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Uber entices drivers back post-pandemic with $250 million stimulus

Despite the classification of ride-hail drivers as “essential workers” during the early days of the pandemic, last April  Uber’s business dropped by 80%. Drivers decided they’d rather not risk contracting or spreading COVID-19 for the measly revenue provided by the few rides per day they were getting, so when the federal CARES Act extended the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance to gig workers, many Uber drivers decided to hang up their keys.  With more than a quarter of the U.S. population a...
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Uber and Lyft might adopt a franchise business model in California

The companies are trying to dodge California's gig economy law
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California sues Uber, Lyft to force them to make drivers employees

The companies allegedly violated California's Assembly Bill 5
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Uber’s new dial-a-cab feature is basically just an old-school taxi service

Uber introduced a new feature that basically turns the rideshare process into a taxi service for older adults.
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Uber cleared to restart self-driving car testing in California

Uber is the latest company that California has granted a permit to start to test self-driving vehicles.
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Uber thinks you’ll trade privacy for greater safety with new recording feature

Your Uber rides will soon be audio recorded as part of a new security feature aimed at increasing riders’ safety. Uber will begin to pilot the audio-recording feature in cars in Latin America starting in December. There is no date for when it will come to the U.S.
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Uber Pet allows furry passengers to ride with you for an extra fee

Whether you’re taking your four-legged friend to the vet or the dog park, they can now ride along with you with the new Uber Pet feature
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The empirical impact of Lyft and Uber on cities: congestion (especially downtown, especially during "surges"), overworked drivers

Mike Moffitt sums up the empirical work on the impact of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft for cities: an increase in congestion, especially downtown, especially during "surges" (Uber and Lyft insist that they reduce congestion, especially in downtowns, and especially during surges!); lower wages, longer hours and more precarious work for drivers (accompanied by the slow death of the taxi/limo businesses); huge losses for car-rental companies; and less walking, cycling and use of public tr...
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‘Adulting’: How Millennials Are Shaping Auto Trends Part II

We’ve heard all the adages about millennials before. They’re entitled. They constantly need praise in order to be motivated. They whine about wanting to work remotely. They switch jobs too often. They live in their parents’ basements and can’t stand on their own two feet. Their lives take place as much online as they do in honest-to-goodness “real” life. They demand instant gratification, want everything online, and are oddly enamored with brunch. Millennials (also known as Gen Y) get a bad r...
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Talk Lyft’s stock market debut with TechCrunch writers

After much anticipation, Lyft stock hit the public markets last week, with a nearly 10% pop on its first day of trading. However, concerns over the company’s lofty valuation, deep losses and uncertain path to profitability have caused the . TechCrunch’s resident transportation expert Kirsten Korosec and venture capital ax Kate Clark have been on the case, closely following the market’s reaction and the evolving theses around Lyft’s business… Today at 11:00 am PT, Kirsten and Kate will ...
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How to get around the USA

The United States of America is an immense country, with vast distances from coast to coast and state to state. Whether you’re there for a short or a long visit, you’re likely to need to get around — and there are certainly lots of options for transport in the US. Plane Chances are, if you’re arriving from another country, you’ll come in by plane. And you’ll probably need to fly if you’re hoping... Source
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After China and Russia, Uber exits Southeast Asia rideshare market

After exiting China in 2016 and Russia last year due to fierce competition, Uber has now left the Southeast Asia market, too, after a deal with local rival Grab. The agreement includes Uber taking a 27.5 percent stake in Grab. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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After leaving China and Russia, Uber also exits Southeast Asia rideshare market

After exiting China in 2016 and Russia last year due to fierce competition, Uber has now left the Southeast Asia market, too, following a deal with local rival Grab. The agreement includes Uber taking a 27.5-percent stake in Grab. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Rental Review – Mishaps With Maven

General Motors launched its Maven rideshare service in 2016 with the goal of providing renters with a taste of its vehicles, while also bringing in a little extra revenue. The service offers a wide array of vehicles ranging from small hatchbacks like the Chevrolet Spark to large SUVs like the Tahoe. The service is available […] The post Rental Review – Mishaps With Maven appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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No Fixed Abode: Oh, That the Roman People Had but a Single Neck – or a Single Transportation Choice!

“In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” Thus spake Tony Montana, anticipating the recent avalanche of sexual harassment claims by a few decades. What ol’ Scarface didn’t bother to tell us is […] The post No Fixed Abode: Oh, That the Roman People Had but a Single Neck – or a Single Transportation Choice! appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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New study notes that it’s a driverless future, not a people-less future

 A new study offers advice for city planners who are contemplating a future that includes autonomous vehicles, or AVs, as the nerds call them. The study released today, “Driverless Future: A Policy Roadmap for City Leaders,” estimates that nearly 8 million people in its three sample cities will choose an AV over a traditional vehicle in the next 15-20 years. Read More
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Your Uber driver might be sleeping in his car at night, report reveals

In search of lucrative fares, rideshare drivers sometimes travel to more expensive cities and sleep in their cars rather than drive home. The price of flexible work hours often requires adjusting lifestyles to earn a full-time income. The post Your Uber driver might be sleeping in his car at night, report reveals appeared first on Digital Trends.
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MIT says 3,000 ride-sharing cars could replace all New York City taxis

Over 13,000 taxis roam the streets of New York City, but those gas-sucking, polluting vehicles could be replaced by ride-sharing cars, according to a new MIT study. Drawing on an innovative algorithm, researchers discovered 3,000 four-passenger cars could fulfill 98 percent of the city's taxi demand, with passengers waiting around a mere 2.7 minutes for their ride. Less cars on the road would mean less traffic and less pollution, and MIT researchers even say drivers would make as much money as ...
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Did Uber flub its chance to expand self-driving ride-hailing service to San Francisco?

A few weeks ago, Uber quietly expanded its self-driving ride-hailing service to its hometown of San Francisco. The launch marked a triumphant leap forward just three short months after the company initially began offering riders in Pittsburgh the option of hailing a self-driving car. Unfortunately, the California Department of Motor Vehicles swiftly shut down the San Francisco operation by revoking the registrations on Uber’s 16 self-driving vehicles, citing the company's failure to obtain the ...
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Uber rolls out unlimited rides in New York City for $100

It just got a little bit easier to get from Point A to Point B in New York City. Uber is rolling out unlimited rides for $100 for two weeks or $200 for the month through their Uber Plus program. While a spokesperson has said subscription plans, which have also been offered in other cities, are a "small beta project," if they continue they could change the way we get around in urban areas. To start, the plan just works below 125th Street in Manhattan, and all rides must begin and end in the bo...
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Profile of People's Ride: a co-operative, driver-owned alternative to Uber

People's Ride is a co-op ride-hailing company in Grand Rapids, Michigan: drivers own the service in common and collectively decide how to spend its profits (for example, on deploying an app to go with its website); for-profit competitors like Uber take 30% commissions from their drivers and deliver them to investors, while People's Ride spends all the revenue paying drivers and improving the service. (more…)
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San Francisco is ordering Lyft and Uber drivers to obtain business licenses

San Francisco is requiring some 37,000 Uber and Lyft drivers who work in the city to obtain business licenses. The license fee is $91 per year, and the drivers will be required to pay the fee for all prior years during which they were drivers. The post San Francisco is ordering Lyft and Uber drivers to obtain business licenses appeared first on Digital Trends.
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With Detroit Taking A Lyft In A Driverless Car, What’s Next For Cities?

 Transportation and geography have always been intertwined. Specifically, the auto industry, with Detroit being the prime example, was once more tightly tied to place. The same can be said for the tech industry, which still maintains a dominance largely in Silicon Valley. Until very recently, these industries were distinct: tech was tech and transportation was transportation and never the… Read More
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Ride-sharing: the way to go?

We’d been waiting for half an hour when the van pulled up at the meeting point. We were going to be travelling by car, though, so this slightly dilapidated vehicle couldn’t be the one we were waiting for, could it? Two young men got out and one started towards us, a smile on his face. “Linda?” He asked. “I’m Moises, let’s go.” Moises? Who was this Moises? With a slight feeling of trepidation, I gave him my backpack to stow in the back of the van and found myself a seat in the middle row, ...
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