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Auction of entire museum of muscle cars

Next week, Rick Treworgy's Muscle Car City—located in a former Walmart in Punta Gorda, Florida—will close forever. Treworgy was planning to retire, although COVID-19 accelerated his plans, and he's sending his collection of more than 200 cars to the auction block. — Read the rest
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Tesla Knocks Facebook Off List of Top Five U.S. Companies by Market Cap

Elon Musk’s march towards either overseeing one of the biggest stock market bubble pops in recent history or being the guy who opens a solar-powered portal to Hell on Mars continues unabated: Tesla is now one of the country’s top five companies by market cap.Read more...
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Uber Kicks Its Self-Driving Car Unit Out the Side Door

Uber is bailing on its self-driving car unit, the Uber Advanced Technologies Group, and will sell it off to driverless trucking-focused startup Aurora in a deal that could create a combined firm valued at $10 billion, the companies announced on Monday.Read more...
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Driver pulled over for sitting in a lawn chair behind the wheel

Ontario, Canada police pulled over a vehicle after noticing that the driver appeared to be sitting in a lawn chair behind the wheel. According to a tweet by the Halton Regional Police Service Burlington District, they impounded the vehicle and "the driver [was] summonsed to court for Unsafe Vehicle and Seatbelt Inoperative." — Read the rest
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How to Winterize Your Car

As the weather starts getting cooler, it’s a good idea to prepare your car for winter. Even if you don’t switch to snow tires, there are a few proactive steps you can take to make sure you, your passengers and your vehicle as as safe as possible. Here are some tips for winterizing your car.Read more...
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Poster of every Motor Trend "Car of the Year" from 1949 to 2020

The Australian insurance company Budget Direct created this nifty graphic of every Motor Trend "Car of the Year" winner in the United States. After the Plymouth Volare (1976), my eyes glazed and interest waned. They created similar graphics for awards in Australia and the UK. "Award-winning cars: Every Car of the Year Winner" (Budget Direct)
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‘Motorcycle of Tomorrow’ Is Heavy on Flair and Light on the Environment

Pineapple “leather,” flax seed instead of plastic: Tarform, based in Brooklyn, aims to set a standard with its retro-futuristic cafe racer.
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Watch this mechanic fix a customers' "broken" turn signal that, um, isn't really broken

"She says the turn signal won't stay engaged when making a right turn." thumbnail image: detail of photo by Lukas 3z (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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"I bought the cheapest new car in the world" for $930 on Alibaba

Jalopnik's Jason Torchinsky bought his first new car on Alibaba. He paid $930 for the electric Changli NEMECA, batteries not included. The batteries, likely lead-acid, were an additional $350. Then came all the fees to bring the car from China to the USA and get it through customs. The final total for the car is closer to $3,300 which is still less expensive than the comparison vehicle: a golf cart. From Jalopnik: What’s frustrating and amazing about all of this is just how difficult it...
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Elon Musk to County Health Officials: Arrest Me, Cowards

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has made something of a one-man sport out of spouting off uninformed, contrarian opinions about the novel coronavirus pandemic. He’s repeatedly made inaccurate predictions that the whole thing is overblown and will be over soon, told workers to keep showing up at Tesla plant in …Read more...
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Trump Admin Set to Announce Bullshit Plan to Build Dirtier Cars That Cost More to Drive

Donald Trump’s administration is set to gut Barack Obama-era fuel efficiency standards on Tuesday, the New York Times reported, in a huge middle finger to anyone who cares about the environment and likely the White House’s biggest backtrack in federal climate policy.Read more...
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Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski Escapes 32 of 33 Charges in Waymo Theft Plea Deal

Anthony Levandowski, the ex-Google autonomous vehicle engineer slapped with 33 charges of theft and attempted theft of trade secrets last year, has struck a deal with Uncle Sam to plead guilty and escape with just one guilty plea, per the Wall Street Journal.Read more...
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Tesla Told Employees to Show Up for Work on Wednesday Despite Shelter-in-Place Order

Electric car company Tesla asked employees to show up to work on Wednesday despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, including at its sprawling Fremont, California, production facility, according to emails obtained by CNBC.Read more...
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Watch: Wild hyperreal Hot Wheels and Matchbox car race video complete with announcers

I prefer this to the real thing. The cartoon fun is infectious and, well, nobody dies. More thrills at 3Dbotmaker, home to 1:64 Diecast Sports Action Racing! (Jalopnik)
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Encryption Flaws Leave Millions of Toyota, Kia, and Hyundai Cars Vulnerable to Key Cloning

Millions of cars with radio-enabled keys made by Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia may be vulnerable to hijacking thanks to a flaw in their encryption implementation, Wired reported this week, citing the results of a KU Leuven in Belgium and University of Birmingham study.Read more...
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Visiting the deserted Geneva Motor Show, empty due to coronavirus concerns

The annual Geneva International Motor Show is a huge deal in the auto world where all the carmakers show off their new vehicles to the world. Due to Covid-19 concerns, the Swiss government banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people, leading to the last-minute cancellation of the Motor Show. Auto photographer GF Williams showed up anyway and the above is what he saw.
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Inside the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Design that reflects the fact that customers now buy cars from the inside out The 2021 Cadillac Escalade has arrived and the evolutions in both its exterior and interior design are likely to please fans. Elements of the brand’s Escala concept car from 2017 have taken root—the large curved OLED display and interior touches like fabric, for example. When we published a series on that concept, …
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Should I Repair or Just Replace My Old Car?

One of life’s simple pleasures is not having to make a car payment every month. Your trusty ride is paid off, only costing you for gas, insurance and repairs.Read more...
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Flash Memory on Some Tesla Cars Is Reportedly Burning Out, Causing Major Issues

Displays on older models of Tesla electric vehicles are bricking because of shoddy flash memory, according to reports in Inside EVs and Motherboard.Read more...
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Are Petrol Stations the Future of Starbucks?

Recently the Seattle Times published an article from the Washington Post highlighting a gas station in Maryland that has made the bold move of turning off its gas pumps and installing electric charging stations in their place. Which got me thinking… Given that in the early days of automobiles you had to go to the ...
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Report: Renault to Decide on Fiat Chrysler Merger Plan Next Week

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question on everyone’s mind after Fiat Chrysler’s Monday morning proposition to French automaker Renault. A 50:50 pairing of equals, with Nissan and Mitsubishi shuffling awkwardly on the edge of the dance floor. To his credit, FCA Chairman John Elkann wants Renault’s alliance partners in on the deal. According […] The post Report: Renault to Decide on Fiat Chrysler Merger Plan Next Week appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Garage Italia Turns Vintage Autos Into Electric Cars

From Milan’s Garage Italia Customs, the Icon-e project sees Lapo Elkann’s creative and production agency replace vintage auto combustion engines with electric drivetrains. Their debut effort, a Fiat Nuova 500, maintains the spirit of the 1957-1975 production period, but there are several developments that make it fit for the road today. See more images at High Snobiety.
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How Companies Learned to Stop Fearing Trump’s Twitter Wrath

Two years into President Trump’s term, many businesses appear to be increasingly prioritizing their balance sheets over political backlash caused by his efforts to compel them to build and hire.
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The Investments Cisco, Samsung, Toyota, and Chevron Are Making in AI

Austin—If you’re a startup talking up your artificial intelligence chops in your venture capital pitch, you’re not alone.For Cisco Investments, the venture arm of tech giant Cisco, artificial intelligence is no longer one of the key trends to watch for during pitches in 2019. That’s according to Noah Yago, a director at Cisco Investments, who said the firm did list it as a trend to watch in 2017 and 2018. Part of the issue is saturation, he said.“Our view is that we’re sort of at peak oil for A...
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What State Has the Most Pedestrian Traffic Deaths?

A new report detailing the number of pedestrian traffic deaths in the United States has just been released, and the news is not good. In 2018, an estimated 6,227 Americans died from being struck by a vehicle. That’s the highest number since 1990.Read more...
Tags: Science, Minnesota, Cars, United States, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Idaho, Iowa, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Mexico, Automobiles, Delaware, South Carolina, Governors Highway Safety Association

I Just Drove the Car of the Future – No, It’s Not a Tesla

If you love cars you’ll be blown away by what this $100 million startup is doing to change the driving experience. The journey into the future is rarely going to take place on a smooth well-paved multilane highway. Most often it involves uncounted detours along bumpy and narrow back roads that we never even knew ...
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Wheels: A 72-Year-Old Italian Star Barely Showing Its Age

With the exception of collectible vehicles, Vespa scooters hold their value better than anything else on the road.
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Test Drive: 2019 BMW 3 Series

We take the revamped next-generation 330i through Portugal’s dramatic Algarve region Skirting along the craggily cliffs in the next generation of BMW’s most important car right now—the 3 Series—the wild Atlantic surf pounds the rocks and picturesque coves below. In a few months, this region of Portugal will be flooded with sun-seekers splayed along its beaches, but at the moment, we have its roads to ourselves. …
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Watch four tires get changed in less than two seconds

"Ferrari delivered a rare sub-2 second pit stop for Sebastian Vettel during the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix." (Formula 1 via Next Draft)
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