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Piaggio may launch a 150 cc Aprilia motorcycle in India by late-2020 - Report

In a recent interview, Diego Graffi, Managing Director and CEO of Piaggio...
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Piaggio to launch a new sub-200cc scooter in India under the Aprilia brand – Report

After playing in the 125 cc and the 150 cc scooter segments of the Indian...
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Piaggio announces special offers for customers who vote

Piaggio India has announced special offers to motivate its customers to vote in...
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Piaggio announces CBS and ABS upgrade to entire Vespa and Aprilia range

Piaggio India has announced that the entire range of Vespa and Aprilia scooters...
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The Aprilia RS 660 Is Coming Soon

The RS 660 Concept Will to Life Aprilia is known for high-powered sportbikes, and that has always meant a bike with an engine displacement of 900cc or more. Now, it seems the Italian motorcycle manufacturer will bring a middleweight bike to the market. Aprilia will build the RS 660, according to a report form Moto-Station. In an interview with a Piaggio representative (Piaggio owns Aprilia), it was revealed that the company continues to develop the RS 660 Concept, and a production motorcycle wi...
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BS-VI compliant Aprilia SR scooter spotted in India

Piaggio could extend its Aprilia range of products in India as a new scooter...
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Aprilia 160cc maxi-scooter heading to India – Report

Piaggio is reportedly working on expanding its product portfolio in the Indian...
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Piaggio to setup 100 new dealerships across India

Piaggio India has revealed that it plans to set up 100 new Aprilia and Vespa...
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MISTYCUFFS. 2topia’s Wild Laverda Ghost Strike 668 Restomod

Written by Andrew Jones I won’t lie. The first thing I did for this story was hit up the Google oracle and ask the god of the internet, “What the hell is a Laverda Ghost Strike 668?” An esoteric model, even amongst its quaint Italian brethren, the bike was seemingly named after a Steven Seagal movie. And just like the movie itself, its yellow and black plastic looks have probably not aged as well as they could have. But what if a customiser embraced all that plastic and 90’s posturing and add...
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Vespa Scooters Retain Over 72 Percent of Their Value After 3 Years of Ownership

The Scooters Retain Their Value Better Than Anything Else Can you think of a vehicle that would retain 72.1 percent of its value over three years of ownership? According to data from J.D. Power and Associates, Vespa scooters do just that. This year was the first year that J.D. Power tracked resale value and published a study on its findings. The published study was only on cars, but The New York Times reported that data in the study extended to two-wheeled vehicles, too. The brand sitting at th...
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Vespa Elettrica: Piaggio’s first all-electric scooter is about to hit the road

Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio has launched online pre-orders for the Vespa Elettrico — its first all-electric scooter — with shipping starting in Europe toward the end of the year and in the U.S. in early 2019. The post Vespa Elettrica: Piaggio’s first all-electric scooter is about to hit the road appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Piaggio’s timeless Vespa gains connectivity as it goes electric

Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio has released an electric version of its timeless Vespa scooter. The Vespa Elettrica offers about 60 miles of electric range and more connectivity features than any Vespa before it. The post Piaggio’s timeless Vespa gains connectivity as it goes electric appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Not your regular kind of two-wheeled scooter!

The Z-Scooter looks like a scooter from the front, but is nothing like one. Part vintage scooter, part segway, and part electric vehicle, the Z-Scooter is an absolute fusion of styles and technologies, resulting in a vehicle that is so bizarre yet beloved looking, I can’t get my eyes off it!Made for recreational riding, the scooter/segway hybrid is a fun looking vehicle that can run at recommended speeds of 20km/h for as long as 35km on a single charge. Inspired by the works of Corradino D’Asc...
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Four-Links – Museo Piaggio, Paul Bracq, Monaro 50th, Frankenstang

Established in 2000, the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera recently got treated to a full renovation. It’s now, according to Piaggio, the largest Italian museum dedicated to two-wheeled transportation. That’s apparently discounting the space provided for the Ape 70th anniversary exhibit. We mentioned Paul Bracq in the Heuliez 914 story this week in passing, but he deserves a deeper dive, which, coincidentially, Don Andreina at Curbside Classic recently provided in two parts. Unique Cars reminded us...
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Piaggio plans a two-fold growth in dealership number by 2020 – Report

Piaggio India is planning to more than double its dealership numbers in 12-18...
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Piaggio expands Aprilia’s ‘Fun-Experience’ portfolio with unveiling of Aprilia Storm and launch of Aprilia SR 125

Riding on the success of its Group brands in India, Piaggio India today launched the Aprilia SR 125, unveiled the Aprilia Storm and introduced an innovative smart mobile connectivity feature for Vespa and Aprilia scooters. With these unique offerings on display at Piaggio’s Pavilion at the Auto Expo 2018, Piaggio is growing its portfolio across segments to offer more possibilities, newer categories and unique technology innovations to patrons in India. Piaggio India’s 2-wheeler business witness...
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Bikes Of The Week: Tokyo Motor Show Edition

The Japanese put on a show of force at the Tokyo Motor Show. Honda tore the wraps off its new Monkey and ‘Neo’ cafe racer concepts. Yamaha revealed an oddball three-wheeler. Suzuki showed a tasty potential SV650 variant, and Kawasaki set the interwebs alight with the Z900RS. Which one would you pick? Honda Monkey 125 concept Built around the same 125cc thumper found in the insanely fun Grom, the refreshed Monkey is a modern throwback to Honda’s mini-bikes of yore. And let’s be honest: it a...
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Piaggio expands its partnership with (RED) to fight AIDS in India

Piaggio and (RED) are proud to announce an expansion of the partnership with the launch of the (VESPA)RED in India. To be launched only in the Indian Market, every sale of the (VESPA)RED will generate money to finance Global Fund grants that support the fight to end AIDS in India. Vespa, a model born to celebrate the beauty of a mode of transport that has achieved legendary status, was the first (RED) partner to bring an automotive product to market. The partnership was first unveiled at a Glob...
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HELLO MOTO. A Piaggio Ciao Racer from Italy’s OMT Garage

It’s not often we go to Italy. And it’s not often we feature mopeds, either. Hell, it’s not often that a bike goes largely unnoticed by our crack team of moto-loving freaks. But that’s exactly the perfect storm type scenario that unfolded on our recent trip to the continent.The post HELLO MOTO. A Piaggio Ciao Racer from Italy’s OMT Garage appeared first on
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Piaggio Group’s Vespa and Aprilia SR 150 set to make its mark in Sri Lanka

Piaggio Group is delighted to announce the launch of its premium and innovative brands Vespa and Aprilia SR 150 in Sri Lanka, symbolizing elegance, sophistication and style. Vespa is a timeless icon which is classy and irreverent on the other hand, the Aprilia bikes are known for their undisputed racing heritage and are amongst the most technologically advanced bikes in the market. Premium to the core these Piaggio brands represent the Italian style and deliver the unmatched riding experience th...
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Piaggio Porter 700 launched in India

For the ‘last mile’ transportation segment. Piaggio Vehicles Pvt...
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Vespa launches Elegante 150cc Special Edition in India

Celebrating the spirit of life and freedom, Vespa is delighted to announce the launch of its special edition scooter in India – Vespa Elegante 150 CC. Symbolizing elegance, style and sophistication; the new Vespa is set to create a benchmark in the premium scooter category in the country. Exuding the luxurious feel of Italian craftsmanship, the design aesthetics of the bike is set to appeal to the Vespa enthusiasts. It adds to the already existing Vespa portfolio of SXL, VXL. Priced at INR 95,0...
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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 9 April, 2017

This week we’re travelling across Europe. From France we’ve got the shiniest Ducati Panigale you’ve ever seen, from Italy a fabulous Honda NX650 tracker, and from Greece a gorgeous Suzuki GSX-250. Ducati Panigale by Ortolani Customs Modern Ducatis are at the pinnacle of performance and technology. At the top of the pile is the Panigale S superbike, which has around 200 horsepower and tunable software developed to keep riders as return customers. But all that software requires a literal boat...
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The First Modern Scooter in Production

Vespa has long been credited with creating the scooter, but a little-known American manufacturer from Nebraska may have beaten the iconic Italian brand to the punch. The first mass-produced scooter, the Vespa, what means ‘Wasp’ in Italian, was created in 1946 by Piaggio, an Italian aircraft manufacturer. After the end of World War II, Piaggio had a surplus of landing wheels and wing panels, and ...
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Four-Links – ghosts of Fordlandia, crazy Ape, Laguna Seca history, women of Autorama

Photo by RodrigoCruzatti. Fordlandia, Henry Ford’s failed attempt to create an American factory town in the jungles of Brazil, still counts a handful of residents squatting in the village’s houses, as Simon Romero of the New York Times discovered when he recently traveled to the town’s ruins. * This is the kind of crazy we all can thumbs-up: A Piaggio Ape with a custom-built chassis and an engine 12 times larger than the stock putt-putt single-cylinder. * For its 60th anniversary, Laguna Seca...
Tags: Videos, Shows, Ford, New York Times, Gm, Brazil, Autos, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Locations, Detroit Free Press, Laguna Seca, Piaggio, Detroit Autorama, Autorama, Hemmings Classic Car

Auto Fabrica’s KZ400: A two-wheeled Extreme Makeover

You can judge a builder’s skills by the raw materials they work with. After all, it’s not too hard to make a Norton Commando look good. A Buell is another matter entirely, and so is Kawasaki’s mundane middleweight from the 1970s, the KZ400. Even when new, the KZ400 was about as exciting as a baked potato. But Bujar and Gaz of Auto Fabrica have the magic touch, and they’ve just finished working their magic on the humble parallel twin. ‘Type 14’ began life as an import from the USA. “It had ch...
Tags: Usa, US, Motorcycles, Kawasaki, Gaz, Brembo, Piaggio, Buell, Custom Motorcycles, Mikuni, Nissin, Motogadget, Kawasaki motorcycles, Auto Fabrica, Bujar, Norton Commando

Vespa 946 Emporio Armani launched in India at INR 12.04 Lakhs

The most expensive scooter in India. Piaggio has announced the launch of what...
Tags: India, Autos, Vespa, Piaggio, Emporio Armani, Vespa 946

Bajaj V launches “Mission Vikrant 1971” for searching 1971 war team of INS Vikrant

Bajaj Auto’s ‘V’, made from the metal of the invincible INS Vikrant has launched “Mission Vikrant 1971” to search for the 1300 officers and sailors that served on India’s first iconic aircraft carrier during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Mission Vikrant 1971, is a digital initiative to identify and share details of these war heroes that served on the INS Vikrant and preserve their stories for posterity. Bajaj V through a dedicated micro-site – invites entries from ...
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The Real Deal: Radical Guzzi’s 130 hp cafe racer

The meaning of ‘cafe racer’ has changed over the years. Back in the 1960s, it was mostly about performance. Today, half a century later, critics will say it’s more about style. Definitions change over time, so we don’t lose much sleep over that. But if you hold fast to the original concept of a stripped down, hot-rodded bike, this is what you call a modern-day cafe racer. It’s the Radical Guzzi ‘Ristretto,’ a highly tuned Tonti-framed Guzzi. The builder is Stefan Bronold of Schwarzenfeld, a ...
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63′ Gilera 106SS – ExesoR Motorcycles

Words by Martin Hodgson. You don’t hear much about Gilera these days, but there was a time in the 1950s when they dominated GP racing winning six titles in eight years and also tasted success at the Isle of Man TT with the legendary Geoff Duke aboard. Their last major racing success came when the late great Marco Simoncelli won the 250cc World Championship in 2008, but now owned by the giant Piaggio group they largely focus on the European scooter market. It wasn’t always that way for thei...
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