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MUJI X Sensible 4’s Self-Driving Bus premiered in Finland. We got a chance to sit in it!

It’s only natural that the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving bus would come out of Finland. Finland, believe it or not, is often considered to be the ‘Silicon Country’ that gave the world Nokia and pretty much set the very blueprint for mobile communications. Nokia was founded in Finland, and for over two grand decades before Apple launched the iPhone, Nokia was the standard to beat. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that your first phone was a Nokia (I know mine was). Post-2010 whe...
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Highlights From the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show

From all-electric to truly dazzling, some of the best vehicles from this year's event Supercars, hypercars, accessible cars and concept cars from the world’s best-known and emerging brands made their debuts at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. Whether small and playful, wildly fast or glorious and sprawling, the cars reflect the industry’s exploration of electric vehicles. Some are opting for more accessible iterations while …
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Toyota’s Moon Rover

Traditionally limiting their endeavors to the Earth’s surface, Toyota now has plans to go to the moon. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency announced a partnership with the carmaker to place a self-driving rover on the moon in 2029. Using Toyota’s fuel-cell technology and solar power, the rover can transport two passengers over 10,000 kilometers. Though no astronauts will travel to the moon in the rover …
Tags: Auto, Space, Japan, Design, Cars, Tech, Earth, Moon, Toyota, Autonomous Cars, Linkaboutit, Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, Lunar Rover, Moon Rover

The Porsche 357 is unadulterated fun for one

Created as an homage to his two favorite Porsche cars, the 935 and the 911, this is the Porsche 357, Clément Lacour’s pet project at making a Porsche that is viciously fast, yet has a certain sensuality. The car has an ability to depict speed and grace in a unique way. It uses organic forms to evoke the feelings of elegance, but at the same time doesn’t let those organic curves dominate the design. The Porsche 357 is ultimately a flat, low-suspension car that looks like it could zip from A to B ...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Porsche, 357, Clément Lacour, Serge Rusak

ICON’s Reengineered 1966 Ford Bronco Up For Auction

With a percentage of the profits going to the Autotype Emerging Designer Scholarship Program, there’s a striking custom Autotype + Icon “Old School” BR #66 up for auction online now. This rebuild of a 1966 Ford Bronco (bright orange, of course) is impeccably executed, with a proprietary ICON Art Morrison chassis and coil-over suspension along with a removable full hard top. The auction ends this Friday, …
Tags: Auto, Design, Cars, Ford, Auction, Trucks, Icon, Vintage, Rebuild, Morrison, Ford Bronco, Moore & Giles

The Fuell Flow brings electric tech to Buell’s legendary cafe racers

If you were ever a fan of Buell’s motorbikes, you probably weren’t to happy to hear them being absorbed by Harley Davidson. Eric Buell (founder of Buell Motorbikes), however, has moved on and founded a new bike company, rather sardonically named Fuell. And this bike right here, is The Fuell Flow.Designed to be the vanguard of urban mobility, the Fuell Flow is a fully electric motorbike available in both 11kW and 35kW variants. With a comfortable 125 mile range, and a motor that sits on the rear ...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Flow, Motorcycle, Alfa Romeo, Frederic Vasseur, Buell, Buell Motorcycles, E bike, Fuell, Eric Buell, Harley Davidson Eric Buell, Buell Motorbikes, Frédéric Vasseur Formula

Our Exclusive Interview With the Design Team Behind the Fiat Centoventi All-Electric Concept

From a bumper that displays messages to interchangeable seats, the concept has something for everyone Celebrating the brand’s 120th anniversary and its first concept car in 16 years, Fiat unveiled the electric Concept Centoventi (Concept 120) at the Geneva International Motor Show this week. The vehicle, the next-generation Panda, could arrive as early as 2021. Klaus Busse, the head of design for Europe brands at FCA, says, “It …
Tags: Europe, Design, Cars, Electric Vehicles, Fca, Fiat, Mobility, Concept Cars, Geneva Motor Show, Geneva International Motor Show, Fiat Panda, Klaus Busse, Concept Centoventi, Customizability

Hispano Suiza built the world’s first vintage-inspired electric hypercar

Back after a major hiatus post the Spanish Civil War, when the Catalonian government decided to seize control of its factories and use them for aircraft engines and other war supplies, Hispano Suiza, Spain’s homegrown luxury automotive brand, is back in action, and with a strong reminder of what it stood for in the past.This is the Carmen, named after Carmen Mateu, the granddaughter of the founder of Hispano Suiza, and the current president’s mother. Touted as a birth, or a rebirth if you will, ...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Spain, Automotive, Geneva, Carmen, Ev, Suiza, Hispano Suiza, Hispano Suiza Spain, Carmen Mateu, Lluc Marti

10 Car Crash Survivors Pose Proudly For A Chilling Photo Project To Raise Awareness About Seatbelt Safety

Liam Bethell Shocking portraits of the searing bruises that seatbelts can leave behind after a crash are being celebrated as survival badges of honor, and showing the importance of belting up. The initiative is part of an NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) campaign to reduce the number of deaths on NZ roads. According to them, 90 people die each year because they weren’t wearing their seatbelt... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Safety, Advertising, Car, Crash, New Zealand, Campaign, Nz, Survivors, Belt, Liam Bethell, NZ Transport Agency NZTA

Wheel Flash are the best high visibility bike reflectors made from glass

Crafted from a glass-powder pigment to ensure full visibility, Wheel Flash’s stickers adhere to your tires and your bike’s handlebars, making you instantly visible in low-light conditions without any battery or electronics. A simple universal add-on sticker that works with any bike, the Wheel Flash helps increase visibility and prevent accidents that occur due to the slim and silent nature of cycles.Statistics say that as many as 50% of bicycle accidents occur from the side and the front, and ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Automotive, Product Design, Hyeon Seong

Bugatti’s 110th anniversary car is ‘ferociously futuristic’

This is Bugatti’s latest car. I use car in the most technical sense possible, because the La Voiture Noire (literally translating to The Black Car) is literally a car, complete with an engine, four wheels, doors and such, but it’s also a trophy. The one-off La Voiture Noire celebrates Bugatti’s 110th anniversary as an established automotive brand.A modern reinterpretation of Jean Bugatti’s Type 57 SC Atlantic (you’ll definitely see similarities in the rear half of the vehicle), the La Voiture No...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Anniversary, Automotive, Luxury, Bugatti, Bugatti Divo, SC Atlantic, La Voiture Noire, Etienne Salome, 110 Years

The Future of Inner-City Travel?

Could automated Taxis be the mode of transport of the future?! Well, designer Kwanjun Ryu certainly thinks so as he set out to design a vehicle fit for a futuristic city, this resulted in the creation of Voy, an electric and fully-autonomous Taxi!Visually, there is no denying the futuristic styling that Voy carries, the sharp surface transitions paired with the flowing lines create a form that’s fit for the future, while its compact dimensions and large, conceptual wheels allow for the vehicle t...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Taxi, Kwanjun Ryu, VOY

Ride safer with this 360 degree bike reflector

You may remember the FLECTR 360 OMNI from last year. The German Design Award and Eurobike 2018 Award-winning sticker promised to make bicycling safer without any extra effort than installing these film-based, adhesive reflectors on your bicycle rim. Using a microprismatic film, these stickers reflect ambient light in all directions with full intensity, making them instantly visible. Just attach them on the rims of your bike and they enhance your visibility manifold, making your otherwise silen...
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The Macchina Volantis can drive on roads and fly in the skies!

It is, at some point of time, every urban commuter’s dream while stuck in a traffic jam, to just lift off and conveniently fly to your destination, right above all the cars, bikes, and buses stuck in eternal gridlock. That literally makes the Macchina Volantis the thing that dreams are made of. Designed by ‘serial-problem-fixer’ Stephen Fries, the Volantis is part car, part EVTOL. With seating for 5 people, winged flight mode, and a diesel range extender, this thing promises to fly at three time...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, Car, Automotive, Macchina, Volantis, Evtol, Stephen Fries, Stephen Fries the Volantis

Driven By Urban Dynamics, Porsche Design and Puma Enter Sportswear Partnership

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Tags: Design, Clothing, Shoes, Lifestyle, Autos, Puma, Porsche Design, Porsche Design Group, Outerwear, Puma Enter Sportswear Partnership

This e-bike’s detachable battery is also a music-pumping boombox

We gushed over the Noordung bike nearly two years ago. Sleek, streamlined, and just a pleasure to look at, the e-bike showcased an organic design that housed electronics within it, and a silent motor that sat within its wheel. The e-bike was powered by a fuel-tank-shaped battery-pack that sat exactly where the fuel tank on a motorcycle would. The pack’s volume would immediately alter the perception of the bicycle, making it look more like a cafe-racer. This battery pack also played another pre...
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Why carry your suitcase when your suitcase could carry you?

Admitted it’ll take a while for ‘riding suitcases’ to become a norm of sorts, but the Quadra is ideal for people who can’t lug their luggage around with them. Whether it’s a traveler with fatigue, a flyer who’s running late for a flight, or perhaps the noblest scenario, an elderly traveler or a traveler with special needs, the Quadra could be just the thing to help you and your luggage get from point A to B.The Quadra, instead of being dragged or pulled, ends up driving you around the place. A s...
Tags: Travel, Design, Automotive, Bags, Suitcase, Scooter, Product Design, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Quadra, Red Dot Concept 2018, Kinson Chan, Rice Mak

Lighting The Audi A7 Sportback

The second-generation model boasts innovation from the LED headlights all the way back Audi‘s A7 Sportback set the new gold standard for a four-door coupe’s lines and proportions when it debuted as a concept car back in 2009. The following year it went into production and now, ten years later, a totally refreshed iteration is on the streets. The 2019 A7 makes extensive use of …
Tags: Auto, Design, Cars, Audi, Lighting, Car Design, Audi A7, Auto Design

Zero Motorcycles Advances Electric Motorcycle Connectivity

A ground-up rebuild that delivers new levels of power and control To say much has happened since Zero Motorcycles launched in a garage back in 2006 would be an understatement. From their 2013 prototype electric motorcycle to today’s release of the SR/F, the brand has been an industry leader in technology and design. With this next-generation bike, they’re staking claim to the title of world’s …
Tags: Design, Tech, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, Electric Bikes, Zero Motorcycles, Motorbikes

How a Commuter Thermos May Have Caused a Deadly Accident, Speeding the Vehicle Up and Preventing Braking  

A few years ago, when I was still in NYC, there was a high-speed bus crash that was all over the local news. A charter bus blew through a red light at an absurd 60 miles per hour in a 30 MPH zone. This is the footage: Just in NEW video showing the second the buses collided in @ABC7NY September 18, 2017 "> Three people died, including the driver of the charter bus, one Raymond Mong. Mong was a former MTA bus driver who, it was then reported, was fired by the MTA a couple of years earlier, ...
Tags: Design, NYC, Cars, Mta, Daily News, Ntsb, National Transportation Safety Board, Mong, Kemberly Richardson, Raymond Mong Mong, NTSB National Transportation Safety Board, Dahlia Group Inc, Northern Blvd, Raymond Mong

The Median Ambulance cuts through highway traffic by riding on the road divider

How does an ambulance reach a victim in a road/highway accident when there are more than a dozen cars stuck in a traffic jam between the ambulance and the site of the accident? Up until now the only solution was to drive in the opposite lane, weaving through oncoming traffic to get to the victim. A band of Korean designers created the Median AMB, a special ambulance that can directly reach the point of the accident without getting affected by the traffic congestion created by the accident. The M...
Tags: Travel, Design, Safety, Medical, Automotive, Amb, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Red Dot Concept 2018, Hong Seonghwan, Lee Hyungtaek, Lee Taekkyung, Median Amb, Song Yoojin

Interview: Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s Head of Design

We discuss balancing fandom and being responsible for creating the future of a truly iconic brand Mitja Borkert has his work cut out for him. The young East German designer has been charged with envisioning the future of Lamborghini, one of the most visually iconic brands on the planet. If you utter the word supercar, it’s quite likely a raging bull will spring to mind. …
Tags: Auto, Design, Interviews, Cars, Lamborghini, Huracán, Italian cars, Gandini, Urus, Mitja Borkert, German design, Mitja Borkert Lamborghini

You don’t need a licence to drive the Citroën Ami One

Citroën seems to have it the nail on the head by calling its Ami One a ‘disruptive all-electric object’, and not a car. Barely 2.5 meters long, the Ami One stems from an idea that traveling is an activity, and a car should only be as permanent as the need of that activity. The video above makes a pretty bold claim by saying that YOU choose how long you want (to rent) your car. Five minutes, five hours, five days…months , or even five years. This sounds like a gimmick, but think about the fact ...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, Future, Car, Automotive, Citroën, Ami One

Auto Safety Feature of the Near Future: Airbags on the Outside of Cars

In World War II, tank crews would cover their vehicles in sandbags, logs and even concrete. None of these add-ons would completely stop or deflect an incoming shell, but the idea was that the more material you have to soak up an impact, the less the explosive force would penetrate into the cabin. This principle would also be useful, if impractical, during collisions between civilian cars. And a German auto supplier called ZF Friedrichshafen AG believes they've found a way to make it p...
Tags: Design, Cars, Volvo, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

The ProCarSaver is your car’s very own black-box

The Black Box plays a very important role in every aircraft. Given how complex (and incredibly expensive) aircrafts are, even a small malfunction can have large ramifications, causing everlasting losses and damages. The function of this black box is to gather every single bit of data during the flight and comprehensively present it to anyone surveying the data to see where the malfunction occurred. This black box helps engineers and technicians understand exactly where the malfunction occurred...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Endangered insects, ending robocalls, women who pioneered auto design and more Efforts Underway to Stop Robocalls With estimated robocalls at 167.3 million per day in the US, many Americans simply ignore unknown numbers or “Scam Likely” calls. This doesn’t assuage the anxiety of missing something important or the sense of violation. Two programs—STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs)—aim …
Tags: Auto, Design, Animals, Environment, Cars, US, Tech, Nature, Insects, Google Translate, Linkaboutit, Link About It, Wittgenstein, Automotive Design, Language Theory

AeroMods: DIY Aerodynamic Improvements to Cars

"Hypermiling" is the practice of saving gas by driving conservatively. Practitioners accelerate slowly, coast wherever possible, and let physics do most of the braking for them. Ardent hypermilers can improve fuel economy by absurd amounts, wringing , for example.This gamification of fuel economy has led fanatics to create DIY aerodynamic modifications. Cardboard, plastic, bondo, duct tape and more are pressed into service: Spotted on Popular Mechanics: Jason Ebacher Spotted on VW Vortex ...
Tags: Design, Diy, Cars, Jason Ebacher, VW Vortex Spotted, Darin Cosgrove, AeroCivic Spotted on AeroCivic Spotted

Nissan unveils incredible solar-powered mobile workshop for woodworkers

Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of unique van conversions, but Nissan has taken the van-loving world by storm with its new NV300 concept van — a mobile workshop for woodworking professionals. The amazing design, which was a collaboration between Nissan and UK-based firm Studio Hardie, is fully-functioning mobile woodworking studio that can be taken off grid, letting wood-loving artisans find inspiration anywhere they choose. What’s more, the van runs on solar power and its tools are powere...
Tags: Europe, UK, Design, Automotive, Gallery, Electric Vehicles, Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Belgium, Solar Power, Nissan, Sustainable Design, Mondrian, Hardie, Van Conversion, Brussels Motor Show

A Scooter for us Big-Kids!

It’s likely that you will associate the word ‘scooter’ with your childhood, where hours were spent gliding around on the two-wheeled contraptions. But, why should kids have all the fun? Qui is a redesigned electric scooter that has been designed with the desire to alter how the scooter’ feels in the public mind’.At first glance you will see how this is far from the simple scooter that you may have grown up with; Qui carriers a sleek yet muscular design that is packed full of intuitive design fea...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Electric Scooter, Product Design, Mak, Rice Mak

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