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Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 March 2019

Stones (in both foreground and background) and sheep (everywhere) – we’ll see these in Kilmartin Glen, on our Scotland’s Highland Highlights Tour this September. Good morningWow, what a wild and crazy week this one has been, with the added dimension, for me personally but hopefully not for you, of (hopefully just) experiencing another kidney stone event.  These seem to be occurring with increasing frequency.The extraordinarily dysfunctional nature of Obamacare was driven home to me.  When it bec...
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MUJI X Sensible 4’s Self-Driving Bus premiered in Finland. We got a chance to sit in it!

It’s only natural that the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving bus would come out of Finland. Finland, believe it or not, is often considered to be the ‘Silicon Country’ that gave the world Nokia and pretty much set the very blueprint for mobile communications. Nokia was founded in Finland, and for over two grand decades before Apple launched the iPhone, Nokia was the standard to beat. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that your first phone was a Nokia (I know mine was). Post-2010 whe...
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Alternatives to Car Rental Agencies

Read the full article on at - Alternatives to Car Rental Agencies Car rental fees are rising, and if you’re under 25, rental companies can charge you even more. But there are alternatives to the traditional rental car transactions. Zipcar has been around for a while. It’s a membership service where you rent cars hourly. One possible downside is that Zipcar only provides the state’s minimum insurance... The post Alternatives to Car Rental Agencies appeared first on Peter Greenb...
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Thinking of buying a convertible...

Here's the first option: I'd be replacing the TT. The reasoning is partly technological — I want a car with Apple Carplay and some of the safety things like a blind-spot alert and a backup camera. And it's partly aesthetic — I love the TT and don't think any car is prettier, but the window space is relatively small and with a convertible I could really open up the visibility. I've got my eyesight fixed, and I'm getting back to driving again, and I want to drive through the American landscapes a...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 1 March 2019

A section of the brightly colored houses and shops facing out to the harbor in the lovely little town of Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull. We’ll spend two nights here on the Scotland’s Highland Highlights tour in September. Good morningAnother week with a disrupted review – the product I was testing abjectly failed at the thing it was primarily intended for.  To be fair, I have to give the manufacturer a chance to respond – maybe it is a bad unit, for example.However, there’s lot we do have this w...
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The Macchina Volantis can drive on roads and fly in the skies!

It is, at some point of time, every urban commuter’s dream while stuck in a traffic jam, to just lift off and conveniently fly to your destination, right above all the cars, bikes, and buses stuck in eternal gridlock. That literally makes the Macchina Volantis the thing that dreams are made of. Designed by ‘serial-problem-fixer’ Stephen Fries, the Volantis is part car, part EVTOL. With seating for 5 people, winged flight mode, and a diesel range extender, this thing promises to fly at three time...
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Why carry your suitcase when your suitcase could carry you?

Admitted it’ll take a while for ‘riding suitcases’ to become a norm of sorts, but the Quadra is ideal for people who can’t lug their luggage around with them. Whether it’s a traveler with fatigue, a flyer who’s running late for a flight, or perhaps the noblest scenario, an elderly traveler or a traveler with special needs, the Quadra could be just the thing to help you and your luggage get from point A to B.The Quadra, instead of being dragged or pulled, ends up driving you around the place. A s...
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Elon Musk finally hosted meme review with the co-creator of Rick and Morty

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been teasing — and his fanbase has been making pleas — to host a meme review. And after tweeted hints, meme review has arrived via YouTube star PewDiePie. Musk tweeted last month a photo and a question “Host meme review?” Host meme review? — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 27, 2019 On Friday, Musk and Justin Roiland, one of the creators of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, appeared on YouTuber PewDiePie’s show for a meme revi...
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The Median Ambulance cuts through highway traffic by riding on the road divider

How does an ambulance reach a victim in a road/highway accident when there are more than a dozen cars stuck in a traffic jam between the ambulance and the site of the accident? Up until now the only solution was to drive in the opposite lane, weaving through oncoming traffic to get to the victim. A band of Korean designers created the Median AMB, a special ambulance that can directly reach the point of the accident without getting affected by the traffic congestion created by the accident. The M...
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You don’t need a licence to drive the Citroën Ami One

Citroën seems to have it the nail on the head by calling its Ami One a ‘disruptive all-electric object’, and not a car. Barely 2.5 meters long, the Ami One stems from an idea that traveling is an activity, and a car should only be as permanent as the need of that activity. The video above makes a pretty bold claim by saying that YOU choose how long you want (to rent) your car. Five minutes, five hours, five days…months , or even five years. This sounds like a gimmick, but think about the fact ...
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How To Visit The Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Southern Spain

 Much of Game of Thrones is filmed in Spain, even places you might assume were shot in Ireland like Dragonstone, can be found across the country. Although the Baratheon stronghold is in the north (of Spain) there are many easily accessible filming locations in Andalusia. ...
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How Good Is This Portable USB Humidifier?

 People who travel frequently often look for the portable versions of most things. (Myself included.) So, although you might not need a portable humidifier, you might want one for your home, and look for a travel-sized version. The USB-powered MZTDYTL is just such a device and I picked one up to review. You can see my full review terribly named MZTDYTL, which is designed for home, hotel, or car, in the video above. ...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 1 February 2019

The Loire River, the longest in France, which gives the valley its name.  Details of our September “land cruise” tour of the Loire Valley are now available, here. Good morning While there are no attachments to this morning’s nice long newsletter, that is due to a quirk in how these emails work.  I’ve actually been very busy this last week preparing the pages of information for our lovely Loire Valley “land cruise” in late September. You can see the main tour page here that sets out all the det...
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Ceramic Pro Nano Coating for my S240

I confess, I’m a guy with way too many hobbies, and perhaps uninterestingly, driving happens to be one of them. So just over a year ago, I sold my beloved Toyota MR2 after owning it for over a decade, bit the bullet and bought the car I’ve always wanted – a Lotus, then still owned by Proton. the Exige, finally shines like it should I’ve driven the car to Bentong, Genting, and Cameron Highlands. It’s a little car that loves hugging the corner. Light, nimble, and extremely unfriendly to older lad...
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Tesla’s interchangeable travel-pod system shows modularity in transportation

If any company had to build something as outlandish as a pod system with a fixed electric powertrain platform and an interchangeable upper pod based on use, it would probably be Tesla (or maybe we could count this Mercedes Benz concept too). Designed as a part of his thesis project, Fábio Martins’ conceptual Tesla Pod system is pretty intriguing, and especially makes sense, given that Musk is launching the Boring Tunnel project that will only work with a handful of cars that are compatible with ...
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The Tesla Model 3 is finally approved for European roads

Tesla can now deliver Model 3 vehicles to European customers. The automakers midsize sedan was recently granted approval from RDW, the Dutch regulator and European authority tasked by Tesla to approve the vehicle for European roads. The approval comes just ahead of the vehicle’s European introduction next month. Right now, it’s been reported that a cargo ship full of Model 3s is currently en route to Zeebrugge, Belgium and should arrive around February 2. The nod from the European governing body...
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A Roundup Of The Most Intriguing Travel Tech From CES 2019

 The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is over 3.2 million square feet (297,200 sq. meters) of the most current, upcoming, and concept technology, brands and startups alike want to share with the world. There were a lot of travel products at CES 2019 and starting in the first part of this video series, you can see the emphasis on wearables and enhancing experiences on the road. Check out the video above for the second part of my visit to CES or read on for the most useful inventi...
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EVs and online marketplaces thrive despite slump in Chinese car sales

China’s massive auto market hit the brakes last year as trade tensions and a softening economy dampened consumer confidence, but one segment soared on account of increasing internet penetration — used car sales. New passenger car sales fell to 23.7 million last year, representing a 4.1 year-over-year drop according to a new report by China’s Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the country’s top auto association. That marks the very first annual decline in the world’s biggest car market sinc...
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Was 2018 as Good a Year for Electric Vehicles as They Say?

Teslas galore. But at the Tesla factory, not on the streets of most cities. Supporters of battery electric vehicles (EV and/or BEV) are rapturous about the 81% increase in electric vehicles sold in 2018 compared to 2017.  This table shows the breakdown, with a total of 361,307 vehicles sold in the US in 2018, compared to 199,826 sold in 2017. We should add a disclaimer.  We love electric-powered vehicles.  We’d like nothing more than to get a fully loaded Tesla, and, failing that, just about an...
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6 Tips To Stay Safe While Touring The World On A Motorcycle

Is the world calling you to travel far distances on a motorcycle? If so, you’re one of many people who can’t imagine seeing the sights any other way. Nothing beats traveling to historical sites with the wind at your back. Plus, it’s cheap. This guy did it for $1.17 a mile. It’s a beautiful adventure to journey across the world on a motorcycle. Whether you ride across America, Africa, Europe, or Asia, you’re going to have a grand time. First, let’s talk safety. 1. Put aside some cash in a travel...
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Bell has begun building Uber’s Air Taxis

The Nexus is a 6-propeller, 4-seater eVTOL from Bell. Showcased in part last year at CES, the company has now built the entire vehicle to scale, much to the delight of its viewers. Bell hopes to have the Nexus ready for flight by the mid-2020s, which means we aren’t far from Uber’s air-taxi takeover.The Nexus comes with a hybrid-electric propulsion system that allows it to travel further than a full-electric eVTOL. It seats 4 passengers and a driver, and coming from a company that practically ...
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The 2019 Mercedes CLA gets a major tech upgrade to make it the “ultimate wearable”

Mercedes-Benz has often reserved its best tech for its highest class models — the S Class being the first vehicle to get the latest and greatest. Now Mercedes is bringing more of tech, namely its new MBUX infotainment system, to other vehicles in its portfolio. Enter the new CLA Class. Mercedes-Benz unveiled Monday the new CLA at CES 2019 — a slightly bigger, sleeker, sportier and techier car than its predecessor in a direct appeal to a younger American customer. The exterior of the new CLA hasn...
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How To Ensure You’ll Always Find A Parking Spot In America’s Busiest Cities

  The only thing worse than bad traffic is having to look for parking in a busy city but some destinations are just close enough that it’s faster to drive than deal with airports or you’ve got an occasion bringing you to downtown. Whatever the reason, searching for parking can be a frustrating, stressful, and time-consuming quest but there is an app that solves all those problems. One Day Before The free app SpotHero (available for Android and iOS) let’s you search and reserve a parking s...
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Keep Your Feet Off The Car Dashboard To Avoid Gruesome Airbag Injuries

It’s a fairly common sight, particularly on highways to see someone in the passenger seat of a car have their feet up on the dashboard. Few worry about the consequences of being involved in one of the 3,400 car accidents that happen daily, but it’s actually the device designed to keep you safe that can (literally) destroy your legs. Here’s why you should never put your feet up on the car’s dashboard, if you’re not entirely convinced already. Airbags Faster Than You Car airbags are designed to d...
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Softbank invests in parking startup ParkJockey pushing valuation to $1 billion

Softbank continues to invest in the future of transportation — this time in ParkJockey, a startup that has built a technology platform aimed monetizing parking lots. And ParkJockey, which was founded in 2013, is already using that capital to scale up. Along with the Softbank investment news, ParkJockey also announced that it was acquiring two of the largest parking operators in North America. The startup, with help from Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Capital and debt financing from Owl Rock, said it h...
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Be Prepared this Winter with this DIY Winter Roadside Emergency Kit

This time of year can be a very dangerous time for road travel, especially if you live in a state that gets a lot of snow and seriously hazardous road conditions. With weather, you never know what to expect, so I find it best to always be prepared for anything. As the seasons change, I The post appeared first on The Megalomaniac Mommy.
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Thinking in Advance Will Improve Your Outcome: 4 Things You Should Never Do at the Scene of a Traffic Accident

There were 50,878 personal injuries on Maryland’s highways in 2016 according to MDOT. Whether your vehicle accident includes minor or major personal injuries, you must know how to respond. There are things you must do as a responsible driver. But, there are four things to avoid doing: Leave the scene: You don’t leave the scene […] The post Thinking in Advance Will Improve Your Outcome: 4 Things You Should Never Do at the Scene of a Traffic Accident appeared first on Not So Average Mama.
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Visiting The Porsche Museum In Stuttgart

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Where's the seat belt?

"The robotic hotel room on wheels - is this the future of travel? Self-driving suite can ferry guests from place to place - and drones deliver room service through the sunroof/Toronto-based Aprilli Design Studio has designed a hotel suite housed within a self-driving vehicle/Renderings reveal how the battery-powered hotel-room-on-wheels includes a double bed and shower room/The vehicle's designers note that travellers would simply specify the route they wanted to take via an app" (Daily Mail).I ...
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Your vehicle needs this holiday road-trip maintenance checklist

This Thanksgiving, AAA projects that roughly 48.5 million Americans will travel by automobile or more towards their destination. That’s the highest volume in over 12 years. Before you head out, make sure your vehicle is ready to go by checking this quick holiday road-trip checklist. If needed, make an appointment to have your car looked at by a professional mechanic. Quick Road-Trip Checklist Battery: Measure It’s Strength Car batteries draw more energy while operating in the winter months. ...
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