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This new radar lets cars see around corners

Researchers at a US university have developed a new kind of radar which — when equipped with some AI wizardry — can help cars see round corners. Princeton university engineers have created a type of Doppler radar, typically used to catch speeding cars, that bounces radio waves off stationary objects to effectively “see” around corners. Coupled with algorithms that interpret how the radiowaves reflect off secondary objects, the radar can interpret moving objects that are out of human view. It kin...
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McDonald’s will add EV chargers to hundreds of its UK restaurants — and I’m lovin’ it

As Burger King in the US is giving away free burgers to irresponsible Tesla drivers, on the other side of the Atlantic, McDonald’s UK is rolling out EV fast-chargers at its restaurants. The UK arm of the fast-food chain is reportedly installing hundreds of EV chargers at its locations around the country after agreeing a partnership with infrastructure provider, InstaVolt, the Independent reports. While the burger chain hasn’t given a specific number of restaurants that will get the chargers, it ...
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The Station: Cruise cuts, Waymo snags more cash, and a VC Mobility survey

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every Saturday in your inbox. Hi and welcome back to The Station, I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. If you’re interested in all the future and present ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B, you’re in the right place. It felt like Tesla dominated the news cycle once again this week. (Checks list of published art...
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The New McDonald's Japan Happy Meal Toy Is A Toyota Supra Tomica Model

Nobuteru Taniguchi, Daigo Saito and a pair of GR Supra drift cars appear in a video promoting the new Tomica 'Happy Set' toy
Tags: Japan, Autos, McDonald, GR Supra, Nobuteru Taniguchi Daigo Saito

Giant Chicken Army: San Bernardino Original McDonald’s Edition

At the end of January, I flew to California and did a little ride about. While cruising along Route 66 for a spell, I decided to stop in to the museum that now occupies the building that is touted as the first McDonald’s location in San Bernardino. When I pulled in to the parking lot, … Read More Read More The post Giant Chicken Army: San Bernardino Original McDonald’s Edition appeared first on Girlie Motorcycle Blog.
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Boozy Drivers Hold Impromptu Slumber Party in Detroit-area Drive-thru

It seems a rowdy (or perhaps lonely) Valentine’s Day evening turned into a somnambulant early morning in Troy, Michigan, where police responded to a report of more than one driver asleep in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane at the same time. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck behind a solitary crossover or minivan in which every last […] The post Boozy Drivers Hold Impromptu Slumber Party in Detroit-area Drive-thru appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Last Day of T-Dubing in the Barry Goldwater Air Force Range

Today was my last day of camping for January, headed for Phoenix tomorrow to put the URRV into storage for about a month while I fly home to get some chores done, report for jury duty and get my hearing aids from the VA.I thought I would check out the Hazard Area (in pink) shown in the range map below, as I had confirmed there were no active ranges in operation today with Range Security. The plan was to take Trail 601 to 602 from Gate 5 and then see how close I could get to the Hazard Area's ea...
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Glamping in New Mexico: Roswell

A cold and windy day today, high of 50°F (10°C) and sunny but felt much colder due to the wind chill factor.Got to Roswell mid-morning, after cruising up and down it's main street seeking UFO-related stuff, for which this town has made its tourism goals.  The famous flying saucer crash of 1948 happened near this town and it's been conspiracies and coverups ever since apparently. A view of Roswell from US380 west of town It was easy to spot the UFO themed McDonald's fast food burger joint, ...
Tags: Motorcycles, New Mexico, Sunset, McDonald, Roswell, Dunkin Donuts, Air Force Base, Fiona Rides, RV Trips, Roswell Museum

Ford & McDonald’s Are Making Car Parts From Coffee!

did you know Drinking up to four cups of coffee daily can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to the universities of Navarre in Spain and Catania in Italy. Ford & McDonald’s are doing something cool with coffee.Did you know coffee chaff can be used to make car parts? We didn’t either but we thought it was pretty cool! I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy in The Pacific Northwest that does not like coffee. I know, here in the land of Starbucks, that m...
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The EICMA 2019 Winners & Losers Report

The dust has settled and the 2019 story written of the annual motorcycle extravaganza known as EICMA. Home Sweet Home I find myself back home in snow-covered Alberta, Canada after enduring 12 hours of travel time on the journey home. I’m plopped down in front of my keyboard now, pouring over the vast collection of photo and video footage I took while roaming the EICMA halls and booths. What an experience! The excitement and hustle I lived and breathed over in Milan matched the intensity of m...
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Order Up: Nearly 1 Million Plug-ins Sold in America

Remember when McDonald’s used to put a running total of the “Billions Served” on its golden arches? EV makers may soon be able to do the same for their sales efforts. According to Wards Auto, total sales for plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles over the last ten years will soon reach the 1 million mark. […] The post Order Up: Nearly 1 Million Plug-ins Sold in America appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Sales, America, Green, Electric Vehicles, Autos, 1 Million, Phev, Ev, McDonald, Bev, News Blog, Electrified

Burrell Teams up with The Colonie to Create Multi-Platform Campaign for “Toyota Highlander”

Burrell’s new multi-platform social media and broadcast campaign for Toyota centers around the fun-loving fictional Powell Family, and 'slice of life' moments that inspire spontaneous family adventures enjoyed in the comfort of their 2018 Toyota Highlander.  The team at   was tasked with creating an array of engaging deliverables for a variety of platforms that include cinemagraphs, GIFs, and square video optimized for Facebook, as well as traditional 16:9. The Chicago-based editorial and p...
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Volkswagen's Trailer Assist System Makes Backing Up That Caravan Easier

Europe has so many neat things that aren't offered in the 'States: Beer at McDonald's, constitutional monarchies, Volkswagen's Trailer Assist system. On the recommendation of reader Jeremy Mears, I looked up the latter to see what it's all about.Backing up a trailer is like parallel parking set at difficulty level Expert. Imagine steering your front wheels in an effort to aim the rear two corners of your caravan, which might be more than an entire car length behind you, trickily pivoting around ...
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Rukka ROR Jacket Hands On Review

Something Better, Something Different Rukka has rolled out this jacket (and matching pants) for the adventure rider that rides in multi-season, hotter weather doing serious off-road work. That much is immediately clear when you look at how thin, really lightweight and breathable it is designed to be. First Impressions “Is this a windbreaker or really high quality off road riding gear?” When I first picked up the ROR jacket I wasn’t sure what I was holding. The 2-layer, 200 SPL laminated, Gor...
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Letter From The UK: Travelling In Great Britain

One of the few benefits of living in the UK is that, being a relatively small island nation, nothing is that far away. At a push, a healthy alert driver could go end to end in well under twenty-four hours. This means our diverse and varied countryside, regions, historic towns, and teeming cities are pretty much accessible to all. If you like to travel and see places and things, then it’s all here in a neat package tied up with string. God’s Country The UK contrasts hugely with the USA. This w...
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Say It Ain’t So! Docs Suggest Chevrolet Cruze Losing Manual Transmission

After a year of good news (McDonald’s all-day breakfast came to Canada), it seems only fitting that 2017 will end in tears. The Chevrolet Cruze, one of a shrinking number of models in which one can easily find a manual transmission, appears set to lose that option after the 2018 model year. As the owner […] The post Say It Ain’t So! Docs Suggest Chevrolet Cruze Losing Manual Transmission appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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What this mid-engine 2019 Chevrolet Corvette doesn't know: shake machine's broken

The mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette has been the stuff of myth and legends for decades, but this year, it's spun perilously close to reality. We've spied it undergoing cold-weather testing, and playing on the track. Now a prototype's been caught on public roads–at a McDonald's in Cadillac, Michigan. Bad news, Corvette. The shake machine's... [Author: [email protected] (Joel Feder)]
Tags: Automotive, McDonald, Joel Feder, Chevrolet Corvette, Cadillac Michigan

Steph Curry sinks shot into Infiniti Q50's sunroof

It's not exactly Michael Jordan versus Larry Bird for McDonald's circa 1993, but as we can see from this outtake in filming for his commercial for the Infiniti Q50, NBA star Steph Curry might as well say "nothing but interior." The Golden State Warriors shooting guard signed on with Infiniti as a spokesman in June, and now he's shooting... [Author: [email protected] (Kirk Bell)]
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Michael Jordan, Nba, Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry, Car Advertising, McDonald, Larry Bird, Kirk Bell

Seth Curry sinks shot into Infiniti Q50's sunroof

It's not exactly Michael Jordan versus Larry Bird for McDonald's circa 1993, but as we can see from this outtake in filming for his commercial for the Infiniti Q50, NBA star Stephen Curry might as well say "nothing but interior." The Golden State Warriors shooting guard signed on with Infiniti as a brand ambassador in June, and now he's shooting... [Author: [email protected] (Kirk Bell)]
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Michael Jordan, Nba, Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, Car Advertising, McDonald, Larry Bird, Kirk Bell, Seth Curry

UberEATS x McDonald’s McDelivery Service Expands Globally

Toronto was honored (or honoured, as the case may be) to become the third hub for Uber’s driverless tech research back in May. In advance of the Advanced Technologies Group opening there, Toronto will also be one of the launch sites for Uber Canada’s tech pilot with another American import: McDonald’s. McDelivery with UberEATS launched today in a handful of Canadian cities: Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); Montreal; Ottawa; and Edmonton. Residents in those cities can now order McDona...
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2017 Nissan Titan: Homegrown Hero

( = || []).push({}); Hey, did you know Nissan made full-size pickups? Yeah, of course you did. I know it too, but it sure seems like they don’t get much notice, do they? If it’s not for the big three ‘Murican trucks – Chevy/GMC, Ford, and Ram – it seems to be Toyota grabs all the attention, leaving poor Nissan by the wayside. This is unfortunate because the Nissan Titan is not to be ignored. Big Warranty & Lots of Space Nissan has just added the King Ca...
Tags: Feature, Mississippi, Autos, Toyota, Nissan, McDonald, Cummins, Nissan Titan, Decherd Tennessee, Chevy GMC Ford, Car News, Canton Mississippi, Columbus Indiana, Aisin, Tony Borroz, King Cab

Boy, 8, learns to drive via YouTube tutorials before tootling off to McDonald’s

An eight-year-old boy used YouTube tutorials to learn how to drive before taking his little sister to McDonald's in the family car. Everyone who saw him tootle past said he appeared to be a supreme driver. The post Boy, 8, learns to drive via YouTube tutorials before tootling off to McDonald’s appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Youtube, Cars, Trends, Web, Driving, Mcdonalds, McDonald, How To Drive

Road tripping in the 2017 Nissan Versa Note

When most people think of a great road trip vehicle, they have visions of a fancy grand touring car, or maybe a luxurious sedan. We aren’t like most people. For us, the perfect road trip vehicle is a car that is light, nimble and fun to drive, has lots of space for our stuff and whatever junk we might accumulate along the way and gets great fuel economy. If it can catch the interest of some onlookers along the way, that is even better. With our event season about to go crazy, Mrs. G and I deci...
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8-Year-Old Hero Steals Car to Buy McDonald's After Learning to Drive on YouTube

You might think you’re a good driver. But you’ve got nothing on a nameless 8-year-old hero from Ohio. This past weekend he and his 4-year-old sister waited for their parents to fall asleep, stole their car, and then drove to McDonald’s to chow down on some McMeats.Read more...
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How a Government Tire Recycling Program Opened the Door to Sleaze

Remember when recycling was new and sexy and every 1980s sitcom included it as a subplot in at least one cringe-inducing episode? It was around the time that McDonald’s took away that convenient styrofoam container — you know, the one that stored a Big Mac on one side and a delicious pile of fries on […] The post How a Government Tire Recycling Program Opened the Door to Sleaze appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Government, Environment, Green, Autos, Recycling, Tires, Crime And Punishment, McDonald, News Blog, Crime & Punishment, Sleaze

The dealer viewpoint

  As my friends know I have been in the retail car business since 1984. I have been fortunate enough to be able to make a living at it and the car business has been my career, allowing me to play in my hobby so to speak. So after 33 years of doing this and doing jobs from salesman, service advisor, parts sales even cleaning cars I thought I would talk about some of the experiences and falsehoods that we still run into today. My first topic will be new car pricing, or further explaining what dea...
Tags: Opinion, Autos, Toyota, Car Sales, Franchise, McDonald, Buying A Car

Brand News: Trump Takes Aim at GM’s Chevy Cruze (and More)

Happy new year! The latest branding, marketing and advertising news and developments: GM blasted by Donald Trump for importing Chevy Cruzes from Mexico; GM clarifies as Ford cancels its plan to build a new plant in Mexico. Amazon‘s big brand bets could pay off in 2017, Fortune reports. Coca-Cola closes The Founders, its startup accelerator program. Constellation Brands‘ Callie Collection is the latest wine for women. Google takes on ClassPass with fitness class reservation system with MindBody....
Tags: Google, Amazon, Lyft, Uber, Spotify, Technology, Ge, Coca Cola, Mexico, China, Advertising, US, NFL, Ces, Mit, Snapchat

Brand News: Amazon’s The Grand Tour, Domino’s Pizza Drone and More

Amazon is going global next month to stream The Grand Tour to more than 200 countries. It’s also dropping annual Prime membership subscriptions to $79 for the November 18th debut of the former Top Gear team’s new series, which will launch in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. Domino’s completes world’s first drone pizza delivery, using Flirtey‘s Dru in New Zealand. A&E ends Duck Dynasty after 11 seasons. Bloomberg names Washington bureau chief Megan Murphy editor of Bloomberg Businessweek. Di...
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Even with removal of racecar language from final EPA ruling, SEMA pushes pro-racing campaign

Photo by the author. Nowhere in this month’s issuance of new greenhouse gas standards for heavy-duty trucks by the Environmental Protection Agency does the agency ban the conversion of street cars into race cars, as the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association warned the agency intended to do earlier this year, yet SEMA officials continue to push for pro-racing legislation. The rules, which the EPA published August 16 as the Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Stand...
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Brand News: Pizza Hut DJ Box, Kanye West, Pinterest and More

Brand news headlines for Thursday, August 18: Pizza Hut UK launches playable “DJ pizza box.” Buick enlists actor Max Greenfield for new campaign. Ford VR app lets users experience life as a Le Mans race car driver in a 2016 GT. Huawei launches Honor smartphone brand in the US. Kanye West is opening 21 pop-up stores with Pablo merchandise worldwide. 21 PABLO STORES WORLDWIDE THIS WEEKEND LOCATIONS HERE — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) August 18, 2016 McDonald’s pulls k...
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