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You Can’t Blame Volkswagen for Trying

On Tuesday, Volkswagen announced its plan to assemble 600,000 electric vehicles utilizing the brand’s MEB platform at two plants in China. The facilities, said to be located in the cities of Anting and Foshan, will help bolster EV volume after the completion of VW’s Zwickau plant in Germany — which the company previously claimed would manufacture 330,000 […] The post You Can’t Blame Volkswagen for Trying appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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VW Says ID.3 Pre-orders Exceeding Expectations

Volkswagen seems to be feeling pretty good about itself today. After announcing pre-orders for the ID.3 hatchback, the first vehicle from VW’s new electric sub-brand, the company reported it was already having issues coping with demand. Within 24 hours, the automaker said it had received more than 10,000 reservations throughout Europe, creating some extra work […] The post VW Says ID.3 Pre-orders Exceeding Expectations appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Misunderstood Cars: The VEB Sachsenring Trabant

  Photography by the author. [Editor’s note: It was Shakespeare who penned, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”—wisdom that certainly applies to the world of the automobile. While others compile lists of “Worst Cars,” we prefer to see the glass as half-full, hence the reason for the new “Misunderstood Cars” series. In it, we’ll tackle cars that have long received a bad rap, beginning with Jeff Koch’s take on the oft-maligned Trabant.] The year is 1964, and a young m...
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U2 fan attempting to gather all the ZooTV Trabants for band’s anniversary

Photos courtesy Tim Cunningham. They flew. They lit up the darkness. They did not, however – could not, in fact – drive under their own power, yet they remain some of the world’s best-known Trabants (and art cars), and this fall one U2 fan hopes to gather all of the remaining East German Duroplast machines that served as fixtures for the band’s ZooTV concert tour. “I’m a U2 fan, and for years I tried to find a way to combine my two hobbies,” said Tim Cunningham, who also owns a Ford Model A. “...
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