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Tesla Remotely Hacked from a Drone

This is an impressive hack: Security researchers Ralf-Philipp Weinmann of Kunnamon, Inc. and Benedikt Schmotzle of Comsecuris GmbH have found remote zero-click security vulnerabilities in an open-source software component (ConnMan) used in Tesla automobiles that allowed them to compromise parked cars and control their infotainment systems over WiFi. It would be possible for an attacker to unlock the doors and trunk, change seat positions, both steering and acceleration modes — in short, pretty m...
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Acer Recognized with Prestigious Red Dot Award for Porsche Design Acer Book RS and TravelPack RS Products

Photo credit: Acer It's safe to say that elegant design and Porsche go hand in hand. That means that products that carry the Porsche branding should also be noted in their respective categories for excellent design. Recently, Acer was recognized for its design with the Porsche Design Acer Book RS and matching Porsche Design Acer TravelPack RS. Both products received the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best award. It's the top price in the Red Dot awards, and just a few of the many awards Acer ...
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‘Porsche Unseen’ Is A Rare Look Inside Porsche’s Design Studio

Porsche's design studio isn't based in some far-flung metropolitan like New York or Los Angeles or Tokyo. The company got its start in industrial design, after all, so why not keep everything in-house where it can be inspired by the depth of history and motor sport the brand is known for. That's why Porsche has kept its design studio in the quiet German town of Weissach. There's a reason Porsches look like Porsches, and could never be mistaken for another make. The whole company is so invested ...
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2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Third Gen

The 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor first look has been revealed, satiating fans that were eagerly waiting for an update on the truck. The third-generation truck comes after the 2021 RAM 1500 TRX’s introduction to the public a while back. The famous pickup was spotted last year testing on the streets. The full reveal shows that not a lot has changed from the test unit. The truck has the same dominating front-end that it had before, with bold and athletic styling to make it stand out among the crowd. T...
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Norton 961 Commando Coming for Customers That Placed Deposits

Word is Bond If you were one of the few customers that placed cash deposits for the upcoming Norton Commando under the previous administration; good news, the motorcycles are on the way. And for those of you that missed the opportunity to secure one of these bikes, there might even be a few leftovers for you to buy after the depositees receive their rides! Customers might have felt a little bit uneasy after securing a Commando 962 shortly before the company imploded and made big changes. Many c...
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Split-Second Phantom Images Fool Autopilots

Researchers are tricking autopilots by inserting split-second images into roadside billboards. Researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University of the Negev … previously revealed that they could use split-second light projections on roads to successfully trick Tesla’s driver-assistance systems into automatically stopping without warning when its camera sees spoofed images of road signs or pedestrians. In new research, they’ve found they can pull off the same trick with just a few frames of a road s...
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Porsche Drivers Parked For Nurburgring 24 And Mid Ohio IMSA This Weekend After Three Team Members Contract Coronavirus At Le Mans

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2017 Tesla Hack

Interesting story of a class break against the entire Tesla fleet. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
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Porsche Cartoon

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Triumph Takes the Bonneville T100 and T120 Black Editions to India

Blacked-out Bonnies The Triumph Bonneville is a fantastic classic-looking motorcycle that’s popular around the world. Triumph has some Bonneville T100 and T120 Black special edition motorcycles, and the company launched the new editions of the bikes in India. The T100 Black takes the standard Bonnie and blacks out the exhaust system and puts black on everything from the rims to the engine covers. There’s not much new other than the dark colors, but the Times of India did note that the bike gets...
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You Can Now Order a Polaris Slingshot Online and Have it Delivered to Your Home

Can’t Wait? Do you know what you need in this time of crisis? A Polaris Slingshot, or at least that’s what the company wants you to buy. It has made it easier to purchase the Slingshot of your dreams, too. Polaris added online ordering and home delivery service so that you didn’t have to wait until COVID-19 wanes to get the three-wheeled fun machine you’ve been wanting. Personally, I find the Slingshot to be extremely ugly and not that enticing, but there are folks out there who love them. Pola...
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STREET APPEAL: Suzuki DR650 Street Tracker by Seven Motorcycles

Just after midday on the 22nd of February, the streets of Christchurch New Zealand started shaking violently. This wasn’t the first time they had experience an earthquake – the city is built on a seismic fault line. Not only did the quake kill 185 people but it also left the roads in a terrible way. So when Christchurch local, Chris Penniall from Seven Motorcycles was looking for a new project, he opted for a street tracker style bike that would be able to handle the odd pothole in style. Last...
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Deals We Love This Week: Fantastic Gloves on Sale This Week

Protect Your Hands For Less Every week I look at the deals that are out there and then find the gear that’s both good and available at a good price. This week when I was looking I started noticing several good pairs of gloves at lower prices, so I thought it worth it to round up some of the best ones. Below you’ll find five pairs of good gloves at good discounts. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, consider checking out all of the gloves on sale at Revzilla. Roland Sands Rourke Glo...
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The Triumph Rocket 3 Beats Expected 0-60 MPH Time in Testing

A True Muscle Bike Triumph claimed the new Rocket 3 could do a 0-60 mph run in about three seconds or just under. Well, in recent testing reported on by Motorcycle News, the bike managed to sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in just 2.73 seconds, which is insanely quick. The company recently put out a video about the run and showcased the bike next to a McLaren. The Rocket 3 that was used was the R model. The rider on the bike was a Triumph test rider. The team used Avon tires to help make sure...
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Indiana high court: “Removing a GPS tracking device from your car isn’t theft”

If cops attach a covert GPS tracking device to your car, and you discover and remove it, you have not “stolen” the device, nor can the removal stand as evidence needed to justify a search warrant. So says the Indiana Supreme Court, at least. [Timothy Lee, ArsTechnica; opinion in Heuring v. State of Indiana] Tags: autos, Fourth Amendment
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Trucking business hit by rising jury verdicts

“The commercial trucking (or carrier) industry is helping drive the overall rate hikes in commercial insurance, according to Chris Mikolay, vice president of national accounts for National Interstate Insurance. … with an average award going from $2.6 million in 2012 to more than $17 million in 2019…. ‘These verdicts come about because of new tactics used by the plaintiffs where they vilify the entire company and then seek punitive damages,’ [attorney Eric] Zalud said. [Kim Palmer, Crain’s Clevel...
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Elon Musk Throws Shade At Bill Gates For Buying A Taycan

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Italjet Confirms Dragster Production for May

The Coolest Scooter Ever Begins Production I know there are a lot of scooter haters out there. Let me say one thing to them: scooters are awesome and you’re missing out on an enjoyable experience. If you don’t believe me, perhaps the Italjet Dragster will change your mind. Just look at it. It looks like some kind of badass transformer thing from the future with industrial machinery heritage and racing bike DNA. I love this bike and I haven’t even sat on one. According to Motorcycle News, the co...
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Ducati by NCT Motorcycles

Written by Martin Hodgson On the salesroom floor of a motorcycle dealership, no sector of the market sees technology evolve as quickly as in the Sportsbike sector. The constant need of race teams for homologated bikes to have the latest and greatest sees an update almost every year. This, in turn, leads to serious depreciation in the class and, before you know it, even modern Ducati’s make financial sense for a makeover. But Austria’s NCT Motorcycles has done more than just that, putting their...
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Look at This Funky Polestar SLR Electric Concept Motorcycle

A Futuristic, Block of a Motorcycle The coolest thing about electric motorcycles is that you can stop worrying about conventional motorcycle design. Most electric motorcycles and electric motorcycle concepts look a lot like gasoline-powered bikes. I get this. People like something familiar, but Arthur Martins has gone the complete other way with its SLR Electric Concept motorcycle.  Martins designed the SLR. He’s an automotive designer and has worked with GM, Citroen, and Faraday Future. Now he...
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Expensive windshields in Florida

Florida’s overdue insurance-law reform on the “assignment of benefits” issue had a carve-out excluding auto claims, and Sunshine State lawyers continue to ride auto-glass cases for automatic fee entitlements. A report from the Florida Justice Reform Institute “shows nearly all auto glass lawsuits come from just 15 law firms — one firm, Malik Law, accounts for nearly 30 percent of all such lawsuits filed this year. Additionally, the vast majority of auto glass lawsuits are in Hillsborough and Ora...
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JetPack Aviation’s Flying Motorcycle Thing Is Fully Funded

The Future? The JetPack Aviation (JPA) Speeder has surfaced in the news before. It seemed like a pipedream, an odd idea that would never get off the ground, pun intended. However, it hasn’t gone away and in fact, has taken the next steps towards being a real thing you could own and fly around on.  According to TechCrunch, the company successfully raised $2 million in funding for its first prototype of the Speeder. This will be a fully-functional prototype. The company is planning three differen...
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Tentative Contract With Striking GM Workers Gives Pay Hikes While Factory Closings Move Forward

Factory level union officials will meet to decide if they'll approve the deal
Tags: News, Uncategorized, Gm, Autos, Michigan, Onetime

General Motors and United Auto Workers Reach Tentative Deal That Could End Strike

The deal won't bring an immediate end to the strike by 49,000 hourly workers
Tags: News, Uncategorized, General Motors, Autos, United Auto Workers, Onetime

Diving Deep into Analog Machines with One Man’s Cherished 997.1 GT3 RS

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Mack Truck Workers Go on Strike at Plants in Three States

The dispute is over wages, job security, and pension and health benefits.
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Bell Helmets are up to 50% Off At Revzilla Today

Revzilla Still Has Some Memorial Day Deals on Gear Memorial Day is a day to remember the troops, but it’s also a day that many retailers roll out some of their best sales to help you celebrate. While I always suggest you celebrate and remember why we have this national holiday, I also think you owe it to yourself to take advantage of some of the great deals out there. Revzilla has some amazing ones right now on Bell helmets. You can get up to 50 percent off select Bell helmets today. I’ve round...
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Photos: El Segundo-based Hot Wheels celebrates 51st birthday with Leno and Legends

Jay Leno and Adam Carolla take part in the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, a nationwide search for life-size custom cars worthy of being made into a Hot Wheels toy car, at Hot Wheels headquarters at Mattel in El Segundo on Saturday, May 18, 2019. (Photo by Axel Koester, Contributing Photographer) Jay Leno, Adam Carolla and Paxton Booth take part in the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, a nationwide search for life-size custom cars worthy of being made into a Hot Wheels toy car, at Hot Wheels headquarters at...
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Porsche Cartoon

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The Tempest Titan R Is a Fantastic Blend of Electric Bike and Electric Motorcycle

An Interesting Moped For the Future I’m a big fan of mopeds—those little pedal-internal-combustion-engined bikes that have more or less disappeared from the modern motorcycle industry. I own a 1989 Tomos Golden Bullet. I love the little underpowered thing. It’s perfect for shooting over to a coffee shop or up to the store for a loaf of bread. The problem is it’s loud. It has a two-stroke engine on it, and my reasonably quiet neighborhood likely doesn’t appreciate the blue-smoke-spitting, ear-sp...
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