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Triple Trouble: Krautmotors’ Kawasaki H1 flat tracker

The mythical Kawasaki H1 Mach III needs little introduction. The triple-cylinder 500 cc two-stroke made a splash when it hit the market in 1969, with an unforgiving power band earning it the infamous ‘widowmaker’ nickname. There are faster bikes out there these days, but a classic H1 is still a good candidate for a rapid restomod or cafe racer build—if you can get your hands on one. But here’s something you don’t see every day: an H1-based flat tracker, pieced together almost entirely from le...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Usa, Germany, Motorcycles, Heidelberg, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ralf, Mannheim, Rolf, LSL, Kawasaki motorcycles, Racing Motorcycles, Marc Holstein, Rolf Reick

Speed Read, 28 February 2021

If you’re a fan of Japanese inline fours, this is your week. We’ve lined up Kawasaki GPz1100 and Kawasaki KZ1000 restomods, and a Honda CB750 cafe racer. Then we go in the opposite direction, with a look at Harley-Davidson’s new Pan America adventure tourer. Kawasaki GPz1100 by dB Customs The 80s was a fantastic era for superbike development. Bikes were simultaneously shedding the UJM styling of the 70s, and getting faster—and the GPz1100 epitomizes that, making it ripe for the restomod tr...
Tags: Austria, Canada, Motorcycles, Honda, Harley Davidson, Chris, Harley, HARRIS, Kawasaki, Darren, Brembo, Reynolds, Spiegler, Seeley, Kawa, Yamaha Fazer

2021 Kawasaki KX250/KX250X [Model Overview]

The 2021 Kawasaki KX250/KX250X: Motocross & Cross Country Power Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links The KX250 and KX250X are two versions of the same model by Kawasaki Motorcycles in the 2021 model lineup. The KX250 is designed from the get-go to be a fully competition ready, strong motocross bike, while the KX250X is oriented towards cross-country and scrambling competitions. Both bikes use a 249cc liquid-cooled four-stroke single, developing just under ...
Tags: Motorcycles, Honda, Electric, Off-road, Kawasaki, Ergo, 2021, Kawasaki motorcycles, Notfp, 250 - 499cc, Single-Cylinder, Hp Bore x Stroke, KLCM Kawasaki, KLCM, Suspension Rear New Uni Trak, Color Lime Green ELECTRICAL Ignition Digital CDI

2021 Kawasaki Z125 Pro [Model Overview]

The 2021 Kawasaki Z125 Pro: Calling Your Inner Hooligan Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links Well hello inner child, you want to come out and get hooligan crazy? Sounds like a blast, and here is the perfect hooligan accessory, the made in Japan Kawasaki Z125 Pro. Let’s be honest, our inner child is for sure a pro-level hooligan. I will admit, I use the term hooligan loosely, but one look at the Z125 Pro and you begin smiling knowing full well this machine ...
Tags: Sport, Motorcycles, Kawasaki, 2021, Kawasaki motorcycles, Fuel Tank Capacity, Notfp, Single-Cylinder, WARRANTY Warranty, Under 125cc, Japan Kawasaki, Month Limited Warranty Kawasaki Protection Plus

2021 Kawasaki Ninja 650 [Model Overview]

The 2021 Kawasaki Ninja 650: Team Green’s Tanto Sword Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links The 2021 Kawasaki Ninja 650 brings sharp styling and a more upright riding position to the Ninja family. Using the 649cc parallel-twin engine, shared in a few places across the 2021 Kawasaki lineup, in the Ninja 650 it is tuned to kick out 67hp. Like all of Kawasaki’s Japanese-made Ninja family, the Ninja 650 has the same distinctive lines through the fairing, windsc...
Tags: Sport, Motorcycles, Honda, Eco, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Kawasaki Ninja, Ergo, Ninja, 2021, Kawasaki motorcycles, Fuel Tank Capacity, Notfp, Parallel Twin, 600 - 1000cc, Kawasaki Protection Plus

2021 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX+ SE [Model Overview]

Supercharged Sport Touring: The 2021 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX+ SE Contents Model Overview Specifications Features Photos Videos Links It just makes sense. When you are the Japanese brand with a 2021 lineup full of performance bikes, of course you are the manufacturer with the most ferocious sport-touring bike available! Being part of the Japanese-made Ninja family provides access to the best of the best parts choices. Like the others in the 2021 Kawasaki H2 family, the SX+ SE shares a versi...
Tags: Motorcycles, Eco, Kawasaki, Kawasaki Ninja, Ninja, IMU, DOHC, 2021, Kawasaki motorcycles, IMU Inertial Measurement Unit, SuperSport, Bridgestone Battlax, Notfp, 600 - 1000cc, Competitors KTM, Hp Bore x Stroke

Daily Stunner: A Kawasaki ER-6F by Cowboy’s Chopper

The Kawasaki ER-6F ticks all the right boxes as a daily runner, but it’s not much of a looker. And it’s an uncommon choice for customization, too—we’ve featured a handful of custom ER-6Ns on these pages, but never the fully faired ‘F’ model. It takes imagination to look beyond its vanilla bodywork and standard-issue ‘sport commuter’ style, and see potential. So this 2006-model ER-6F spent most of its life as a loaner, parked in Alex Gao’s garage. That is, until he needed a custom donor in a p...
Tags: Cowboy, Taiwan, Motorcycles, Alex, Kawasaki, Taipei Taiwan, Heiwa, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Street Tracker, Alex Gao, Chopper Facebook

Get Dirty: A Kawasaki W800 with a vintage motocross vibe

The Kawasaki W800’s versatility is just one of its many charms. Throw a handful of mods at it, and you’ll end up with a respectable garden variety street scrambler in no time. But how about turning it into a full-on vintage motocrosser, where the original bike is almost unrecognizable? That takes equal doses of imagination, talent and dedication—and Mário Raphael Soares has plenty of all three. He’s been running MRS Oficina in Paris for the last few years, but has just moved his workshop back...
Tags: Motorcycles, Paris, Portugal, Mario, Kawasaki, BRIDGESTONE, CNC, Chaves, AMA Supercross, Eli Tomac, Custom Motorcycles, Showa, Kawasaki motorcycles, Beringer, Kawasaki W800, Kawasaki France

Speed Read, 20 December 2020

We’ve found a killer bobber that proves that the unloved Harley-Davidson Street 500 actually has potential. Plus we take a look at the brand new Moto Guzzi V7, a Kawasaki Z from Germany, an ultra-rare MV Agusta 750 S America, and an auction of Robert M. Pirsig’s personal workshop things. Harley-Davidson Street 500 by Augment Motor Works The H-D Street 500 was hardly a smash hit for the Motor Co. It’s an average performer, its styling is all over the place, and it’s notorious for its poor b...
Tags: Usa, Germany, America, Canada, Motorcycles, NICK, Harley Davidson, Oliver, Harley, Kawasaki, Amanda, Decker, Mecum, Nick The, Motorcycle Maintenance, Moto Guzzi

Dutch Treat: A scrambled W650 with a hint of XT500

Scramblers are hot property right now, but we love the traditional style just as much as the modern. And the look doesn’t get much more classic than this remixed Kawasaki W650 from Dutchman Martin Schuurmans. Martin is a product designer who hails from the city of Eindhoven, but he grew up in a little village in the north of the country. Petrol has coursed through his veins since a young age: “Our house was on the route to the TT circuit in Assen, so my brother and I watched hundreds of bikes...
Tags: Motorcycles, Amsterdam, Lucas, Vincent, Eindhoven, Yamaha, Martin, Kawasaki, TT, Assen, Zoran, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Kawasaki W650, Lennard, Ronald Smits

Retro Muscle: Motocrew’s GPZ900R is the business

There’s a lot to be said for a good old-fashioned muscle bike. And in the 1980s, the Kawasaki GPZ900R was the benchmark. It didn’t have any of the nanny state electronics we’re used to today, but the raucous, liquid-cooled DOHC four punched out 113 solid horses—and propelled the GPZ to 150 mph or more. No wonder the producers of the original Top Gun movie selected a GPZ to star alongside Tom Cruise, who knows how to handle a bike. We’ve noticed an uptick in custom GPZs lately, going right ...
Tags: Germany, Berlin, Motorcycles, Ducati, Tom Cruise, Chris, Kawasaki, Alcantara, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Shinko, Hookie Co, Hookie, AC Sanctuary, Chris Scholtka, Motocrew

Über Tasteful: HB-Custom’s 1977 Kawasaki KZ750

We’re always intrigued to see what custom motorcycle builders get up to when there’s no brief, or client, involved. Personal projects either lead to wild experimentation, or they turn out as honest builds, devoid of the need to impress anyone. No points for guessing which camp this Kawasaki KZ750 restomod belongs to. It comes from German custom builder Holger Breur, who picked it up in boxes with the goal of building something simple and tidy for himself. Or, as he puts it: “I just wanted to ...
Tags: Motorcycles, Bmw, North Sea, Kawasaki, Magura, Husum, Holger, Koni, Kellermann, Heidenau, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Tommaselli, Restomod, Axel Joost Elektronik, Cafe racers

Done right: Rick Hannah’s Kawasaki W650 desert sled

My father was fond of the saying, “If you want a job done right, do it yourself.” And that’s the first thought that popped into my head when I saw this sublime Kawasaki W650 desert sled from England. It comes from London-based Rick Hannah, who builds under the amusing moniker of Dirty Dick’s Motos. Rick is the perfect example of a self-taught man. He used to live in Johannesburg, South Africa, and hang out with Marnitz Venter—whose lovely vintage Triumph bobber we featured a year ago. But...
Tags: UK, England, London, Motorcycles, Cornwall, Customs, Aston Martin, Dick, Continental, Harley, Kawasaki, Rick, Harrison, Joburg, JOHANNESBURG South Africa, Custom Motorcycles

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 23 August, 2020

A rapid Kawasaki W800 street tracker from South Korea, a sleek Honda CB650 from Indonesia’s Thrive Motorcycles, a wild Indian FTR750 hillclimber, and a lovely short film about a Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750. Indian Motorcycle FTR750 Hillclimber Hillclimb is one of the simplest and oldest race formats around, and even though it seems kind of silly, it’s massively entertaining. The AMA Pro Hillclimb Racing series has just added a twins class, so Indian Motorcycle have thrown their hat into the ri...
Tags: South Korea, Indonesia, US, Motorcycles, Ducati, John, Honda, Jakarta, Ama, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Seoul South Korea, Brembo, NHK, Dunlop, Gordy

Cool Commuter: A Kawasaki ER-6n tracker from Jakarta

To most people, the mid-sized Kawasaki ER-6n is the quintessential no-frills commuter—it scores high on usability, but its looks don’t exactly set hearts ablaze. But to the crew at Studio Motor, it’s the perfect donor for a lively street tracker. ER-6n customs are rare, but the Indonesia shop has built several of them already, and even has a couple in their custom motorcycle rental fleet. As far as they’re concerned, the Kawasaki’s 649 cc parallel twin motor and surprisingly good chassis are ...
Tags: Facebook, Japan, Indonesia, Motorcycles, Ducati, Jakarta, Bandung, West Java, Kawasaki, Brembo, SunStar, Custom Motorcycles, Nissin, Kawasaki motorcycles, Shinko, Street Tracker

Danger Zone: Federal Moto’s Kawasaki GPz1100

The year is 1986, and Tom Cruise is playing Maverick in Top Gun—flying an F-14 Tomcat by day and tearing around on a Kawasaki GPZ900R by night. If you fell in love with that film and the bike ridden by its motorcycle-mad star, you’re not alone. “We all know that movie,” says Michael Muller of Federal Moto. “And we always knew that when Federal Moto built its first custom sportbike, we’d need the beefiest bad boy of the 80s: the GPz1100.” The GPz1100 was the older, bigger brother of the Ni...
Tags: Chicago, Motorcycles, Ohio, Honda, Tom Cruise, Moto, Rick, CNC, Müller, Suzuki, Goodridge, Custom Motorcycles, Cerakote, Federal Moto, Daniel Peter, Motogadget

T 22 Synthesis: A twin-engined Kawasaki drag bike

There’s something pure and extremely entertaining about drag bikes. They’re hopelessly impractical, usually dangerous, and invariably ridden by folks with a scant regard for personal safety. It’s hard to take that genre up a notch, but the top Indonesian shop Thrive has just gone one better than the typical eighth-miler. This extraordinary machine, nicknamed ‘T 22 Synthesis’ has not one but two engines. And those engines are tiny two-strokes, with a power band only slightly less forgiving tha...
Tags: Facebook, Indonesia, Motorcycles, Pacific, Jakarta, Kawasaki, Yosef, Burt Munro, Goodyear Eagle, Kawasaki motorcycles, Putra, Racing Motorcycles, Thrive Motorcycle, Koso, Kawahara, Putra Agung Entrants

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 29 March, 2020

A subtle but brilliant Kawasaki Z1 from AC Sanctuary, a wild supercharged Triumph Bobber from England, and a sneak peek at the new, 80s-style Honda CB-F concept. RCM-507: A new AC Sanctuary Z1 Every time we feel like we need a ‘reset’ of sorts, we check in on AC Sanctuary. Their builds are timeless, classy and impeccably constructed—like a new album from Arcade Fire, you know exactly what you’re going to get, but you also know it’s going to be good. This Z1 sticks to the formula. It’s more...
Tags: Japan, England, Motorcycles, Ducati, Honda, Nascar, Kawasaki, TIG, Thornton, Jody, Rick Steele, Carl Fogarty, Custom Motorcycles, Metzeler Lasertec, Kawasaki motorcycles, Suzuki Katana

Urban Junglist: A tiger-striped ZZR600 from Holland

Some folks feel the urge to ride a different bike every few months. Others stay true to their trusty steeds for decades. But even if you’re the monogamous type, after a few years you’ll probably get the itch to spice things up a bit. That’s what happened with this very striking Kawasaki ZZR600 from the Netherlands. It’s owned by a lady called Gina, who bought her Ninja 16 years ago—as her first motorcycle. She felt like a change, but didn’t want to lose too much of the original design or char...
Tags: Motorcycles, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Holland, Kawasaki, Gina, Haarlem, Michel, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Restomod, Cool Kid Customs, Kawasaki ZZR600, Michel Szozda, Silver Machine of Amsterdam, Gina Michel

Extreme Green: A Kawasaki ZRX1200R by deBolex

After a while , a lot of custom designs tend to blend into a homogenous soup: variations on a standard recipe, slightly tweaked by the individual chefs. A handful of top builders specialize in less mainstream flavors though. One of them is Calum Pryce-Tidd of the south London workshop deBolex Engineering, who often starts with unconventional ingredients—such as an Energica Eva or a Yamaha MT-10. The latest build from Calum and his offsider Des Francis is based on the mighty Kawasaki ZRX120...
Tags: London, Motorcycles, Alex, Ama, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Calum, Daytona, CNC, Des, WSBK, Custom Motorcycles, Café Racer, Keihin, Rizoma, Motogadget

Birthday bobber: A Kawasaki W650 from 2LOUD Custom

What does the guy that has everything buy himself for his birthday? For one enthusiast, the answer is something he’s wanted since his youth; a really cool motorcycle. And Taiwanese shop 2LOUD Custom has delivered just that, in the form of this bobber-style Kawasaki W650. “It’s an interesting story,” says shop owner Ma ‘Max’ Yicheng. “The owner devoted most of his time to his career—then thought maybe it’s time to fulfill the dream he had when he was young. Even though he’s owned supercars, he...
Tags: Japan, Motorcycles, Honda, Max, Yamaha, Kawasaki, CNC, Lu, Custom Motorcycles, Keihin, Motogadget, Kawasaki motorcycles, Shinko, Kawasaki W650, Shorai Lithium, 2LOUD Custom

Yellow but not mellow: A Kawasaki triple from Motobrix

The riding season is short in Toronto, with snow on the ground for three or four months of the year. But that leaves plenty of time for wrenching in the garage or workshop, so there’s a low-key but thriving custom scene. Canada’s biggest city is home to Brian Kates of Motobrix, who recently finished this piping hot Kawasaki triple called El Citron. Brian was a late starter, although you’d never tell from this build. “I didn’t work on bikes or cars as a kid, or even do anything hands-on un...
Tags: Maryland, Toronto, Canada, Pennsylvania, Motorcycles, Brian, Kawasaki, Amanda, Citron, Custom Motorcycles, Suzuki Bandit, Kawasaki motorcycles, Cognito Moto, Wossner, Brian Kates, 2 Stroke Motorcycles

Not your typical custom: A Kawasaki ER-6n from France

Every time I consider getting myself a super-sensible daily runner, the Kawasaki ER-6n pops up on my radar. It’s cheap, makes decent power and handles well. Smiles for dollars, it’s hard to beat…if you don’t mind the looks. Given the limited pool of ‘acceptable’ custom donors these days, the ER-6n is not a bike you often see. But Lionel at Duke Motorcycles in Nice, France, is a believer. Until recently, his commuter bike was a white 2011-model ER-6n. Then he bought a Ducati Monster 600—and wo...
Tags: France, Motorcycles, Ducati, Continental, Kawasaki, CNC, Lionel, Nice France, Custom Motorcycles, NMB, Kawasaki motorcycles, Duke Motorcycles, Giannelli, Koso, Ninja Lionel, Highsider Lionel

Ground-up build: A Kawasaki bobber rises from the weeds

Everyone loves a good barn find story, but what about digging an old motorcycle out of the weeds? That’s where Edi Buffon found the basket case Kawasaki KZ250 that would eventually become this incredible bobber-style piece of art. Edi lives in Sydney, Australia, where he works as an engineer. Outside office hours, he wrenches on bikes as Machine 1867, from a 380 square foot space inside a shared warehouse. His area’s stacked with welders, grinders, hand tools and a lathe. Edi wasn’t reall...
Tags: Australia, Motorcycles, Honda, Western Australia, EDI, Sydney Australia, Jarrah, CDI, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Bobber Motorcycles, Edi Buffon, Ana Martini

Channeling Top Gun: A GPZ900R hot rod from Italy

It’s been over thirty years since Tom Cruise blasted across the screen in an F14 Tomcat, in the cult classic Top Gun. But who remembers the motorcycle he rode in the film? We do: it was a red and black Kawasaki GPZ900R. Photographer Paolo Sandolfini wasn’t even born when Top Gun came out, but he’s a nut for everything 80s. So when he got his hands on a GPZ900R, the pop culture reference was too hard to resist. Paolo bought the GPZ900R four years ago, after owning a GPZ750. Even though he h...
Tags: Milan, Germany, Motorcycles, Italy, Mra, Tom Cruise, Parma, Kawasaki, VTR, Paolo, Kenny Loggins, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Bridgestone Battlax, Keihin FCR, Paolo Sandolfini

The Nineties are calling: November’s Kawasaki Zephyr 750

The Kawasaki Zephyr 750 is one of those under-the-radar bikes that deserves a higher profile. It played a big part in kickstarting the retro boom in Europe in the 90s, but mysteriously fell flat in the USA—despite outclassing the Honda CB750 Nighthawk on almost every front. “The stable, no-surprises Zephyr works like a standard is supposed to,” said Cycle World at the time. “We can’t imagine why this bike isn’t selling.” The Zephyr 750 has plenty of fans amongst riders in the UK, and two o...
Tags: Europe, Japan, Usa, UK, England, US, Motorcycles, Ducati, Honda, Customs, PAUL, Kawasaki, Bridgeport, TIG, Linda, Brembo

What if … Kawasaki had built a scrambler?

Think of a classic scrambler, and a Triumph desert sled probably comes to mind. BSA and Matchless also made pretty good scramblers, and Honda had its CL series. But the other Japanese marques were noticeably absent. This stunning W650 hints at the missed opportunity. What if Kawasaki had got down and dirty with its W series in the 60s and 70s? Machines that, after all, were copies of a BSA. This thoroughly hoon-able W650 scrambler is the work of Mark Huang, who runs a moto parts business i...
Tags: Motorcycles, Madagascar, Honda, Scrambler, Bsa, Mark, Kawasaki, Taipei Taiwan, JEFFREY, Koni, Winston Yeh, Custom Motorcycles, Keihin, Kawasaki motorcycles, Kawasaki W650, Matchless

Forged From Passion: A blacksmith’s take on the Z650

Building custom motorcycles often involves a radical career change, and we’ve seen some pretty strange jumps over the years. Tom Simpson’s background is especially unusual: he trained as a blacksmith before setting up Foundry Motorcycle in England six years ago. Tom now builds very stylish cafe racers and bobbers in his Chichester, West Sussex workshop. As you can imagine, he has a deft hand when it comes to fabrication—but this Kawasaki Z650 is more about smart mechanical modifications than ...
Tags: Facebook, England, Motorcycles, Avon, Einstein, Alex, Gary, Tom, Kawasaki, Ben, Chichester West Sussex, Monza, Tom Simpson, Foundry, EBC, Custom Motorcycles

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 25 November, 2018

A new Kawasaki Zed from the Japanese restomod kings AC Sanctuary, a retro-futuristic BMW R80 from Holland, and a $30,000 Yamaha WR450F supermoto from Slovenia. BMW R80 by Moto Adonis The concept of the ‘cafe racer’ is being stretched in so many directions at the moment, the term has almost become meaningless. We’ve seen more styling developments in the last five years than the previous half century, but if this R80 RT from Holland is a precursor of things to come, we’re all for it. The BMW...
Tags: Japan, US, Motorcycles, Ducati, Arizona, Slovenia, Holland, Bmw, Droog, Honda, PIP, Exif, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Brembo, Custom Motorcycles

The Kawasaki ‘W1R’ that took seven years to build

The bikes that are revealed on these pages are usually hot off the press. The shoot is finished, the images are graded and an email lands in our inbox within a couple of days. This amazing Kawasaki, however, first surfaced two years ago at The Quail Gathering. And it’s only just been shot properly. But that’s okay, because the bike took master builder Mike LaFountain seven years to complete—and nearly broke him in the process. Mike has created a stunning replica of the ultra-rare W1R, whic...
Tags: Facebook, Minnesota, Motorcycles, Dallas, North America, Bsa, Mike, Kawasaki, Monza, Kawa, Custom Motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, Kawasakis, Restomod, Kawasaki W650, Bobby Haas

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