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Get 20 Percent Off an AGV Helmet By Trading In Your Old One

Get Rid of That Old Lid and Get a Good Deal For a limited time, AGV is offering people a pretty good deal. All you need to do is bring in your old helmet to one of its physical stores and you’ll get 20 percent off of a new AGV helmet. AGV calls its program Trade And Save. It’s pretty self-explanatory. There’s not a lot to figure out here. The only catch is that you have to be near one of the physical locations for the Dainese stores. Dainese owns AGV, so that’s why you can walk into the store t...
Tags: Los Angeles, Motorcycles, Dallas, North America, Dainese, Belleville, Motorcycle News, AGV, Trade and Save, AGV helmets, Roberto Sadowsky, AGV North America, Canada Motorcycle Mall

The Killer: A front wheel drive motorcycle from Rodsmith

The concept of the patron is well established in the world of art. Charles Saatchi is almost a household name in the UK, but before him we had New Yorker Peggy Guggenheim—who anchored the careers of Pollock and Rothko. Parallels are now edging into the modern custom motorcycle scene, and one of the leading lights is Bobby Haas of the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas. Bobby has built up a collection of 130-plus extraordinary motorcycles, and occasionally commissions them too. Hazan is one of his...
Tags: UK, US, Munich, Motorcycles, Dallas, Craig, Charles Saatchi, Midwest, Bobby, Austin Texas, CNC, Peggy Guggenheim, Hazan, Freund, Matt Carroll, Pollock

Can-Am to Hold Multi-City Ride Events for Ryker

Want to Test Out Life on Three Wheels? I’m not a particularly huge fan of the whole reverse trike thing, but I do think they have a place in the wonderful world of motorcycles. When it comes to reverse trikes, Can-Am is at the top, and now it wants to get more folks on the Ryker so it’s hosting some events in multiple states.  The Can-Am Ryker Ride Show will be at 12 different cities across the country. The first event will occur on March 14-16 and then go on from there. The point of each event...
Tags: Toronto, Atlanta, Motorcycles, Washington Dc, Dallas, Miami, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Denver, Orlando, Motorcycle News, Ryker, Can-Am Motorcycles, Can-Am Ryker

Indian Motorcycle and Motorcycle Missions Do ‘Motorcycle Therapy’ Build-Off

A Build-Off for Charity Indian Motorcycle and Motorcycle Missions have teamed up to put together a motorcycle therapy bike build off. The two teams participating come from Texas. One is from Dallas and the other from Austin. Veterans and first responders fill both teams. The proceeds from the build off will go to Motorcycle Missions. The non-profit helps veterans and first-responders who are in need. Both teams will have a chance to take the Indian Motorcycle’s Chief Dark Horse to craft their o...
Tags: Motorcycles, Dallas, Non-profit, Wilson, Reid Wilson, Motorcycle News, Indian Motorcycle, Build Off, Motorcycle Missions, Texas One, Austin Veterans, Krystal Hess Motorcycle Missions Founder, John Paul DeJorias, Gary Spellman

Audi’s new V2I feature helps drivers hit every green light

Audi has added a new feature to the vehicle-to-infrastructure technology embedded in its newer models that’s designed to help drivers catch every green light. The tech, called GLOSA or Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory, is part of the automaker’s built-in traffic light-reading technology. And Audi says it’s the first automaker to include this GLOSA feature in its cars. It all began in 2016 when Audi launched traffic light information, a system that enables the car to  communicate with the ...
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SUPER DOOPER HAWK. Moto Conspiracy’s Stunning ’64 Honda Street Tracker

Written by Marlon Slack In a place where bigger is always better, it’s surprising to see a shop like the Moto Conspiracy. The Dallas-based workshop is a neat little operation that specialises in ultra-clean little cafe racers. But this time they’ve branched out, with their first street tracker — a 1964 Honda Superhawk designed to look like a factory optioned build. That’s right, The Moto Conspiracy’s Isiah Booth is new to the whole tracker thing. It all started a few years ago when made a ...
Tags: Facebook, Texas, Motorcycles, Dallas, HRC, Honda, Yamaha, Brembo, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Isiah, Isiah Booth, Ducati Harley Norton, Dat Mai

Coyotes Weekly: A Powerless Power Play

Last week, we touched on how important it would be for the Arizona Coyotes to get off to a good start in the second half of the season if they had serious aspirations of making a run at a playoff spot in the Western Conference. Well, after a 0-2-1 road trip in the first week of play following the All-Star Break, it’s safe to say things aren’t off to a great start. Coyotes Week in Review After a nine-day layoff from game action due to the All-Star Break, the Coyotes traveled to the site of the ...
Tags: Column, Usa, Sport, Car, Glendale, Arizona, Kings, Dallas, Nashville, San Jose, Hockey, NHL, San Jose Sharks, Sharks, Pacific, Ducks

Jeep Partners with OneRepublic for “More Than Just Words” Super Bowl Ad Campaign

The brand launched its second video as part of their 2019 Super Bowl Ad Campaign. “More Than Just Words,” leads up to the Big Game with a visual narration of "The Star-Spangled Banner." The song serves as the catalyst that takes viewers on an unexpected musical and visual odyssey, with images splashing across the screen representing the song’s lyrics. Jeep brand vehicles embody the spirit of the brand through the pillars of freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion."We're delighted to co...
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Ducati’s Ready for Red Tour Will Stop in 17 Locations Across the U.S.

Get Ready for the Italian Invasion Ducati wants to show off everything its got. The company will do so with its Ready for Red Tour. On the tour, Ducati will hit 17 locations in major cities across the U.S. The goal will be to share what the company is doing from a technology perspective and showcase its newest bikes. Open to the public, Ducati will hold pre-registration for attendance. If it sounds like something you’re interested in you can RSVP now at the tour’s website. The bikes on display ...
Tags: Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Motorcycles, Ducati, Portland, San Diego, Dallas, Miami, Omaha, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Houston, Seattle, Orlando, Harrison

Tesla Leasing Partner Embroiled in Financial Trouble

Tesla’s Dallas-based leasing partner, MUSA Auto Finance, finds itself in a tough spot. Apparently, the business is having trouble keeping up with all the business the automaker is doing. Founded in 2016, MUSA joined up with Tesla in June of this year. However, it has reportedly been unable to finance new leases since October. According to […] The post Tesla Leasing Partner Embroiled in Financial Trouble appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Tesla, Industry, Autos, Dallas, Tesla Motors, Industry News, Musa, Leasing, News Blog, Automotive Lease, MUSA Auto Finance, Tesla Leasing Partner Embroiled

RED SHIFT. Walt Siegl’s Brutal ‘WSM SBK’ Custom Ducati Superbike

Written by Andrew Jones While factory sportsbikes and the Superbike World Championships aren’t our usual fair, there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the many years of doing what we do. When a customiser like New Hampshire’s Walt Siegl drops a build designed to slug it out with the formula’s best and brightest, you sit up and pay attention. And boy, are we glad we did. Built from scratch around a four valve Ducati 1098 power plant, Siegl has again wowed us with his passion for moto racing and hi...
Tags: Facebook, New Hampshire, Motorcycles, Ducati, Dallas, John, Superbike, Wsm, Walt, Dunlop, Andrew Jones, Racer, Walt Siegl, Haas Museum, WSM SBK, Aran Brian

The Kawasaki ‘W1R’ that took seven years to build

The bikes that are revealed on these pages are usually hot off the press. The shoot is finished, the images are graded and an email lands in our inbox within a couple of days. This amazing Kawasaki, however, first surfaced two years ago at The Quail Gathering. And it’s only just been shot properly. But that’s okay, because the bike took master builder Mike LaFountain seven years to complete—and nearly broke him in the process. Mike has created a stunning replica of the ultra-rare W1R, whic...
Tags: Facebook, Minnesota, Motorcycles, Dallas, North America, Bsa, Mike, Kawasaki, Monza, Kawa, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Kawasakis, Restomod, Kawasaki W650, Bobby Haas

Cadillac’s Booking It From BOOK

Book, also known as “BOOK by Cadillac,” is General Motors’ entry in the burgeoning luxury car subscription market, though the fledgling service’s first cities — New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas — will soon have to get used to going without. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, GM’s pulling the plug on […] The post Cadillac’s Booking It From BOOK appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Book, General Motors, Gm, Autos, Dallas, Subscription, Cadillac, New York Los Angeles, News Blog, Book By Cadillac, Car Subscription Service, Wall Street Journal GM

Weekly Roundup, Friday 12 October, 2018

An Air Niugini Boeing 737 missed the runway but safely landed in the water – see story, below. Good morning First computer problems then medical problems (an ankle) forced an unplanned silence upon me, but here I am, happily back once more and sharing another selection of the great and the grim. Simultaneously on the great and grim side of things, we had a cancellation off our Christmas “Landcruise” of Northern France and Belgium.  As I do in such cases, I’m happy to give half the deposit as a...
Tags: Travel, Google, Facebook, Lyft, Europe, Halloween, UK, Indonesia, Australia, France, Miscellaneous, Disney, Cars, US, Newsletter, Bloomberg

This tiny Honda SS50 is called ‘Wild Horse’ for a reason

George Woodman doesn’t build many bikes, but his creations always raise a big smile around the EXIF offices. This is ‘Wild Horse,’ a heavily modified Honda SS50 that’s as fresh as a mouthful of popping candy. It’s got plenty of zing too: the original 49 cc air-cooled single has been swapped out for a 190 cc engine, prepared by the pit bike tuner Stomp. Power is up to 22 frisky horses, which translates to a very lively ride on a machine with a wheelbase of just 46 inches (1.18m). ‘George ...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Dallas, Michelin, Honda, Biarritz, Exif, Sebastien, Honda Motorcycles, Custom Motorcycles, Moped, George Woodman, Bobby Haas, Sebastien He, Honda Cub, Haas Moto Museum

THE ROCKET. Rescued From The Scrap Heap

Written by Bobby Haas Prior to ever being installed in the Haas Moto Museum, every vintage cycle in the Collection is treated to a “day of beauty” in the shop at Strokers Dallas, where it is bathed and primped to remove the grime that has built up over the years. After its beauty treatment, each cycle is stored in a locked warehouse that may be accessed only through another warehouse. As any parent would do, I often visited “the kids” in their halfway house at Strokers in the months leading u...
Tags: England, Motorcycles, Other, Rocket, Dallas, Nat Geo, Haas, Hazan, Bobber, Bobby Haas, Haas Moto Museum, Faring, Ilmor Viper, Bobby Haas Prior, Strokers Dallas, Strokers

1930 MONET-GOYON SUPERSPORT. The Cold Scorch of Fear

Written by Bobby Haas As you first set foot in “The Race Track” at the Haas Moto Museum, an oblong-shaped chamber dedicated to speed merchants that span over a century from a 1904 Peugeot to a 2017 Grand Prix Suter, you are greeted by a panel that reads in part: “In a moving tribute to the world-renowned free-diver Nicholas Mevoli on the occasion of his death in a competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas, acclaimed author Tim Winton lauded the need of certain people to test their physica...
Tags: Motorcycles, Dallas, Bahamas, Classic, Jackson Pollock, Tim Winton, Nat Geo, Haas, Winton, Hazan, Racer, Dean 's Blue Hole, Bobby Haas, Haas Moto Museum, MONET-GOYON SUPERSPORT, Nicholas Mevoli

Rear-end Collision Costs Toyota $242 Million

After deliberating eight hours, a Texas jury ordered Toyota to pay $242.1 million to compensate a Dallas family involved in a 2016 rear-end collision that seriously injured two children. The children, aged 3 and 5, were rear-seat occupants in a 2002 Lexus ES300 driven by parents Benjamin and Kristi Reavis on Dallas’ North Central Expressway. While stopped […] The post Rear-end Collision Costs Toyota $242 Million appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Lawsuit, Texas, Safety, Lexus, Autos, Dallas, Toyota, Law And Order, Benjamin, News Blog, Kristi Reavis

At last Hollywood goes big on Carroll Shelby

Shelby in ’66. Painting by Wallace A. Wyss. [Editor’s note: This piece comes to us from Wallace A. Wyss, artist and author of Shelby’s Wildlife: The Cobras, Mustangs and Dodges and Shelby: The Man. The Cars. The Legend. He can be reached at [email protected]] There have been Hollywood films about automakers, say Preston Tucker. And there have been Hollywood films about race-car builders. It is now confirmed that Hollywood is going to combine the two genres in a feature film about C...
Tags: England, Hollywood, Texas, Movies, California, France, Matt Damon, Fox, Netflix, Preston Tucker, Ferrari, Maranello, Ford, Italy, James Bond, New Orleans

Exploring east Texas backroads in the Bugtussle Caddy

The “Bugtussle Caddy” has participated in more than a dozen “Treks.” Photos by the author unless otherwise stated. I couldn’t take my eyes off that Cadillac. Built in 1941, it was older than I, original in every respect and probably in better shape. The factory paint looked good and its massive V-8 purred in the morning drizzle. “There are mechanical concerns…always…you never really know,” its owner, Hank Mulvilhill, said before we departed his Richardson, Texas, home. Hank first drove the Cadd...
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THE SEELEY-TAIT RACER. A 40-Year Love Affair

Bobby Haas is a bike collector, author, Nat Geo photographer and ex-financier who is currently working hard on his latest endeavour, the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas. He owns five Hazan bikes amongst 160 others and when he’s not bidding at moto auctions, he likes to write. As a guy who knows more than most on the joyous cultural phenomenon that is motorcycling, we asked him if he would write for us; this is the result. As I stare, white-knuckled and barely breathing, at the trucker unloading th...
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Piston Slap: Blinded by the Light or BGE Clarity?

Looooooongtime TTAC reader Robin writes: Even after all these years on the road (driving since 1972) there are still situations that raise the hackles on my my neck. This is my cautionary tale. The other day I was on 75, heading south to Dallas, from McKinney. It was around 6:00 a.m., a good hour before […] The post Piston Slap: Blinded by the Light or BGE Clarity? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Getting Personal: The KTM Max Hazan Built For Himself

There’s a definite style to a Hazan Motorworks bike: a hint of steampunk, lots of beautifully twisted and burnished metal, and impossibly elegant proportions. It’s an expensive endeavor, and Max operates in the same rarified atmosphere as Ian Barry of Falcon and the Japanese moto-artist Chicara Nagata. Luckily, there are collectors and museums that have the funds to commission bikes like this, so the rest of us can enjoy them vicariously. But what happens when Max builds a bike for himself, w...
Tags: Facebook, EFI, Motorcycles, Dallas, Max, KTM, Hazan, Custom Motorcycles, Hazan Motorworks, Haas Motorcycle Gallery, Ian Barry, Marchesini, KTM Max Hazan Built For Himself Roundup: May 14, 2018

In this week’s Roundup! –Dealing with a Disgraced Cam Company– –FL outlaws license plate frames– –NH Court strikes down interstate roadblock– Friday, May 11, 2018 Maryland, Virginia Schools Deal With Disgraced Camera Company The Federal Bureau of Investigations continues to unravel the corruption scandal that has thus far brought two felony guilty pleas related to the multi-million-dollar school bus camera bribery scandal in Dallas, Texas. In October, FBI agents raided the Dall...
Tags: Corruption, Florida, Safety, France, Miscellaneous, Fbi, New Hampshire, Autos, Dallas, Court of appeal, Road Safety, Woodstock, Nhtsa, Miami Dade County, Dallas Texas, Maryland Virginia

Audi Vehicles Can “Talk” With Traffic Lights In Phoenix & Kansas City

Traffic Light Information is now available in two more cities – Phoenix and areas of Kansas City, Kansas, Audi of America has announced. As of March, more than 600 intersections in the District of Columbia support Audi’s “time-to-green” feature of Traffic Light Information. The system falls under the category of “vehicle-to-infrastructure” technology, sometimes abbreviated as V2I. Traffic Light Information, an Audi connect PRIME feature available on certain late models, enables the vehicle to co...
Tags: Washington, Palo Alto, United States, Autos, Dallas, Las Vegas, Houston, Kansas City, District Of Columbia, Audi, Car Tech, Phoenix, Scott Keogh, Audi of America, Audi of America Inc, Car News

A Modern-Day Majestic: ‘The Six’ by Revival Cycles

The Handbuilt Show is happening this coming weekend in Austin, Texas. One of the USA’s premium custom bike events, it’s packed each year with lustworthy handcrafted machines, curated by hosts Revival Cycles. But even though this six-cylinder, hub-steered oddity is Revival’s handiwork—and will fit right in—it won’t be at the show this year. That’s because it’s just kicked off a one-year residency at the newly opened Haas Moto Museum at Dallas. Museum owner and collector Bobby Haas has been ...
Tags: Usa, Motorcycles, Dallas, Bmw, Alan, Austin Texas, Dallas Texas, Rick, Stefan, Brembo, CNC, Haas, Coker, Henne, Honda Motorcycles, Custom Motorcycles

THE MAN WITH FIVE HAZANS. We chat to Bobby Haas from Dallas’s Haas Moto Museum

The Hazan supercharged KTM Dreaming of owning a Max Hazan motorcycle? As far as realistic life goals go, it’s right up there with walking to Mars or curing cancer using only a six-pack of beer and some toenail clippings. Put simply, unless you win the Lotto it’s never going to happen. Now prepare to meet a man who owns five of the things. Yes, you read that right. And if that wasn’t enough to send your jaw floorwards, he’s extended collection also includes bikes from Craig Rodsmith, Revival Cy...
Tags: Texas, US, Motorcycles, Other, Un, Dallas, Mars, Classic, Craig, Harley Davidson, Max, Bobby, Hazan, Bonhams, Deus ex Machina, Racer

Driver’s License Watch—Your Private Info for Sale: NMA E-Newsletter #482

Personal information privacy seems to be a fluid construct these days. We give our information to social media companies like Facebook who sell the information for gain (Cambridge Analytica Scandal). We also give our private information directly to marketers if we enter any online contest, ask for information online about products or fill out an information form to obtain a preferred shopping card at the local supermarket. According to a recent study, identity theft hit an all-time high in 2016 ...
Tags: Facebook, Florida, Texas, Privacy, Miscellaneous, US, Alabama, Arizona, DMV, Autos, Dallas, States, Washington State, Driver's License, Digital Driver's License, Real Id

Hot rod Stovebolts and other Chevrolet six-cylinder memories

The venerable Chevrolet “stovebolt” six-cylinder engine first showed up in 1929. Photo by Jeff Koch. [Editor’s Note: Another Jim Van Orden story for this week, regaling us with his encounters with Chevrolet’s various straight-six engines.] It was the ultimate “sleeper.” No one suspected the car was fast. Only 17 and feeling my oats, I drove the old Chevy like a maniac and enjoyed surprising V-8 drivers at stoplights. Shifting into first and revving the 235-cubic-inch, 135-horsepower “stovebolt”...
Tags: Texas, America, Georgia, Chicago, Austin, Gm, Autos, Dallas, Chevy, Ladybird, Chevrolet, Dad, Grace, Camaro, Gmc, Northwestern University

Motorcycle Art: Craig Rodsmith’s BSA Bantam

Motorcycle collectors are the unsung heroes of the custom scene. Most keep a low profile, but they all provide an essential service: they give builders artistic freedom and financial support, helping them to weather the inevitable ebb and flow of cash and customer demand. Dallas-based Bobby Haas is one of the most prolific supporters of bike builders in the USA. And he’s happy to share his passion with the public: on Wednesday 11 April, he’ll open the 20,000 square-foot Haas Moto Museum, with...
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