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BMW’s feature subscription service is anti-consumer rubbish

Yesterday, Bavarian automaker BMW announced that it’s going to start offering some vehicle features as paid for options as part of its in-car “connected” services. In the future, BMW drivers could be able to add features to their vehicle as and when they please, by purchasing options — like cruise control and heated seats — from BMW through the vehicle‘s ConnectedDrive store or the “My BMW App.” It’s not gone down well If you needed convincing that this is probably a terrible idea, read this pie...
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Tesla battery cooling fault coverup heats up as feds get involved

The US highways traffic safety authority (NHTSA) is reportedly looking into claims that Tesla covered up faults with its Model S battery cooling system and knowingly sold vehicles that weren’t up to spec. This is according to a new report from the LA Times, that itself was spurred on by an exclusive investigation by Business Insider that claimed to have uncovered evidence that Tesla was knowingly selling potentially dangerous vehicles. BI’s original article purported that from 2012, Tesla shippe...
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Senior Zoox engineers rush to work for Waymo a week after Amazon acquisition

Last week, Amazon bought self-driving startup Zoox for over $1billion. Now, two of Zoox’s longest serving engineers have left to work for Alphabet subsidiary and rival, Waymo. Last week, e-commerce giant Amazon bought self-driving startup Zoox with the intention of helping it “realize its dream.” But Amazon doesn’t really have any business in robotaxis, so it’s not immediately clear what the online retailer is wanting to get out of the deal. Some, including TNW, suggest that Amazon might eventua...
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Amazon shelled out $1.2B for Zoox, but should stay away from robotaxis

Early last week, rumors that e-commerce giant Amazon would be buying an autonomous vehicle startup started to surface. By the end of the week, it was a done deal. But what is Amazon doing buying an autonomous vehicle startup? According to a Financial Times report, Amazon recently paid $1.2 billion to buy self-driving tech up-and-comer, Zoox. This makes it Amazon’s biggest foray into self-driving tech, and one of the company’s biggest acquisitions ever. I need to be honest here, Zoox isn’t one of...
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Chinese EV maker Xpeng starts shipping its hotly anticipated Tesla Model 3 rival

Chinese EV maker, Xpeng, will start delivering its cheaper and rangier rival to Tesla‘s Model 3, the P7. According to a company announcement made last Sunday, Xpeng has started delivering the vehicle across China, South China Morning Post reports. If you don’t know the P7, it costs just $32,470 compared to the Model 3’s $38,350 (after subsidies), it also has 38 km more range than the Tesla. Understandably people are excited about getting a comparable vehicle for a decent discount. [Read: Don’t g...
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Don’t get your hopes up, Tesla probably isn’t working on LiDAR for Autopilot

Tesla, or rather the company’s CEO Elon Musk, isn’t really a fan of LiDAR sensors when it comes to autonomous vehicles. So why has a Model S test mule recently been spotted with a LiDAR-based sensor arrangement? Yesterday, Electrek reader Matt Crowley shared some snaps with the EV magazine of a Tesla Model S, that had a roof-mounted rig with a bunch of non-standard Tesla sensors on it — including what looks like LiDAR. But it’s unlikely that the company will introduce the tech to its vehicles — ...
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France bans VanMoof’s edgy ebike advert for being ‘anti-car’

A television advert from VanMoof, an ebike maker based in the cycling motherland of the Netherlands, has been banned on French TV for a surprisingly contradictory reason. The 45 second ad, which was released earlier this month, pictures a futuristic looking car melting into the ether, as sounds and images of congestion, police cars, riots, crisis, and protest play over the top. For the times we live in, it’s poignant stuff — but it seems too powerful for the French. Check it out below: According...
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This new radar lets cars see around corners

Researchers at a US university have developed a new kind of radar which — when equipped with some AI wizardry — can help cars see round corners. Princeton university engineers have created a type of Doppler radar, typically used to catch speeding cars, that bounces radio waves off stationary objects to effectively “see” around corners. Coupled with algorithms that interpret how the radiowaves reflect off secondary objects, the radar can interpret moving objects that are out of human view. It kin...
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McDonald’s will add EV chargers to hundreds of its UK restaurants — and I’m lovin’ it

As Burger King in the US is giving away free burgers to irresponsible Tesla drivers, on the other side of the Atlantic, McDonald’s UK is rolling out EV fast-chargers at its restaurants. The UK arm of the fast-food chain is reportedly installing hundreds of EV chargers at its locations around the country after agreeing a partnership with infrastructure provider, InstaVolt, the Independent reports. While the burger chain hasn’t given a specific number of restaurants that will get the chargers, it ...
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California requires all vans and trucks to drop diesel by 2045

Lawmakers in California have passed a new rule which requires all commercial trucks and vans to be zero-emission by 2045. The rule is being enforced to push some of the worst polluting methods of transport away from dirty diesel engines and toward cleaner alternatives such as electricity and hydrogen power. The rule is just the latest in a series of conditions that will need to be met before 2045. [Read: Will the Lordstown Endurance electric truck beat the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T to mark...
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Volkswagen now officially runs Europe’s biggest electric car plant

One of the world’s biggest carmakers is calling time on producing internal combustion vehicles at one of its biggest factories in Germany. From now on, that factory will only produce electric cars — and it’ll claim the title of Europe’s largest electric vehicle plant. Last Friday, Volkswagen announced that its Zwickau plant has produced its last combustion engined vehicle. The last car to roll off the Zwickau production line was a Golf R station wagon with a 2.0 liter petrol engine in case you w...
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Will the Lordstown Endurance electric truck beat the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T to market?

In the developing electric truck market there seem to be five key players emerging: the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Hummer EV, Nikola Badger, and the all-electric Ford F150. But a sixth just burst onto the scene, and its ambitious plans could see it being the first to market. Lordstown, the electric car startup that was only founded last year, unveiled its debut vehicle, called the Endurance, yesterday. What’s more, the company is planning to deliver it early next year, which is one heck of a ...
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Burger King is exposing a Tesla Autopilot bug with its irresponsible burger giveaway

A couple of months ago, Tesla upgraded its driver aid system to recognize and react to stop signs and traffic lights — at least that’s what was supposed to happen. Instead, it seems the tech has been confusing fast-food takeaway logos for road signs. If a campaign from Burger King is to be believed (more on that later), an Autopilot-equipped Tesla confused its billboard for a stop sign, and began slowing the car down. It appears the car knows when its driver needs some, uh, fuel in the same way ...
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UK gov advisors want petrol and diesel ban brought forward to 2032

In an attempt to get drivers out of petrol and diesel vehicles and into EVs, the UK government has long said that it will simply ban the sale of combustion engined cars — but it seems it can’t happen soon enough for some. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) — an independent government advise body — is asking the British government bring the petrol/diesel car ban forward another three years, Autoexpress reports. The CCC also wants the sale of new internal combustion engine motorcycles to be ban...
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European Ford drivers could save up to $670 as marque makes some connected features free

In a move that’s surely going to please new Ford owners, the American carmaker has made its connected car features free for European owners — putting them on the same terms as US drivers. It’s quite common these days for new cars to come with a host of “internet connected” features that can be controlled through an associated app. Things like remote unlocking, car start, and diagnostic checks can be performed using a vehicle’s app, but the tech doesn’t always come for free. [Read: Study: Tesla l...
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Study: Tesla likely the US’ worst carmaker for reliability and build quality

When it comes to vehicle reliability, it’s not been a good week for Tesla. There’s been reports that the electric vehicle maker knowingly sold cars with faulty battery packs, and in a recent industry survey the marque ranked very poorly for build quality. Let’s start with the battery packs. According to a Business Insider exclusive, Tesla reportedly shipped 2012 edition Model S’ with battery packs that had leaky cooling systems, which could in some extreme cases lead to fires. The report chronic...
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It’s official: Apple CarKey exists — and the BMW 5 Series gets first dibs

After plenty of rumor and speculation, Apple‘s CarKey feature is now official. During its virtual Worldwide Developer Conference last night, Apple officially announced the feature, which will let users unlock and start their car using their iPhone. CarKey hasn’t exactly been the best kept secret. It seems everything that circulated in the rumors earlier this year, since the feature was spotted in iOS source code, are true. If you haven’t been following this specific iOS update, let me catch you ...
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The key differences between Tesla’s driving aids: Autopilot and Full Self-Driving

Welcome to SHIFT Basics, a collection of tips, explainers, guides, and advice to keep you up to speed with mobility tech. Tesla is perhaps the most well-known electric vehicle maker in the world. Whilst it’s perhapiss best known for its EV tech, it’s also talked about for its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) driver aid systems. There’s a bit of a problem, though: those terms aren’t exactly clear. There’s an ongoing debate over whether “Autopilot” is misleading, and often the term is used as...
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Germany may force Tesla to fix its ‘misleading’ Autopilot claims

While some say that Tesla‘s “Autopilot” system is one of the great automotive developments of the modern era, not everyone agrees. Many, including a German court, think the term is misleading. According to a recent report by German outlet Spiegel, Tesla‘s odds in an ongoing court case, in which the country’s competition commission is suing the electric vehicle maker over misleading advertising, aren’t looking too good after the case hearing commenced last week. “The standards of the law against ...
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How Ford’s new Co-Pilot360 feature is different from (and safer than) Tesla’s Autopilot

The world of semi-autonomous driving is going to get another player in the form of Ford’s Active Drive Assist next year. Many are comparing it to Tesla’s Autopilot, but it’s not exactly the same. Yesterday, the blue oval announced that it will be adding the extra hardware and software functionality to its Co-Pilot360 advanced driver assist system (ADAS) next year. The new tech will let drivers hand over a significant amount of control to the vehicle and drive “hands-free,” however, drivers must ...
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Lyft gives itself a comfortable 10-year deadline to make all its vehicles electric

Last night, ride-sharing company Lyft announced that all its vehicles will be powered by electricity within the next 10 years. The details remain thin and nebulous, but ultimately it could be a good thing. The statement of intent is positive. There’s a growing body of research that suggests ride-share trips are more polluting than conventional car journeys, because of how many miles ride-share cars drive between passenger journeys. All things considered, ride-share journeys end up being more pol...
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Dutch political party lobbies to electrify more than half of Amsterdam’s gas stations

The Democrats 66, a Dutch social-liberal political party, has submitted a motion to convert many of Amsterdam‘s petrol filling stations into charging points for electric vehicles. According to Dutch news outlet, D66 wants to turn 35 of the city’s 55 petrol stations into fast-chargers, over the next five years. [Read: Danes fish out 181 bicycles, 140 e-scooters, and a dildo from city harbor] Like the UK, the city of Amsterdam is banning all non-electric vehicles from 2030 onwards. The D6...
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Tesla Model S can finally drive 400 miles between charges — but only in North America

Speculation on when Tesla would break the 400-mile range mark has been mounting for some time, and — according to figures from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — the EV company has just done it. Late yesterday, Tesla announced all its North American Model S Long Range Plus EVs will come with an EPA mileage rating of 402 miles (around 650 km) per full charge. That’s nearly 20% more when compared against a 2019 Model S 100D with the same battery pack, the company says. [Read: Uber and Way...
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Uber and Waymo expected to share autonomous vehicle test data with public in new tool

In an attempt to quell public skepticism of self-driving vehicles, the government body that oversees national highway safety in the US is asking manufacturers to share their autonomous driving test data. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is today unveiling the Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing (or AV TEST), Reuters reports. (The AV TEST website is currently live, but a cached version can be accessed.) [Read: Demand for scooters trebles as Bri...
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Lotus to make one last gasoline car before pivoting entirely to electric drivetrains

Lotus, the British sports car company that helped with the original Tesla Roadster, is pivoting entirely to electric drivetrains for its future vehicles. Speaking to UK motoring magazine Autoexpress, Lotus CEO Phil Popham said the company will release one more combustion enginevehicle before moving entirely to battery electric platforms. The sportscar maker will release one more combustion vehicle in the next two years, then it’s all electric after that it seems. Popham is clear the future is el...
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Demand for scooters trebles as Brits look to avoid public transport

As coronavirus lockdown measures lift, commuters in the UK are shunning public transport in favor of personal options like sit-on scooters and mopeds. According to figures from online vehicle marketplace, AutoTrader, inquiries for mopeds and scooters in the first week of June were three times what they were over the same period last year. In the last week of May, inquiries were already double what they were a year earlier. Advert views for mopeds were up by 32% year-on-year in the last week of M...
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Tesla should be worried about Ford’s all-electric F150 pickup truck

Eventually, all types of vehicle will have to become electric as governments around the world look to crack down on high-emission vehicles. With this, manufacturers face a dilemma: shift iconic vehicles to electric power, or create something entirely new. Earlier this week, Ford Motor Company’s COO, Jim Farley, spoke with CNBC and revealed the company will launch an all-electric F150 pickup truck and Transit van in “the next 24 months.” [Read: How mysterious EV startup Nikola overtook Ford in on...
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Alibaba is overflowing with cheap mail-order electric cars — and I want them all

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often tweets about how you can order one of his vehicles online in just a few minutes. Many other well-known brands are following suit with this distance selling model, but Musk is far from the first to sell a car online. Alibaba has been selling mail-order cars for ages — electric ones at that. Last week, Jason Torchinsky, senior editor over at Jalopnik, did an unboxing of the Changli, a low-cost tiny yet deceivingly spacious all-electric car that cost around $1,200. You can...
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Swedish cities are betting big on Volvo’s creative ‘bendy buses’ for clean transport

The Swedish city of Jönköping is keen to clean up its streets and lower pollution. To do that, it will be getting electric bendy buses to replace old diesel rigs. Next year, the city will get 49 high-capacity electric busses, and yes, they’re made by Volvo. Electric Cars Report says the vehicles will be delivered next summer. [Read: These 29 EVs all exceeded their advertised ranges — which is pretty awesome] The city will be getting 49 of Volvo‘s 7900 Electric Articulated models, which can each ...
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These 29 EVs all exceeded their advertised ranges — which is pretty awesome

One of the biggest concerns for new electric vehicle buyers is how far they can drive on one charge of the battery. Manufacturers quote estimated “real-world” ranges, but these aren’t always accurate. As it turns out, some manufacturers underestimate what their vehicles are capable of. According to a road test carried out by Norwegian motoring magazine,, and the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF), 29 EVs from leading manufacturers all exceeded their WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light V...
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