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The savage genius of SoftBank funding competitors

Venture capitalists aren’t supposed to make their portfolio companies battle to the death. There’s a long-standing but unofficial rule that investors shouldn’t fund multiple competitors in the same space. Conflicts of interest could arise, information about one startup’s strategy could be improperly shared with the other, and the companies could become suspicious of advice provided by their investors. That leads to problems down the line for VCs, as founders may avoid them if they fear the firm ...
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TC Sessions: Mobility announces its July 10 agenda

TechCrunch Sessions is heading to San Jose on July 10 and we’re thrilled to announce our jam-packed agenda, overflowing with some of the biggest names and most exciting startups in the transportation industry. With Early Bird ticket sales ending soon, you’ll want to be sure to grab your tickets after checking out this agenda. Throughout the day, you can expect to hear from and partake in discussions about the future of transportation, the promise and problems of autonomous vehicles, the pote...
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Benefits of Driving a Luxury Vehicle

Buying your first luxury car, whether new or used, is quite an amazing experience. It makes you feel that you have taken a step up in the world. Why is this so? Read on to find out more about owning a beautiful, luxury vehicle. Top of The Line Technology: Having a luxury car allows drivers to fully experience automotive technology at its finest. From radio systems, GPS systems, and electronic engineering, you cannot go wrong with the technology built into a luxury vehicle. Safety: All luxury c...
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The Best Things To Do In Las Vegas (That Aren’t Gambling Or Drinking)

 Las Vegas has been very successful in marketing itself as the world’s debauchery capital but for people who like being in nature, adventure, and local travel experiences, it’s one of the most interesting cities you can visit. Feel free to add the following to your gambling debt, beer, or sober savings as you wish. These are the best things to do in Las Vegas, whether you like casinos or not. 1. Hoover Dam Let’s start small with the massive Hoover Dam, a story and engineering feat not to b...
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SoftBank and Toyota team up to develop services powered by self-driving vehicles

SoftBank is getting into self-driving car services after the Japanese tech giant announced a joint-venture with Toyota in its native Japan. SoftBank is invested in Uber and a range of other ride-hailing startups like Didi in China and Grab in Southeast Asia, but this initiative with Toyota is not related to those deals. Instead, it is designed to combine SoftBank’s focus on internet-of-things technology and Toyota’s connected vehicle services platform to enable new types of services that r...
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Meet the speakers at The Europas, and get your ticket free (July 3, London)

Excited to announce that this year’s The Europas Unconference & Awards is shaping up! Our half day Unconference kicks off on 3 July, 2018 at The Brewery in the heart of London’s “Tech City” area, followed by our startup awards dinner and fantastic party and celebration of European startups! The event is run in partnership with TechCrunch, the official media partner. Attendees, nominees and winners will get deep discounts to TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin, later this year. The Europas Awards are ba...
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Must-Have Features for Your Next Family Car

Your car is like an extension of your home. This is where you and your family sit and travel together and travel to places. But the roads are unpredictable, and you want to keep everyone in the vehicle safe  as you drive along. How do you do it? Stay Safe on the Road Aside from car seats for your kids, modern cars luckily come with a variety of features that can guarantee your safety in case of an accident. These prove to be beneficial, and you should look for them when it is time for you to...
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CTRL+T podcast: As long as it tastes like chicken, folds my clothes for cheap and doesn’t run me over

 Wait, what? Yeah, this week a company called SuperMeat announced that it raised $3 million to create chicken in a lab. It requires real chicken cells, Petrie dishes probably and some patience. The benefits for fake (fake real?) chicken are numerous, not the least of which it’s better for the environment. But we wonder how it will taste. Like chicken? Like fake chicken? In the lead-up to… Read More
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Ford and Domino's Running Autonomous Pizza Delivery Vehicle Trial

Ford and Domino's have collaborated on the Self-Driving Delivery Vehicle, an autonomous hybrid Fusion that will deliver pizzas to customers in a trial in Ann Arbor in the next few weeks. What's different about this, compared to other autonomous vehicle trials, is that the tests are meant to see how people outside the vehicles react."As part of the testing, researchers from both companies will investigate customer reactions to interacting with a self-driving vehicle as a part of their delivery...
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Selling to Used Car Dealerships

Source What’s the easiest way to sell your old car? Do you want to save money? Or time? In some cases, it could be easier to sell your car to a used car dealer instead of selling it privately. This comes with its pros and cons though. Selling to a dealership can save you a lot of valuable time, however, you may need to be prepared to settle for a lower price. It may be tricky for most to find time in the busy work week to schedule viewings for their car, making selling through a dealership a lo...
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Keeping your car in top shape: a guide

These days, car ownership permits us to the freedom to live where we wish, and to vacation in far off places out of the reach of public transport. As a result, they grant us the independence to live our lives the way we choose. However, this privilege is often abused by those who take the task of maintenance too lightly. Many breakdowns triggered by damaged engines, failed transmissions, and flat tires, all of which could be stopped if their owner took the time to perform routine repairs when t...
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Maintaining the value of a classic car: 3 essential steps

If you have never heard the roar of an accelerating classic car engine, you haven’t lived. If you have had this experience and have taken the landmark step of purchasing your first car, you are probably wondering how to maintain its pristine condition. Robert Bassam been involved in this scene for a long time, as he has a number of amazing vehicles sitting in his garage. Having spent numerous hours maintaining his hot rods over the decades, there are a few rules that if followed, can help you k...
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Link About It: This Week's Picks: An '80s all-girl skate gang, a Jaguar E-Type hearse, mapping NYC's LGBTQ+ landmarks and more in our look around the web

1. Extraordinary Aurora Given a Very Ordinary Name Termed as an aurora, but technically an aurora-like feature, this phenomenon behaves differently—and has been named differently too. While most auroras ripple and fade horizontally, this one appears...... Continue Reading...
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Interview: Massimo Bottura: We speak with the poetic Italian chef about the flavor of cars

Chef Massimo Bottura, owner of three-Michelin star Osteria Francescana, in Modena, Italy is a master and an artist who speaks like a poet. Given their shared hometown, Maserati partnered with Bottura to look at cars through the lens of food and brought...... Continue Reading...
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Opportunity isn’t enough

Opportunity isn’t enough. Justice and fairness requires a level playing field for everyone. Why am I talking about this? I read that the language of the new health care act talks about “opportunity”. Meanwhile a new independent study confirms today that 14 million people will go without healthcare, and even more in the future. This is not a better system. I am not arguing for the ACA or for the new health care act. I am arguing that when we use language that promises opportunity, it isn’t enough...
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How much is enough?

One of the questions I often ask myself is How much is enough? For example, I have been fortunate to have jobs that have enabled me to buy a car I enjoy. What I have seen myself doing over the years is buying better and better cars. I enjoy cars and the technology they have, but at some  point it has to stop. I just can’t continue to spend money on better cars or I won’t have money for other things that are more important. Don’t misunderstand. I am buying cars that I can easily afford and that a...
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LiquiGlide raises $16 million to get every last drop out of packages or tanks

 If you think it’s frustrating trying to get that last drop of ketchup out of the bottle, or toothpaste out of the tube, imagine having to waste and clean valuable and sticky substances from pipes or tanks in a factory. A startup called LiquiGlide has raised $16 million in a new round of venture funding to bring its patented slippery coatings to manufacturers around the world. Co-founded… Read More
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Is the TV show Colony the future of the US?

I was watching a TV show on Netflix called Colony and it seems like it could be the future of the US. Why would I say this? Elements of this show are what many US citizens want, and it surprises me. For one it has a wall surrounding LA. Then as if that isn’t enough, an overwhelming military force to enforce martial law. Mysterious disappearances by the military, along with undefined detention. Just like Guantanamo and other examples that currently happen. It has food and labor shortages. The dis...
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Uber losses expected to hit $3 billion in 2016 despite revenue growth

 Uber’s losses are growing from $2.2 billion last year to an expected $3 billion this year, according to multiple reports this week from The Information and others. It’s hard to fathom Uber operating so far from profitability at a time when it feels like an established mainstream brand on the global stage. Hip hop stars like Drake or Wiz Khalifa commonly name check… Read More
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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and 18 others commit $1 billion to new cleantech fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

 Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Vinod Khosla, Jack Ma, John Doerr and 15 other high-profile investors have formed a new venture firm, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, that will pour at least $1 billion into cleantech companies over the next 20 years. The firm’s goal, according to its own website will be: “to provide everyone in the world with access to reliable, affordable power, food,… Read More
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Transport Hot Dishes In Your Car With a Towel-Lined Box

If you’re heading to a potluck dinner or on making your way to a big family meal, this spill-free transport technique will keep your hot dish nice and warm.Read more...
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Blue Apron not worth it

Blue Apron not worth it to me. I thought I would like Blue Apron but I did not. It has some positives, but way more negatives. Here is why I didn’t like it. Not organic. They have some organic items but most of the stuff isn’t organic. In fact, they send canned goods which I avoid. Cans have BPA and that is a known problem. There are non BPA canned goods which should have been sent. Terrible recipes. The recipes are almost always terrible. I have made 12 different ones and they all were worse t...
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It’s not me, its you. Study shows 50% of US citizens have issues!

I told a friend today that when someone treats you bad, it says everything about them and nothing about you. I’m not sure he believed me. Tomorrow I am going to share this study with him. This study says that 50% of US citizens either have a chronic health condition, mental disorder or substance abuse issue. Those are really serious issues. So it is understandable that manners are probably low on their list. I used to take personally how people treated me. The first time that I was let go was be...
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Whole Foods alternative Thrive Market

Yes I know I wrote about them before, but I wanted to share an example of how using Thrive has saved money. I bought some cereal that cost about $8 on Thrive. In Whole Foods it was over $10 for the exact same thing. I needed some moisturizer and I looked on Thrive and it was $6 for something organic, fair-trade, natural so on. The exact same thing was not available on Whole Foods website. What is more is that I tried to look for something comparable and it said “Check store for pricing”. That is...
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Slowing down spending money as you get older?

Is anyone else slowing down spending money as you get older? Examining why this is so I believe a wide range of factors are coming into play: Things no longer bring happiness. When you are younger you think that buying things will make you happy. Since I know I won’t be happier with having something, the need to buy it is now what benefit does it bring me? Often I find myself not able to answer that question when I am considering buying something. For example, I like fancy clothes, but several ...
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