Femte Til Venstre: A Danish Couple’s Thoughtfully Appointed 1927 Townhouse in Copenhagen

I can’t now remember how or when I first stumbled on the feed of @femte.til.venstre (translation, from Danish: “fifth to the left”), probably some early morning or late at night, scrolling through Instagram in search of a little visual serenity. But I’ve returned to the feed countless times since, taken by the snapshots of a 1927 townhouse in Copenhagen where every room, every corner, feels considered: soothing but still colorful, quiet yet warm and unfussy. The house—and Instagram feed—are the ...
Tags: Books, New York, Sweden, Instagram, Copenhagen, House Tour, DBA, Magda, Lukas, DIY & Remodeling, Remodel & Renovation, Architecture & Interiors, Palette & Paints, Facebook Marketplace, Johanne, Copenhagen Townhouse Renovated

Error Adding Books

Hello everyone, I have installed Calibre and am trying to add many .epub files. 99% of them gave me an error message, please see example below. The metadata.db file is in place and my Mac user have read and right access to it... I am not an expert user, so I humbly ask for help in case someone knows what might be wrong. Thank you very much :) Failed to add the file /Users/julianoteixeira/Desktop/books/The God of Small Things.epub to the book: /Users/julianoteixeira/Desktop/books/The God of...
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Current Obsessions: Brighter Days

Among the news and finds that caught our attention this week: Above: An outtake from this week’s post A Danish Couple’s Thoughtfully Appointed 1927 Townhouse in Copenhagen. For many more hygge moments and considered interiors, follow @femte.til.venstre on Instagram. To celebrate the momentousness of having a woman in the White House, upstate shop Sunny’s Pop is offering 10 percent off this weekend. Just use code VPHARRIS. The 2020 Design of the Year award goes to the Teeter Totter Wall, a seri...
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Help with ebook format

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm trying to upload an ebook of mine to Smashwords but get this weird error. Seems like something's wrong with the date, or something. Date value '10/27/2020' is not valid as per[For input string: "10/27/2020"] is not an integer. I will note that I published this book on that date on kdp/amazon/createspace, but I couldn't find the date marked anywhere in the document. So I don't understand what could be causing it. Any ideas on ...
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This Bronze-Bedecked LED Illustrates an Artist’s Hand

The LIT Lighting Design Awards have announced that Artist’s Hand, a luminous sculptural piece by Dublin-based Niamh Barry Studio, is the lighting product design of the year. “Based on the concept of drawing with bronze in mid air,” Artist’s Hand has unmistakable echoes of the classic Picasso photo of the artist drawing with light. The output of the latter was an ethereal centaur. For this innovative LED, it’s an even more abstract shape, an undulating and curvaceous form celebr...
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Tag Bowser - Authors

Hi all Hope I'm posting correctly! I've just upgraded my calibre version, now running 5.10.0 (portable). Been a little while since I've upgraded so not sure which release brought in this change. In the Tag Browser under Authors, some letters and symbols are now being grouped together. I really don't want them to be :( I've just spent a few hours searching the web and trying to play with Calibre to find out how to reverse this, no luck, just frustration. Is there a way to stop these grouping ...
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Hello everyone

Hello again, I'm Nam Nguyen from Viet Nam. I've been using the kindle for many years, and so as Caliber. First of all, I want to thank you for building such a strong community, developing such great software together. Second, I want to share one thing I have wondered about for a long time, I always think that Caliber's interface and experience could be better, in a more focused, more intuitive. So today I decided to test a few ideas about interface refresh. It is purely based on my personal...
Tags: Books, Introduce Yourself, Viet Nam, Nam Nguyen

Biography Blei, Franz: Erzählung eines Lebens (german), v.1., 22.01.2021

Franz Blei (1871-1942) war ein bedeutender Förderer der Literarischen Moderne. Er entdeckte Robert Walser, Broch, Kafka, Musil und viele damals vergessene Dichter wie Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz, Karl Philipp Moritz oder E. T. A. Hoffmann - und er beriet Verleger wie Samuel Fischer, Kurt Wolff und Ernst Rowohlt. Selbst war er auch Autor einer imposanten Studie über Geist und Sitten des Rokoko sowie zahlreicher biographischer Essays, dazu Herausgeber oder Übersetzer mancher bibliophilen Kostbarke...
Tags: Books, ePub Books, GEIST, Hoffmann, Blei Franz, Borchardt, Franz Blei, Robert Walser Broch Kafka Musil, Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz Karl Philipp Moritz, Samuel Fischer Kurt Wolff, Wedekind Bahr Gide, Blei Erzaehlung

How to get consistent font size and layout when converting to kepub (from epub)?

I have a Kobo H2O2 (and previously an H2O) and prefer to use kepub (I use the stats a lot) I have issues with weird line breaks after converting to kepub if I use font rescaling (it's always set to 12pt). See here for side by side of original epub (left) and converted kepub (right) using Calibre's E-book Viewer: Note: For copyright, book text has been pixelated. The font size is set to 16px in both. When I sideload these to my Kobo, the font size in the kepub will be what I expect but the epub ...
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Does CC send books to Calibre?

Hello, I am using Calibre on PC (Windows) for a while now to manage my library and sync a part of it on an Android tablet (around 2000 ebooks on my tablet). As since some time some files and/or directories on my tablet are not viewed by my pc (old bug known but never resolved) I decided to use CC to sync. Once installed I have set the right parameter on Calibre to grant wifi connection and set parameters on CCC to give to it the directory I use on my tablet to store my ebooks. I launched the c...
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Other Fiction Lew Nikolajewitsch Tolstoi: Der erste Branntweinbrenner V1.0 [german] 07.09.2020

Leo Tolstoi; * 28. Augustjul./ 9. September 1828greg. in Jasnaja Poljana bei Tula; † 7. Novemberjul./ 20. November 1910greg. in Astapowo, Gouvernement Rjasan, heute Lew Tolstoi, Oblast Lipezk) war ein russischer Schriftsteller. Seine Hauptwerke Krieg und Frieden und Anna Karenina sind Klassiker des realistischen Romans. Hier aus der Zeitung Nord und Süd das Lustspiel: >Der erste Branntweinbrenner< Attached Files Teufel.epub (358.9 ...
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Tula, Anna Karenina, Der, Frieden, Teufel, Lew Nikolajewitsch Tolstoi, Leo Tolstoi, Jasnaja Poljana, Novemberjul, Astapowo Gouvernement Rjasan, Lew Tolstoi Oblast Lipezk, Schriftsteller Seine Hauptwerke Krieg, Zeitung Nord

Artistic Couple Infernal Furniture Designs

This ancient couple chair decor was looking suitable for those who love with unique look but still thought functional layouts. The combination between color decor with the design of this chair will be completed with the whole appearance of this furniture that still thought function and extraordinary look. Actually, when we were looking through the layouts of this furniture, we will be like in the middle of the jungle since the combination of infernal thought was both leather of animal with sever...
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[Browser Viewer] Time to read -- > Calculating

Dear Kovid, This "time to read" item in the footer is awesome, which helps me to plan my reading: finish the chapter or leave it for now. Great. But it seems it's value/ status is not synced across the devices. And that means it has to calculate again. I hope it can technically be solved. PS: if anyone has issue with Chrome/browser remembering the login password, give the "fully kiosk browser" (play store) a try.
Tags: Books, Server

“Nero fiddled… Trump golfs”—but did Nero really fiddle while Rome burned?

After almost 2,000 years, Nero’s fiddle is back in the news. Everyone knows the story of how the Roman emperor Nero (54-68), in the midst of a crisis, ignored his duties and instead sang songs. The phrase “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” is now shorthand for a failure of leadership. It has even made its way into our imagined future, as a theme for a “Star Trek” movie (“Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns”).So it comes as no surprise that U S Senator Bernie Sanders updated the line to criticize President ...
Tags: Europe, Books, Politics, Featured, Leadership, History, Rome, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Social Sciences, Trump, U S, Roman, Nero, Vergil, Cornelius Tacitus

Building Calibre on Fedora 33

Hi all, I'm trying to build Calibre on Raspberry Pi on Fedora 33 and getting error below. If anyone knows how to solve problem. python install * * Running build * Building 23 extensions SIPing 3 files... /usr/bin/python -c import os; os.chdir('/home/igor/src2/calibre/calibre/build/pyqt/pictureflow'); from import main; main(); --verbose --no-make --qmake /usr/bin/qmake-qt5 Querying qmake about your Qt installation... /usr/bin/qmake-qt5 -query These binding...
Tags: Books, Development

Likebook Mars arrived dead

Hello I bought an used likebook Mars from eBay, upon arrival, it doesn't boot, then I plugged in the charger, still not boot. I noticed there is a tiny hole on the right side of the charging port, I wonder if it's the charging light which should be on when plugged in, which is just black. Should I let it plugged in for a longer time and try again? I wonder if its battery got drained in seller's warehouse, or it's just dead... Thanks
Tags: Books, Boyue, Likebook Mars

Calibre Companion cant download file

I have a comic file (about 100mb) and i've alredy uploaded it to calibre. But i cant download it to my phone using calibre companion. I'm using dropbox cloud server to do this. Does anyone know why ? :help:
Tags: Books, Calibre Companion

'Francis Bacon was my guy': Max Porter on his life-long obsession with the artist

The author reflects on the uncoolness of loving a famous painter, and the inspirations behind his latest book – a reimagining of Bacon’s final days in MadridIf I were to visit a floor plan of my artist obsessions and wander from room to room, there would be artists I will always have deep feelings for, the ones who provoke or engage especially, some for whom my affections have cooled, some I ought to revisit, some whose work is sewn organically to life experience and therefore exerts a nostalgic...
Tags: Books, Fiction, Culture, Art and design, Francis Bacon, Bacon, Max Porter

Falkor and MOP

For a while now I have seen the code name "falkor" associated with some new kind of Kindle content. I am curious whether anyone else has heard of this and might know what it refers to. Unrelated, I have also seen mention that of MOP format is starting to be deprecated in favor of YJOP. MOP (aka azw4) is PDF encapsulated in a MOBI container and YJOP is PDF in a KFX container. These formats are typically used for fixed-layout Kindle textbooks.
Tags: Books, Kindle Formats, Mobi

Page refresh: how the internet is transforming the novel

Doom scrolling, oversharing, constantly updating social media feeds ... the internet shapes how we see the world, and now it’s changing the stories we tell, writes author Olivia SudjicTowards the end of 2020, a year spent supine on my sofa consuming endless internet like a force-fed goose, I managed to finish a beautifully written debut novel: Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson, which comes out next month. And yet despite the entrancing descriptions, I could barely turn two pages before my hand m...
Tags: Books, Technology, Internet, Fiction, Society, Culture, Facebook Twitter, Caleb Azumah Nelson, Azumah Nelson

I Cannot tweak author_sort_copy_method anymore

I am running 5.10.0 and I suspect a problem with tweaks author_sort_copy_method... A (not so) long time ago, under version 4, I did tweak the author_sort_copy_method by changing from comma to Code: author_sort_copy_method = 'nocomma' .. . All that worked perfectly and still work that way today... Well, today I observed a few bad author sorts so I changed from false Code: author_use_surname_prefixes = True and I also added 'ANTHOLOGIE' in the author_name_copywords. The au...
Tags: Books, Calibre, Asimov, Alfred E Van Vogt, Vogt Alfred E Van, da de di la le van von Van

Unable to upgrade Calibre Portable

Please help with following issue. Current version is Calibre POrtable 5.8.1. I am not able to upgrade it to 5.9 or 5.10.1. The installer recognizes it is an upgrade and unpacks files and then reports that ebook-viewer-portable.exe cannot be moved because it is not existing (Error Code 2). Indeed, until I dismiss error message I can see a folder "_unpack_calibre_portable" in the current Calibre location. It has same folder tree as current Calibre but is missing three .exe files in main dir...
Tags: Books, Calibre

Apparently unique footnote problem

Before you say search the forums or Google, trust me, I have. For about four total hours. I'm finding no one else with the issue I have. :headscratch: So, I have a Kobo Libra H20 running Koreader. Everything works great except footnotes. I really want the popup footnotes at the bottom, but with only one exception (I'll get to that) when I set it to popup footnotes, I get only the number of the footnote and an otherwise blank box. If I turn popup footnotes back off, they link to the footnotes ...
Tags: Google, Books, Libra, Koreader, Kobo

OTA update for Ares - Alita with error

For Ares Update 3.0.4 works. Alita 3.0.2 shows system update error.
Tags: Books, Boyue, Alita, Ares Alita

The splintering South: the growing effect of migration on Republican strongholds

Migration patterns have laid siege to southern Republican dominance. Solidly red states a generation ago—Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina—are now purple or bright blue. The Democratic presence in Texas and South Carolina grows as Florida remains a battleground. These are all “fast growth” states. The remaining Republican bulwark represents a declining portion of the Southern electorate. If the South is the core of the modern Republican Party, its days are numbered.The post-Reconstruction era “S...
Tags: Books, Florida, Politics, Texas, Featured, Virginia, US, Alabama, Barack Obama, Georgia, US politics, Tennessee, Republican Party, North Carolina, South Carolina, South

Calibre 5.10 Conversion error epub -> mobi

I have created some books with the firefox / palemoon extension "GrabMyBooks" in epub-format. After this I imported the epub to calibre and convert the book to the mobi-format. With Calibre Version 5.10 I get this error (version 5.09 is fine): calibre, version 5.10.0 (linux, embedded-python: True) Conversion error: Failed: Convert book 1 of 1 (Between The Pain And The Fury) Convert book 1 of 1 (Between The Pain And The Fury) Failed to initialize plugin: '/home/msel/.config/calibre/plugins/B...
Tags: Books, Conversion, Barnes Noble

Chapter Titles as Styles in docx-->epub Conversion

System: Calibre 5.10.1, Ubuntu 20.04, LibreOffice I've seen many suggestions to the effect that, if using Writer, a save as docx instead of odt before conversion to epub will give better results, so I have begun trying it. Yes, in general, there are no weird s and so on. But I find chapter titles, which were all plain "Heading 1" in Writer, come through as list styles. Example: Code:     Chapter 3   Is this normal? It seems a strange way to code chapter titles. And it m...
Tags: Books, Conversion, Ubuntu, LibreOffice

Nikesh Shukla: 'If I’m writing for my daughters, I want them to know who I am'

The novelist and editor of The Good Immigrant on telling his children about racism, his relationship with food and coming to terms with his mother’s death in his new memoirRead an extract from Brown Baby below In July last year, Nikesh Shukla tweeted a photograph of 11 books, captioned: “This is a decade’s worth of work.” At the top was his debut novel Coconut Unlimited, and at the bottom his latest book, Brown Baby: A Memoir of Race, Family and Home. It was supposed to come out in June, but the...
Tags: Books, Fiction, Culture, Autobiography and memoir, James Baldwin, Nikesh Shukla, Nehisi Coates, Shukla, Oscar Brown Jr, Brown Baby

Is NOOk slow when it comes to updating their book selection?

I recently bought a bulk of digital comics for my nook app, but for some reason the latest issue wasn’t available. I checked the other book apps that I have and they got it. Is Barnes and Noble/NOOK generally late with adding new digital books to their store?
Tags: Books, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Barnes

I made a comic/manga ePub generator

As a long time lurker, I am pleased to finally have something to contribute back to the community: I made a C# library to programmatically generate ePub files, as well as a cross platform, command line tool to generate ePub format ebooks from collections of images. You can find both on GitHub here (library published on NuGet too). I always found ePub to have many advantages over CBR/CBZ - compatibility and standard metadata support for one, potential to properly handle spreads (especially needed...
Tags: Books, Epub, CBR CBZ

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