Steal This Look: 5 Clever, Efficient Ideas from a Cookbook Author’s Home Kitchen

When it comes to efficient kitchen design, food magazines would have us believe that professional kitchens are the place to look for ideas. But the restaurant kitchen can be too antiseptic, too assembly-line for at-home cooks. Consider, instead, the chef’s home kitchen. Time and again we’ve seen that, at home, chefs have co-opted ideas from restaurant kitchens to suit their own lifestyle, with clever, at-a-glance ways of storing spices and two-are-better-than-one faucets. So has cookbook author,...
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Want to work a 4-day week? These are the books to read.

Working fewer hours, without a reduction in pay, is achievable for many workers. Credit: ac productions / Getty Images The concept of a 4-day week is being promoted by politicians and environmentalists. Multiple trials show that it is possible to reduce working hours without cutting pay. Insider has compiled a list of books on the topic. See more stories on Insider's business page. Thanks, in part, to a widely publicized trial in Iceland, the concept of the four-day workweek is back i...
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July linkfest

I haven’t recommended a book in a while, so this month I’m recommending two, both of them new, both of them about language. (And each one blurbed by the author of the other one, which must be a coincidence, right?) Highly Irregular, by Arika Okrent, looks at many of the things that make English such a weird language, some of which may be so familiar you’ve never questioned them. Why isn’t of spelled with a v? How come we say how come? Why do we say big spender and large pizza, but not large ...
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How British baking champ Nadiya Hussain builds bridges, one cake at a time

Her father was a chef and owned an Indian restaurant, but growing up in England, Nadiya Hussain’s mum never baked and only used her oven for storage. So the bright young girl had to learn the basics of cooking at school. She was immediately drawn to the kitchen and Baking Studies became her favorite subject. Fast forward to 2015: As an amateur cook she won the “Great British Bake Off” show competition and since then her career has taken off: She’s risen higher than an angel food cake in a warm o...
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Why climate change education needs more empathy

As citizens of this planet, we remain at an impasse when it comes to drastically changing the course of our environmental futures. At the heart of this impasse is climate change and the future of human and more-than-human survival. And yet, a significant key to potentially resolving climate change revolves around how we communicate with and relate to others. Dismantling knowledge deficit models of education Advocacy for climate change justice must pivot away from an assumption that people simply...
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Humor Čapek, Karel: Doktoren, Katzen, Schwalben und Spatzen (German). v1. 28 July 2021

Doktoren, Katzen, Schwalben und Spatzen enthält 3 Märchen von Karel Čapek (1890-1938) in der Übersetzung von Julius Mader (1899–??) * , die ursprünglich in dem Buch "Devatero Pohádek a ještě jedna od Josefa Čapka jako přívažek" veröffentlicht wurden. 5 weitere Märchen, die ursprünglich in dem Buch enthalten waren, wurden in dem Buch "Post, Polizei, Hunde und Räuberei" veröffentlicht. Textgrundlage ist das Digitalisat der Deutschen Digitalen Bibliothek. (Die Rechtschreibung wurde nicht aktualis...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (120) - Der Mann am Kreuze. V1.0 [German] 27.07.2021

Der Mann am Kreuze »Wir werden doch wohl hinfahren müssen,« sagte Harald Harst zu mir und hielt mir Inspektor Goddlears Depesche hin. Diese Depesche erreichte uns erst auf dem Bahnhof in Bikanir in Indien kurz vor der Abreise gen Norden. Wir hatten bereits im Zuge gesessen, und ein brauner indischer Postbeamter war auf dem Bahnsteig entlanggelaufen und hatte Harsts Namen in höchsten Fisteltönen unablässig gebrüllt. Ich las Detektivinspektor Godwin Goddlears Telegramm: »Soeben finde in Zeitu...
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Hilal Chouman’s ‘World of Dogs’

The short story ‘World of Dogs’ was originally written in Arabic, by celebrated Lebanese author Hilal Chouman (Limbo Beirut), and adapted into English by the author, with editorial support. It first appeared in English translation on ArabLit in July 2019: By Hilal Chouman Ousama Baalbaki / Fire, Works (2018) He couldn’t believe his dream was happening right before his eyes. In the dream, which came to him often, he walks aimlessly down one of the city’s streets, empty of people...
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Expert Advice: How to Throw an Impromptu Summer Dinner Party

There’s something about summer that invites spontaneity: one last quick dip in the lake before dinner, an afternoon drive to nowhere in particular, spur-of-the-moment dinners taken outside in the garden. Some of the most memorable summer evenings start out this way: an impromptu dinner party, just because it’s too beautiful to call it a night. (Or because company drops by unexpectedly.) How to pull off a festive dinner—to make sure there’s something to eat, and that it’s just a bit special—when ...
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Muraflex expands the possibilities for architectural glazing with Expo, a telescoping door system that creates instant space or privacy as needed. A motorized synchronized pulley system, Expo offers single or double framed glass panes that open and close at the push of a button. As with all Muraflex architectural glass, Expo offers drop seals for superior acoustics and sound blocking. And the individual panes stay flush and true even in motion—remaining aligned through...
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Product Intelligence

What’s being specified recently? Which segments are thriving? Which are suffering? How has COVID impacted product development and sales in architecture and interior design? Brushed Lines LVT and Tokyo Twist Modular Carpet by Interface These are questions that everyone in the industry is invested in. , a publication from Design Analytics and Designer Pages Pro, has answers to these questions and more. Coact Modular Lounge and Coact Lounge by OFS Not only will you find specifi...
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Empty the default Find window

How do I make it so Sigil doesn't remember what's in the Find window? It's not even remembering what was in the Find window the last time I used it, it's remembering it from some random book a year ago. There are no other Sigil windows open. If I delete what's in the Find box, close Sigil, and reopen it, the box is filled in again with this text.
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Why Start With Rest?

Five years ago, I began to work with my wife on a disciple-making plan for our church plant. We were reaching people who’d never practiced spiritual disciplines before, and I wanted to think about how to lead them to build the essential habits of the Christian life into their lives. We started with a surprising habit: rest. Technically, it’s the second habit, following one that talks about making time. We started with making time to build habits and then resting for a practical reason and ...
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Frida Kahlo: The Complete Paintings Collects the Painter’s Entire Body of Work in a 600-Page, Large-Format Book

Most of us who know Frida Kahlo’s work know her self-portraits. But, in her brief 47 years, she created a more various body of work: portraits of others, still lifes, and difficult-to-categorize visions that still, 67 years after her death, feel drawn straight from the wild currents of her imagination. (Not to mention her elaborately illustrated diary, previously featured here on Open Culture.) Somehow, Kahlo’s work has never all been gathered in one place. That, along with her enduring appeal ...
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The neuroscience of human consciousness [podcast]

How can the study of the human brain help us unravel the mysteries of life? Going a step further, how can having a better understanding of the brain help us to combat debilitating diseases or treat mental illnesses? On this episode of The Oxford Comment, we focused on human consciousness and how studying the neurological basis for human cognition can lead not only to better health but a better understanding of human culture, language, and society as well.We are joined today by Dr John Parrington...
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Other Fiction Conrad, Joseph: The mirror of the sea; v1 26 July 2021

From Hugh Walpole's essay: Quote: With The Mirror of the Sea we are on very different ground. As I have already said, this is Conrad’s happiest book—indeed, with the possible exception of The Nigger of the Narcissus, his only happy book. He is happy because he is able, for a moment, to forget his distrust, his dread, his inherent ironical pessimism. He is here permitting himself the whole range of his enthusiasm and admiration, and...
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Romance Brontë, Emily: Wuthering Heights. v1. 27 Jul 2021

BY SPECIAL REQUEST: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (1818–1848) With “Biographical Notice” and “Editor’s Preface” by Charlotte Brontë (1816–1865) An iconic classic of English literature, blending realism, romance and the Gothic. This tale portrays Catherine and Heathcliff, their all-encompassing love for one another, and how this unresolved passion eventually destroys them both. Returning from Liverpool, Mr. Earnshaw brings with him a dirty, ragged, black-haired child called Heathcliff, and ...
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Humor Čapek, Karel: Post, Polizei, Hunde und Räuberei (German). v1. 28 July 2021

Post, Polizei, Hunde und Räuberei enthält 5 Märchen von Karel Čapek (1890-1938) in der Übersetzung von Julius Mader (1899–??) * , die ursprünglich in dem Buch "Devatero Pohádek a ještě jedna od Josefa Čapka jako přívažek" veröffentlicht wurden. 3 weitere Märchen, die ursprünglich in dem Buch enthalten waren, wurden in dem Buch "Doktoren, Katzen, Schwalben und Spatzen" veröffentlicht. Textgrundlage ist das hervorragende Digitalisat von Projekt Gutenberg. (Die Rechtschreibung wurde nicht aktualis...
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Summer Re-runs: On Turning ‘Sayyidat al-Qamr’ into ‘Celestial Bodies’ and the Tyranny of the New

Jokha Alharthi’s Celestial Bodies won the 2019 Man Booker International, in Marilyn Booth’s translation. In the spring of 2019, Booth talked with ArabLit about the title, how she came to translate the novel, her process, and what “should be” in translation: We re-run this short “On Translation” interview ahead of the release of Alharthi’s The Bitter Orange Tree, forthcoming in Booth’s translation next year. Whose decision was the title? Why Celestial Bodies?   Marilyn Bo...
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Other Fiction Conrad, Joseph: The nigger of the "Narcissus"; v1 26 July 2021

From Hugh Walpole's essay on Joseph Conrad: Quote: ... It was, however, as though, with these efforts, Conrad flung himself free, for ever, from his apprenticeship; there appeared in 1898 what remains perhaps still his most perfect work, The Nigger of the Narcissus. This was a story entirely of the sea, of the voyage of a ship from port to port and of the influence upon that ship and upon the human souls that she contained, of the a...
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Etymology gleanings for July 2021: tending my flock

In July, I have received several letters that did not need extended replies and answered them privately. As usual, my thanks for encouragement, disagreement, and abuse. Being noticed is the only reward a journalist (blogger) can hope for, while making mistakes is human and being unable to satisfy everybody’s curiosity should be expected. Also, I received a request for the article I once published on Gothic liugan and will send it to our correspondent as soon as I receive his email address (send ...
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Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Thirty-Eight (2021); v1; 27 July 2021

Only ten stories, but three are substantial novelettes. Mix of humour, horror, crime. 1: What! No Imagination? / Frederick C. Painton 2: The Heckby Hill Murder / Ellis Parker Butler 3: Diamonds of Dread / Raoul Whitfield (novelette) 4: Frame For a Lady / Cleve F. Adams (novelette) 5: Four Wooden Stakes / Victor Rowan 6: Dead Men Talk / Perley Poore Sheehan (novelette) 7: The Ring / J. M. Fry 8: Drugged / George Allan England 9: The Diplomat / Annie S. Swan 10: Buzzards / George Allen England Cum...
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Actress Mena Suvari writes of trauma and abuse in new memoir ‘The Great Peace’

Mena Suvari says she has no doubt that her soul-baring memoir “The Great Peace” was important, even necessary, for her to write. But that doesn’t mean she’s not terrified about what people will think when they read about the darkness and despair of her life. In films such as “American Pie” and “American Beauty,” Suvari found fame before she was out of her teens, but she writes she was living a double life — her life offscreen mired in toxic relationships, sexual abuse, and drugs to numb the pain...
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Modern Free Standing Bathtub Designs by Agape

These beautiful ceramic bathtub designs were designed for those who love to get a deep relaxation in bathroom. The design included with the decoration in this bathroom furniture will rob our attention and invited us to try on. Let’s see from the whole layout of this white bathtub decoration. Actually, these clean bathroom furniture decor plans not only use the white color application as the tool to rob our attention, but the designer also use the standing faucet as the complement stuff to treatm...
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It’s time to use software-as-medicine to help an injured brain

The history of war is deeply associated with the history of brain injury—and its treatment. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates studied battlefield head injuries and taught that craniotomy could help alleviate the consequences of these terrible wounds. World War I introduced large-scale explosives to the battlefield, leading to a plague of traumatic brain injuries—which in turn led to the development of cognitive rehabilitation strategies still in use today.Our recent wars have introduced a new kind ...
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These are the 7 books to read if you want to work shorter hours for the same pay and productivity

Tim Ferriss, author of the '4-hour Work Week' Andrew "Drew" Kelly The concept of a 4-day week is being promoted by politicians and environmentalists. Multiple trials show that it is possible to reduce working hours without cutting pay. Insider has compiled a list of books on the topic. See more stories on Insider's business page. Thanks, in part, to a widely publicized trial in Iceland, the concept of the four-day workweek is back in the news.Politicians, environmentalists, an...
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Problem with rendering html exported highlights

Hi, I can't understand what's going on with Evernote... While the older html files with extracted highlights are rendered correctly in KOReader, when I open the new ones, I see the page code (as below) and not only the title and the highlighted texts. However, I can see those new html files being rendered correctly on the computer. Am I missing something? Attached Thumbnails  
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K4 Mac or PC K4PC registration screen flickers, can't register

It's been so long since I've borrowed an .azw4 that I can't remember how to properly get it into Calibre, but I know I need to download it via K4PC first (I have no Fire tablet). Unfortunately, I seem to have uninstalled it and now when I install 1.24.50168 and go to Options/Register, the frame it opens refreshes so fast I can't type in my email address! What do I do?
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Amazon phasing out 2G & 3G networks for Kindle Devices

An email I got today regarding my 3G Kindle Voyage... An update about your Kindle device and cellular connectivity Hello, Starting this December, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the U.S. will start phasing out their 2G and 3G networks (to learn more about MNO 2G and 3G network deprecation, click here). This means that some prior generation Kindle devices, including Kindle (1st and 2nd Generation) and Kindle DX (2nd Generation), will no longer be able to connect to the internet...
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Default to allow javascripts to open windows

Hi All Epub3 Devs, What are your thoughts on allowing javascripts to open windows (assuming you have enabled javascript in your epub3 in Sigil). Right now we have disabled that feature but there is no user way to override it. The use case I am thinking about is that some epub3's use pop-up windows to generate pop-up footnotes and asides. We could instead allow it and support it in Sigil. Any user can still completely disable javascripts by using Sigil's Preferences. So it should not be a s...
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