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MUJI X Sensible 4’s Self-Driving Bus premiered in Finland. We got a chance to sit in it!

It’s only natural that the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving bus would come out of Finland. Finland, believe it or not, is often considered to be the ‘Silicon Country’ that gave the world Nokia and pretty much set the very blueprint for mobile communications. Nokia was founded in Finland, and for over two grand decades before Apple launched the iPhone, Nokia was the standard to beat. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that your first phone was a Nokia (I know mine was). Post-2010 whe...
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This e-bike’s detachable battery is also a music-pumping boombox

We gushed over the Noordung bike nearly two years ago. Sleek, streamlined, and just a pleasure to look at, the e-bike showcased an organic design that housed electronics within it, and a silent motor that sat within its wheel. The e-bike was powered by a fuel-tank-shaped battery-pack that sat exactly where the fuel tank on a motorcycle would. The pack’s volume would immediately alter the perception of the bicycle, making it look more like a cafe-racer. This battery pack also played another pre...
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The ProCarSaver is your car’s very own black-box

The Black Box plays a very important role in every aircraft. Given how complex (and incredibly expensive) aircrafts are, even a small malfunction can have large ramifications, causing everlasting losses and damages. The function of this black box is to gather every single bit of data during the flight and comprehensively present it to anyone surveying the data to see where the malfunction occurred. This black box helps engineers and technicians understand exactly where the malfunction occurred...
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Flectr’s Award-winning bike-reflectors are back with color variants!

You may remember the FLECTR 360 OMNI from last year. The German Design Award and Eurobike 2018 Award-winning sticker promised to make bicycling safer without any extra effort than installing these film-based, adhesive reflectors on your bicycle rim. Using a microprismatic film, these stickers reflect ambient light in all directions with full intensity, making them instantly visible. Just attach them on the rims of your bike and they enhance your visibility manifold, making your otherwise silen...
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Tesla’s interchangeable travel-pod system shows modularity in transportation

If any company had to build something as outlandish as a pod system with a fixed electric powertrain platform and an interchangeable upper pod based on use, it would probably be Tesla (or maybe we could count this Mercedes Benz concept too). Designed as a part of his thesis project, Fábio Martins’ conceptual Tesla Pod system is pretty intriguing, and especially makes sense, given that Musk is launching the Boring Tunnel project that will only work with a handful of cars that are compatible with ...
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Most Buzzed Designs of December 2018

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in December 2018.The Clip Art series features ten different paper clips from 1860 to 1934, recreated from ancient patent records.Made from a single piece of flat stainless steel, the One-Piece Knife is exactly that. Minimalism at its best, the knife is strong and features a flat blade that curls into a pipe to form a handle that’s good to hold onto.Simplistic yet mult...
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The Top Car Designs from 2018. #Automotivation

You’d expect this round-up to be populated with self-driving cars and flying manned drones, but 2018’s list of top car designs still has a good amount of diversity. You’ve got bicycles without chains, Tesla-built helicopters, wheels with changeable treads, tractors from the future, and so much more. Transportation design is so incredibly diverse, and this list is a testament to that!With companies now showcasing a wide variety of self-driving concepts, our prediction for 2019 is to see more car ...
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The Echo Auto brings the power of Alexa into your car!

The Echo Auto was announced just a few months ago at Amazon’s hardware event, along with a whole line-up of other devices (like the Alexa Microwave, the Echo Sub, and loads more) and is all set to make its way into automobiles across the world. What does it do? Gives you the power of Alexa in your car. Over the past few years, Alexa has become pretty indispensable. Most homes today have an Echo or an Echo Dot device in their homes that they talk to, summoning music from their favorite streaming ...
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Say Hello to NIU’s Latest Electric Scooters, & the Future of City Commuting

NIU’s literally been making waves. With its scooters having clocked in over a billion kilometers worldwide, NIU is officially the largest e-scooter company in the world. Sporting a lovable design (courtesy NIU’s Design VP and personal design hero Carl Liu) that feels like the Vespa got modern touch and some incredible under-the-hood upgrades, NIU hopes to reimagine electric two-wheeling.Launching not one, but two models simultaneously, NIU’s NGT promises to be the company’s most powerful model...
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NIU, the Company that Built the World’s Most Powerful E-scooter

NIU’s literally been making waves. With its scooters having clocked in over a billion kilometers worldwide, NIU is officially the largest e-scooter company in the world. Sporting a lovable design (courtesy NIU’s Design VP and personal design hero Carl Liu) that feels like the Vespa got modern touch and some incredible under-the-hood upgrades, NIU hopes to reimagine electric two-wheeling.Launching not one, but two models simultaneously, NIU’s NGT promises to be the company’s most powerful model...
Tags: Deals, Design, Germany, Automotive, Cbs, Panasonic, Popular, Scooter, Bosch, Product Design, Random, Sporting, Li Ion, NM, NGT, NIU

BMW’s Vision iNext Concept is a palpable, realistic concept automobile

Well, it turns out that even BMW isn’t impervious to leaks, because these images of the iNext concept made their way around as early as 2 days before the launch! However, now that the car has formally launched, let’s look at what’s probably one of BMW’s most believable, palpable concepts yet. Building on the aesthetic of the Vision Next 100 concept that featured wild ideas like expanding wheel-bases and a body that could stretch along with the wheels.As AI continues to become a stronger entity...
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Get your work noticed by Karim Rashid at the Asia Design Prize 2019!

I’ve long been an advocate for submitting projects for awards. Not only does it instantly get you the credibility you need, it also gets your work noticed by a jury panel of the world’s best designers, and who’d say no to that?!Joining the roster of the Asia Design Prize as the grand jury member this year is none other than industrial design stalwart and the “Prince of Plastic” Karim Rashid! Arguably one of the most renowned and revered designers in the industry, Rashid’s works are famous for ho...
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The Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic explores modular mobility

Not one to be outdone by Motorola’s obsession with modularity, Mercedes-Benz showcased their vision for modularity in automobiles. The Urbanetic shows the company’s explorations in modular vehicles, where the car’s undercarriage is a separate entity that allows various vehicular bodies to plug on top of it, allowing it to transform from a self-driving minivan to a self-driving truck.Its hyper-organic detailing aside (something I’m not really a fan of), the vehicle, or ‘mobility concept’ as its...
Tags: Transportation, Motorola, Design, Car, Automotive, Truck, Popular, Vision, Modular, Mercedes Benz, Vehicle, Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic, Urbanetic

The Award-winning Wheel Reflector That Instantly Make Biking Safer

Bicycles have always been the healthier way of commuting, but there’s still a long way to go to make bicycle riding as safe as sitting inside a car. Bikes are fast, but incredibly quiet, and given their size, they aren’t as visible as a car with its flashy headlights, taillights, and loud horn. So in a world that desperately needs to re-embrace cycling as a way of commuting, the FLECTR 360 Omni wants to provide a small-footprint high-impact solution to make bicycling safer.The FLECTR 360 Omni ...
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The Natural Evolution of Motorbike Dashboard Displays

Look at any dashboard on a motorbike and you’ll see a few key elements that haven’t really changed for decades. Occupying the most amount of space is undoubtedly the speedometer, followed by the fuel gauge… but ask yourself this. How often do you need to look at the speedometer to see exactly which speed you’re going at? Chances are, if you’ve got a mobile phone mounted on your dashboard, you’re MUCH more likely to look at navigation rather than at your speed… so why haven’t dashboards evolved...
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Brace yourself. Jet-suits are here!

In all honesty, I expected Elon Musk to develop this, and give us complete Tony Stark feels, but nevertheless… Gravity Industries have rolled out a prototype of their jet-suit which literally gives you the power of Iron Man style flight.With an intense horsepower of 1050, the jet-suit can lift you off the ground and even hurtle you forward at speeds of 30mph (the record highest for jet-suit travel, apparently). While it isn’t as elegant as the Marvel superhero’s exoskeleton, it’s a start, with...
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The E-bike That Knows When to Pedal for You

Simple and sophisticated, the oh!bike comes with a level of sensitivity, scalability, and planning that one expects from a bike that’s objective is to turn our cities electric and eco-friendly. With a design that looks great no matter the age or gender of the rider, and a performance that allows the oh!bike to be used in any urban or suburban setting, the oh!bike is smart, and coincidentally also the world’s lightest e-bike.Weighing at just 15kg, the oh!bike sports a clever two-wheel drive. Th...
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Most Buzzed Designs of May 2018

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in May 2018.The way Caswell’s Morphing Karambit knife opens and closes is a thing of sheer beauty. It uses a parallel motion linkage, as opposed to a single-point swivel.Read what Phil Saunders has to say about how he goes about designing Tony Stark’s incredible superhero suits, and how each design is perceived from the PoV of a concept artist, with the need to create...
Tags: Design, Technology, Tesla, Usb, Macbook, Automotive, Honda, Best Of, Popular, Product Design, Random, Tony Stark, FITT, Caswell, Phil Saunders, Antonio Paglia

The Terzo Millennio won’t have a battery. It’ll BE a battery.

The Terzo Millennio concept, although debuted last year, still remains an automobile worth drooling over. What’s not to love, with its highly overstated Lamborghini flavor, and the very fact that it’s Lamborghini’s first ever electric vehicle, ditching the V12 for a silent hyperdynamic electric system. However, the head of Lamborghini’s research and development department, Maurizio Reggiani, says that it isn’t anything like the EVs you see and hear about.Reggiani’s opinion is that the present-...
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The Seatpost that Smooths Out All Bumpy Road-rides

Any seasoned rider is aware of a certain inhibiting factor called saddle pains. Too much time on a bike driving down a rough trail and your backside can get really sore from absorbing all the shocks from the bumps in the road (this gets worse if you’re off-roading), even leading to injury. When you DO play it safe, you end up compromising on your riding experience because instead of enjoying the thrill, you’re watching out for bumps and potholes, bracing yourself or slowing down to avoid the j...
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The Urwahn Bike is German Design and Precision at its Best

Pure, perfect, and no frills attached is probably the best way to describe Urwahn’s bikes. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the bikes showcase a new aesthetic where sketches were brought to life without any compromise, a rarity in the design world. While the transition from a 2D sketch to a 3D product often means allowing for a few manufacturing/engineering constraints to change the design, the Stadtfuchs bike stays true to its original aesthetic, looking as good as the designer’s interpr...
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Most Buzzed Designs of March 2018

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in March 2018.Created by a worldwide team of nearly 2000 designers, developers, and engineers, the polygonal Karlmann King SUV is based on the Ford F-550 chassis and packs a 6.8-Liter V10 gasoline engine.Designed to spin at a break-neck 3600 RPM, plated with real gold, and with not one, but two halos, the Halospheres isn’t some lowly fidget toy.Skateboards are cool. E...
Tags: Design, Technology, Samsung, Automotive, Ford, Thor, Electric, Best Of, Popular, Product Design, Random, Braun, Gao Yang

Most Buzzed Designs of February 2018

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in February 2018.Made from polished precious minerals, the DeskSpace is your entire solar system (Sun excluded) on your desk, arranged in linear order, comprising every planet made from the appropriately selected gemstone. Buy now!Integrated into the end of the pen, a finger fidget mechanism allows users to turn the wheels, press buttons and feel the intaglio to their...
Tags: Apple, Design, Technology, Automotive, Best Of, Popular, Product Design, Random, Kiridashi, Logitech Lapdesk

With Starck’s Power Dock, Bentley goes electric!

Collaborating with design powerhouse Philippe Starck, maker of iconic objects from Alessi’s Juicy Salif citrus juicer to Axor’s Axor Starck V faucets, Bentley hopes to get their brand of luxury on the electric automotive bandwagon. A Bentley owner himself, Philippe Starck designed Bentley’s Power Dock, a charging station to be used with the automotive company’s Bentayga Hybrid model.Described as “avant-garde high-tech”, Starck’s Power Dock is distinct looking, with its metal dome, vertical scree...
Tags: Design, Tesla, Automotive, Philippe-Starck, Bentley, Popular, Product Design, Alessi, Starck, Axor, Bentayga Hybrid, Juicy Salif

Asia Design Prize: Free for Design Students!

Awards are expensive ordeals. I remember trying to push my work out as a design student and being absolutely shocked at the amount I was required to pay to just get my work into the preliminary judging round. Most students (and a few professional studios and brands too) shy away from award programmes because of the expenditure required to just register your work, but that expense is justified because most award programs have A. Large jury panels of design elite, B. Logistics and inventory managi...
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A Car’s Brake Lights on a Bike

We’ve made leaps and bounds in car safety. AI image recognition, algorithm after algorithm being able to predict what to do what not to do… so that the driver is safe, but what about two-wheelers? Little has been done to allow bike riders to enjoy that sort of safety. In the USA alone, bicycle casualties are in the 4-digit figures (per year).Probably the smartest thing to find itself on the bicycle, the Lucnt SRL1 looks at the bigger picture. While the world works on making bicycles more effic...
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A Table “Car”ved by the Gods

“Certain projects start as ideas that accidentally cement themselves in your mind. If you don’t give in and realize them, you risk insanity. This was one of those projects.” Spoken like a true mad designer, those at Discommon have created something truly special of late, in the form of their unique coffee table – shaped perfectly to catch anyone’s attention from anywhere in the room. They’re just so rare it’s hard not to stare. Perfectly machined from a four-foot-long, four- inch thick block of ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Furniture, Automotive, Popular, Product Design, Random, Discommon, Neil Ferrier

Auto-motivation! The Top Car Designs from 2017!

It’s no surprise that a staggering majority of the top automotive content from 2017 remains the concept automobile domain. There’s just something about concept cars that tickles our fancy, dilates our pupils, and gets us excited quite unlike anything else! A large body of designers push the boundaries in the visual language domain, trying to design cars that look like they’re part of a brand’s family, while adding a bit of themselves to the mix. There’s something truly unique and lust-worthy abo...
Tags: Design, Tesla, Atlantic, Automotive, Ferrari, Honda, Best Of, Boeing, Popular, Bugatti, Renault, Random, Pininfarina, Lamborghini, FIA, Alfa Romeo

Lego SO real, you’ll want to drive it

If you haven’t checked out the LEGO Technic website recently, then I highly recommend getting on it! There are some remarkable models (mostly automotive) to be built that are without a doubt shelf-worthy once completed. With that, comes another addition recently announced in the form of the two-in-one Mack Truck Set.So what do I mean by two-in-one? Well, the original truck-and-trailer can be assembled, then disassembled and rearranged to form a Mack Dump Truck from the same pieces. Looking at th...
Tags: Design, Lego, Automotive, Popular, Product Design, Random, Lego Technic, Babies/Childcare/Toys, Mack Truck, Lego Technik

The Extraordinary Exterion

Elegance, charm, luxury, and sophistication – these are only a few words used to describe the design language found across a Rolls-Royce. It’s not easy to translate such strong characteristics and semantics moving forward into future concepts, yet the Rolls-Royce Exterion, designed by Sergey Dvornytskyy, makes this translation almost effortless.Sprinkling gorgeous elements of the Rolls-Royce brand across this concept, the Exterion is a crisp, sharp concept of the brand’s potential future… a futu...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Luxury, Rolls-royce, Popular, Exterion, Sergey Dvornytskyy

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