riders all know, and all accept, that we are on the edge of danger. Unlike a car, there is no steel body around us, no safety restraint system to prevent us from flying over the handlebars. We accept the danger and ride anyways. We ride because that danger gives us that feeling of freedom, that connection with the machine underneath us that people that have never ridden will never understand. As veteran TT rider Guy Martin once put it: “Those close calls, those moments when you thi...
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BMW R100 RS Heavily Modded Into A Steampunk Dream

When there’s not much officially going on in the world of motorcycles, that’s when webBikeWorld staff like to go out and find the craziest, weirdest, or coolest bikes out there. That’s when we came across the Good Ghost, a 1980 BMW R100 RS that has been fully cladded in aluminum and has a lot of steampunk-inspired details. In fact, the only bits of the original R100 RS are the engine, carburetor, and electronic connections. Everything else is bespoke and handmade. The front of the bike has...
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The Space Between: The Isle Of Man TT

Motorcycle racing has existed since the very first engine was mounted to the very first frame and connected to the very first rear wheel in a “motor-bicycle.” Rough road courses were drawn up, and those early first pioneers would set out on timed runs. They were not, in the beginning, racing each other. They were racing the course. During these early years, the Isle of Man, a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland, was a popular destination for tourism via ferrie...
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Tesla’s newest board member has a long stance against short selling

Tesla has added Hiromichi Mizuno as a new member to its board of directors and audit committee — the former chief investment officer of Japan’s $1.5 trillion pension fund and a longtime opponent of common market practices like short selling. With Mizuno’s appointment the Tesla board now has 10 members, including Oracle founder, chairman and CTO Larry Ellison and Walgreens executive Kathleen Wilson-Thompson. Mizuno will also sit on the board’s audit committee. Hiro has a long career in fina...
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GM delivers first ventilators under 30,000-unit government contract

Ventilators assembled by GM and Ventec Life Systems were delivered to hospitals Thursday night with more making their way to facilities today and through the weekend, the first in a 30,000-unit order with the U.S. government. The deliveries, which went to hospitals in Chicago and Olympia Fields, Ill., are a milestone for the two companies that launched an effort less than a month ago to make thousands of ventilators for hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. GM and Ventec announced a partnershi...
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Einride demonstrates a single operator controlling multiple of its driverless cargo vehicles

Autonomous electric transportation startup Einride has taken a key step in its mission to deploy autonomous cargo pods on roads for commercial operations. The Swedish startup demonstrated its technology in use with one person remotely operating two pods at once, which is a fundamental part of their vision of multiple pods ultimately being overseen by one person essentially operating as a traffic controller. The demonstration saw an operator oversee and remotely control the two driverless p...
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Waymo suspends robotaxi service except for its truly driverless vehicles

Waymo said Tuesday it is pausing operations of Waymo One, a service in the Phoenix area that allows the public to hail rides in self-driving vehicles with trained human safety operators behind the wheel, in in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Waymo is also halting testing on public roads in California. However, Waymo will keep some operations up and running, notably its truly driverless vehicles, which don’t require a human safety driver, according to an announcement on its website Tuesday....
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Applications for TC Pitch Night: Mobility 2020 are now open

Founders: it’s time to get moving. On May 13, the night before TC Sessions: Mobility 2020, TechCrunch is hosting a private Pitch Night for mobility-focused startups. We’re looking to feature 10 early stage mobility startups that are breaking barriers in the industry. TechCrunch is always on the hunt for the most disruptive tech in the industry and this time our spotlight is shining on mobility. The line up for TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 is lit. We’ve got the major players from Boris Sofman ...
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Uber self-driving cars are back testing on San Francisco streets

Uber Advanced Technologies Group has resumed testing autonomous vehicles in San Francisco, two years after the company scaled back its testing program following a fatal crash in Arizona that killed a pedestrian. Uber’s self-driving vehicle unit is tiptoeing back into testing its autonomous vehicle technology on public roads. Uber ATG ended all testing on public roads after one of its vehicles struck and killed pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe. Uber ATG was testing its...
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Announcing the agenda for TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

TC Sessions: Mobility is back in San Jose on May 14, and we’re excited to give the first peek of what and who is coming to the main stage. We’re not revealing everything just yet, but already this agenda highlights some of the best and brightest minds in autonomous vehicles, electrification and shared mobility. We’ve selected the most innovative startups and top leaders from established tech companies working in mobility. This past year saw huge leaps forward, and we’re thrilled to bring the lat...
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Aptiv’s self-driving cars have given 100,000 paid rides on the Lyft app

What started out as a temporary pilot project to test a robotaxi service in Las Vegas has turned into a multi-year partnership between self-driving software company Aptiv and Lyft and a new milestone that suggests the operation is ramping up. The companies announced Tuesday that they’ve given 100,000 paid rides in Aptiv’s self-driving vehicles via the Lyft app. “To our knowledge this is the largest open-to-the-public commercial pilot,” Aptiv Autonomous Mobility President Karl Iagnemma said...
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Uber issued permit to test self-driving vehicles on California public roads

Uber Advanced Technologies Group has been issued a permit that would allow the company to put its autonomous vehicles back on public roads in California nearly two years after the company scaled back its testing program following a fatal crash in Arizona that killed a pedestrian. Uber doesn’t have immediate plans to put its autonomous vehicles on public roads in San Francisco, where it was previously testing. The company says it will notify key local, state, and federal stakeholders before it...
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Arai Is The Helmet To Buy

The helmet in the photo above was run over by another motorcycle at high speed during a race. The wearer walked away without sustaining a head injury. Take a moment to let that soak in. I’m often asked by people who know I test riding gear which helmet to buy or which is the best. I take that as a compliment and love to help where I can by using the knowledge I’ve worked hard to gain doing this “job”. I’ve Been On The Fence For Too Long After wearing and testing many different helmets f...
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Vayyar nabs $109M for its “4D” radar tech, which detects and tracks images while preserving privacy

The future of the connected home, connected car, and connected everything will have a lot of imaging technology at the center of it: sensors to track the movement of people and things will be a critical way for AI brains to figure out what to do next. Now, with a large swing towards more data protection — in part a reaction to the realization of just how much information about us is being picked up — we’re starting to see some interesting solutions emerge that can still provide that imaging piec...
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MIT uses shadows to help autonomous vehicles see around corners

We’re still not at the point where autonomous vehicles systems can best human drivers in all scenarios, but the hope is that eventually, technology being incorporated into self-driving cars will be capable of things humans can’t even fathom – like seeing around corners. There’s been a lot of work and research put into this concept over the years, but MIT’s newest system uses relatively affordable and readily available technology to pull off this seeming magic trick. MIT researchers (in a researc...
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Holoride makes its in-car VR available to the public for the first time

Audi spin-out Holoride is launching to the general public for the first time, though a collaboration with Ford and Universal Pictures . The young company is focused on a unique twist on virtual reality: In-car VR, to be experienced by a passenger while a vehicle is in motion. VR in cars might sound like a bit of a conflicted or risky proposition, but it actually makes a lot of sense once you understand more about Holoride’s approach. TechCrunch took it for a spin at CES this year, and fo...
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Reserve your student ticket to TC Sessions: Mobility 2019

The future of mobility is the big topic driving TC Sessions: Mobility 2019, which takes place July 10 in San Jose, Calif. Will it include flying cars? Space tourism? Transporter beams? Before we can go where no person has gone before, we need to foster a deep bench of thinkers, makers and technologists. Students are essential to the future of mobility. If you’re in high school or college and have a passion for mobility tech, take advantage of our deeply discounted student tickets. Come to TC Ses...
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Voyage CEO Oliver Cameron at TC Sessions: Mobility on July 10

Some of the first users of autonomous taxis are senior citizens living in a massive retirement community in Florida. It’s there, in a 40-square-mile area known as The Villages, that autonomous driving startup Voyage has planted its flag. Once the door-to-door self-driving taxi service is fully operational, all 125,000 residents will have the ability to summon a self-driving car to their doorstep using the Voyage mobile app. Voyage’s strategy to target retirement communities makes the startup,...
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Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua at TC Sessions: Mobility on July 10

Mobileye, the Israeli-based automotive sensor company acquired by Intel in 2017for $15.3 billion, is one of the companies at the center of the emerging world of autonomous vehicle technology. We’re excited to announce co-founder, president and CEO of Mobileye Amnon Shashua — who also is a senior vice president at Intel — will participate in TechCrunch’s inaugural TC Sessions: Mobility, a one-day event on July 10, 2019 in San Jose, Calif., that is centered around the future of mobility and tra...
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Bikes Are No Longer Just for Dudes

The world of motorcycles is always growing and evolving to meet the needs and desires of consumers. But some of that growth might surprise a lot of riders. As a female rider, I honestly would not have estimated that nearly 20% of all bike owners in the United States are ladies. But that is exactly what the Motorcycle Industry Council discovered during its latest poll. The 2018 MIC Motorcycle/ATV Owners Survey found that 19% of all owners are female, which is a 5% increase in just four years, and...
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Benefits of Motorcycle Riding Later In Life

When you picture your golden years, you might never have imagined that some of your best days would be spent cruising around on a motorcycle, but that is exactly what more and more people are doing later in life. California Department of Motor Vehicles data shows that baby boomers make up 56 percent of the almost 1.4 million Californians licensed to operate motorcycles, while only 30 percent of Class M licenses are held by people ages 16 through 40. There are many factors that might contribute t...
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