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Artist Designs Classic Cars Inspired By Exotic Wild Animals

Aston Martin DB5 from 1963 Let’s admit it, almost everyone has a fantasy of owning a super-cool classic or vintage car. For some of us, these cars remind us of the good old times, for the rest of us, they are associated with romantic movies where the main character brings his girlfriend to an unforgettable adventure on the road. These cars are pretty much guaranteed to cost a fortune but one can... Source
Tags: Design, Animals, Cars, Aston Martin, Classic, Frédéric Müller

Revival Cycles ‘Birdcage BMW’

Words by Justin Benson. Revival Cycles’ latest build; “The Birdcage”, at first glance – looks to be the work of a madman. Showcasing BMW’s newest prototype boxer engine, the frame is entirely comprised of titanium (a first for the Revival team), made up of 150 separate pieces, taking a full 2 weeks, day and night, to finish welding. Almost every piece on the bike was fabricated in house, with great attention paid to design, function, and most importantly – weight. The asymmetrical frame of “Th...
Tags: Motorcycles, Bmw, Alan, Classic, CNC, BMW Motorrad, Dunlop, Justin Benson, Revival Cycles, Alan Stulberg, Bobber, Maserati Tipo, Handbuilt, Amazon Prime Fork

BOXER REBELLION. Matt Hart’s Classic BMW R65 Scrambler

Written by Marlon Slack Matt Hart’s a photographer – and a damn good one at that. Trawling through his drool-worthy Instagram shows his passion for racing old Porsches and other, lesser marques. But when he was young he lived and breathed bikes, belting around on a little 80cc Yamaha. And lately the moto bug has bitten again. So much so he went out and built this, a gorgeous 1984 BMW R65 scrambler. “I’m always looking at classifieds for old cars and bikes just for curiosity,” Matt says. “I...
Tags: Instagram, Motorcycles, Italy, Sydney, New Zealand, Bmw, Honda, Classic, Scrambler, Boxer, Harley, Yamaha, Matt, Beemer, Matt Hart, KustomTech

MOTO PHOTOS. 2019 Machine Show, Braidwood, Australia

Gasoline’s ‘The Keeper’ BMW R65, made for our good mate Cam ‘Stories of Bike’ Elkins Written by Andrew Jones The same thing happened every year. I’d promise myself that I’d go to Australia’s Machine Show and then at the very last minute the reality of travelling three hours south of Sydney would kick me in the family jewels. With a six-hour round trip, it’d either be a seriously big day or I’d have to organise accommodation and/or camping gear. And as it was now just a few days before the even...
Tags: Photography, Australia, Motorcycles, Ducati, Sydney, Bmw, Event, Melbourne, Honda, Classic, Douglas, Woodstock, Moto, Harley, Yamaha, CANBERRA Australia

ESCAPE FROM L.A. Ride Custom’s Yamaha XT500 Urban Enduro

Written by Martin Hodgson How do you haul ass in Hollywood? You go full metal jacket on a breathtaking Urban Enduro that’ll cruise with Bentleys on the Boulevard, before heading to the hills where the stars live to rip it up on the rough and rugged roads. But first you need to pick the platform and with iconic status and Paris-Dakar pedigree they don’t come any much than the Yamaha XT500. LA’s Russell Stratton of Ride Custom picked up this example and set to work building RC01, the latest sta...
Tags: Hollywood, California, Los Angeles, Motorcycles, Classic, Moto, Yamaha, Buchanan, Russell, Yankee, Echo Park, Tinseltown, Boulevard, Dunlop, Paris Dakar, Martin Hodgson

BIRD OF PRAY. Hookie’s Evil ‘Crow’ Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Written by Martin Hodgson In just about every ancient culture that spans the globe exists a mythology around the crow, and it almost always leads to death and destruction. So imagine yourself sitting alone in the middle of the night, stopped at a red light in the bad part of town, when as if from nowhere this blacked out harbinger of death rolls up beside you. Lean, mean and snarling through its pipes, comes this blacked-out beast from Dresden’s Hookie Co. A ’91 Honda CB750 that’ll drag you d...
Tags: Cafe Racer, Classic, CB750, Germany, Honda, Hookie Co

QUICK SILVER. Stephen Brisken’s Ducati 900 SS Cafe

Written by Andrew Jones How many 21-year-olds do you know with a killer workshop and an amazing bike collection? The answer is probably zero. That’s because – unlike other things in life – getting older seems to be a distinct benefit in the bike scene. With no more kids, years of riding experience under your belt and the mortgage paid off, many of us find ourselves in a position where those dream bikes we’ve always wanted are finally within reach. Not only that, but you also have the time to ...
Tags: Craigslist, California, America, Motorcycles, Ducati, West Coast, Stephen, Classic, Steve, Southern California, Steven, Andrew Jones, Racer, Café Racer, 900ss, Stephen Brisken

Animal Farm. Purpose Built Moto’s Yamaha XT250 MX Scrambler

Written by Tom Gilroy When you mention a Yamaha XT to any bike enthusiast a few things come to mind. Yamaha’s XT series set the bar in off-road racing for a long time, and since then they’ve been synonymous with durability, performance and reliability. So of course, I have one rolled into the garage that looks anything but. Ex-farm bike. Rolling chassis, motor, box of parts and three words, “Make a scrambler.” The easy route would have been to mount a nice, rounded fender and a run-of-the-...
Tags: Facebook, Australia, Motorcycles, Brisbane, Classic, Scrambler, Moto, Jamie, Yamaha, Bruce, Pipeburn, Tom Gilroy, Koso, Purpose Built, XT250, FMF Powercore

JEWEL, BRITANNIA. Old Empire’s ‘Gypsy’ Honda CB360 Cafe Racer

Written by Marlon Slack When you’re as good as Suffolk’s Old Empire Motorcycles you don’t need to go hunting for work. Hell, their incredible history of customising classic motorcycles has customers practically begging them to create a bike. And that’s what’s happened with their latest creation, a 1976 Honda CB360 that the client had to harass, harangue and coerce them into building. And we’re all the better for it. The customer initially approached the team after ogling one of their first...
Tags: Facebook, England, Motorcycles, ALEC, States, Honda, Richard, Classic, Suffolk, Don, CNC, Rafe, Café Racer, CB360, Kustom Tech, CB250

DOPE DIRIGIBLE. Kacerwagen’s ‘Zeppelina V72’ Board Tracker

Written by Martin Hodgson They were the original kings of the race track, but you won’t ever find a replica of one hanging out at your local cafe bike meet. However over recent years with TV shows like Harley and the Davidsons and Sons of Speed, along with the input of America’s best builders like Billy Lane and Rick Petko, the board tracker is back with a vengeance. But what do you do when you live in a country where finding a ’20s Indian in a barn is as likely as finding the fabled pot of g...
Tags: America, Spain, Motorcycles, Classic, Harley Davidson, Harley, Yamaha, Atlantic Coast, TIG, Zeppelina, Davidsons, Racer, Martin Hodgson, Rick Petko, Shinko, Morini

MOTO PHOTOS: 2019 MBE Show, Verona, Italy

Written by Andrew Jones When you think about it, Italy having one of the world’s biggest and best bike shows makes total sense. Like Japan with their bullet trains and the Swiss being so good at watches, motorcycles seem to be at the very heart of the Italian psyche. And one visit to a show like Motor Bike Expo 2019 only drives the point home. It’s not wall-to-wall factory bikes or a bunch of business types ‘shifting units’ and exchanging email addresses. It’s honest-to-goodness, grass-roots ...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Japan, London, Germany, Rome, Dave, Motorcycles, Ducati, Italy, Event, Honda, Verona, Classic, Romeo, Mbe

FIFTY SHADES OF GREAT. Auto Fabrica’s Monochrome ‘Type 10B’ BMW R65

Written by Martin Hodgson When it comes to customising a motorcycle the ‘what’ hasn’t changed for more than 100 years; speed, sight and sound. But the ‘how’ has been constantly evolving and we regularly feature those at the cutting edge. One such firm is UK-based Auto Fabrica, who entered the scene six years ago firing on all cylinders and continue to refine their incredible designs. Brothers Bujar and Gazmend Muharremi can do it all under one roof and utilising the latest technology deliver ...
Tags: UK, England, Motorcycles, Bmw, Richard, Classic, Southend, Fábrica, Brembo, Malcolm, Martin Hodgson, Auto Fabrica, Hagon, Bujar, Roadster, R65

BOXER BULLION. Untitled’s ‘Silver City’ BMW R80 Street Scrambler

Written by Marlon Slack We’ve had more airheads through here than a cheerleading college. We’ve had bobbers, choppers, cafe racers, trackers and everything in between. So we here at Pipeburn can pick a killer R-series BMW build from a mile away. And here’s one of the best, a glorious BMW R80 by Untitled Motorcycles dubbed the Silver City. It’s been a bittersweet twelve months for the crew at Untitled. Business has been kicking over nicely at their London and San Francisco offices, but last...
Tags: Facebook, London, San Francisco, Motorcycles, Bmw, Classic, Scrambler, Dakar, Kawasaki, Silver City, Anita, Adam, Brembo, Beemer, Pipeburn, R80

KESSEL COFFEE RUN. Ironwood’s ‘Latte Stormtrooper’ BMW R80 Bobber

Written by Andrew Jones Since 2012, Dutch shop Ironwood Motorcycles have pretty much dominated the classic BMW custom market in Western Europe. So much so, that their style has pretty much become shorthand for an entire genre of custom Beemers. And while many may have copied, it’s their ability to break the mould and think outside the square of their own fame that proves they’ve still got what it takes. Like this ‘85 BMW R80 bobber, for instance. Just like a old-school southern haircut, it’s ...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Bmw, Classic, Western Europe, PAUL, Rocky Balboa, Marcel, Kessel, Kellermann, Andrew Jones, Ironwood, Arjan, Bobber

PIPEBURN EXCLUSIVE: A Behind The Scenes Look At Royal Enfield’s New 650 Twins

Written by Andrew Jones It’s September 26th, 2017. Through a series of events I still don’t quite understand, I’m sitting in the boardroom of the new Royal Enfield Technical Centre at Bruntingthorpe, near Leicester in the UK. Next to me is Siddharth Lal who’s the son of Vikram Lal, one of India’s richest men. ‘Sid’, as he’s called, is the CEO of Royal Enfield. Also here is Englishman Mark Wells who is their design guru and American Paul Ventura who does the thinking behind the company’s new p...
Tags: UK, Review, California, India, America, Motorcycles, Sydney, Leicester, Pacific, Classic, Newton, Continental, Bosch, Interceptor, Ventura, Yamaha

MOTO PHOTOS: 2019 One Moto Show, Portland, Oregon

Written by Scott Hopkin It’s crazy to think that nine years ago we featured a few bikes from a random little show in Portland called the ‘One Moto Show’. Then it its second year, it had 75 bikes and around 1500 bike enthusiasts come through the doors to check out this ‘new wave’ of custom bikes. The show was started by a Portland local called Thor Drake. Ten years later and Thor is still cranking out this show – just at a much larger scale. It now features over 200 bikes and thousands of p...
Tags: Usa, America, Motorcycles, Portland, Salem, Event, Thor, Portland Oregon, Classic, Tracker, Black Mountain, Custom Bikes, Chopper, 2019, Bobber, Pipeburn

FORREST THUMP. Red Clouds’ Twin Yamaha XT500 Enduros

Written by Marlon Slack The Red Clouds Collective are a Portland-based outfit that make bomb-proof waxed cotton moto gear. They make pants, shirts, bags, panniers and tool rolls that are harder wearing and longer lasting than their owners could ever be. And luckily for us Seth and Casey Neefus, head honchos at Red Clouds, also use the business as a front for making gorgeous custom bikes, like this pair of incredible Yamaha XT500s. “We were at a swap meet at the Portland International Racew...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Portland, Classic, Scrambler, Yamaha, Casey, Seth, PIAA, VMX, Enduro, Portland International Raceway, Pipeburn, XT500, Red Clouds Collective, Casey Neefus

POWER COUPLE. Zanutto Engineering’s ’71 Yamaha R5 Restomod Racer

Written by Andrew Jones My partner loves talking about motorcycles. Sometimes, she just bangs on and on for hours and hours about two-stroke service intervals, the history of 500cc two-stroke Grand Prix racing and her favourite subject – expansion chamber designs. I’m joking, of course. She hates bikes. But just imagine if there was such a thing. Imagine a partner that was as keen to mix two-stroke as you were. Well, for San Diego’s Eric Zanutto and his wife Melanie, nature has conspired to...
Tags: Japan, California, Fresno, Motorcycles, San Diego, Air Force, Classic, Yamaha, Buchanan, Eric, Melanie, EBC, CDI, Andrew Jones, Rancho Palos Verdes, Racer

ZEE WHIZ. BGM Cafe Racer’s ’78 Kawasaki Z400 Street Scrambler

Written by Marlon Slack BGM Cafe Racers’ Tonie Wishart is trying to redeem himself. Years ago his father brought a bike home, an old Kawasaki G4TR 100, which Tonie successfully pulled apart and unsuccessfully put back together. Now, years later and with a hell of a lot more experience under his belt, Tonie and the team from BGM have turned out this, a cracking 1979 Kawasaki Z400 street scrambler. It’s even more impressive when you consider the donor bike they were working with. “I bought i...
Tags: Ebay, Motorcycles, United Kingdom, Classic, Scrambler, Tracker, Stratford, Den, Kawasaki, Clive, Brembo, Geert, BGM, Tonie, BGM Cafe Racers, Z400

COOL RUNNINGS. Banb Motorcycle’s ‘Zumax’ Suzuki GSX750 Inazuma Racer

Written by Andrew Jones Ostentatious oil coolers have been a stock-in-trade item for Japanese car customisers for decades. Lifted from racing car stylings of the 70s and 80s, the more ridiculous its placement and the route the oil lines take, the more street cred the cars seem to have. Now an essential part of the Japanese ‘Shakotan’ style, it’s part of a plethora of cool custom ideas developed in Japan since the dawn of time. But has it ever been attempted on a custom bike? Well, it has now....
Tags: Japan, France, US, Motorcycles, Marseille, Paris, Bmw, Classic, Mad Max, Steven, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Brat, Goodridge, Andrew Jones, Yoshimura

COOL CHANGE. Benjie’s Classic Harley Softail Bobber

Written by Andrew Jones When the new wave of Japanese customs rocked up in the late noughties, it was like the 70-odd years of custom bike history before that point didn’t exist. We barged into the room  with our new-fangled cafe racers, brats and trackers and turned up our noses at pretty much anything that wasn’t ordained as that month’s hot new trend. But as many shops now ponder their 142nd cafe racer build, the trends that prevailed in the 70s, 80s and 90s are now being seen with new, mo...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, New Jersey, East Coast, Classic, Harley Davidson, Harley, Harley Softail, Andrew Jones, Benjie, Softail, Bobber, Ben Chan Dante Dizon, Benjie's Cafe Racers, Harley Softail Bobber, Harley Softail Fatboy

MOTO VIDEO: The Sultans of Sprint Season Highlights

  Just a quick post tonight to throw the spotlight onto the 2018 highlights video from our good friends at the unique, exciting and ever so slightly crazy Sultans of Sprint race series. After a great 2018 that included bikes like Bernard Mont’s spectacular ‘Nowhere Faster’, along with the VTR Spitfire BMW and the Schlachtwerk ‘Skinny Beast’ Yamaha that went on to win, we decided to work even more closely with the SOS crew in 2019. Expect the series to be even bigger and better this year...
Tags: Video, Motorcycles, Sprint, Event, Classic, Yamaha, Racer, 2019, Sprint Racing, Sultans Of Sprint, Bernard Mont, VTR Spitfire Bmw

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Pop Bang Classics’ ‘Borg’ Honda CB450

Written by Marlon Slack Living next to the ocean is gorgeous, but as any surf-girted motorcycle nut will tell you, all that salty sea breeze just destroys motorcycles. It eats chrome, dulls aluminum and causes rust to flash up in weeks. So what’s the point of a polished custom if it’s just going to get eaten by the sea? Well, there’s not. That’s how Brisbane’s Pop Bang Classics came up with this, a post-apocalyptic 1971 Honda CB450 dubbed the ‘Borg’. The owner of the ‘Borg, Kenny Smith, ha...
Tags: Australia, Motorcycles, Brisbane, Honda, Smith, Classic, Kenny, Brat, Kenny Smith, Borg, Gazi, Justin Holmes, Roadster, CB450, Pop Bang Classics, Marlon Slack Living

ON THE GAS. Tattoo Customs’ ‘Blue Velvet’ BMW R80RT Cafe Brat

Written by Martin Hodgson Forget the disco-era 1970s or even the golden age of the Renaissance, turns out men have been strutting the streets wearing colourful velvet since 200 BC in China. Personally I’ve never got the trend; unless you’re the legendary American pimp, Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan, then you’re probably best leaving the velvet in the draw! Thankfully there’s no goblets, canes or seedy side streets here, just a perfect stripped down and sleek 1985 BMW R80RT. From the creatives minds...
Tags: Facebook, Craigslist, China, Motorcycles, Bmw, Honda, Rudy, North Carolina, Classic, Pirelli, Don Juan, CNC, CB, Brat, Ohlins, Café Racer

Ace of Base: 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Express 4×2

A couple of liberties are taken with this one, as the Ram 1500 Classic technically has a trim one step below the Express model. With pricing, rates, and residuals being what they are though – well, it’s safe to say this version of the new old Ram pickup embodies a great deal of appeal to […] The post Ace of Base: 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Express 4×2 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Autos, Classic, Express, News Blog, Ram 1500, 2019, Ace of Base, 4x2, Quad Cab

WAR HORSE. David Meyers’ Majestic ‘Balios’ Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

Written by Andrew Jones The parallels between riding a motorcycle and riding a horse are obvious. I’d argue that in a lot of ways, motorcycles are just the industrial revolution version of the good old Equus Caballus. In the 1850s, a horse would provide personal transport, you could use them at work, police would ride them as would soldiers, and they were a hell of a lot of fun on the weekends, too. Channelling this thought, Georgia’s David Meyers has created a happy medium of the two. No, it...
Tags: Georgia, Dave, David, Motorcycles, Bmw, Honda, Classic, Moto, Achilles, Gulfstream, David Meyers, Andrew Jones, Café Racer, Tommaselli, Tarozzi, Phil Hawkins

WAR HORSE. David Meyer’s Majestic ‘Balios’ Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

Written by Andrew Jones The parallels between riding a motorcycle and riding a horse are obvious. I’d argue that in a lot of ways, motorcycles are just the industrial revolution version of the good old Equus Caballus. In the 1850s, a horse would provide personal transport, you could use them at work, police would ride them as would soldiers, and they were a hell of a lot of fun on the weekends, too. Channelling this thought, Georgia’s David Meyer has created a happy medium of the two. No, it’...
Tags: Georgia, Dave, David, Motorcycles, Bmw, Honda, Classic, Moto, Achilles, Gulfstream, David Meyer, Andrew Jones, Café Racer, Tommaselli, Tarozzi, Phil Hawkins

WAR HORSE. David Meyer’s Magestic ‘Balios’ Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

Written by Andrew Jones The parallels between riding a motorcycle and riding a horse are obvious. I’d argue that in a lot of ways, motorcycles are just the industrial revolution version of the good old Equus Caballus. In the 1850s, a horse would provide personal transport, you could use them at work, police would ride them as would soldiers, and they were a hell of a lot of fun on the weekends, too. Channelling this thought, Georgia’s David Meyer has created a happy medium of the two. No, it’...
Tags: Georgia, Dave, David, Motorcycles, Bmw, Honda, Classic, Moto, Achilles, Gulfstream, David Meyer, Andrew Jones, Café Racer, Tommaselli, Tarozzi, Phil Hawkins

HERD MENTALITY. Two Yamaha XV Cafe Fighters from Moose Motodesign

Written by Andrew Jones It seems pretty clear to us that there’s something weird going on with the Polish water. Forget fluoride or vapour trails; this conspiracy seems to make entire countries fall in love with certain bikes. Poland’s fate has been deemed by some secret cabal to hold an undying love of Yamaha’s XV. If one appears in our inbox, chances are it’s from Polska. How these shadowy masters manage to make this happen is unclear; all we know is that the country is the current and undi...
Tags: Milwaukee, US, Motorcycles, Netherlands, Poland, Moose, Baltic Sea, Classic, Harley, Yamaha, Sachs, Tom, Adam, Andrew Jones, Gdynia, Café Racer

QUICK AND THE DEAD. Exesor Motorcycles’ ‘Santoku’ ’76 SUZUKI GT250 Racer

Written by Martin Hodgson Let’s face it. The days of new road legal two-stroke motorcycles are fast being resigned to the scrap heap of history. Thankfully, the scrap heap is exactly where Christian Schwarzenlander gets the donors for his projects, he simply refuses to start a build with a bike that runs. The owner of Austria’s Exesor Motorcycles had stumbled across an old, dead smoker at a giveaway price and with a love for 1970’s racing it was the perfect chance to combine the two. The end ...
Tags: Austria, Motorcycles, Christian, Classic, Yamaha, CNC, Ural, Suzuki, Racer, Martin Hodgson, Exesor Motorcycles, GT 250, Christian Schwarzenlander, Exesor, Exesor Motorcycles Instagram Facebook, Herman Pillichshammer

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