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Lighting Motorcycles Teases Image of the Strike

The First Photo Looks Good Lightning Motorcycle’s new Strike bike is set to be fully revealed in March. Until then, the company has to keep the attention of the media and interested prospective customers. Hence the latest teaser image. In the first photo of the Lightning Motorcycles’ Strike, you can see the bike’s electric motor.  The company doesn’t offer up too much new information other than stating that the Strike will get a liquid-cooled motor. That’s interesting but not a big shocker. Ele...
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Freedom EV: free/open replacement firmware for your electric vehicle -- including a Tesla

Freedom EV is a free/open software stack intended to replace the software in your electric vehicle, it's been tested on a Tesla Model X and should work on a Model S, if you can get root. Electric vehicles are very exciting but the same informatics and versatility that make them exciting also invite manufacturers to add all kinds of antifeatures (like batteries with plenty of charge remaining that refuse to power a vehicle because you've only paid for so much electricity; to say nothing of t...
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Are These Onyx Electric Mopeds the Perfect Urban Commuter Bikes?

Pedals and Electric Power Mopeds were popular machines in the 1970s and 80s, but over time the bicycle/motorcycle bike fell out of style. Now, they’re quite uncommon. You see either scooters or motorcycles, but the pedal moped is a rarity on the road. That may change in the future thanks to ONYX Motorbikes. ONYX Motorbikes got its start where many good ideas go, Indigogo. After raising about $1 million, Tim Seward, the founder of the company, and his team have delivered on some truly attractive...
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Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle debuts at CES

It may have taken five years, but Harley-Davidson’s vision for the electric motorcycle market is here and ready for pre-order. First conceptualized with a prototype in 2014, the production-ready model made its European debut at the Milan press conference of the EICMA show last November and appeared again at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January. The company reports that deliveries on the sleek, speedy ride will ship in the fall, 2019 and the price tag will be $29,79...
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Volkswagen Considering a Rough-and-tumble Electric

The sky’s apparently the limit when it comes to the variety of vehicles that might emerge from Volkswagen’s dedicated MEB electric architecture. While the automaker’s looming EV onslaught already contains a hatchback, crossover, microbus, panel van, and possible luxury sedan, VW feels something’s missing: a tough, off-road ute. One VW exec is pushing hard to […] The post Volkswagen Considering a Rough-and-tumble Electric appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Was 2018 as Good a Year for Electric Vehicles as They Say?

Teslas galore. But at the Tesla factory, not on the streets of most cities. Supporters of battery electric vehicles (EV and/or BEV) are rapturous about the 81% increase in electric vehicles sold in 2018 compared to 2017.  This table shows the breakdown, with a total of 361,307 vehicles sold in the US in 2018, compared to 199,826 sold in 2017. We should add a disclaimer.  We love electric-powered vehicles.  We’d like nothing more than to get a fully loaded Tesla, and, failing that, just about an...
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Carrot & Stick: Days After Cutting Prices, Tesla Chops Base Models

There will be no Ace of Base prizes for the Tesla Model X or Model S in 2019. Just days after promising to cut prices of all its cars by $2,000 in response to the company blowing through its federal tax credits faster than a record producer with a bag of high-test cocaine, the company’s […] The post Carrot & Stick: Days After Cutting Prices, Tesla Chops Base Models appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Elextra is Switzerland’s answer to Tesla

4 seats. 4 doors. 4 wheel drive. That’s the first sentence that greets you when you visit Elextra’s website. The car models itself on a sporty yet spacious supercar that’s capable of seating 4 people… an unusual categorization, but remarkable nevertheless. Touted as Switzerland’s contribution to the electric automobile industry, and a rival to Tesla, the Elextra is a fully-electric sedan that combines a carbon fiber body with brutish Italian styling and a powertrain capable of going from 0-62 mp...
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Harley Davidson reveals more about its push into electric vehicles

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Venture capital, global expansion, blockchain and drones characterize African tech in 2018 Africa Roundup: Terragon’s Asia acquisition, Twiga Foods’ $10M raise, SimbaPay’s China payment service Harley Davidson released new specs for its electric motorcycle and pulled the covers off the conc...
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Motorcycle News Roundup – Week of 12/30/2018

Here’s the big news in the world of motorcycles for the week of December 30, 2018. #1 – Arcimoto Snags $4.5 Million Investment For Electric Trike Production Electric trike company Arcimoto managed to get a 4.5 million dollar investment for production of its unique vehicle. This means the company will start churning these bikes out by the end of 2019. #2 – Vespas Retain Their Value Well https:...
Tags: Vw, Motorcycles, Ducati, Electric, Vespa, Zero, KTM, BAGGER, Suzuki, J D Power, Motorcycle News, Stefan Pierer, Indian Motorcycle, Arcimoto, Zero Motorcycles, Million Investment for Electric Trike Production

Ford Trademarks ‘Mach E’ – You Know It’ll Be a Crossover

Earlier this year, the Blue Oval raised the ire of die-hard fans when it was rumoured the company would use the Mach 1 name on an upcoming electrified vehicle. Ford might be making some odd decisions lately, like refusing to bring the Ranger Raptor to America, but they’re not completely tone deaf. Which helps explain […] The post Ford Trademarks ‘Mach E’ – You Know It’ll Be a Crossover appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Pure Electric Soul: 2020 Kia Soul EV

Along with the high-volume version which debuted at the L.A. Auto Show this week, Kia has dropped an all-electric, battery-powered Soul EV. Compared to the old car, its battery has doubled in capacity, while the electric motor now spits out nearly 300 lb-ft of torque. And, like its conventionally powered brother, the works of it […] The post Pure Electric Soul: 2020 Kia Soul EV appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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One-two Punch: Rivian Debuts Seven-seat Electric SUV, Promises 410 Miles of Range

Having just unveiled a rather impressive all-electric pickup for the LA Auto Show, Michigan-based automotive startup Rivian is following up with another model. Rivian’s second vehicle will be a seven-passenger SUV, called the R1S, that uses the same platform as the R1T e-pickup. That results in the pair playing host to nearly identical specs. This isn’t a […] The post One-two Punch: Rivian Debuts Seven-seat Electric SUV, Promises 410 Miles of Range appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Audi E-Tron GT Concept is an electric four-door coupe

Filed under: Green,LA Auto Show,Audi,Coupe,Sedan,Electric,Luxury,Performance It has a claimed range of 248 miles.Continue reading Audi E-Tron GT Concept is an electric four-door coupe Audi E-Tron GT Concept is an electric four-door coupe originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 28 Nov 2018 15:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink |  Email this |  Comments
Tags: Autos, La Auto Show, Electric, Audi, Sports Car, Audi E-tron Gt, 2018 LA auto show, Audi E-tron Gt Concept

Top Automotive Trends 2018 (Driverless Cars Slip, Trucks & SUVs Surge)

As 2018 comes to a close, trucks and SUVs will continue to dominate. Aftermarket sales remain strong as consumers seek to personalize their vehicles. Despite bold promises from manufacturers, the public seems disinterested in autonomous driving.  Here are the top automotive trends of 2018 with a look ahead to next year. The automotive industry and aftermarket remain strong as Americans continue their love affair with personal transportation. Despite doom-and-gloom predictions to the contrary, ...
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Elon Musk says Tesla won’t make e-scooters, but might consider electric bikes

Tesla won’t be joining the scooter wars. But electric bikes? Yeah, maybe. During a lengthy podcast with Recode’s Kara Swisher, Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about everything from AI and his fights on Twitter with journalists to Saudi Arabia and Mars. Even scooters. Of course, scooters. But don’t get your hopes up for a Tesla scooter. According to Musk, they lack dignity. Swisher’s persistence on the topic wasn’t enough to Here’s the exchange. You can listen to the entire 80-minute session here. ...
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Akira Nakai And EV West Tease Electric RWB For SEMA

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An Exciting Example of Simple Engineering!

We see some crazy modes of transports being created, but this one may have just topped them all in the quirkiness department! This is Stator, the self-balancing, fully electric, an absolute monster of a machine that you never knew you wanted, until now!Housed within Stator’s rear wheel is a Direct Drive 3 Phase Brush DC, that provides a max power of 1000W and is capable of propelling it down the road at speeds of up to 25mph! Stator’s bare-bone aesthetic expresses its designer’s, Nathan Allen’...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Electric, Nathan Allen, Stator

ELECTRIC LOVE – Tarform Motorcycles

We obviously have a fondness for combustion engines. We love the smell, the noise and even the odd pipe burn. But we don’t have to look into a crystal ball to see that electric motorcycles will play a big role in the future of the motorcycle industry. A few years ago, Tarform Motorcycles saw the huge potential for e-motorbikes and decided to build ‘the motorcycle of the future’. Tarform are an automotive start-up company based both in Brooklyn, New York and Stockholm, Sweden. After building a ...
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Smart’s Forease is an over-the-top, topless EV concept

In celebration of its 20th year anniversary, Smart (a subsidiary of Daimler AG) unveiled its Forease EV Concept at the Paris Motor Show. Designed to look pretty much like the dune buggy got an electric drivetrain and a makeover, the Forease looks refreshing and adorable, but shares something in common with the iPhone 7. Much like the latter killed the popular and borderline-necessary headphone jack, the Forease kills something popular and borderline-necessary too. The roof.The Forease concept co...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Smart, Automotive, Paris, Electric, Editorial, Daimler, Concept, Daimler AG, Gordon Wagener, Forease

China has put the automotive renaissance into hyper drive

Matt Stone Contributor Share on Twitter Matt Stone is a business development manager at Intel Capital, with a focus on automotive technology and transportation. A tri-fold automotive renaissance, led by technology, has been playing out over the past few years. Electric vehicles finally have been embraced by mainstream consumers — and elevated by Tesla with long range and luxury quality. Meanwhile, rides on demand from Uber an...
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Peugeot’s E-Legend concept is peak Retrofuturism

Looking at the E-Legend right beside its visual ancestor, the 504, you’d say that there’s no doubt that both of them belong to the same family. They both manifest the ‘pony car’ aesthetic too well, and there are undeniable similarities in the silhouette, the color, and in the nature of the headlights an taillights… but the E-Legend undeniably manages to look like the 504 stayed the same, yet got a distinctly modern touch.The E-Legend concept from French automotive company Peugeot is an exercis...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Electric, Retrofuturism, Peugeot, Concept, e-Legend

Most New Cars Have Ditched Manual Handbrakes For Electric

A study has found that only 37 per cent of new cars sold in the UK have a manual handbrake fitted
Tags: UK, Autos, Electric

2019 Honda CRF450L Test Ride Review

I Love It! I admit freely to generally liking all Honda motorcycles. Not that I won’t criticize shortcomings on them, but overall I just like the cut of their jib. They build bikes that make the rider feel more confident in their ability. They focus on imbuing their bikes with user friendly torque curves and power bands tailor-made for specific applications. Honda bikes have a unique design and sound aspect too. I can almost always tell I’m riding one instinctively. I swear they even smell diff...
Tags: Japan, Africa, Thailand, Motorcycles, Honda, Electric, Calgary, Continental, Dlc, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Mike, KTM, Tuktoyaktuk, Rocky Mountain ATV, Africa Twin

The DJI Mavic 2 Meets the Porsche Mission E Concept

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Facing a potential rollback of fuel standards, we look at fuel economy and emissions through the years

Fuel economy in the U.S. has improved since the gas crisis in the 1970s. Earlier this month the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation issued a proposed ruling to roll back some goals for greater fuel economy set in 2012. What would that mean for California and the nation? The proposal The proposal would: Freeze the fuel economy goals at the 2021 target of 37 mpg Halt requirements on the production of hybrid and electric cars Eliminate the legal waiver that allows st...
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How to Charge Your Electric Car at Home

One of the main advantages of an electric car – aside from the benefits it offers the environment – is the fact that you no longer have to queue and pay for gasoline at filling stations. By learning how to charge your electric car at home, you have the added advantage of never again having to depend on available charging stations, or waiting for other motorists to complete their recharges. Most electric car owners charge their vehicles at home, as it is fast, easy and convenient. Learn How to...
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The Microlino makes ‘adorable’ an automotive trait

As far as automobiles go, cute isn’t a term you see thrown around too often. The VW Beetle, for instance was one of the first cars to be perceived as cute (I’m more of a Mini Cooper man myself), but post its success, not many cars have harnessed that aesthetic… or harnessed it well (Google’s self-driving car looks cute, but feels more like a toy robot than a car).Inspired by the BMW Isetta from the 50s (another adorable car), the Microlino does a rather wonderful job of looking cute, but at th...
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Porsche Releases Taycan Performance Numbers, Specifications and other Developments

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Porsche Installs First 800v Charging Station

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