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Punch Electric Motorcycle Is Weird and Oddly Cool

From Minsk The weird motorcycle you see here is from a company in Minsk, Belarus. It has a simplistic design with moderate power and is made by a company called Punch Moto. According to New Atlas, the motorcycle was designed and built by the Belarusian company to be a simple commuter electric motorcycle with a supermoto-like style.  It looks like nothing else on the road, and its fully electric powertrain is slim and fits in the frame well. There’s a unique, kind of abstract artfulness to the b...
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BOL’D OVER. Recast Moto’s Stunning Honda CB900F Roadster

Written by Marlon Slack Some motorcycles perfectly reflect a time in history. And the early Honda Bol D’or is a prime example of it. All hard lines and pressed steel wheels, there’s something about it that screams late 70’s optimism and chest hair. But Belarus’ Recast Moto changed that, cutting, shutting and kicking it into a dark, modern . And it all happened by chance. “We visited our friends who bring bikes over from the Netherlands,” Recast’s Latiz Lemark recalls. “In a large hangar w...
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INTERNATIONAL RESCUE. A Cross-Border Kawasaki W650 Scrambler by Recast Moto

Written by Marlon Slack The post INTERNATIONAL RESCUE. A Cross-Border Kawasaki W650 Scrambler by Recast Moto appeared first on
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Custom Bikes Of The Week

This week we’ve got a 210 horsepower French muscle bike, a new BMW tracker from Fuel Motorcycles, and an officially sanctioned Street Twin Scrambler to plug the gap in Triumph’s new Bonneville range. Avinton Collector Race R Some customs prize elegance and sophistication above all else. Others are as subtle as a sledgehammer. The metal muscle you see here falls into the latter camp—and damn, is it exquisite. It’s the product of Cedric Klein, the man behind Avinton Motorcycles of Sommiere, Fr...
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