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Could BMW Be Working on a Hybrid Boxer Engine?

More Hybrid Bikes Are Coming If you thought motorcycles were safe from hybrid technology, you were wrong. A new patent filing by BMW spotted by the two-wheeled sleuths at revealed the company might be working on a hybrid boxer engine for a motorcycle. Judging by the patent drawings it’s a bit of a stretch. The drawings are pretty basic and it’s unclear what exactly is going on, but gives some insights. Apparently, the patent places the electric motor with the boxer...
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Is a Retro Suzuki Cafe Racer Coming?

Patent Suggests Maybe Suzuki recently filed a patent application for a new cafe racer bike that would be a nice addition to its lineup. The bike, if built, would likely fit in with some of the other retro-styled motorcycles, including the VanVan 200 and the TU250X. Although, it appears that this bike would have higher displacement than either of those bikes. This new cafe racer would be a welcomed addition to the Suzuki Cycles lineup. The two bikes mentioned above are excellent but a little on ...
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Electric Motorcycles are Coming to Kill Your Gasoline-Powered Bikes

The Electrified Future Is Now Don’t be fooled by the unassuming plug in the wall, electric motorcycles are the silent but deadly bikes of the future. Like Great White Sharks the electric two-wheelers are lurking in the dark water ready to take down their louder and more conventional internal combustion brethren. Here are the seven news stories from the last two weeks that prove it. 1. The Zero SR/F Will Be The Company’s Most Powerful Bike Yet The Zero SR/F Will be the Company’s Most Pow...
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Forcite Receives Funding for Its Smart Helmet

The Smart Helmets Are Coming Smart helmets are the next big thing in motorcycle gear. While there a few different companies, such as Shoei, working on the technology, there are also smaller players like the Australian company Forcite. That company just received some new funding that will ensure it hits its set 2019 delivery date.  According to Motorbike Writer, Uniseed, which is one of Australia’s longest-running research commercialization fund, invested money in the helmet company. This brings...
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NXT Rage Electric Commuter Motorcycle Launches

Rage Silently on Your Commute There’s a definite electric motorcycle revolution occurring in the motorcycle industry. One of the latest entrants is NXT with its commuter bike called Rage. That’s a pretty extreme name for what is bound to be quite a quiet electric bike. Of course, NXT is hoping to make some serious noise in the industry. With big names like Harley-Davidson, Lightning Motorcycles, and Zero Motorcycles coming out with their own bikes, it’ll be interesting to see if NXT can become ...
Tags: Motorcycles, Netherlands, Rage, Electric Motorcycles, Motorcycle News, NXT Motors, NXT Rage, NXT Rage Electric Commuter Motorcycle Launches, Harley Davidson Lightning Motorcycles

Check Out the Trailer For ‘Oil In The Blood,’ A Film About Custom Motorcycles

Get Your Fix of Beautiful Customs Custom motorcycles are intoxicatingly beautiful works of art that also happen to provide some of the most fun you can have on two wheels. Now there’s a feature film called Oil In The Blood. The film premiered at the One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon, earlier this month. You can check out the trailer below. After watching the trailer, all I want to do is go out in my shed and build the world’s most badass custom bike. The documentary film features plenty of big ...
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Lighting Motorcycles Teases Image of the Strike

The First Photo Looks Good Lightning Motorcycle’s new Strike bike is set to be fully revealed in March. Until then, the company has to keep the attention of the media and interested prospective customers. Hence the latest teaser image. In the first photo of the Lightning Motorcycles’ Strike, you can see the bike’s electric motor.  The company doesn’t offer up too much new information other than stating that the Strike will get a liquid-cooled motor. That’s interesting but not a big shocker. Ele...
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It Looks Like a Kawasaki Electric Bike Is Moving Forward

New Patent Drawings Reveal Progress It would seem that Kawasaki has an electric motorcycle it’s working on. Visordown nabbed some patent drawings that show how the bike is progressing. In short, Kawasaki’s getting closer. There are two drawings that show some interesting things about the bike. The first shows a mostly complete motorcycle, or rather a simple drawing of one. It’s all there, what looks like a battery and electric motor, handlebars, etc. This suggests Kawasaki at least has a design...
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2019 KTM Adventure Rider Rally U.S. and Canada Dates Announced

16 Years and Counting Get ready for an adventure. KTM set the dates for its U.S. Adventure Rider Rally and the Canadian rally. The motorcycle company has hosted this event for 15 years, and it does so at various locations around the world. The 2019 rally will take place in Breckenridge, Colorado. If you don’t have much going September 13 to 15, consider signing up for the rally. It’s a great way to explore some extreme mountainous terrain. If you’re closer to British Columbia than Colorado, con...
Tags: Colorado, Motorcycles, British Columbia, KTM, Breckenridge Colorado, Rossland, Motorcycle News, Red Mountain Resort, Adventure Bikes, KTM Adventure Rider Rally

Druid Motorcycles Shows Off Hybrid and Electric Bikes

Another Player to the EV Market Add Druid Motorcycles to the list of companies that make electric bikes. Well, Druid makes an electric bike and a hybrid one. Other than some seriously obnoxious branding and the fact that the company is way too proud of its name, I’m pretty pumped about these bikes. There are two of them, the Druid Sorcerer Hybrid and the Druid Sorcerer XEV. As you can probably figure out, the hybrid has both electric power and power from a gasoline engine whereas the XEV gets j...
Tags: Motorcycles, Electric Motorcycles, Hybrid, Electric Bikes, Druid, Motorcycle News, XEV, Druid Motorcycles, Sorcerer, EV Market Add Druid Motorcycles, Well Druid

Aprilia Racers Days Track Program Announced

Test Aprilia Motorcycles On the Track Get ready for some fun. Aprilia is now offering what it’s calling Aprilia Racer Days. Basically, it’s seven track-day events where enthusiasts can come out and ride the latest Aprilia bikes in the environment they were built for. Aprilia says it wants to offer an experience with no stop signs, traffic signals, or automobiles to obstruct the sensation. That sounds pretty great if you ask me. The company will have a fleet of V4 motorcycles on hand, including ...
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Suzuki Files Patent for Unique Engine Placement

Just Flip It Around In a recent patent filing, Suzuki decided it would take the standard motorcycle engine placement and flip it on end. The company filed a patent for a bike with an engine that’s essentially flipped around with the cylinder heads of what appears to be a single-cylinder engine positioned almost horizontally and placed right up by the front fork.  According to Cycle World, the design can be used on single or inline motorcycle engines. The cylinders fit between the main frame rai...
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Lightning Motorcycles Teases Strike’s Riding Position

It’s a Bit More Upright If you were worried that the Lightning Motorcycles Strike was going to have the same super-hunched riding position that the superbike has, then you can breathe easy. It will have a more upright riding position than the company’s LS-218. This is good news. While the LS-218’s riding position is right for that particular bike, the mainstream Strike that Lightning Motorcycles will put out should be a little more relaxed so it can be used as an everyday bike. We’re not talkin...
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Shoei’s IT-HT Equipped With HUD Will Debut 2020

The Smart Helmet Confirmed At the last CES, NS West and Shoei teamed up to bring a unique smart helmet with a head-up display (HUD) called the IT-HT. Shoei just confirmed it. Japan Today reported that the helmet manufacturer will produce the IT-HT and begin selling it in Spring of 2020.  Shoei is well-known in the industry for making some of the best helmets around. NS West is less well-known, but it has the technology and expertise to get it done. The company worked with Mazda and Daihatsu in ...
Tags: Japan, Motorcycles, Hud, Mazda, Daihatsu, Motorcycle News, Shoei, NS West, IT-HT, IT HT Shoei

Alpinestars Responds to Munich Court Ruling, Fight Continues

Alpinestars Isn’t Backing Down We reported that the court ruling that Alpinestars infringed on Daixnese’s patent for its D-Air gear recently. That court ruling states that Alpinestars can’t continue to sell its Air-Tech gear in Germany and has to compensate Dainese for the infringement and recall all the gear it sold there that infringes on the patent. According to a press release from Alpinestars and, the patent infringement pertains to the way in which Alpinestars added the air...
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Pirelli Add New Diablo Superbike Tires for Small Displacement Bikes

Some Proper Racing Tires for Your Small Bike We’re not the only one noticing a major shift in the motorcycle industry towards smaller bikes. Pirelli will add some new sizes for its Diablo Superbike tire lineup so that entry-level sized sportbikes can have some legit racing slicks to add to their bike.  According to a press release posted by, the company will offer the tires in 110/70-17 front and 140/70-17 rear sizes. The tires will come with the company’s SC1 compound. Pirelli r...
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Are These Onyx Electric Mopeds the Perfect Urban Commuter Bikes?

Pedals and Electric Power Mopeds were popular machines in the 1970s and 80s, but over time the bicycle/motorcycle bike fell out of style. Now, they’re quite uncommon. You see either scooters or motorcycles, but the pedal moped is a rarity on the road. That may change in the future thanks to ONYX Motorbikes. ONYX Motorbikes got its start where many good ideas go, Indigogo. After raising about $1 million, Tim Seward, the founder of the company, and his team have delivered on some truly attractive...
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Triumph Daytona With 765 Engine Spied

The Return of the Daytona The 765 engine first appeared on Triumph’s Street Triple, and now it looks like a new Daytona will get that engine as well. The motorcycle spies over at Motorcycle News spotted the new bike riding around. The images of the return of the Daytona with that new engine were shot in Spain. With them comes some concrete detail and plenty of speculation. There are a few things that can be gleaned from the images. As Motorcycle News points out, there is a lot of this new bike ...
Tags: Spain, Motorcycles, Triumph, Daytona, Brembo, TFC, Motorcycle News, Triumph Daytona, Sportbike, Daytona Although Triumph

NEXX Announces 2019 Helmet Lineup

A Good-Looking Line of Lids NEXX Helmets has a good lineup of helmets for 2019 that will appeal to riders of all sorts from touring riders to racers. The collection is mostly full-face lids with one modular design. In a press release, the company said all of its helmets are pursuing the “wow” factor, whatever that means. NEXX Helmets went on to talk about “magical-filled products.” All I know is that the company generally produces good helmets, so I thought it worth it to showcase the helmets a...
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Munich Court of Appeals Determines Alpinestars Infringed on Dainese’s European Patent

The Claim Was More Than Just Hot Air According to a Dainese press release, a Munich Court of Appeals came to the conclusion after a long judicial battle that Alpinestar’s Tech-Air Street airbag Vest designed for road use and Tech-Air Racing airbag Vest designed for track use both infringe on the European patent EP 2 412 257 B1 issued to Dainese.  The decision comes after a similar decision that Alpinestars appealed by a German Federal Patent Court. That verdict came in 2017. Now, Alpinestars wi...
Tags: Motorcycles, Dainese, Alpinestars, Tech Air, German Federal Supreme Court, Motorcycle News, Airbag Vest, Air-Tec, D-air, Munich Court of Appeals, Dainese s D Air

Yamaha Gets Weird With MOTOROiD Concept Bike, Wins Award

It Looks Like a Robot and Acts Like One, Too Yamaha won an iF Design Award 2019 for its concept motorcycle called the MOTOROiD. The iF Design Awards are awarded to excellent designs selected by top designers in the industry. The MOTOROiD’s blend of unique technology, innovative ideas, and superb execution is what qualified it for the honor. The MOTOROiD has won similar awards in the past. According to Yamaha, the bike has won an International Design Excellence Award and Red Dot Award: Design Co...
Tags: Motorcycles, Yamaha, Motorcycle News, Motoroid, iF Design Award, Yamaha MOTOROiD concept

KTM’s Nationwide Ride Orange Street Demo Program Announced

Get Ready to Ride Orange KTM announced its new schedule for its Ride Orange Street Demo program on its website. The event schedule shows the places and times that the demos will take place. The street demos will begin in Murrieta, CA, and continue around the nation as 2019 moves forwards. KTM is holding the first Ride Orange Street Demo at its headquarters, but the rest will be at dealerships in various states around the country. If you were hoping to get up close and personal with some of KTM’...
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A New Helmet Survey Shows Many Motorcyclist Wear the Wrong Helmet Size

Your Lid Can’t Protect You If It Doesn’t Stay On According to a new survey performed by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), around 25 percent of motorcyclists wear the wrong size helmet. The survey also revealed that around 20 percent of riders said their helmet almost came off in a crash. The video below shows how a helmet can come off or come partially off a rider’s head in an accident. The study first began in 2014, according to Visordown, and the laboratory’s work continues today. It’s...
Tags: Motorcycles, Helmet, Motorcycle News, Transport Research Laboratory, Visordown, Clothing Safety, Transport Research Laboratory TRL

You Can Now Pre-Order the Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1100

High-Speed Racer? Yes Please Do you know what your life is missing? An Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1100. Why? Because its 1100cc engine can make 217 HP at a screaming 13,200 rpm. That’s really all you need to know about it. That should be enough to get you to want to buy one, though there are many, many more reasons to do so. Aprilia just opened up pre-orders for the bike, if 217 hp sounds good, you can plop down $2,000 and wait for your bike.  The Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1100 is the most powerful and li...
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Get Ready for the KTM 690 Enduro R and 690 SMC R This Spring

Two Awesome Bikes One Difficult Choice KTM recently announced the release of the KTM 690 Enduro R and the 690 SMC R for the North American market this spring. The bikes add to the company’s already stellar lineup of road bikes. Both bikes are similar in many respects but offer some different equipment that sets them apart. First, we’ll focus on the things that both models have. The engine is at the top of the list. It’s a 690cc single-cylinder that KTM says is the most powerful production singl...
Tags: Motorcycles, North America, KTM, Motorcycle News, KTM 690 Enduro R, KTM 690 SMC R

The Zero SR/F Will be the Company’s Most Powerful Bike Yet

Another Teaser Gives Allows for Performance Speculation Zero Motorcycles will give all the juicy details of its new SR/F model come February 25, but the company keeps the teasers coming in the meantime. The most recent teaser is the video below. It’s a series of close up shots of the bike that gives you a look at some of its key components. The most notable are the battery and the electric motor. there’s also a shot of the front wheel with a good look at what’s likely a very capable front brake...
Tags: Motorcycles, Teaser, Harley, Motorcycle News, Zero Motorcycles, SR/F

The Bell Pro Star ECE Is the First to Earn FIM Racing Homologation

It’s Ready to Race According to a new report on Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme’s (FIM) website, the Bell Pro Star ECE is the first helmet to pass the racing federation’s tests. FIM Helmet Standard FRHPhe-01 is supposed to be the toughest to pass. That means the Pro Star ECE is one of the safest helmets out there. The Pro Star ECE received homologation for small, medium, and large size Pro Star ECE helmets. The federation noted that the helmet was able to pass the ECE standards, and i...
Tags: Motorcycles, Bell, ECE, Chris Hackett, Motorcycle News, Bell Helmets, Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, FIM, Bell Pro Star ECE, Pro Star ECE

Motorcycle Industry Council Survey Shows Who Modern Motorcyclists Are

The MIC Takes a Look at Who’s Really Riding The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) recently did a survey that looked at the demographics of motorcycle riders across the country. It showed interesting data that suggests the typical type of person who rides a motorcycle is undergoing a shift. MIC President and CEO Tim Buche said the demographics of the country are changing and this has an impact on the motorcycling community, too. For decades, the MIC Owner Survey has told us a lot about who we ar...
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Could Suzuki Bring a DR Big Based on the V-Strom 1000 to Market?

Rumors Suggest It Is So Suzuki looks like it could soon be battling in the upper-middle-class adventure segment of the market. The bikemaker could revive the DR Big name with a bike based on the V-Strom 1000. According to DriveMag Riders, word on the street is that the model will come with 100 hp and be more off-road oriented than the V-Strom. DriveMag Riders cites information from a Spanish publication called Trailriders. In that article, the DR Big is suggested as an alternative to Honda’s Af...
Tags: Motorcycles, Honda, Rumor, Suzuki, Motorcycle News, Strom, Adventure Motorcycles, Suzuki DR Big

Amazing MV Agusta Collection to Sell at Retromobile, Paris

Get Your Pocketbook Ready The iconic motorcycle marque MV Agusta has some of the most amazing bikes ever to be built. At the Retromobile Show in Paris, France, one of the largest known collections of MV Agusta motorcycles will go up for auction on Saturday, February 9, 2019.  The collection of motorcycles was brought to auction by an Italian family who had almost 100 bikes to sell. Some of the bikes date all the way back to 1945. Everything from production road bikes to small scooters to high-p...
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