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Cool Commuter: A Kawasaki ER-6n tracker from Jakarta

To most people, the mid-sized Kawasaki ER-6n is the quintessential no-frills commuter—it scores high on usability, but its looks don’t exactly set hearts ablaze. But to the crew at Studio Motor, it’s the perfect donor for a lively street tracker. ER-6n customs are rare, but the Indonesia shop has built several of them already, and even has a couple in their custom motorcycle rental fleet. As far as they’re concerned, the Kawasaki’s 649 cc parallel twin motor and surprisingly good chassis are ...
Tags: Facebook, Japan, Indonesia, Motorcycles, Ducati, Jakarta, Bandung, West Java, Kawasaki, Brembo, SunStar, Custom Motorcycles, Nissin, Kawasaki motorcycles, Shinko, Street Tracker

Krugger adds street smarts to the Triumph Scrambler

We love show bikes for their cutting edge design concepts, wild engineering and straight-line performance—but they’re not much use in the real world. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are customs that aim for maximum usability, by cleverly blending form and function. Most builders stick to just one of those camps, but Fred ‘Krugger’ Bertrand plays at both ends of the field. The Belgian maestro has won multiple AMD World Championships, but he’s just as happy to build ‘practical’ bike...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Italy, Custom Motorcycles, Triumph motorcycles, Wild Hog, Beringer, Krugger, Fred Krugger Bertrand, Street Tracker, Triumph Scrambler, Scramblers, Kellermann Keen

Even better than the real thing: Two ‘new’ BSA trackers

In the annals of dirt track history, one of the most famous race bikes is the BSA Trackmaster. Dirt fans will know that it was campaigned by the charismatic but crash-prone Dave Aldana, who also featured in the movie On Any Sunday. In 1970 Aldana was beaten to the Grand National title by Gene Romero, but fifty years later, there are still plenty of folks who remember the BSA he raced. The classic BSA ‘Trackmaster’ even has fans in Europe, and some of the most passionate are to be found in ...
Tags: Europe, UK, Motorcycles, Bsa, Frank, Barnes, Brembo, Zoe, Chartres, Custom Motorcycles, Ceriani, David Marvier, Aldana, BSA motorcycles, Zoe David, Norton Villiers

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 7 June, 2020

A crisp Honda V30 Magna tracker, a swooping Norton/Vincent hybrid, a Ducati Hailwood replica up for auction, and a very sharp Ducati ST4S cafe racer. We’d happily put any of these into our garage. Norvin by Stile Italiano We’ve all seen plenty of lust-worthy Tritons; Triumph motors stuffed into Norton frames. The crew at Stile Italiano has built six, plus four ‘Hartons.’ But now they’ve really gone overboard, with this stunning Norvin. You’re looking at a Norton featherbed frame, equipped ...
Tags: Japan, Virginia, US, Motorcycles, Ducati, Honda, Vincent, Norton, Sean, Suzuki, Magna, Harley V Rod, Alfa Romeos, Honda Motorcycles, Johann, Custom Motorcycles

FlatNine: A BMW R nineT tracker from VTR

With five different models in the range, there’s a BMW R nineT to suit most tastes—from the cafe-styled Racer to the classic Paris Dakar-inspired Urban G/S. But there’s one style that the Bavarian marque hasn’t attempted yet: flat tracker. The concept of a factory-built R nineT tracker is intriguing, and we’re not the only ones thinking that way. It’s been swirling around VTR Customs’ collective consciousness too, ever since the Swiss crew raced against the Indian FTR1200 concept at the Glems...
Tags: Europe, US, Munich, Motorcycles, Bmw, Dani, Monza, Magura, VTR, Paris Dakar, Custom Motorcycles, BMW motorcycles, Kineo, BMW R nineT, Rizoma, VTR Customs

Daily Dominator: A Honda NX650 street tracker

The major manufacturers are constantly mining the custom scene to produce stylish new motorcycles, so it’s getting harder for riders to choose between stock and custom. New bikes are looking better than ever—and they mostly perform well right out the box, too. But custom still trumps stock in many ways, and some riders prefer the simplicity of older machines to the tech wizardry of contemporary motorcycles. This steezy Honda Dominator from HB-Custom in Germany is physical proof—because the ow...
Tags: Germany, Motorcycles, Honda, Continental, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Brembo, Magura, Holger, Kellermann, Honda Motorcycles, Custom Motorcycles, Honda Dominator, Motogadget, Dominator, Koso

Daily Driver: A KTM Duke II street tracker from Dubstyle

Twenty years ago, street-legal supermotos weren’t really ‘a thing.’ But in Europe, change was in the air—and the KTM Duke II was one of the catalysts. The rough-and-ready 625 cc single was huge fun on short trips, and helped set the template for future supermotos. Over the past couple of years, custom supermotos have become more common, delivered by builders who value performance as much as aesthetics. And one of those builders is Garett Wilson of Dubstyle Designs in Colorado, USA. “These ...
Tags: Europe, Colorado, Motorcycles, Duke, Yamaha, Cam, Buchanan, KTM, Colorado USA, Garett, Custom Motorcycles, KTM Duke, Keihin, Street Tracker, Durelle Racing, Dubstyle

Yamaha XS650 ‘Techno Tracker’ by Gunn Design

Did you know that the evergreen Yamaha XS650 was launched over half a century ago? Although the production line closed down in 1985, the air-cooled parallel twin is still a top choice for many custom builders, including Minnesota-based Dan Riley. Operating as Gunn Design, Dan is a gifted freelance designer with good business smarts, too. A few months ago, he contacted Tucker Powersports and suggested a custom bike collaboration—which makes sense, because Tucker distributes custom-oriented bra...
Tags: Facebook, Craigslist, Minnesota, Motorcycles, Portland, Dubya, Yamaha, Fort Worth Texas, Dan, Allen, Convention Center, Tucker, Gunn, Dan Riley, Custom Motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles

Silver Surfer: A Honda street tracker from Black Cycles

The Honda CRF450X will go down in history as one of the marque’s greatest hits. Originally derived from the hardcore CRF450R motocrosser, it’s one of the best enduro bikes money can buy. It has dominated the Baja 1000 and 500 desert races, and just this year Ricky Brabec piloted a rally-spec CRF450 to Dakar victory. So one thing is certain: the CRF excels off-piste. Noel Muller at Black Cycles in Brisbane, Australia was well aware of the CRF450X’s dirt bike pedigree when he picked up a 20...
Tags: US, Motorcycles, Honda, Noël, Yamaha, Dakar, Brisbane Australia, CRF, Honda Motorcycles, Custom Motorcycles, Street Tracker, Ricky Brabec, Gazi Suspension, Andrew Stagg, Noel Muller, Pro Moto Billet

Built Under Pressure: HardNine’s Harley XLCR tracker

Building a custom bike is often beset with difficulties: there can be unreasonable client demands, unforeseen technical issues, cashflow problems, and in some countries, strict regulations to circumvent. We tend to dwell on these in our reports, but sometimes the build story is only half the real story. The other half is life outside the workshop, and on occasion, life ‘gets in the way.’ Swiss builder Danny Schneider of HardNine Choppers has had a lot on his plate recently. But that didn’t...
Tags: France, Motorcycles, Harley Davidson, Harley, Bern, Verona Italy, Danny, Custom Motorcycles, Danny Schneider, Keihin, Roland Sands Design, Christine Gabler, Street Tracker, Flat Track, Harley-Davidson Customs, HardNine

A street tracker with race-tuned Yamaha MT-07 power

Building a competitive flat track racer is downright scientific. Countless factors like weight, geometry, power delivery and gearing all have to be optimized to the nth degree. But building a street tracker is simpler; as long as you have the flat track look and feel locked in, whether or not it can actually hold its own on a dirt track is inconsequential. Unless, of course, your name is Michael ‘Woolie’ Woolaway, and you’re the head wrench at Deus in Venice Beach, California. Woolie’s id...
Tags: Motorcycles, Honda, Dot, Ama, Yamaha, Jeff, Brembo, Dani Pedrosa, Mitas, WPC, Custom Motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles, Yamaha MT-07, Deus Customs, Saddlemen, Woolie

Keeping it in the family: A BSA Thunderbolt from Italy

If you lived in the 1900s or earlier, your career was probably dictated by the line of work that your father happened to be in. Entire lifetimes were spent honing skills that were passed down from generation to generation. The formula bred quality and craftsmanship. But the modern world has increasingly turned its back on the concept of the multi-generational family business. They’re seldom seen, but if you look hard enough, you can still find a genuine father and son business. And in ou...
Tags: Motorcycles, Italy, Conde Nast, Bsa, Cadillac, BRIDGESTONE, Alberto, Daniele, Beezer, NOVARA, Classic Motorcycles, Restomod, BSA motorcycles, Soiatti, Street Tracker, Soiatti Moto Classiche

Moose Project: An Enfield street tracker from Bangkok

Royal Enfield’s 650 twins have only been on the market for just over a year. But they’ve become a hit with both buyers and road testers—offering classic style, accessible pricing and just enough performance for a big section of the riding demographic. Over the past few months, Royal Enfield has been keeping the spotlight on the twins via a steady stream of custom builds from all over the globe. Right now, they’re focusing on the flat track vibe: a few days after the ‘official’ collaborati...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Moose, Bangkok, Continental, HARRIS, Enfield, Dunlop, Custom Motorcycles, Royal Enfield, Royal Enfield Continental GT, Auto Fabrica, Street Tracker, Mooyong, Zeus Custom of Thailand Mooyong, Lowbrow Motogadget

El Trasplante: A Yamaha XT 600 with Bultaco bodywork

Lots of people build a bike with the sole purpose of thrashing it. But it’s usually a ‘beater,’ with very little time or money plowed into the project. This svelte Yamaha XT 600 E was clearly built to get loose, but it’s also a remarkably cohesive and neat custom. Even if that wasn’t the original intention of its owner, Stefan Lantschner. Stefan is an Italian living in Barcelona, Spain—a videographer who spends his free time wrenching on bikes under the nickname ‘Koolt Creations.’ He’s al...
Tags: Barcelona, Motorcycles, Yamaha, Stefan, Barcelona Spain, CNC, KTM, Magura, Alvaro, Custom Motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles, Honda CRF, Bultaco, Street Tracker, Yamaha XT 600, Flat Track

Inch perfect: A Ducati Hypermotard 939 from Rough Crafts

There are motorcycles that are considered so sacred, you wouldn’t dare customize them. And there are motorcycles that work so well out the box, you probably wouldn’t want to customize them, even if the opportunity presented itself. We’d file the Ducati Hypermotard 939 in that last category. Its torquey Testastretta L-twin motor makes ample power (110 hp), it weighs just 450 pound wet, and it has dynamite handling. It looks pretty cool in stock trim too… so why bother? Well, Taiwan-based Ro...
Tags: Facebook, Spain, Taiwan, Motorcycles, Ducati, Taipei, CNC, Kawasaki Ninja, WINSTON, Hypermotard, Winston Yeh, Rough Crafts, Custom Motorcycles, Rizoma, Ducati Hypermotard, Beringer

Out of the blue: A Triumph Trackmaster hiding in Germany

In a world where everyone is screaming for attention, Heinz Lange is an enigma. He has no catchy workshop name, no website and absolutely zero social media presence. He’s simply a retired aficionado with a proclivity for collecting and working on classics—like the Norton Manx that’s parked in his living room. That’s why we only found out about Heinz via a friend of a friend. And he only popped up on their radar because he’d just finished this stunning Triumph Trackmaster. Heinz built the T...
Tags: California, Germany, Motorcycles, Ducati, Bmw, Heinz, Peugeot, Daytona, Custom Motorcycles, Ceriani, Grimeca, Hagon, Triumph motorcycles, Norton Manx, Bridgestone Battlax, Witchita Kansas

Bucephalus: A Norton Commando 850 from FCR Original

The Commando is one of the all-time greats of the motorcycle industry. In Britain, its status is iconic: even people with no interest in motorcycling know of it, or know someone who used to own one. Seventies-era Nortons can be temperamental though—troublesome to own and expensive to repair. So we’re always pleased to see one that has been rescued from the scrapheap and restored. Or even better, resto-modded with tasteful upgrades. This gorgeous 850 Mk 3 with a hint of street tracker style...
Tags: France, Britain, Motorcycles, Norton, Sebastien, Dunlop, FCR, Custom Motorcycles, Ceriani, Norton Commando, Sébastien Guillemot, Kustom Tech, Norton motorcycles, FCR Original, Nortons, Street Tracker

Off brief, on trend: A Yard Built XSR700 from Hookie

Any designer knows: sometimes you need to give your client what they need, rather than what they’ve asked for. When Yamaha asked Hookie Co. to customize an XSR700 for the Yard Built program, the brief was “Playful, sporty and classic.” Not feeling the throwback vibe, the Dresden-based team decided to build something modern—even slightly futuristic—instead. So they took inspiration from current motocross and flat track bikes to create the ‘Grasshopper.’ Two out of three ain’t bad, right? Th...
Tags: Motorcycles, Dresden, Grasshopper, Nico, Yamaha, Pirelli, Gilles, Custom Motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles, Yamaha Yard Built, Motogadget, Yamaha XSR700, Hookie Co, Kedo, Street Tracker, Yamaha Germany

Two by Four: A pair of wild BMW S1000 customs from VTR

VTR have a rep for building some of the wildest BMW customs. There’s a regular stream of Bavarian metal rolling through their workshop, and it’s only natural: VTR is the custom arm of the Swiss BMW dealer Stucki2Rad. They’ve turned screws on everything from classic boxers to the R nineT—and even the R1200R. But they’ve only ever built one S-series BMW. Maybe it’s because the 1,000 cc four-cylinder platform doesn’t really lend itself to run-of-the-mill customization. Or maybe it’s because the ...
Tags: Motorcycles, Custom Motorcycles, BMW motorcycles, VTR Customs, BMW S1000RR, Street Tracker

Review: Riding the new Indian FTR 1200

For a brand that only relaunched five years ago, Indian Motorcycle is making some bold moves. The Scout FTR750 racebike has cleaned up in the flat track scene and Indian has now released a matching flat tracker for the street: the hotly anticipated FTR 1200. When the FTR1200 Custom concept broke cover 18 months ago, everyone with a pulse and a love for two wheels went all giddy. And even though the production-ready FTR 1200 has been watered down by practical and regulatory considerations, it’...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, UK, La, US, Motorcycles, Ducati, Bmw, Pacific Coast Highway, Harley Davidson, Malibu, Santa Monica, Brembo, Dunlop, FTR, Indian motorcycles

The man brave enough to cut up an MV Agusta F4 Senna

Cutting up an MV Agusta F4 Senna is a gutsy move. The F4 is a surefire future classic, and the Senna version’s carbon bits, and upgraded suspension and brakes, make it even tastier. Plus, MV Agusta only ever built three hundred of them—so it’s rare too. But when Robert Wilson got his hands on a 2007-model F4 1000 Senna, he just couldn’t help himself. And since he found it with none of its stock bodywork intact, he didn’t feel too bad about tearing into a 173 hp superbike that cost $29,995 whe...
Tags: Motorcycles, Robert, Robert Wilson, Sachs, Pirelli, Matt, Brandon, Brembo, Senna, AgustA, Custom Motorcycles, MV Agusta, Shorai, Street Tracker, Brandon Briscoe, Kelly Inham

RC Dept’s Honda Dominator: Big style from a tiny country

The modern custom scene has infiltrated the most distant corners of the world. This very slick custom Honda Dominator comes from the tiny European principality of Andorra—the 16th smallest country in the world. (At 181 square miles, it’s about an eighth of the size of Rhode Island.) Despite its compact dimensions, Andorra is now home its first fully-equipped custom workshop: RC Dept, run by Roberto Conde. And he’s not alone in his passion for bikes. “Andorra is full of motorcycle enthusia...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Sharp, Rhode Island, Andorra, Norton, Dakar, Roberto, Honda Motorcycles, Custom Motorcycles, Honda Dominator, Santa Coloma, Street Tracker, Honda scrambler, Dommie, Roberto Conde

Building a Street Bob custom using Harley’s rulebook

More Harley-Davidsons go under the grinder than any other make of bike. But surprisingly, The Motor Co. seldom commissions customs from big-name builders. Instead, it has developed the annual Battle of the Kings contest—where dealers customize a bike within a very strict rule set. To get a taste of how hard that is, we flew to Milwaukee for the second Harley-sponsored ‘Brewtown Throwdown’ event. The Brewtown Throwdown is a build-off between teams, made up of people from different walks of ...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Milwaukee, Motorcycles, John, Bob, Skype, Harley-davidson, Carlton, Harley, Janesville, Lance, Harley Softail, Dominion, Goran, Bill Davidson

This scary TZ750 flat track racer is also street legal

When we were talking to Brad Peterson about his XR750 street tracker a month ago, he let slip that he also had a TZ750 in his garage. And it too was street legal. An explosive Yammie two-stroke with classic flat track good looks is too hard to resist, so we just had to show it. But we’re not sure if we want to ride it: Brad may have balls the size of church bells, but we don’t. The TZ750 was one of the most extreme flat track racers of all time: it was banned after one race win in the mid ...
Tags: Canada, Motorcycles, Baker, Yamaha, Mike, Brad, Brembo, Dunlop, Steve Baker, Yamaha motorcycles, Kenny Roberts, Racing Motorcycles, Baja Designs, Brad Peterson, Brad Brad, Jeff Palhegyi

END OF THE WORLD. Officine Rossopuro‘s ‘Finisterrae’ Moto Guzzi Bellagio

Written by Martin Hodgson There is something connecting certain builders and brands that we may never understand, but such is the affinity between the two that one becomes synonymous with the other. When it comes to Moto Guzzi that man is Filippo Barbacane of Officine Rossopuro from the beautiful Abruzo region of Italy. He’s taken just about every one of the marque’s models and turned them into a portfolio of some of the best customs on the market. Now he’s back with his favourite steed from ...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Italy, Tracker, Bellagio, Lake Como, Brembo, Moto Guzzi, Filippo, Guzzi, Martin Hodgson, Filippo Barbacane, Officine RossoPuro, Abruzo, Moto Guzzi Bellagio, Street Tracker

TALLADEGA KNIGHTS. Rogue Motorcycles’ NASCAR-Inspired Yamaha XV1100

When a loyal customer rolled up to Billy Kuyken’s workshop with a 1990s Yamaha XV1100 and a simple design brief, his imagination went into overdrive of how he could turn this once cruiser into a formidable street tracker. Billy and his Rogue Motorcycles workshop have become widely known in the Western Australian custom motorcycle scene for their unique street trackers, which explains his excitement and eagerness in essentially having free reign on the project. “We did some work for the cus...
Tags: Motorcycles, Honda, Perth, Nascar, Tracker, Billy, Yamaha, Kawasaki, CNC, Talladega, Brat, JBS, Virago, XV1100, Daytona Velona, Street Tracker

A THOUSAND CUTS. ADS Motorcycles’ ‘Plan-Z’ Honda VT750RS Street Tracker

Written by Andrew Jones Only those who’ve been on the receiving end of customer feedback will know the pain. Not, ‘my coffee’s too hot’ or ‘I asked for extra anchovies,’ feedback. Think non-binary, creative feedback. Architects know it. Graphic designers know it. And unsurprisingly, custom builders know it. Or as New York’s David Seidman from ADS Motorcycles puts it, “People can tell you what they don’t like, but not what they do like.” And in the case of this ‘Plan-Z’ Honda VT750RS tracker, ...
Tags: New York, David, Motorcycles, Honda, Tracker, Ricky Martin, Andrew Jones, Richard Pollock, Gregor Halenda, David Seidman, Street Tracker, VT750RS, Ryca Motors

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