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Nigeria’s Gokada raises $5.3M round for its motorcycle ride-hail biz

In many large cities across Africa, motorcycle taxies are as common as yellow-cabs in New York. That includes Lagos, Nigeria, where ride-hail startup Gokada has raised a $5.3 million Series A round to grow its two-wheel transit business. Gokada has trained and on-boarded over 1000 motorcycles and their pilots on its app that connects commuters to moto-taxis and the company’s signature green, DOT approved helmets. The startup has completed nearly 1 million rides since it was co-founded in 2018 by...
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Getting Drafted Was “The Best Thing That Could Have Happened” for Barry Steinberg, Owner of Direct Tire & Auto Service

Barry Steinberg’s grandmother used to call him “plier fingers.” He was always taking something apart and putting it back together. Little did she know that her grandson would later go on to own four of the best tire and automotive service providers in the Boston area. Barry was working at a bar in a New York City suburb when he was drafted into the military in 1966. It turns out, it was “the best thing that could have happened” for him. He celebrated his 21st birthday in basic training, w...
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The empirical impact of Lyft and Uber on cities: congestion (especially downtown, especially during "surges"), overworked drivers

Mike Moffitt sums up the empirical work on the impact of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft for cities: an increase in congestion, especially downtown, especially during "surges" (Uber and Lyft insist that they reduce congestion, especially in downtowns, and especially during surges!); lower wages, longer hours and more precarious work for drivers (accompanied by the slow death of the taxi/limo businesses); huge losses for car-rental companies; and less walking, cycling and use of public tr...
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GM’s car-sharing service Maven to exit eight cities

GM is scaling back its Maven car-sharing company and will stop service in nearly half of the 17 North American cities in which it operates. A spokesperson who confirmed Maven was shutting down in some cities, without identifying the locations or number that will remain, said the company plans to focus on markets that have the strongest demand and growth potential. The WSJ, which was the first to report the impending shutdown, said Maven will continue to operate in Detroit, Los Angeles, Washingto...
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China’s Tesla wannabe Xpeng starts ride-hailing service

There’re a lot of synergies between electric vehicles and ride-hailing. Drivers are able to save more steering an EV compared to a gas vehicle. Environmentally conscious consumers will choose to hire an electric car. And EVs are designed with better compatibility with autonomous driving, which is expected to hit the public road in the coming decades. Indeed, Tesla is eyeing to launch its first robotaxis in 2020 as part of a broader ride-sharing scheme. Over in China where Tesla has a few disc...
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Uber’s trading debut: who was (and wasn’t) at the opening bell

Uber finally made its debut Friday on the New York Stock Exchange, ending its decade-long journey from startup to publicly traded company. So far, it’s been a ho-hum beginning with shares opening at $42, down from the IPO price. The share price is hovering just under $44. Thirteen people, including executives, early employees, drivers and customers, were on the balcony for the historic bell ringing that opened the markets Friday. Noticeable absentees were co-founder Garrett Camp and former...
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How Motorcycle School Made Me a Better Driver

I took and passed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s basic riding course this past weekend, the one you need in New York state to get your motorcycle endorsement without taking a road test. It was not easy, but I did leave with a pretty high level of confidence in my ability to safely operate a bike. I was surprised…Read more...
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Diesel Engine, All-wheel Drive Coming to Mazda 6; No Word on Suspension Lift, Cladding

It seems the idea of a sport-utility sedan just doesn’t resonate, despite automakers’ best efforts. Oh well, at least there’s still the prospect of greater traction and somewhat improved fuel economy coming to Mazda’s slinky 6 sedan. During this week’s New York reveal of the much-delayed CX-5 diesel, the automaker mentioned that the 2.2-liter oil […] The post Diesel Engine, All-wheel Drive Coming to Mazda 6; No Word on Suspension Lift, Cladding appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Weekly Roundup, Good Friday 19 April 2019

The evolution of the Qantas logo.  One of our favorite airlines and logos.  See article below on “changing the paint job”. Good morningI hope your Good Friday is off to a good start, and your Easter Weekend will be spent most pleasantly, including, for the Christians among our readers, some extra time pondering and being thankful for our salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus.If this was New Zealand, we’d all be on holiday today (and also Monday), but, alas, here in the US, most of us are prob...
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2020 Subaru Outback Picks Up New Platform, Deep-sixes the Six

For 2020, Subaru’s revered Outback wagon undergoes a host of changes while remaining unmistakably an Outback. And, as New York is hardly the first locale that springs to mind when thinking “Outback,” Subaru decided to have the great outdoors accompany the next-generation wagon to this week’s auto show. The automaker brought both the Outback and […] The post 2020 Subaru Outback Picks Up New Platform, Deep-sixes the Six appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: New York, Autos, Awd, New Cars, Subaru, Outback, Subaru Outback, News Blog, NYIAS, Product Planning, Outback Subaru, 2020 Subaru Outback

Hyundai’s 2020 Sonata: Optimized Engines, and an N Line Model Waiting in the Wings

Staying true to its tradition of extremely bold styling revamps, Hyundai’s 2020 Sonata looks like something penned by a team of French and Italian designers. We explored the next-generation midsizer’s many styling highlights earlier this year. Now that the upcoming Sonata has had its official New York debut, there’s more information to get across. Specifically, power, […] The post Hyundai’s 2020 Sonata: Optimized Engines, and an N Line Model Waiting in the Wings appeared first on The Truth About...
Tags: New York, Wings, Autos, Engines, Hyundai, Sonata, Hyundai Sonata, News Blog, NYIAS, Product Planning, Future Models, 2020 Hyundai Sonata, Sonata N Line

Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition Debuts in New York

Generally, when most folks turn 50, they throw themselves a party and reflect on their first five decades while musing about aging gracefully. The Nissan GT-R might not be renting the community hall for a soiree, but it sure has aged gracefully – at least if its engine has anything to say about it. Sure, […] The post Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition Debuts in New York appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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2019 Porsche 911 Speedster: Consult Your Doctor Before Driving!

Gorgeous and rare, the 2019 Porsche 911 Speedster makes its debut in New York.  The flat-six engine revs to an impressive 9,000 rpm as it cranks out 500 horsepower.  Expect it at U.S. dealers near the end of the year but the ordering windows open soon. Who says nothing interesting ever comes out of the New York International Auto Show? Porsche just dropped a new 911 Speedster powered by the engine found in the GT3 and GT3 RS. And great googly-moogly can this thing rip. They’ll sell it to anyon...
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Thinking Small: 2020 Hyundai Venue Arrives in New York, Aims Directly at Millennials

Hyundai’s new Venue is not a large vehicle. At 158.9 inches in length, the sub-subcompact crossover is 5.1 inches shorter than the already petite Kona and 5.9 inches shorter than the Elantra GT. Despite its modest length, the upcoming 2020 Venue, pegged as a cheaper entry point to the Hyundai crossover lineup, doesn’t make many […] The post Thinking Small: 2020 Hyundai Venue Arrives in New York, Aims Directly at Millennials appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Physical Debut of 2020 Cadillac CT5 Offers Additional Insight

Last month, Cadillac digitally unveiled the all-new CT5 sedan — leaving little to the imagination. We learned Caddy’s upcoming model will come with either a turbocharged 2.0-liter four or a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6, though General Motors decided to stop short of sharing output figures and pricing. While the cost continues to remain a mystery, GM provided output […] The post Physical Debut of 2020 Cadillac CT5 Offers Additional Insight appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: New York, General Motors, 2020, Gm, Autos, Detroit, Cadillac, News Blog, Sedan, Luxury Sedan, Cadillac CT5, CT5, 2020 Cadillac CT5

Incomplete Tribute: The 2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition

Fifty years ago, Datsun showed New York that Japan was perfectly capable of producing a sporting automobile that offered everything drivers wanted, without breaking the bank. It may not have been cutting edge, but the 240Z was a GT car well worth coveting. Somewhere between the nimble, although sometimes underpowered, European roadsters and clumsy but […] The post Incomplete Tribute: The 2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 12 April 2019

An impression of the interior of the new Istanbul Airport, just now opened and the largest in the world. Good morningAn unplanned, but interesting (I hope) attached article today, being a review of a third emergency car battery “jump-start” unit.  Unlike the two reviewed last week, this one works well and I can recommend it with only a very little bit of “maybe” appended to the recommendation.I’m so pleased to no longer have a nagging feeling in the back of my mind about the car’s battery life –...
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More ‘Crossover’ Than Many Crossovers, Subaru’s 2020 Outback Heads for New York

It is arguable that the original Subaru Outback was one of the vehicles that blazed trails for the whole “rugged wagon” movement that eventually morphed into the crossovers we see flooding driveways across America. Those of you with long memories will recall that “Outback” was originally a trim on Legacy wagons, before making the jump […] The post appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: New York, America, New, Autos, Subaru, New York Auto Show, Outback, Subaru Outback, News Blog, All Wheel Drive, 2020 Subaru Outback, Outback Heads

2020 Toyota Highlander Appears Ahead of New York Debut

Not content with releasing a high contrast, nearly blacked-out photo or rendering of its upcoming fourth-generation Highlander, Toyota decided to go all artsy-fartsy. In place of a single image, Toyota commissioned an artist to create a 3D art installation made up of 200 individual panels. Buyers, however, will be more interested in the actual, physical […] The post 2020 Toyota Highlander Appears Ahead of New York Debut appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: New York, Autos, Crossovers, Toyota, Highlander Toyota, News Blog, NYIAS, Product Planning, Toyota Highlander, Highlander

Choosing the Best from Canandaigua Car Dealers

New York is easily one of the most popular cities in the world. Everyone appears to know this city but many do not know about the little cities in this mega city. Canandaigua, New York, is one such little city. Located in Ontario County, it cuts a picture far removed from that of the Big Apple. It is however where over 10,000 people are happy to call home. Just like other people living in other cities – big or small, people in this city also have the regular needs that are common to all. One o...
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New Congestion Toll in New York City Doesn’t Exempt Motorcyclists

Motorcycles Aren’t What’s Clogging the Roads New York City traffic can be nightmarish at times. In an effort to combat this and encourage people to take public transit options, New York lawmakers decided it would be smart to add in a toll during the busiest parts of the day. They implemented this law, the first of its kind in the entire nation, in an effort to help alleviate traffic congestion. The money from those tolls will go to helping the city repair its subway system. Honestly, probably p...
Tags: New York, New York City, Motorcycles, Motorcycle News, New York City Doesn, Congestion Laws, Roads New York City

Mercedes-Benz will give the tech-savvy 2020 CLA more power at the New York show

Mercedes-Benz introduced the second-generation CLA during CES 2019, and it will expand the lineup when it unveils a mid-range model named CLA 35 at the upcoming 2019 New York Auto Show. The post Mercedes-Benz will give the tech-savvy 2020 CLA more power at the New York show appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: New York, News, Cars, Trends, Luxury cars, New York Auto Show, Mercedes Benz, CLA, CES 2019

2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback: The Bulldog For The Budget-Minded

The 2020 Toyota Yaris is ideal for anyone living on a strict budget.  It packs a lot of punch with a peppy engine and plenty of connectivity. Safety features are numerous, including three advanced braking systems. We no sooner take the 2019 Yaris sedan on an extensive test drive, and Toyota is already previewing the 2020 Yaris Hatchback! Zipping through Denver and around the mountain curves outside the city, the 2019 Yaris is a blast to drive. The little car hugged the road and entertained us ...
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New York Becomes First U.S. City to Introduce Congestion Pricing

It was a bit of a struggle, but the New York State Legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo have signed on a (decidedly progressive) $175 billion state budget. While the deal has a number of noteworthy inclusions, spurred by the newly elected Democratic majority in the State Legislature, the one we’re most concerned with involves charging motorists […] The post New York Becomes First U.S. City to Introduce Congestion Pricing appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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A Look at Six Car Design Specialties, Part 3: The Digital Modeler

Two well-known specialties in exterior car design are sketching and clay modeling. These two skills are so longstanding in human history that you could pull Leonardo da Vinci out of a time machine, drop him into a car studio and he could do the work. But he'd have been baffled by what James Robbins does.The Digital Modeler is the newest specialty in exterior car design, and in the past few decades it's become a crucial third leg that holds the tripod steady. The digital modeler not only helps sh...
Tags: New York, Design, Scotland, Cars, Digital, Ohio, Autodesk, Long Island, Robbins, Acura, University Of Cincinnati, Matt, Leonardo da Vinci, NSX, James Robbins, CMF

Transportation weekly: Nuro dreams of autonomous lattes, what is a metamaterial, Volvo takes the wheel

Welcome back to Transportation Weekly; I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. We love the reader feedback. Keep it coming. Never heard of TechCrunch’s Transportation Weekly? Read the first edition here.  As I’ve written before, consider this a soft launch. Follow me on Twitter @kirstenkorosec to ensure you see it each week. An email subscription is coming! This week, we’re shoving as much transportation news, tidbits and insights in here as possible in ho...
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Autonomous shuttle rides coming to New York City via Optimus Ride

Workers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in NY City will soon be able to make their way around the 300-acre industrial park in Optimus Ride's self-driving shuttles. The tech startup says it's the first trial of its kind in the state. The post Autonomous shuttle rides coming to New York City via Optimus Ride appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: New York, New York City, Cars, Trends, Self-driving Cars, Autonomous Cars, Optimus, Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY City, Optimus Ride

Behind the Scenes at the Acura Design Studio

This is a story about how Acura lost their way, then refocused on design to successfully reinvigorate the brand. If you're a designer, a car fan or simply someone who follows the sector, we think you'll enjoy and/or learn from this look at what's been going on, behind the scenes, over at the Acura Design Studio. Roughly four years ago the company started making some major changes and now, with the recent release of the new RDX, have had their renewed focus on design validated by some startling s...
Tags: Japan, New York, Design, California, Cars, America, Los Angeles, General Motors, Canada, Lexus, Gm, Kelley Blue Book, Tokyo, Ohio, Bmw, Mclaren

Listen Closely: Cadillac Reveals New 2020 CT5 Sedan

If you’ve been on the internet lately in any capacity whatsoever, you’ll recognize the term ASMR. Deployed in everything from driving videos to mildly NSFW speaking sessions, the use of autonomous sensory meridian response is designed to trigger a physical response in viewers via sound. Cadillac has chosen to bake this into its reveal of […] The post Listen Closely: Cadillac Reveals New 2020 CT5 Sedan appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: New York, 2020, Autos, Detroit, Cadillac, News Blog, Sedan, Cadillac CT5, CT5

Professional Racecar Driver Aurora Straus Stars in BMW ‘Power Has Come A Long Way’ Spot by Serviceplan

‘Power has come a long way’, a digital film from starring Aurora Straus with an all-women crew helmed by Director Rachel McDonald with Director of Photography Rachel Morrison - the cinematographer on the Oscar-winning Black Panther- launched on International Women’s Day. The spot from Serviceplan New York tells the story of Aurora Straus, a 20-year-old professional racecar driver, Harvard freshman and founder of ‘Girls With Drive’The film marks the launch of Aurora Straus’s ‘Girls With Drive’...
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