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BMW Has a New Adaptive Cruise Control Technology

From Cars to Bikes Soon you could enjoy adaptive cruise control on your motorcycle. The technology has been available on many new cars, but now it is making its way over to motorcycles thanks to BMW. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, it’s like standard cruise control, but it uses radars and sensors to automatically slow down and speed up without you having to touch the controls. That might not sound safe, but it actually works really well in the cars I’ve tested it on, and I could see ...
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BMW Motorrad announces Active Cruise Control for its future bikes

BMW Motorrad has announced its new Active Cruise Control (ACC) safety and...
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BMW to Expand Rental Program to U.S. and Other Markets

The Service Is Growing in 2020 Few things seem to be going right in 2020, but one bit of good news is that BMW plans to expand its Rent a Ride service to more markets. Right now the service is only available in Europe, but the Bavarian motorcycle company plans to expand to 100 rental partners in 12 countries by the end of 2020.  This is a large undertaking, but it’s certainly doable. BMW has thousands of dealerships all across the globe, and it can utilize this network to make the most of its R...
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These Are the Best BMW Adventure Motorcycles You Can Buy Right Now

Contents BMW History What Makes BMW’s Special? 2020 Adventure Lineup Our Recommended BMW’s Just hearing someone say BMW adventure motorcycles conjures up images of twisty mountain highways, steep dusty trails, vast deserts, and dense forest fire roads. BMW is the company that pioneered the adventure motorcycle segment, and it’s the first that comes to mind for most riders when adventure touring comes to mind. The Bavarian company has been expanding its adventure lineup as of late, and it no...
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BMW Motorrad Celebrates 40 Years of the GS

BMW Has Been Making GS Motorcycles For Decades Of all of BMW’s bikes, the R 80 GS might be the most important. It’s the bike that essentially created the adventure-touring segment. When it came out, it was a bit of an odd duck, but that was partly because people didn’t realize that by compromising a little bit on some things, you actually gained so much more. The R 80 GS started something new and different, and BMW is celebrating 40 years since it came out.  Since that very first GS, BMW’s adve...
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BMW F 900 R & BMW F 900 XR launch date revealed - Report

BMW Motorrad has revealed the launch date of the BMW F 900 R and BMW F 900 XR....
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See How the BMW S 1000 RR Came to be and Evolved

So Much Progress The BMW S 1000 RR is one of the best literbikes out there, and it got its start in 1992. Back then it was called the R 1100 RS. Today it’s a much more impressive machine, and it has taken a lot of work and development by the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer to get the motorcycle to the point it’s at now. The YouTube channel FreeWheelie recently put out a video that shows the evolution of the BMW S 1000 RR throughout the last several decades.  The video starts with the R 1100 RS...
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CruzTOOLS Releases New Toolkit for BMW Motorcycles

It’s Trail-Ready Packing a good toolkit is an important part—or should be—of your motorcycle road trip checklist, especially if you’re going off-road at any point. If you have an adventure touring bike, like many of the fantastic GS motorcycles BMW sells, then a good toolkit is essential. Luckily CruzTOOLS is here to help those who ride a BMW adventure bike with a new toolkit.  The company released an updated toolkit for BMW ADV bikes due to the fact that BMW made significant updates to its mot...
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Could the TVS Apache RR 310 Birth a BMW G 310 RR

Another BMW Made by TVS? TVS has been in the news a lot lately due to the fact that it bought Norton Motorcycles, but the Indian motorcycle manufacturer has been in the big leagues for quite some time. The company has a partnership with BMW to produce the BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS. Now that could expand to another 310 motorcycle called the G 310 RR.  All this comes because TVS has an Apache RR 310 of its own. That motorcycle would make a lot of sense to use as a base for a G 310 RR motorcycle fo...
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Next TVS bike co-developed with BMW Motorrad to be based on existing platform - IAB Report

The partnership between TVS and BMW Motorrad has given enthusiasts 3 phenomenal...
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Former Royal Enfield President and BMW Group India President Rudratej Singh Dies at 46

A Blow to the Motorcycling Community Rudratej Singh died on April 20 of cardiac arrest. He was only 46 years old, according to Bloomberg. Singh was the head of BMW Group India and had held that position since August 1, 2019. He is perhaps best known for being the former Global President of Royal Enfield. He oversaw some of the company’s impressive international growth. He was with Royal Enfield for four years. “ BMW Group India, with profound sorrow, announces the demise of  Rudratej Singh...
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BMW F 900 XR & 2020 BMW S 1000 XR teased, to be launched soon

BMW Motorrad has released a teaser video of the BMW F 900 XR and 2020 BMW S...
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Updated Versions of the BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS Were Spotted

The German Baby Naked Bike The BMW G 310 R is one of the best small naked motorcycles out there. The G 310 GS is one of the best small adventure bikes out there. They’re reasonably priced, quick and nimble, and generally a good bikes for commuting or for beginners. BMW seems to have updated versions of the bikes. These versions will help keep the bikes fresh and competing well with the competition. RideApart has some good spy shots of the bikes out testing. They were spotted by a spy photograph...
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Bilstein Will Make Superbike Suspension

From Autos to Superbikes When you hear the name Bilstein you probably think cars, right? Well, that may change. The company will start manufacturing high-performance suspension for superbikes. First up? The BMW S 1000 RR. This adds another big player to the superbike suspension competition. Bilstein is a key player in the automotive suspension world, so why shouldn’t it compete here? I like it. Blistein noted that this isn’t the company’s first foray into motorcycle suspension. The company has ...
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New BMW G 310 R (facelift) with LED headlamp in the works - Report

BMW Motorrad is working on a facelift for the BMW G 310 R. The updated model...
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Richard Hammond Does His Own Version of ‘Long Way Round’ From His Home

Keeping Busy During COVID-19 With a large portion of the world’s population working from home and generally staying at home, we’re all trying to find ways to stay sane. For us motorcyclists, it’s even tougher. All we want to do is go out and ride as the weather warms up. Richard Hammond is no exception. He decided to do his own version of Long Way Round, the epic journey that Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor did on BMW motorcycles. The catch? Hammond had to stay home while doing it.  As you ca...
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The 1800cc BMW R 18 Has The Bike World's Biggest Ever Boxer Twin

BMW Motorrad's new classically styled cruiser bike is fitted with the 'Big Boxer' it revealed a few months ago
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BMW Reveals the R 18 Cruiser

It’s Finally Here BMW revealed the R 18 today, and the bike is no joke. The motorcycle looks almost as good as the concepts did. The BMW R18 is the company’s first motorcycle with its new 1,800cc boxer twin-engine. BMW did a virtual reveal of the bike and streamed it on YouTube. I’ve included the video reveal below, but before you get to that, let’s go over what BMW actually showed off. BMW will sell an R 18 First Edition right off the bat. From there it will run into the standard model for cer...
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Here’s the new BMW R18, with specs, prices and more

It’s been ten months since BMW Motorrad threw the wraps off the Concept R18 prototype. Today we’re finally getting a clear look at the production cruiser, ending weeks of rampant speculation and spy shots. The R18 plays on two levels. On one hand, it’s a bid from BMW to tackle the cruiser (ergo, the US) market. On the other, it’s a nod to the boxer motor’s heritage—even more so than the wildly popular R nineT. The price for the showroom bike will be $17,495 (standard model) or $19,870 (upmar...
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BMW Motorrad Will Not Go to Intermot And EICMA 2020

Will The Company be the Only One BMW Motorrad announced it will not go to Intermot and EICMA this year because of the Coronavirus. The company announced this on April 1, so there was some speculation as to whether or not this was a joke, but it is not a joke. According to RideApart, a BMW  Motorrad Italy marketing manager and a BMW Motorrad  Canada public relations rep resentative both said that this is indeed the case.  “Manufacturers in all industries across the globe are in the mi...
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Top Bikes For The Track [2020 Update]

There’s nothing quite like a track day. We all know the bikes under us are capable of great speeds, exhilarating acceleration, and lean angles that would make a Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” dancer jealous. We also all know, or at least should know, that such things are not entirely legal, or safe, on the public roads. But when a dedicated race track hosts a track day, or your motorcycle club rents out a track for a day of fun, you can finally twist the wrist all the way, push your bike the ...
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BMW R18 flat-twin cruiser to be officially unveiled next month

BMW Motorrad has announced that it will unveil the R 18 on 3 April 2020. The...
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BMW Will Unveil the R18 in April

The Big Cruiser Is Coming Soon The BMW R18 concept bikes have everyone excited for what is to come, and there have been some leaks about what the production bike will actually look like and BMW has made a few different concepts (one is shown above), but now some official information from BMW points to April 3, 2020, as the day that the company will unveil the R18 officially.  “All of us at BMW Motorrad are very much looking forward to the absolute highlight of the year for us – the world premie...
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BMW’s M Performance Motorcycle Parts Available for S 1000 RR

Taking the Sportbike Further BMW’s M Performance Parts offers accessories for BMW Motorrad models, and now the BMW S 1000 RR is getting a line of parts. The idea behind the parts according to BMW is to “enhance the driving dynamics of the new S 1000 RR not only for road use but especially on the race track.” The parts are focused on reducing the weight of the bike and there are numerous function parts, too. In terms of what’s offered, there are carbon fiber body and fairing parts, new seats, di...
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BMW Could be Working on a R18-Based Touring Motorcycle

Large Fairing and Everything The guys over at Motor1 Brasil noticed some BMW R18 touring design registration paperwork recently. The bike is based on the Concept R18 and features the company’s big ass Boxer Twin engine. The bike features a lot of what you’d want in a motorcycle designed to gobble up the miles for hours on end.  The design has a large fairing and windshield that will protect the rider from the wind. There are some large hard panniers that look like they’d swallow up a lot of gea...
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BMW Patents a Collision Protection Device

A Simple Solution In an age of technologically advanced solutions for everything, BMW has crafted a unique and simplistic solution to a serious problem—head-on collisions. The company recently patented a new safety idea that was spotted by RideApart. The idea behind the patent is that a wheel out front is smart in that it works as a crumple zone for the motorcycle. The way it works is that it keeps a motorcycle wheel pointed forward in a collision. The equipment needed to make this happen is su...
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Second TVS premium bike co-developed with BMW Motorrad to be launched in 2021

It is not news that TVS and BMW Motorrad are jointly working on the second...
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Second TVS premium co-developed with BMW Motorrad to be launched in 2021

It is not news that TVS and BMW Motorrad are jointly working on the second...
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BMW Had a Strong Year in 2019 in Terms of Sales

Getting Some Bavarian Bucks for the BMW Bank Account Motorcycle sales this year didn’t seem to do too hot. There were some exceptions, though. One of them was BMW. According to RideApart, the Bavarian bike manufacturer managed to see sales rise in a year that many motorcycle manufacturers struggled. The publication reported BMW made 175,162 sales in 2019. That is a jump from 2018 of about 10 percent, which is seriously impressive. The majority of the bikes sold by the company were in France, It...
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BMW’s Vision DC Roadster Cabon Frame Could be the Future

Using Carbon Fiber on the Frame Carbon Fiber is used in all sorts of applications on cars and motorcycles to save weight while still keeping something structurally strong. Up until now, though, carbon fiber hasn’t really become a norm for motorcycle frames. That will likely be the next step for the technology, according to Motorcycle News. The reason the publication suggest this is because of the carbon frame that BMW used on its as well as its experience with the HP4 Race and the slew of BMW...
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