10 Strategies for Recharging on the Spot

While it would be nice to have an entire day to recharge, it’s not necessary. And if you wait until you have a full day off (from work or parenting or any other countless responsibilities you have), you’ll likely be incredibly exhausted—physically, mentally, and emotionally. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to recharge on the spot, whether you’re responding to emails at your desk, sitting on the subway, or dealing with a tantruming toddler (yes, really). Below, you’ll find an ass...
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Starve Acre ~ Andrew Michael Hurley

Bookhound had been out shopping and as he came in the door said... 'I've just been listening to the most amazing book on the radio, think you'd love it. Something about a strange tree and a dead hare...' It didn't take me too long to find out that the book was Starve Acre by Andrew Michael Hurley, one that had been bleeping away on my radar after a few interesting mentions on Twitter. Adele Geras in particular had rated the book for its unsettling spooky scare factor, and David  Parks' puf...
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Mystery and Crime Bodkin, M MacDonnell: The Capture of Paul Beck (1911);v1; 26 Feb 2020

"The Rule of Thumb" detective Paul Beck was popular in the Victorian and later era, a contemporary of Sherlock Holmes; unlike Holmes, he did not achieve cult status, and gradually disappeared from the shelves. I have already posted the novel in which Paul Beck's son investigates a case, with a little help from his parents. This novel precedes that book. It has Paul Beck and Dora Myrle as private detectives on opposite sides of a fraud case. Later their interests converge.... ...
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Other Fiction Hennings, Emmy - Gefängnis (1919) V1 [German] 15. Feb. 2020

Quelle: Gefängnis, von Emmy Hennings, Berlin, Erich Reiss Verlag, 1919. Emmy Hennings, geb. 17. Januar 1885 in Flensburg, gest. 10. August 11948 in Sorengo bei Lugano, war Schriftstellerin, Schauspielerin und Kabarettistin, zählt zusammen mit ihrem späteren Ehemann Hugo Ball zu den Begründern des Dadaismus. 1914 wurde sie für mehrere Monate in München inhaftiert. [Vgl. Wikipedia.] Dazu: Erich Mühsam in seinem Tagebuch, am sechsten Tag des ersten Weltkriegs: München, Donnerstag, d. 6. August 191...
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Provide a Toolbar/menu item for Manage Authors, Tags, etc

I'm referring to this: Attachment 177177 I've wanted this as a toolbar/menu item for 'ever'. The reason I'm late in asking is that I am always puzzled that its not there already. I've looked for it countless times, and when I don't find it I convince myself I've missed it :rolleyes: I appreciate there are other paths to get to Manage category panels. But, only if you have the Tag Browser or Book Details panels shown - I normally have them hidden. Today I must have opened and closed the TB at...
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Current Obsessions: The Home Front

Above: Margot notes that florist design studio Fox Fodder Farm opens a new 1,800-square-foot retail and workshop space this weekend in Williamsburg (address is 45 South 4th Street). Fan is admiring Nigerian-born fashion designer Duro Olowu’s new collection of graphically patterned furnishing fabrics for Soane Britain, launching March 2nd. World’s most beautiful salad bowl? The new Casa Perfect LA opens this weekend, in conjunction with Frieze Los Angeles, in a Trousdale Estates home designed b...
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Duokan Switcher for Kindle Touch

Hi. Duokan Switcher is a KUAL extension that can toggle Duokan autostart on boot and helps you switch to Duokan system from the... framework? :blink: faster. Currently, this extension is only tested on KT and it will not run on other devices by design. You may modify the code (i.e. bin/ to remove the limitation and see if it would work on your device. :) NiLuJe's code helped a lot. Many thanks! GitHub page here. Download version 0.1 here: A...
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How to make Daily Eating a Happy and Healthy Habit

This is an ebook I recently wrote. It will be available on Kindle Direct and is priced at only $2.99 US. Please support and give it a try. It is wonderful book intended to help with your health and fitness. :iloveyou::thanks: Purchase it at Attached Thumbnails  
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Having trouble with file associations and Calibre

I notice that many people seem to have trouble with Calibre seeming to take over file associations that they believe they didn't ask for. (I'm aware of issues with Windows 8 causing this.) My problem is the opposite. I can't seem to set the file associations. At all! I can - from what I've tried - drag files one at a time into the Calibre library but most ebook files are either associated with another reader (Kindle Reader, Adobe PDF) or they are totally not associated with anything. I'm run...
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PW3 PW3 hangs at Tree Screen

I have a Kindle Paperwhite that hangs on the Tree screen. This is a PW3 (SN begins with G090G1), I purchased new in 2015. I've tried the usual 'hold down the reset' per Google search, but didn't help -- tried this many times and held it down for 40+ seconds and up to several minutes. I ran across these forums on how to unbrick a PW using its serial port. I took the Kindle case apart and connected to its serial port -- using DSD Tech SH-U09C2 USB-TTL adapter (nice adapter with jumper for se...
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Weekend Cooking: Cook Something by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton

Are you familiar with ? It's a cooking, publishing, and design company founded by Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton, two women who celebrate everyday, home cooking using fresh ingredients. I've been a fan of theirs for many years, and I love their philosophy, which is all about the pleasures of cooking, especially for ourselves and those we love. Their newest cookbook, Cook Something: Recipes to Rely on (Voracious, 2019), is all about encouraging cooks of all abilities to master a fe...
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Five philosophers on the joys of walking

René Descartes argued that each of us is, fundamentally, a thinking thing. Thought is our defining activity, setting us aside from animals, trees, rocks. I suspect this has helped market philosophy as the life of the mind, conjuring up philosophers lost in reverie, snuggled in armchairs. But human beings do not, in fact, live purely in the mind. Other philosophers have recognised this, and connected our inner lives with an everyday, bodily process: walking. The act of putting one foot in front o...
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Hansom Cabs

Years ago when in London I visited the Gunnersbury Park museum, where to my surprise I found a real Hansom cab. Not just any old Hansom cab though; the very last one in service. The cabbie finally surrendered his licence in 1947! You can imagine that a Hansom cab in petrol rationed wartime UK would still be a viable business. (And if food got really short, you could eat the horse.) Even in the 1930s there were a dozen or more Hansoms plying for hire in London. There might be a bit of local c...
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iOS App is down

I was reading a book with the Kobo app on my iPad just this morning, but discovered the app wouldn’t load a moment ago. Then I tried it on my iPhone, and the app loaded, then froze, crashed, and now won’t open past the colorful logo page like my iPad. The website is down, too. I am so used to a persistent internet environment, I never noticed that the app won’t load without connection to the Kobo servers. That troubles me quite a bit. For the time being, I’ll switch over to the Walmart app. Sur...
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Change the media type after renaming?

When I run epubcheck plugin, I find that some of my images are named with wrong suffix name. After change the suffix name by renaming function, epubcheck plugin tells me that now in opf file the media type do not match. So I want to know if your can change the media type after renaming?
Tags: Books, Sigil

Can't connect wireless or to content server

I can't connect to either the server or wirelessly. Calibre says its started, but Companion can't connect and the tablets wireless is working fine. everything is current and updated.
Tags: Books, Calibre Companion

epub3 smil stop playing automatically

How can I stop automatically after each segment, and click to start the next segment? thank
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Hello everyone. Like many, I've arrived here because I'm having trouble setting up Calibre and, this seems to be the place to get help. (Got the link on the main Calibre site.) M
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Opening lines

Here are the opening lines of four books that are important. For each, I have provided a link for a free download of the book. How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, … Continue reading "Opening lines"
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Feature request

I ask for a shortcut to toggle open the Clips panel (sidebar). I do not mean the Clips Editor, but the Clips viewer in the sidebar. I don't know how you implement it, but you already have the verb to do it thru the menu, so a shortcut like Alt+F4 would be lovely! Everything else is perfect to me. Ireturned to Sigil after a while not making epub, and Isee no Book View... well, Ican manage that ;D
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Docs/non-Amazon ebooks not syncing

Hi all! I am having trouble with my non-Amazon ebooks, which work fine on my Kindle but aren't showing up anywhere else. I'd like to access my annotations and sync progress, etc. I've found a few threads on here about similar problems - but the solutions all start with going to 'Manage Your Content and Devices' on the Amazon site, and finding the ebooks listed under Docs there. Mine are not even showing up there - the site tells me 'No Items Found' when I click to look at Docs on my Kindle. A...
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Use third-party Libary

Hey guys, i've been trying to make a simple plugin for calibre which uses the GPIO pins of my Raspberry. I wrote a simple plugin but when it try to import it I get the error message Code: Python function terminated unexpectedly   No module named gpiozero (Error Code: 1)  Traceback (most recent call last):   File "", line 114, in main   File "", line 88, in run_entry_point   File "site-packages\calibre\customize\", line 792, in main   File "site-packages\calibre\...
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614W status frozen

Hi! A few months back my ebook just froze in one status - I can turn it off an on perfectly, if I turn it on I can navigate, do anything, then if I turn it off and on again, it returns to the state it froze in a few months ago. I can't add or delete books, because they disappear/reappear when restarted. I can't add new bookmarks or notes. My last book and last visited page disappears too. I've tried reformatting and deleting everything multiple times but no luck. The software should be up to ...
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How do i bring up all books from one Author in Calibre? I used to be able to do it in the search area. But that does not work anymore!
Tags: Books, Library Management

Paragraph breaks become page breaks when converting to mobi

I got an ebook that when viewed in Calibre as epub looks fine and normal. But when I send it to my Kindle or view it in Calibre as a mobi, all the paragraph breaks get converted to page breaks (so each paragraph is on its own page). I checked the CSS and nothing jumps out at me as wrong (but admittedly I don't really know what I'm looking for). And it only seems to happen with this one book. I'm wondering if anyone's seen this before or knows how to fix it. Thanks!
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Cool Reader CSS setting

Does anyone know how to make Cool Reader’s CSS setting “Enable document internal styles” the default? I’ve made a few custom settings that I prefer, and currently have to un-check this setting for every book I read. TIA.
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‘Virginity is an obsession in Morocco’: an extract from Leïla Slimani’s Sex and Lies

The author reflects on the challenges faced by young women in the country of her birth, where extramarital sex is a criminal offence• Interview with Leïla Slimani: ‘This book is a mirror to make the elite look reality in the face’I left Morocco more than 15 years ago. With the years and the distance, I have surely forgotten quite how difficult it is to live without the freedoms that have become so natural to me. In France it can be a struggle to imagine the disorientation that comes with a young...
Tags: Books, France, Africa, Women, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Feminism, Morocco, Autobiography and memoir, Leïla Slimani, Society books

Is there an app with cloud function that works on both Android and iOS?

I know Kindle does, but Kindle has too little font size choices. That seems to be a major problem.
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Likebook mimas big problems. Pls help

Hi guys. I bought a likebook mimas and i regret every second of the decision i made. I have 1 very very big problem with it. I have a note, in the note app and it doesnt open anymore. When i press on it the screen goes dark and then the home Page appears. I cannot acces the note in question and it contains very important data. How can i acces acces it? I have to tell you that when i received the unit it was not updated to teh latest os version. And i cant update it since it doesnt work....
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ubuntu don't recognize kobo aura n514

hello, i have tried to connect my kobo aura and i cannot connect the device. the system see it as usb hdd but calibre don't do it. i check with debuf of calibre and the response is this: calibre 4.10.1 embedded-python: True is64bit: True Linux-4.15.0-76-generic-x86_64-with-debian-buster-sid Linux ('64bit', 'ELF') ('Linux', '4.15.0-76-generic', '#86-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 17 17:24:28 UTC 2020') Python 2.7.16 Linux: ('debian', 'buster/sid', '') Interface language: it Successfully initialize...
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