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The BMW Motorrad Concept R18 Is Absolutely Stunning

The 1,800cc Boxer Twin Is Coming BMW’s Concept R18 is the first concept bike to feature the massive 1,800cc engine. The engine in this bike is the big news for the company, but I can’t stop staring at the breathtaking motorcycle that lovely engine rests in. It looks almost comically large cradled in what pretends to be a hardtail frame.  The Concept R18 blends vintage BMW aesthetics with classic bobber style and tons of modern technology. It’s both a throwback and a giant leap forward. The bike...
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Joe Doucet’s Sotera Motorcycle Helmet Design Works to Prevent Accidents

Making You More Visible The designer Joe Doucet has an interesting design for a motorcycle helmet that makes a lot of sense. While most helmets focus on protecting you when you crash, his design works to actively prevent crashes from occurring. The helmet you see above has built-in lights near the bottom half of the shell. This area is usually white when riding. When you brake, the helmet senses the shift in momentum and speed and turns red, alerting drivers behind and around you. Joe Doucet sa...
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Missouri Lawmakers Push to Eliminate Motorcycle Helmet Law

Another State to Allow Helmet-less Riders? Missouri used to have a mandatory helmet law. It might not in the future due to the fact that lawmakers in the state repealed the old law and put in its place a law that would allow for riders over 18 with the proper insurance to ride without a helmet. The approved law by officials now sits on the Governor’s desk. There’s a very good chance this will pass. Public health organizations and individuals urge against the new law, citing statistics that show...
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India to Force Electric Motorcycles by 2025

Anything Under 150cc Power Will Need to be Electric The electric motorcycle revolution is something I talk about a lot. Now it seems India has plans to kick that into high gear for its market. As you probably know, India is a huge market for motorcycles and scooters. Most of their bikes are small displacement, lower-powered machines, too. According to RideApart, the Indian government wants any motorcycle or scooter with three wheels to be electric, and anything with displacement less than 150cc...
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Rizoma Unveils Moto Guzzi V7 Collection

Customize Your Moto Guzzi You might think that your Moto Guzzi V7 motorcycle is pure Italian perfection, but according to Rizoma, everything can be improved upon. The aftermarket parts company recently came out with a new collection for the Moto Guzzi V7 allowing you to take your beautiful Italian bike and make it into an awesome creation of your own.  It’s amazing how some subtle changes like new handlebars, lights, handlebar grips, mirrors, license plate holders, and other accessories can tot...
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Go to the London Bike Shed Show to See the Triumph Rocket 3 TFC

In Case You Just Can’t Wait The Bike Shed 2019 motorcycle show in London will showcase the new Triumph Rocket 3 TFC. If you want to see the motorcycle in the flesh, then that’s where you’ll need to go. According to Motorcycle News, the bike will make its official debut at the motorcycle show. It’s bound to be the most popular bike there or at least the most talked about one. Triumph’s new Rocket 3 TFC is a notable step forward from the previous Rocket 3 motorcycle that debuted in 2004. The big ...
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The Husqvarna Svartpilen 701 Style Special Edition Motorcycle Hits Dealers

Get Ready for Another Version of the Svartpilen 701 Husqvarna’s Svartpilen 701 Style is a new special edition of the Svartpilen 701 that’s immediately available at dealerships. The company calls its latest iteration of the motorcycle a “flat-track inspired street explorer” in its press release. The bike gets a special bronze, black, and silver color scheme, setting it apart from the standard model. The color isn’t the only thing that sets it apart. The bike also gets spoked wheels, CNC-machined...
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Japan’s ‘Auto Race’ Is the Motorcycle Racing You Need to See

Who Wants to Go to Japan? I’ve seen or participated in some wild motorcycle racing, but this one might take the cake. It’s called Auto Race and it happens in Japan. The name might make you think of cars, but these are definitely bikes. Motorcycle enthusiast and voice actor Peter von Gromm was able to capture some awesome footage of these bikes and their riders doing their thing. The whole spectacle reminds me of dog or horse racing. There’s a short 500-meter oval track, thousands of seats aroun...
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MV Agusta Superveloce 800 Confirmed for 2020

This Concept Bike Comes to Life If you thought the MV Agusta Superveloce 800 that was unveiled as a concept bike at EICMA 2018 in Milan should become a production bike, you weren’t alone. MV Agusta confirmed it will build the bike. The production version of the bike will come in 2020, according to a post on the company’s Instagram. From what we can see in the post, the bike will not differ too much from the motorcycle shown in the images here. Those images are of the motorcycle that appeared in...
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A New Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR Could Come in 2020

Ducati, Get Ready for Some Competition The Ducati Panigale V4 R is a serious force to be reckoned with. Recent information suggests that Kawasaki may have a new Ninja ZX-10RR in the works that could be the company’s answer to the Italian bike that’s currently dominating the World Superbike Championship. According to Asphalt & Rubber, filings with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) would suggest Kawasaki is moving forward with the development of the bike and could have it ready for 2020. ...
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Randy Mamola Will Race the Appaloosa Built by Indian Motorcycle and Workhorse Speedshop

He’ll Race in the 2019 Sultans of Sprint Championship The name Appaloosa comes from a breed of horse. The bike that Indian Motorcycle and Workhorse Speedshop gave that name to started out as a Scout Bobber. It was built to commemorate 100 years of Indian Scout motorcycles. Randy Mamola, a Grand Prix racing legend, will be the man who gets to pilot this motorcycle during this year’s Sultans of Sprint Championship.  Mamola will compete with the motorcycle in the Factory Class. The bike received n...
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Honda Files Patent to Let You Change Your Riding Position

Go From Sport to Sport Tourer If you could change the riding position on your motorcycle, you would have no need to own multiple bikes. I mean, you still would, but that’s beside the point. Honda has this in mind with the new patent spotted by MoreBikes. The patent shows a CBR1000RR with adjustable handlebars and screen. This means you could go from a touring position to a sport riding position very easily.  As MoreBikes points out, Yamaha had a similar idea a few years back. Honda must have th...
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Is a New Suzuki Burgman Coming This Year for 2020?

A New Maxi Scooter Sounds Like It’s On Its Way for 2020 Suzuki’s Burgman scooter is a ride that’s well-loved by those who like maxi scooters. That is scooters with higher displacement engines that can be used for everything from getting groceries to touring the countryside. The Burgman is one of the big players in this space, and now it sounds like Suzuki will update it for 2020.  According to MoreBikes, rumors of a new Burgman for 2020 have swirled lightly around. Now, it seems these plans are...
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Here’s a Look at the New Electric Super Soco CUx Special Edition Ducati Scooter

The Electric Ducati Recently, I reported on the fact that Ducati had teamed up with Vmoto to do an electric scooter through the company’s Super Soco brand. The CUx scooter that would be used in already developed by the company and Ducati wants in on that action. Well, now we’re getting a look at the scooter thanks to a video of the press launch. According to Motorcycle News, Ducati has been using the CUx scooters and paddock vehicles at the MotoGP, so the company was already pretty familiar wit...
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Yamaha R1 to Get Automatic Braking

No More Front Wheel Lift The Yamaha R1 has been rumored to get all sorts of updates, but the true picture of what the bike will actually be getting is becoming more clear. According to MoreBikes, the Yamaha R1 will get an automatic rear brake that will help keep the front wheel from lifting off the ground.  The company recently patented a feature that uses the ABS system to help keep both tires on the ground. As soon as the system senses the front wheel start to life, the ABS pulses to help kee...
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Connecticut House of Representatives Votes to Enhance Helmet Law

Adding a Couple More Years Helmet laws are a controversial topic in many states. Every state has its own law about motorcycle helmets, and it’s important to know and follow the law in your particular state. In Connecticut, a new helmet bill just passed the House of Representatives. It would make all riders 21 years old and younger wear a helmet, according to the Hartford Courant. The idea is that if the state can get younger riders to get used to wearing a helmet, then they will continue to wea...
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Watch This Very Unscientific Crush Test of Some Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmets

You Might Be Surprised At the Results Crushing a motorcycle helmet with a hydraulic press isn’t the most scientific test of a helmet. That said, it does demonstrate the weak points of a helmet when that helmet is put under extreme amounts of pressure. The team over at the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube recently got a bunch of different bicycle and motorcycle helmets to see how much pressure they can withstand. As you might imagine, the higher-dollar, premium motorcycle helmet seems to do be...
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Triumph Makes Moves to Develop an Electric Motorcycle in Two Years

Let Triumph’s Electrified Future Begin Triumph recently announced a partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain, and the University of Warwick. According to reports, the point of that partnership is to move the company forward on electrification projects. RideApart noted the company’s plan is quite ambitious. The result of the plan will be what the company calls the TE-1. It will be an electric motorcycle. Triumph wants it to happen in two year’s time. Williams Advanced ...
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Ernie Vigil Finishes 5th at Mexican 1000 Rally Riding a Triumph Scrambler 1200

Not Your Typical Bike for the Race I don’t cover many motorcycle competitions, but this story is too good not to share. Apparently, Ernie Vigil took fifth out of 13 contestants at the Mexican 1000 Rally on a Triumph Scrambler 1200. The Triumph Scrambler isn’t the first bike I or many others would have chosen. Most riders opted for dirt bikes with about half the displacement. The factory racer completed the five-day, 1,347-mile rally in 25 hours and 37 minutes, according to That’...
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Honda Patents Single-Cylinder Motorcycle With Drum Brakes

A Super Affordable Model? Honda does some weird things sometimes. Lately, the company has had numerous patents for high-tech applications for motorcycles and gear, but now it seems the company is truly going back to basics. It just patented a design that has what looks like a small single cylinder engine and drum brakes.  First spotted by RideApart, the design looks like a super simple one. The choice to include drum brakes is especially odd to me. Disc brakes work far better and can’t be that ...
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Indian Motorcycle Patents Variable Valve Timing V-Twin

That Liquid-Cooled Engine Could Get VVT Not too long ago, we reported on the news that Indian Motorcycle had a new liquid-cooled engine in the works. That engine was suspected to be the same one that appeared under the Victory name a few years before. Indian was going to use the design. That brought up questions of what would happen to the current Thunder Stroke 111 air-cooled design. According to, the engine could get variable valve timing.  That’s one way to keep the air-cooled...
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The Triumph Rocket 3 GT Was Spotted

It Looks Pretty Awesome Triumph’s new Rocket 3 is the most powerful production motorcycle. The new Triumph Rocket 3 has a 2,458cc three-cylinder engine that makes 167 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque. The motorcycle is unlike many other machines on the road, and now a shot of the Rocket 3 GT has surfaced. Apparently, the bike was out for a photo shoot in Croatia. Motorcycle News reported on it and shared an image sent to the publication by its reader Igor Skunca. The motorcycle has no camo on it, a s...
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A Look at the Dakar Route Through Saudi Arabia

The First of the Races to be Held There We reported a while back that the legendary Dakar Rally will move to Saudi Arabia from its South American location, which it has enjoyed for over a decade. The decision is somewhat controversial due to the country’s standing in the world right now. However, it won the bid for the race and offers a landscape well-suited to the challenge. Asphalt & Rubber recently showcased what the route will look like. The start will be in Jeddah on the Red Sea, from ther...
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Lane Splitting Is Close to Becoming Legal In Oregon

Not Quite There Yet Lane splitting is a hot topic for many motorcyclists and state legislators right now. More states are considering laws based around the practice. Oregon is currently considering a bill that would legalize lane splitting on the state’s roads. However, Asphalt & Rubber notes that the bill, HB2314, is currently halted with the joint transportation committee. If you’re a rider in Oregon, there’s actually something you can do. The organization Lane Share Oregon is asking for ride...
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The Nembo 32 Failed to Meet Its Crowdfunding Goal

No Upsidedown Bike Afterall In case you aren’t familiar with the Nembo 32, it’s a motorcycle with the engine flipped upside down. The creator says it’s better for weight distribution and allows the engine to be a structural part of the motorcycle, which helps reduce weight. It’s a wild idea. I reported on this weird thing when it first kicked off its crowdfunding effort. It seems the project didn’t reach its goal. According to Motofire, the company hoped to raise around $3.5 million. It came up...
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MV Agusta Offers 1.99 Percent Financing on Its Bikes

A Limited-Time Offer Have you always wanted to own an MV Agusta motorcycle? Me too. That’s why I’m pretty pumped the company decided to offer 1.99 percent financing in the USA. Of course, I’m broke and you may not be, so head over to your MV Agusta dealer to take advantage of this killer offer. It expires on June 30th.  The offer is made through Freedom Road Financial. MV Agusta connected with the financial institution to provide a low percentage on financing for its entire lineup. The offer ex...
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Rizoma Adds Honda CB1000R Neo Sport Cafe Collection

Upgrade Your Honda With Rizoma Honda’s Neo Sport Cafe motorcycles are some of the coolest bikes on the road right now. They’re sporty, naked machines that offer the best of retro styling in a modern motorcycle. The Honda CB1000R now gets a full collection of Rizoma parts, so you can customize your ride as you see fit.  The new Rizoma collection for the Honda motorcycle includes a long list of aftermarket parts. The types of parts include fairings, mirrors, risers, handlebars, grips, caps, cover...
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You Can Now Rent an Indian Motorcycle From the Dealer

Get Ready to Have Some Fun Need a bike for a day? Want to ride around on the Indian of your dreams for while without buying? The company now has a way for you to do that. You can rent the Indian Motorcycle model that you want at a participating dealer. The company recently announced its new rental program, giving riders a new option. There are nine dealerships currently participating in the U.S. This means that if you live near one of these locations you have the option to rent any bike the dea...
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Optional Helmet Law In North Carolina Fails to Pass

You Must Wear One I’m all for people making their own decisions, but helmet laws make a lot of sense. They ensure that riders have at least the most basic of protection while riding. Proponents of helmets as optional equipment say the issue is about choice, but health officials and smart riders know how important helmet laws are. In North Carolina there was a law moving through that would have made helmet laws optional equipment. It failed to pass. According to News & Record, the law would have...
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The Tempest Titan R Is a Fantastic Blend of Electric Bike and Electric Motorcycle

An Interesting Moped For the Future I’m a big fan of mopeds—those little pedal-internal-combustion-engined bikes that have more or less disappeared from the modern motorcycle industry. I own a 1989 Tomos Golden Bullet. I love the little underpowered thing. It’s perfect for shooting over to a coffee shop or up to the store for a loaf of bread. The problem is it’s loud. It has a two-stroke engine on it, and my reasonably quiet neighborhood likely doesn’t appreciate the blue-smoke-spitting, ear-sp...
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