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Top Five: Most Popular Porsche Posts Of The Week

Hey, it's Friday. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come hang out with us today. We know you're ready for the weekend to begin, but while you're waiting, why not check out the most popular posts from your favorite Porsche website in the world? This week we covered a lot of news, we reviewed the Porsche Taycan 4S, took a look at Porsche's Q1 performance, discussed the new electric Macan, and covered the ups and downs of Porsche's weekend in racing. But here's the big news. We ha...
Tags: Facebook, News, Porsche, Autos, Popular Posts, Macan, Updates, SpiedBilde, Porsche Themed Pinball Machine For Sale, This New York Auto Museum

How to use Carvana to buy a used car online

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Carvana Carvana is an online-only marketplace of used vehicles that aims to make the car-buying process less stressful. The website allows shoppers to complete the entire buying process on a computer or phone. Here's how to use Carvana, from applying for financing to finalizing a purchase and getting a car delivered. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Carvana's online marketplace of preowned v...
Tags: Reviews, Auto, Transportation, Facebook, Cars, Trends, Used Cars, Car Buying, Carfax, Carvana, Carvana Carvana, Rick Stella, Outdoors (Reviews, Insider Picks How To, Insider Reviews 2021, Masthead Sticky Carvana

Second wind: A Yamaha DT175 reconfigured for the road

The Yamaha DT175 is one of those classic bikes that look ‘just right.’ With a small tank, fat seat and raised fenders, it’s a pint-sized enduro machine that screams fun. The DT175 we’ve got here, however, was most definitely not looking good when it rolled into the workshop of Sabotage Motorcycles in Sydney, New South Wales. It was rough around the edges and very tired—as you’d expect of a two-stroke that’s almost half a century old. This didn’t faze Giles Colliver and Andy Dorr, who have ...
Tags: Facebook, Australia, Motorcycles, Sydney, Andy, Yamaha, Giles, Custom Motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles, Sydney New South Wales, Restomod, Yammie, Sabotage Motorcycles, 2 Stroke Motorcycles, Smith Concepts, Scramblers

Speed Read, 9 May 2021

This week’s custom motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes—from a pint-sized flat tracker, to a stylish BMW R18. Plus we take a look at a tidy BSA bobber, and a Norton Atlas with a Harley-Davidson WLA motor. Jake Drummond’s Mini Tracker Jake Drummond has some rather crazy skills, but for his latest project, he went small, cheap and cheerful. This mini flat tracker took him three months to build and cost just $1,800, but it’s just as cool as any bike twice its size. Jake started with a 196...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Netherlands, Bmw, Harley-davidson, Norton, Harley, Yamaha, Hyde, Buchanan, Jake, Lorenzo, Suzuki, Lifan, BMW motorcycles, Honda Grom

The art of speed: The Raisch x Ram Katzir Triumph

Amsterdam-based sculptor Ram Katzir captures still life when he’s at work, but when he’s on two wheels, he likes to travel very fast indeed. His current ride is this ballistic Triumph Speed Twin, which he designed with the help of German bike builder and racer Chris Raisch. This is second time that Ram has worked with Chris: the first was upgrading the engine on a smart Street Twin built by Motokouture in Belgium. We’re fans of Triumph’s even sportier Speed Twin, because it matches classic...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Ducati, Ram, Amsterdam, Belgium, Eagle, Chris, Triumph, Brembo, Tilburg, LSL, Custom Motorcycles, Rizoma, Motogadget, Triumph motorcycles

Wonderful or Worrying? 2019 KTM 790 Adventure 12,000 Miles Review

Table of Contents Introduction KTM 790 Adventure Spec Sheet I Put My Money Down The KTM 790 Adventure S and R Model KTM 790 Adventure Add-Ons Break-In Period Out On The Road KTM 790 Button and Functions Modifications KTM My Ride App Final Thoughts Introduction In 2018, I did a long-term review of the exciting and class-defining Kawasaki Ninja H2SX SE. It was an in-depth look at that superb motorcycle over 10,000 hard miles (16,000 km). I still think it’s an underrated motorcycle despite hav...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Review, Australia, Ebay, US, Canada, Motorcycles, Morocco, Oxford, Bmw, North America, Google Maps, Duke, British Columbia, Calgary

Raising the bar: Vagabund gives the BMW R nineT a lift

We’ve always admired custom motorcycle workshops that keep pushing the boundaries. Austria’s Vagabund Moto have been doing good work since day one, but they’ve never rested on their laurels. The founding duo of Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl seems to level up on every build, relentlessly experimenting with new designs, materials and processes. Their 15th build pushes the envelope to the breaking point. It’s a 2016-model BMW R nineT with hand-formed metalwork, 3D-printed parts, and bodywork t...
Tags: Facebook, Spain, Austria, Motorcycles, Pirelli, PAUL, Leatherman, CNC, Philipp, Custom Motorcycles, BMW motorcycles, BMW R nineT, Grundmann, Rotobox, Vagabund Moto, Vagabund

Fine Wolf: A suave SYM 150 commuter from 2LOUD

The definition of a commuter bike varies from the East to the West. In Europe, a prime commuter would be something like a Royal Enfield 650. But in Asia, scooters and tiny singles rule the roost, and companies like SYM make a killing. This right here is an early 2000s-model SYM Wolf 150 Legend. As commuters go, it’s surprisingly attractive, with a pint-sized UJM vibe to it. And as the Taiwanese shop 2LOUD Custom has just shown, it’s ripe for customization too. This isn’t the first time tha...
Tags: Facebook, Asia, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Motorcycles, Honda, Max, Wolf, East, Hartford, Lu, Yicheng, Custom Motorcycles, Royal Enfield, Shinko

Tokyo Drifter: A Yamaha XV750 street tracker from Japan

Forty years ago, Yamaha made a brief foray into the flat track scene in the States with its XV750 race bike. Like most go-fast, turn-left machines, it was a bit of a looker—and provided inspiration for this phenomenal street tracker from Takashi Nihira. Nihira-san runs Wedge Motorcycle, one of the top Japanese custom shops. He’s won multiple awards at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show and was tapped by BMW to participate in their G310R custom project. This XV750 is a commission, from a cust...
Tags: Facebook, Japan, Usa, UK, Motorcycles, Tokyo, Bmw, States, Firestone, Hitachi, Exif, Ama, Yamaha, Brembo, Kellermann, SunStar

Enginehawk’s Brand Lineup Hits the Market

Enginehawk built an exciting hype for its brand release today. The fresh brand was developed by Ruroc, a UK-based helmet manufacturer responsible for launching the notorious ‘Atlas’ helmet.  The Ruroc team grew to success by developing a helmet that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else on the market. One month ago, Ruroc released the third version of the unmistakable helmet – dubbed the Atlas 3.0.  As Jim Pruner stated in last week’s news release , the Enginehawk marketing team...
Tags: Facebook, UK, News, Atlas, Motorcycles, Jacket, Jim, Motorcycle Gear, Jim Pruner, Riding Gear, Ruroc, Ruroc Atlas 3, Enginehawk

Dream Team: An eye-popping Ducati Scrambler flat tracker

Paint is the last thing that happens on a custom job, but it’s the first thing that people notice. And the livery on this race-ready Ducati Scrambler is unmissable. A zany combination of blue, magenta and reflective silver, it’s about as subtle as a Tarantino flick. Built in Italy, this Scrambler is the product of a collaboration between Samy Garage and Greaser Garage. Samy Garage is the moniker for flat track racer Sami Panseri, who spins spanners in his home garage about 25 miles outside Mi...
Tags: Facebook, Usa, Motorcycles, Ducati, Italy, Genoa, Coppa Italia, Sami, Matteo, Ducati Scrambler, Maxxis, Racing Motorcycles, Starace, Flat Track, Greaser Garage Samy Garage, Sami Panseri

Rally Retro: A Himalayan with a Group B vibe from Thrive

Today’s adventure bike market is a little like the superbike market in the 80s; to quote Fall Out Boy, “It ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race.” ADV bikes are pushing north of 150 hp and 500 lbs, with eye-watering levels of tech packed in. If that doesn’t butter your toast, perhaps the Royal Enfield Himalayan is the answer. Royal Enfield designed the Himalayan to be simple and affordable, with an air-cooled 411 cc single, and little more than ABS on the tech side. So it’s basically the antithesi...
Tags: Facebook, Porsche, Motorcycles, Jakarta, Den, Dakar, KTM, David Richards, PIAA, Rothmans, Custom Motorcycles, Royal Enfield Himalayan, Royal Enfield, Putra, Pirelli Scorpion, Thrive Motorcycle

Triple Threat: Kiyo’s three-engined land speed racer

Land speed racing has a way of inspiring outrageous engineering. The most common motivation is a relentless pursuit of outright speed. Other times, it’s driven by a desire to build something that’s truly out of this world. Shoving three bored-out Honda CB750 motors into one land speed racer is probably a little bit of both. This, in all of its 12-cylinder, 2,508cc glory, is The Galaxy. It’s the creation of California-based custom motorcycle builder and mad genius, Mitsuhiro “Kiyo” Kiyonaga, ...
Tags: Facebook, Japan, California, Los Angeles, Motorcycles, Honda, Cherry Blossom, Bobby, Kelly, CNC, Gekko, Honda Motorcycles, Honda CB750, Racing Motorcycles, Bobby Haas, Keihin FCR

With Respect: Analog customizes the Ducati Paul Smart

The Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE is special on so many levels. It’s not only one of Ducati’s greatest hits, but also one of the best looking modern classics ever produced. And since only 2,000 were ever made, it’s as rare as hen’s teeth—so good luck getting your hands on one. This isn’t lost on Analog Motorcycles founder Tony Prust. Faced with a client that was keen on having his Paul Smart customized, Tony had to figure out how to improve on perfection, while still respecting the rarity and bea...
Tags: Facebook, Dane, Atlanta, Chicago, Motorcycles, Ducati, Tennessee, NCR, Pramac, Tony, Alpina, Brembo, Spiegler, Magura, Steve West, EBC

Mega Thumper: Unik Edition scrambles the Suzuki DR Big

The Suzuki DR 800 S Big is the sort of bike no one would design today. It was the thumper to rule all thumpers, with a whopping 779 cc single-cylinder motor, long-travel suspension, a big front wheel and rally styling. That meant it was a little ridiculous, but sort of cool at the same time. Depending on your perspective, the DR Big’s late 80s to early 90s styling is either retro-fabulous, or hasn’t dated well. And while it has something of a cult following, it’s not considered as untouchable...
Tags: Facebook, Japan, Motorcycles, Honda, Lisbon, Yamaha, Daytona, TIG, Brembo, Suzuki, Tiago, Paris Dakar, LSL, Custom Motorcycles, Suzuki Motorcycles, Metzeler Karoo

Max. Minimalism: Walt Siegl’s new electric bike concept

The world of electric motorcycles is, in many ways, still finding its feet. With full-blown electric motorcycles at one end of the spectrum and pedal-assist bicycles at the other, there’s a huge middle ground where imagination can run wild. And that’s exactly where Walt Siegl has played with his latest custom. Built entirely from the ground up, this new WSM creation is extremely hard to pigeonhole—and that’s exactly how Walt intended it. “I wanted to build a machine that looks like it comes f...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Panasonic, Electric, Luna, Wsm, Bobby, Ron, Alcantara, Dallas Texas, Walt, Electric Motorcycle, LSL, Walt Siegl, Bobby Haas, Haas Moto Museum

As catalytic converter thefts skyrocket in Southern California, police promote tactics to fight back

Thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles have skyrocketed during the pandemic, prompting a more aggressive response from Southern California police agencies in warning car owners about the crime and helping them to fight back. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department held an Etch and Catch event at its Carson station on Feb. 20. (Photo by Chuck Bennett, Contributing Photographer) The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department held an Etch and Catch event at its Carson station on Feb....
Tags: Facebook, News, Theft, Cars, Los Angeles, Sport, Soccer, Orange County, Lapd, Nascar, Southern California, Northridge, Los Angeles County, John McCoy, Riverside, Carson

Nice Werk: Marcus Walz reveals kits to tweak the BMW R18

Whenever a concept motorcycle becomes a production motorcycle, there are tears over how far the final product has strayed from the original design. The BMW R18 is no exception—but ultimately it’s an unavoidable scenario. Concept bikes are there to turn heads, but production bikes need to consider practicality, mass appeal and homologation for different markets. So once the bike’s rolled off the assembly line, it’s up to customizers to ‘fix’ it. This slick R18, from the famed German shop WalzW...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Brad Pitt, Bmw, Kimi Raikkonen, Marcus, Walz, Custom Motorcycles, BMW motorcycles, Marcus Walz, SC Project, Walzwerk, BMW R18

Triple Trouble: Krautmotors’ Kawasaki H1 flat tracker

The mythical Kawasaki H1 Mach III needs little introduction. The triple-cylinder 500 cc two-stroke made a splash when it hit the market in 1969, with an unforgiving power band earning it the infamous ‘widowmaker’ nickname. There are faster bikes out there these days, but a classic H1 is still a good candidate for a rapid restomod or cafe racer build—if you can get your hands on one. But here’s something you don’t see every day: an H1-based flat tracker, pieced together almost entirely from le...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Usa, Germany, Motorcycles, Heidelberg, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ralf, Mannheim, Rolf, LSL, Kawasaki motorcycles, Racing Motorcycles, Marc Holstein, Rolf Reick

Sportiv: A more muscular BMW R18 from FCR Original

Few new bike launches have been as controversial as the BMW R18. Seeing a German contender in the cruiser market has perplexed many people, and some of the styling touches—such as the fishtail mufflers—have furrowed a few brows. But as multiple road tests have since pointed out, the R18 is a cracking good example of the genre. And custom builders have been quick to whip out the grinders and reconfigure the biggest ever boxer. The latest workshop to tackle the R18 is FCR Original, led by Sé...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Bmw, Alcantara, Sebastien, FCR, Custom Motorcycles, BMW motorcycles, Sébastien Guillemot, FCR Original, BMW R18, Chauvigny Sébastien, Bridgestone Battlecruise

Play Mystic for Me: A BMW R80R scrambler from Warsaw

BMW Motorrad has a few quirky gems in the back catalog—like the early-90s R80R Mystic. As one of the last two-valve boxers before the four-valve ‘1100’ took over, the Mystic bundled some of BMW’s newer tech into a ‘factory custom’ aesthetic that didn’t quite gel. Released as both R80 and R100 versions (depending on your country), the Mystic was sort of a road-going version of the adventure travel R100GS. It borrowed the GS’s tank, seat and burly Paralever swingarm, and it came with 18F/17R tu...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Bmw, Warsaw, Warsaw Poland, Brembo, BMW Motorrad, Monza, Custom Motorcycles, BMW motorcycles, BMW R80, BMW scrambler, Highsider, Scramblers, Christian Boosen, Bartek Zaranek

The Station: The lidar SPAC craze and 10 investors give their mobility predictions

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every weekend in your inbox.  Hi friends and new readers, welcome back to The Station, a newsletter dedicated to all the present and future ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B. Before you get to reading The Station, a small update for you. As transportation editor — a new title I gained last month — I am focused on building a team and deepening our co...
Tags: Google, Transportation, Facebook, New York, Dick Costolo, California, New York City, Los Angeles, Tech, Bloomberg, Automotive, Porsche, Gm, Starwood, Silicon Valley, Bmw

Table for two: A Virago for a chef and his wife

Like the Honda CX500, the Yamaha Virago is one of those “sow’s ear” bikes: it’s a challenge to make a silk purse out of it. Plenty of custom builders have taken the bait, and a few have succeeded. This Virago from Kerkus in Malaysia is an oddball example, but there’s a reason for it. “The owner is a chef and runs a restaurant,” says shop founder Azahar. “He had an accident on this bike a few years back. He came to us wanting to transform it ‘Kerkus-style’—but he also wanted us to design it so...
Tags: Facebook, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Motorcycles, Honda, Yamaha, BRIDGESTONE, Custom Motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles, Rizoma, Yamaha Virago, Yammie, Raveen, Azahar, Kerkus, Yamaha cafe racer

Buell Making Big Moves in 2021

Buell Motorcycle Company has just announced plans for revival in 2021. The American-based company has said in a press release that they will be releasing 10 different motorcycles by 2024.  The Buell brand name and trademarks were acquired by EBR (Erik Buell Racing) Motorcycles in 2010. Buell Motorcycles will be under the leadership of CEO Bill Melvin with aggressive future plans for the American motorcycle brand.  If you’re confused already, worry not, we’ll break it down for you.  Erik Bue...
Tags: Facebook, Usa, News, Instagram, India, America, Motorcycles, Harley Davidson, Ama, Daytona, Melvin, Grand Rapids Michigan, Keith Wandell, NHRA, Buell, Motorcycle News

Dominatorr: Motoism’s Honda NX650 street scrambler

Boundaries are getting blurred in the custom scene. Genre-hopping bikes are everywhere, and it’s getting harder and harder to pigeonhole many builds. We reckon that’s a good thing, and so do the creators of this very sharp Honda Dominator. Brothers Lion and Ben Ott, of Motoism in Munich, felt a need for bikes that escape the definition of a classic cafe racer. They felt the urge to build “something different that is comfortable to ride and delivers good performance, but also embraces the dark...
Tags: Facebook, Germany, Munich, Motorcycles, Honda, Lion, Continental, Ott, Harley, Ben, TIG, Brembo, Honda Motorcycles, LSL, Custom Motorcycles, Honda Dominator

Big Sled: A Ducati Scrambler 1100 from Officine RossoPuro

We’ve been lucky enough to ride most of Ducati’s extensive Scrambler range. Of all of them, the Desert Sled is the one we’re most likely to ride in the dirt—and the liter-plus Scrambler 1100 is the one we’re most likely to ride on the street. But what if you could roll them both into one bike? That’s exactly what Filippo Barbacane of Officine RossoPuro has just done, with this off-road-focused Ducati Scrambler 1100. By mashing up the 1100 with Desert Sled parts and hand-made touches, he’s bui...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Ducati, Italy, Adriatic, Moto Guzzi, Filippo, Custom Motorcycles, Ducati Scrambler, Filippo Barbacane, Officine RossoPuro, Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, Scramblers

Umbra: Crooked’s Harley tracker is straight-up goodness

Crooked Motorcycles is a name worth watching on the custom scene in Europe. Just a couple of months ago, they impressed us with a crisp BMW K100 build that avoided the cookie-cutter ‘flying brick’ vibe. And they’ve now just released details of this intriguing Sportster street tracker. You don’t often hear adjectives like ‘sleek’ or ‘sharp edged’ associated with the lovably chubby Sportster, but Crooked have absolutely transformed the V-twin icon. Workshop founders Dominikus Braun and Jako...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Germany, Africa, Munich, Motorcycles, Harley, Pirelli, LSL, Custom Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson Sportster, Sportster, Anh, Crooked, Memmingen, Street Tracker

I meet a Samurai Guru...

 Quite the eventful day today.I'd driven down to the City of Elephant Butte to retrieve a package sent to me by my loving wife Martha.  It had the TPMS sensors for the Sammy so I know all is OK when towing her with the URRV. At the front entrance to the T or C Municipal Airport Package retrieved, I went to the Autozone in Truth or Consequences and what did I spy in the parking lot but another Suzuki Samurai!  I parked next to it and its owner came out to chat.  Mike W. works at Autozone and is...
Tags: Facebook, Kentucky, Motorcycles, New Mexico, Mike, Laura, Samurai, AutoZone, Martha, Sammy, Zilla, Suzuki Samurai, Zuzi, Mike W, Mariko, Laura Mike

New Book Takes The Guesswork Out Of Colombian Motorcycle Adventuring

Jeff & Alan’s Guide To Motorcycle Travel In Colombia That’s right, folks. Jeff Cremer and Alan Churchill have put their combined decades of ADV riding experience and put it all into a handy guide to be used for tackling some of the world’s most amazing ADV riding spectacles titled, “Jeff & Alan’s Guide To Motorcycle Travel In Columbia”. Image From: Jeff said it best himself; why bother sifting through hundreds of Facebook group posts, forums pa...
Tags: Facebook, Colombia, Motorcycles, Alan, Ecuador, Columbia, Jeff, Jeff Cremer, Peruvian Amazon, Motorcycle News, Darien Gap, Jeff Alan, Alan Churchill, Colombia Moto Adventures, Columbia ADV, Columbia Motorcycle Trip

Obsidian Fighter: A Frisco-ed Sportster from Rough Crafts

Even though there’s been no official word from The Motor Co., it looks as if the venerable Harley-Davidson Sportster is slowly fizzling out. It’s been completely removed from H-D’s European website, and the once extensive range has been reduced to just three models on the US listing. And with H-D currently on a mission to scale down, we’re not holding our breath for a replacement. But the Sportster’s notoriety will continue long after the last model rolls off the assembly line. That’s because...
Tags: Facebook, US, Motorcycles, Harley, Pirelli, Frisco, WINSTON, Winston Yeh, Rough Crafts, Custom Motorcycles, Harley Davidson Sportster, Arlen Ness, Beringer, Motor Co, Koso, Bobber Motorcycles

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