Two Book Notes: The Gun, the Pen, and the Sword and The Public's Law

Two excellent and important books on public law elicit the following mostly methodological comments. Linda Colley’s widely and well-reviewed The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen tells two slightly different stories. One is about the spread of the idea of constitutionalism from roughly 1700 to the early twentieth century. This is the story about “the ship” and “the pen” – the technologies that helped the idea diffuse.   The other, the story about “the gun,” is about the adoption of constitutions thems...
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Improving what’s not there

It’s pretty straightforward to grease a squeaky wheel, or repair a broken window. Far more difficult is to realize that your room would be a lot more pleasant if you added a window in the first place.
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13 Best Business Audiobooks for Entrepreneurs in 2021 (W/ Takeaways!)

Starting a business is hard. You need to know how to market, sell, and manage your finances, but you don’t have the time or money to go back to school for an MBA. Well,... The post 13 Best Business Audiobooks for Entrepreneurs in 2021... [This is a content summary, continue reading on our website!]
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“Let the market fix it”

After all, the marketplace is scalable, independent, self-funding, convenient and persistent. Except there are problems that the market hasn’t solved, and probably can’t. A century into this worldwide experiment, the market hasn’t solved mass education, it’s made obesity and health problems worse, and it has dumped an enormous amount of long-term toxic waste into the world where we all live. Patient capital can work wonders, but networked economies are becoming ever more impatient in their...
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Brand Update: Domex launches a direct frontal attack against Harpic

 In a very interesting move, HUL's toilet and surface cleaner brand Domex has launched a direct attack on the market leader Reckitt & Benckiser's Harpic brand this season. According to LiveMint, the Indian hygiene market is worth around Rs 38000 crore and the toilet-cleaning market is alone worth Rs 1600 crore. Harpic is the market leader in this segment. Domex has been trying to counter the market leader by positioning itself as a germ-killer. With the pandemic scare in place, the hygiene marke...
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the personalization privacy paradox

Consumers expect personalized experiences.  Yet they also grate at attempts by marketers to collect personal data about them to deliver these personalized experiences.  That’s a paradox that marketers increasingly have to navigate. There’s a fine line between cool and creepy, between personalization and stalking. For years, the default mode in marketing was to collect as much consumer data as possible, from as many sources as possible, and then infer what consumers might want.  The result...
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