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After the Gold Rush: Rolls-Royce Ready to Embrace Minimalism

We’ve covered how mainstream automakers rose to the coronavirus challenge ad nauseum, but what about companies whose customers dream of rich mahogany and yachting off Cannes all night? Well, just like a Silicon Valley tech mogul, Rolls-Royce spent these past few months reflecting, peering deep within its soul, all to learn how to become a […] The post After the Gold Rush: Rolls-Royce Ready to Embrace Minimalism appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Rolls-Royce wants even more bespoke cars, options

For many, a Rolls-Royce simply isn't attainable. However, for the wealthy who make up the über-luxury brand's target market, it appears the current stable of opulent options and dashing cars won't do. No, in the future, Rolls-Royce wants to move to even more bespoke cars and options. That's what Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten... [Author: [email protected] (Sean Szymkowski)]
Tags: Automotive, Special Editions, Rolls Royce, Royce, Torsten, Bespoke, Sean Szymkowski

Ferrari Enzo designer bringing another V-12-powered one-off supercar to Pebble Beach

If Ken Okuyama's name doesn't sound familiar, his work surely is. He's the designer responsible for the iconic Ferrari Enzo. That name should ring a bell. Okuyama hasn't hung up automotive design since then, and his latest creation is set to debut at Pebble Beach this week. The one-off Ken Okuyama Kode 0 will be revealed at the prestigious The... [Author: [email protected] (Sean Szymkowski)]
Tags: Automotive, Pebble Beach, Ferrari Enzo, Bespoke, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Sean Szymkowski, Ken Okuyama, Okuyama, Ken Okuyama Kode

One of six Ferrari Sergios is for sale for $5 million

The Ferrari Sergio—produced to mark the 85th anniversary of Pininfarina and the late Sergio Pininfarina—may not be the Prancing Horse's best-known sports car, but it's certainly one of the rarer modern nameplates Ferrari has produced. In fact, only six of them were built and each was sold by the time it was revealed at the 2015 Geneva... [Author: [email protected] (Sean Szymkowski)]
Tags: Automotive, Ferrari, Limited Edition, Geneva, Sergio, Pininfarina, Sergio Pininfarina, Bespoke, Sean Szymkowski, Ferrari Sergios

Go inside the Rolls-Royce buying process

Most of us will never be fortunate enough to experience the Rolls-Royce buying process, but at least the brand is kind enough to show us how it all goes down. In this video, Rolls-Royce's Bespoke Sales Manager for North American and Europe, Nick Osy de Zegwaart, takes viewers inside the company's Commissioning Suite, known as the Sir Henry Royce... [Author: [email protected] (Sean Szymkowski)]
Tags: Videos, Automotive, Car Buying, Bespoke, Henry Royce, Sean Szymkowski, Europe Nick Osy de Zegwaart

Aston Martin Is Prepared to Deliver the Bespoke Model of Your Dreams/Nightmares

Aston Martin is allowing customers to ruin tailor any of its current models through its updated Q commission service. These bespoke Astons allow shoppers to choose specialty themes or create a completely unique car from scratch. Some of the early results are reminiscent of Bentley’s more interesting factory customizations of the Continental, but Aston Martin seems […] The post Aston Martin Is Prepared to Deliver the Bespoke Model of Your Dreams/Nightmares appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Autos, Bentley, Aston Martin, Continental, Geneva Auto Show, News Blog, Custom Car, Bespoke, Q by Aston Martin, Bespoke Luggage, Q commission service

Rolls-Royce looks back at a year filled with bespoke beauties

Rolls-Royce cars are expensive, rare, and endlessly luxurious. They're also sold to clients who often want what others can't have. That's why Rolls-Royce has its own special Bespoke department, which exists to make its demanding and discerning customers' dreams come true. This creates a world filled with vivid colors, ornate interiors, and... [Author: [email protected] (Jeff Glucker)]
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