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Triumph Makes Moves to Develop an Electric Motorcycle in Two Years

Let Triumph’s Electrified Future Begin Triumph recently announced a partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain, and the University of Warwick. According to reports, the point of that partnership is to move the company forward on electrification projects. RideApart noted the company’s plan is quite ambitious. The result of the plan will be what the company calls the TE-1. It will be an electric motorcycle. Triumph wants it to happen in two year’s time. Williams Advanced ...
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Ernie Vigil Finishes 5th at Mexican 1000 Rally Riding a Triumph Scrambler 1200

Not Your Typical Bike for the Race I don’t cover many motorcycle competitions, but this story is too good not to share. Apparently, Ernie Vigil took fifth out of 13 contestants at the Mexican 1000 Rally on a Triumph Scrambler 1200. The Triumph Scrambler isn’t the first bike I or many others would have chosen. Most riders opted for dirt bikes with about half the displacement. The factory racer completed the five-day, 1,347-mile rally in 25 hours and 37 minutes, according to That’...
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The Triumph Rocket 3 GT Was Spotted

It Looks Pretty Awesome Triumph’s new Rocket 3 is the most powerful production motorcycle. The new Triumph Rocket 3 has a 2,458cc three-cylinder engine that makes 167 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque. The motorcycle is unlike many other machines on the road, and now a shot of the Rocket 3 GT has surfaced. Apparently, the bike was out for a photo shoot in Croatia. Motorcycle News reported on it and shared an image sent to the publication by its reader Igor Skunca. The motorcycle has no camo on it, a s...
Tags: Motorcycles, Triumph, Motorcycle News, Triumph Rocket, Triumph Rocket 3, Croatia Motorcycle News, Igor Skunca

Triumph Unveils the Rocket 3 TFC

The Company Calls It ‘The Ultimate Motorcycle’ Triumph’s Rocket 3 is something that excites the hell out of me. I like the idea of a big muscle cruiser, especially a special limited-edition one like the TFC that Triumph has built. The company recently posted a video of the bike, unveiling its new beauty flexing in a dark room. It looks awesome.  The bike has all kinds of carbon fiber on it, special LED lights, cast aluminum wheels, and a unique and modern looking instrument cluster that’s minim...
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LEFT AND FAST – Triumph Bonneville Super Hooligan

Inspiration can come at any time. But when you’re thinking of building a Super Hooligan flat tracker, there’s probably no better place to be than at a Hooligan race. Last October, flat track racing-obsessed rider Paul Hartman was watching the RSD Super Hooligans Moto Beach Classic from the side lines, dreaming up his next build. “I had just wrecked my Harley race bike the weekend before at a hill climb event,” says Paul. “I knew I would be building a new bike over the winter, but wasn’t quite ...
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The Upcoming Triumph Rocket III was Spied Testing

Get Yourself Ready For the Power Triumph’s new Rocket III is coming. It’s been spotted before and Triumph gave dealers an inside look at the bike not that long ago. Triumph has also revealed a TFC version of the bike that should be pretty cool. The Triumph Rocket III was recently spotted testing again. Motorcycle News recently shared a picture that was sent to the publication by one of its readers with sharp eyes. The bike was parked by the side of the road. I’ve included a tweet with the image...
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Could Triumph Be Working On an Electric Trident?

The Resurgence of an Icon as an Electric The Triumph Trident was a high-performance model that helped define the company during the late ’60s and early ’70s. The bike is well-loved by those that remember it. Now it seems there could be a new Trident on its way. According to MoreBikes, there’s a rumor going around of Triumph working on a new Trident, and it’s powered by electricity. This could be awesome. Granted, the rumor from MoreBikes is that there’s a patent for the design floating around o...
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Listen to the Triumph Daytona 765 Sing

A Desperate and Angry Howl The new Triumph Daytona 765 is coming. The bike has been spotted before, and now we come across a video of the machine on a dyno testing. The lucky guy who gets to do the testing looks all to calm as the beast below him screams on the dyno. It’s a beautiful howl that I don’t think I could ever get sick of. It’s almost painful to watch this bike tested like this. It looks out of place. It should be on a racetrack or on a twisty canyon road pushing the limits. I guess a...
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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 3 February, 2019

We’re back with an extremely oddball selection: possibly the world’s ugliest MV Agusta, a Yamaha XSR700 homage to Claude Fior, a gorgeous Honda CB400 Super Four cafe racer and an absolutely monstrous BMW R1150R scrambler. Grab a coffee and let’s go. MV Agusta 750 Twin Turbo Prototype We associate MV Agusta with some of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made. The F4 is impossibly good looking, and even the entry-level Brutale draws a crowd. But it was not always that way. Corrado Agusta c...
Tags: England, Indonesia, Cowboy, US, Taiwan, Philippines, Motorcycles, Paris, Rotherham, Bmw, Bob, Honda, Taipei, Alex, Triumph, Manila

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 3 March, 2019

We’re back with an extremely oddball selection: possibly the world’s ugliest MV Agusta, a Yamaha XSR700 homage to Claude Fior, a gorgeous Honda CB400 Super Four cafe racer and an absolutely monstrous BMW R1150R scrambler. Grab a coffee and let’s go. MV Agusta 750 Twin Turbo Prototype We associate MV Agusta with some of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made. The F4 is impossibly good looking, and even the entry-level Brutale draws a crowd. But it was not always that way. Corrado Agusta c...
Tags: England, Indonesia, Cowboy, US, Taiwan, Philippines, Motorcycles, Paris, Rotherham, Bmw, Bob, Honda, Taipei, Alex, Triumph, Manila

PIPEBURN REVIEW: Triumph’s 2019 Scrambler 1200 XE

Written by Mark Hawwa “THIS IS NOT A SCRAMBLER!” is what I shout to myself on repeat as I hit the first few corners of the famous Great Ocean Road in Australia’s south-east. Not a car in sight, my right wrist is only just warming up. Luckily, my hands are already comfortable thanks to the bike’s heated grips. From corner to corner, the 2019 Triumph Scrambler XE consistently proves that it was not only made to conquer the dirt, but the bitumen too. The gold forks mean that this is the serio...
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Triumph Daytona With 765 Engine Spied

The Return of the Daytona The 765 engine first appeared on Triumph’s Street Triple, and now it looks like a new Daytona will get that engine as well. The motorcycle spies over at Motorcycle News spotted the new bike riding around. The images of the return of the Daytona with that new engine were shot in Spain. With them comes some concrete detail and plenty of speculation. There are a few things that can be gleaned from the images. As Motorcycle News points out, there is a lot of this new bike ...
Tags: Spain, Motorcycles, Triumph, Daytona, Brembo, TFC, Motorcycle News, Triumph Daytona, Sportbike, Daytona Although Triumph

Triumph Unveils Its Thruxton TFC and Shows off More Rocket TFC Details

Triumph Thrills US With TFC Models We reported yesterday on the Rocket TFC teaser Triumph released, well now we’re here to show you a whole lot more. The motorcycle company showed off the Thruxton TFC in all its glory and released more images of the Rocket TFC and a few more details. These are the first two models of what is to become a full line of super limited-edition premium Triumph Factory Custom motorcycles. The bikes will be individually numbered and uniquely customized as wel...
Tags: Canada, Motorcycles, Triumph, U S, Brembo, TFC, Motorcycle News, Vance Hines, Triumph Factory Custom, Triumph Triumph, Concept Rocket TFC, Thruxton TFC, Triumph Rocket TFC, Triumph TFC, Rocket TFC, Thruxton TFC Triumph

Triumph Teased the Concept Rocket TFC

That’s Triumph Factory Custom Folks seem pretty pumped about the upcoming Triumph Rocket III, and now they have something else to get all fired up about. The Triumph Concept Rocket TFC (Triumph Factory Custom). According to, Triumph sent out the image above and a short message. The message said the following about the Concept Rocket TFC: The concept for the next TFC model is an all-new Rocket TFC, the ultimate motorcycleThe world’s largest production motorcycle engine t...
Tags: Motorcycles, Triumph, TFC, Motorcycle News, Triumph motorcycles, Triumph Factory Custom, TFC Triumph Factory Custom, Concept Rocket TFC, Triumph Factory Custom Folks

Review: The 2019 Triumph Speed Twin

Most manufacturers have at least a couple of retro-styled motorcycles on sale. But Triumph has more skin in that game than anyone else: Hinckley’s modern classics outnumber their other models by a significant margin. The new Speed Twin adds yet another name to the roster. So is the range too crowded now, or is the Speed Twin different enough to be significant? I headed to the usually sunny Mediterranean island of Mallorca to find out. The Speed Twin gets its name from the groundbreaking pa...
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Spy Shots Reveal Triumph’s 2020 Rocket III

Big Cruiser, Big News We recently reported that Triumph likely has a new 2020 Rocket III cruiser in the works. Well, now you can see it in all its glory thanks to spy shots showcased at The shots show the new bike in all its hulking glory. The current Rocket III has been out in the U.S. since 2004, so it’s due for a redesign. The monster, three-pot-powered cruiser is loved by many and hated by some. It’s a torque monster, though, and the new one should be more of the same, only ...
Tags: Motorcycles, Triumph, Brembo, Motorcycle News, Spy Shots, 2020 rocket III, Triumph rocket III

Motorcycle News Roundup: Week of 12/16

This week has been full of interesting motorcycle news from a customized 180hp Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo to Triumph Factory Custom bikes and rumors of a new Rocket III power cruiser. We’ve covered most of it and rounded up the news that somehow slipped through the cracks. Check out all of this week’s top stories in the video roundup below. 1. Triumph Scrambler 1200 Pricing Announced Triumph’s new Scrambler 1200 has a lot of people scrambling for their pocketbooks now that pricing has...
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Could a Triumph Factory Custom Rocket III be Coming?

Don’t Bet Against It We reported on the fact that the first Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) will be a Thruxton R TFC and will come out in January of 2019. In that article, we also mentioned the possibility of the next TFC build being a Rocket III. But could that really be the case? You betcha. Triumph has a new Rocket III coming out in 2019. It’s been a decade since the last model first graced us with its somewhat odd but likable presence, and frankly, it’s due for an overhaul. It would be smart f...
Tags: Motorcycles, Triumph, Ftc, Harley, Don, TFC, Motorcycle News, Triumph Factory Custom, Rocket III, Triumph Factory Custom TFC, Ducati Diavel Image Leaked Gossip

Triumph Thruxton R TFC Coming in January

Get Your Bank Account Ready for a High-Spec Thruxton R The news that Triumph has a special high-spec, limited edition Thruxton R isn’t exactly new. The site Triumphrat reported on it back in October. What is new is that it has come to our attention that the bike is slated to appear in January of 2019. According to a video on Facebook posted by Tampa Triumph from a dealer event, the public will get all the details of the Thruxton R TFC in the first month of the new year. With that said, we have ...
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The Triumph Scrambler 1200 Gets Inspiration Kits

Kits Designed to Pique Further Interest in the Bike With the upcoming kickoff of the Scrambler 1200, Triumph decided it needed to really get people excited about the bike. The company released two Inspiration Kits for the new motorcycle. These will help make your Scrambler 1200 feel special. There are two kits: Escape and Extreme. Both offer a unique take on what the Scrambler 1200 can become. The Escape Inspiration Kit is focused on turning the bike into a touring motorcycle that will gobble u...
Tags: Motorcycles, Extreme, Escape, Triumph, Motorcycle News, Inspiration Kits, Scrambler 1200, Pique Further Interest, Escape kit While

I SCRAM LEGEND. FCR Original’s McQueen Triumph Scrambler Homage

Written by Andrew Jones For all their marketing bucks, there’s one thing the motorcycle manufacturers’ money will never be able to buy. It’s the same stuff that Burt Monroe, Giacomo Agostini and Rollie Free have in spades; authenticity. Often created by random acts of insanity and then distilled by history, it’s a licence to print money for brands when their planets align and they find themselves part of it. For Triumph, those planets mostly revolve around Steve McQueen’s star. His bike build...
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SPLINTER SPRINTER. Origin8or’s Stunning ’69 Triumph Bonnie Board Tracker

Written by Martin Hodgson When you’re a builder who has done it all and get to build amazing machines everyday for your clients, occasionally you need to set yourself a challenge so daring you just might fail. When it comes to his personal projects Rob Chappell of Origin8or Custom Cycles in Ontario, Canada, admits he can get easily bored and needed renewed motivation for his next bike. The goal he set himself was to build a one-off, hand crafted, old school custom, with a tight deadline that ...
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HIGHWAY TO HELL YES. Mandrill’s ‘Power Street’ T100 Triumph Racer

Written by Martin Hodgson It is home to the 21st century’s most vibrant and powerful economy, with millions of high-tech products created there every single day. Yet China is also a land with a rich history, a remarkable culture many millennia old and Confucianism that has spread great wisdom to the world; so where else would you expect to find a bike builder that likes to take modern retro machines and give them a futuristic touch! Beijing’s best builder is back, as Luo Hao of Mandrill Garag...
Tags: China, Beijing, Motorcycles, Ducati, Triumph, Pirelli, Brembo, Luo, Bonneville, Racer, Martin Hodgson, Showa, Motogadget, T100, Luo Hao, Easton EXP

Bajaj-Triumph likely to finalize an agreement within a few weeks - Report

Bajaj Auto Managing Director, Rajiv Bajaj has confirmed that the company plans...
Tags: Autos, Triumph, Bajaj, Rajiv Bajaj, Bajaj Auto, Triumph Bonneville, Bajaj Triumph

AUTEUR MOTO. FCR Original’s ‘Super 8’ Triumph T100 Roadster

Written by Marlon Slack FCR Original are a mainstay of the custom motorcycle scene. Hell, they’re probably the premiere builder in France. Just look at their past work – their wide variety of customs has had them win show awards and race events around the world. So it’s no surprise that when one half of Synapson, an electronic music group, was looking for a new ride he approached FCR. And what he got was this – a beautiful Triumph T100 inspired by their latest album, dubbed ‘Super 8’. Alri...
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My Triumph Obsession, Part III: Why you can never have enough spare parts

The lower section of the left-front fender on my 1955 TR2 needs to be replaced, but with six spare left-side front fenders on hand, it will allow that damaged fender to be repaired with authentic Triumph body metal for a more genuine repair. Several spare doors, four trunk lids, and four hoods are all part of my cherished stash. The red Herald is a 1960 model; yes, it runs! Photos by author. When it comes to owning old British sports cars, or any car that wasn’t produced in huge numbers, you ca...
Tags: Autos, Herald, Chevrolet, Triumph, Automobilia, Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, British cars, Hemmings staff projects, Triumph TR3, Triumph TR2, Triumph Herald, My Triumph Obsession, Spares, Triumph TR4

The supercharged Thruxton leading the Sultans of Sprint

You’d imagine that a company called Mellow builds gentle retro roadsters, or laidback cruisers for old-timers. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The German workshop Mellow builds ‘machines to escape from madness’—and they have a particular affinity for drag bikes. Last year, they won the Sultans of Sprint series with their ‘Frankenstein’ Ducati. And this year, they’re back with an even more outrageous racer—a supercharged Triumph Thruxton R called ‘Phantom Blaze.’ Mellow are bas...
Tags: Facebook, Motorcycles, Ducati, Sprint, FLO, Triumph, Grip, CNC, Hinckley, Monza, Thruxton, Baden Württemberg, Triumph motorcycles, Triumph Thruxton, Wilbers, Racing Motorcycles

OREGONIAN WOOD. Red Clouds’ ‘Rubber Soul’ Triumph Bonneville Desert Sled

Written by Marlon Slack Red Clouds Collective may sound like an Eastern European anarchist group, but they actually make waxed canvas and leather goods out of their workshop in South East Portland, Oregon. And while their days are filled with stitching and designing gorgeous products for their store by night they flip the sign to ‘closed’ at the front door and build motorcycles. Most of them are old British and Japanese enduros, but this time they’ve tackled a more modern offering – a 2006 Tr...
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Krugger hardtails the Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Fred ‘Krugger’ Bertrand has a specialty: winning world championships. He’s taken home the Big One from the AMD show twice so far, and picked up multiple other awards too. The Belgian wizard is the master of the grand slam, pull-out-all-the-stops build, without resorting to peanut tanks or 30” front wheels. But what happens when Krugger turns his hand to a manufacturer commission—with strict orders not to apply the grinder to the frame, or loosen the engine bolts? This hardtail Bobber is the a...
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2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 India launch on May 11

Triumph Motorcycles India will be launching the 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 on May...
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