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Highlights from Berkeley SkyDeck’s virtual demo day

With 17 startups participating, Berkeley SkyDeck’s Demo Day isn’t the largest cohort we’ve seen by any stretch. The collection of companies is, however, defined by a wide range of focuses, from pioneering diabetes treatments to retrofitting autonomous trucking, curated by the SkyDeck’s small team and a number of advisors. Founded in 2012, the accelerator is focused on developing early-stage companies tied to the University of California system. Applicants must be affiliated with either one of th...
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Berkeley Considers Banning Police From Making Traffic Stops

With Congress having politicized their nearly identical bills on police reform into another deadlock, many local governments have decided to pick up the slack by embracing activists seeking to dismantle law enforcement. Most of these don’t concern us as automotive enthusiasts and offer few perks or comfort to your average citizen. Then the City of Berkeley […] The post Berkeley Considers Banning Police From Making Traffic Stops appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Congress, Autos, Law And Order, Berkeley, Policing, Department Of Transportation, News Blog, Traffic stops, BerkDOT

Rare Rides: An Air-cooled Berkeley Twosome From 1959

Today’s Rare Ride comes from one of those little European brands you’ve never heard of. The company was in business for just a few years, and produced tiny cars powered by even tinier engines. Let’s take a look at the Twosome, from 1959. Berkeley originated via a collaboration between an automotive designer and a company […] The post Rare Rides: An Air-cooled Berkeley Twosome From 1959 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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An Immaculate, 1900-Mile NA Mazda MX-5 Is For Sale – For £20,000

This right-hand drive MX-5 Berkeley special edition, one of the last NA-series models to be made, is on eBay at an eye-watering price
Tags: Ebay, Autos, Berkeley, Mazda

NMA’s Weekly ATE Racket Report for May 15, 2018

Compiled by NMA Foundation Executive Director James C. Walker and NMA Communications Director Shelia Dunn The ATE Racket Report is a weekly feature of the NMA blog. We want to bring the issues of automated traffic enforcement to our supporters in a more coherent up-to-date fashion. This past week… More fallout from the Florida Supreme Court Decision supporting Red-Light Cameras. The Daily Commercial, a newspaper for Lee and Sumter Counties (Leesburg), published an editorial entitled: Don’t Reviv...
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Japan’s TDK Scoops Up Berkeley’s Chirp, Maker of Sonar Micro-Chip

Tokyo-based electronics giant TDK today announced its agreement to acquire startup Chirp Microsystems, whose miniaturized ultrasonic sensors are being tested in drones, robots, virtual reality systems, and smart home devices. David Horsley, co-founder and CTO of Berkeley, CA-based Chirp, says the company’s sonar chips have been drawing interest from companies in a range of emerging fields where navigation, depth sensing, and 3D mapping are key elements. The Chirp chip senses the environme...
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Boeing HorizonX invests in Berkeley aerospace battery tech startup

 Boeing’s HorizonX is the aerospace company’s vehicle for making investments in promising next-generation startups and technology, and it just placed its latest bet: funding in Cuberg, a Berkeley-based battery tech startup that has a founding team including Stanford University researchers. Battery tech is still one of the most frustrating roadblocks any company encounters when trying… Read More
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