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Google refreshes Android Auto with new features and a darker look

Android Auto — the in-car platform that brings the look and functions of a smartphone to the vehicle’s central screen — is getting a new look and improved navigation and communication features that will roll out this summer. The improvements and new look were revealed Monday during Google I/O 2019, the annual developer conference. The most noticeable change might be the overall look of Android Auto. It now has a dark theme, new fonts and color accents designed to make it easier for drivers to...
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Polestar unveils its all-electric response to the Tesla Model 3

Volvo’s standalone electric performance brand Polestar introduced Wednesday its first all-electric vehicle — a five-door fastback that is gunning for the Tesla Model 3. In the past few years, every time an electric vehicle — concept, prototype, or production version — has been unveiled, the term “Tesla killer” has been tossed about regardless of whether that car will ever even come to market. In the case of Polestar 2, it’s unclear if it will be the “Tesla killer.” It’s possible that an entir...
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Freedom EV: free/open replacement firmware for your electric vehicle -- including a Tesla

Freedom EV is a free/open software stack intended to replace the software in your electric vehicle, it's been tested on a Tesla Model X and should work on a Model S, if you can get root. Electric vehicles are very exciting but the same informatics and versatility that make them exciting also invite manufacturers to add all kinds of antifeatures (like batteries with plenty of charge remaining that refuse to power a vehicle because you've only paid for so much electricity; to say nothing of t...
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Windows 10 is the last windows I’m buying

I wrote earlier how I bought a cheap Windows 10 laptop. It is the last Windows computer I’m buying. I am not buying it because I have a problem with the hardware. The hardware is fine for the price. The problem is the dumb software. I hate that Microsoft thinks that their customers don’t care about privacy, and that is continually asks to try Microsoft software that you don’t ask for. I have written before that when companies push advertising they alienate their customers. Apple is pushing adver...
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Slowing down spending money as you get older?

Is anyone else slowing down spending money as you get older? Examining why this is so I believe a wide range of factors are coming into play: Things no longer bring happiness. When you are younger you think that buying things will make you happy. Since I know I won’t be happier with having something, the need to buy it is now what benefit does it bring me? Often I find myself not able to answer that question when I am considering buying something. For example, I like fancy clothes, but several ...
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List of the best malware tools

List of the best malware tools. I have spoken before that malware is becoming a bigger issue for people. It is getting very creative in how it is installing and taking over control of windows computers. I am even seeing malware on the mac that I didn’t used to see. I have been using a variety of tools to fix this issue. List of the best malware tools Malwarebytes. This has fixed many issues with malware. Spybot Search & Destroy. This has fixed malware issues as well as having a great reputati...
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Malware that can infect the Mac

Mac OS X Isn’t Safe Anymore: The Crapware / Malware Epidemic Has Begun – StumbleUpon. This is a good article about malware that can infect the Mac. It gives you some understanding of how to avoid malware when you download programs on the Internet. There is clearly less malware on the mac but you still have to be careful. Ever since I found malware at CNET and other places I started avoiding them. Really the only way to send a message to companies is to avoid sites that promote malware. Malware ...
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Giving Linux another chance

I have used Linux off and on for years but it always seems more trouble than it is worth. I am trying Ubuntu 14.04 today to see if it is any better. The problem with Linux is that it just doesn’t support the hardware that people have. When I last tried to use it the support for the iPhone was terrible, I did a quick search and found some support for it. Still the average person doesn’t want to search and troubleshoot software. I think that Linux is probably Apples long-term competition. Microsof...
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