10 Wacky Ways to Turbocharge Your Marketing Campaign Today

Marketing is an ever-revolving door of innovation. Every business, throughout every industry, needs to constantly tweak their marketing campaigns to keep up with current trends and stay competitive.   Know that people, such as your customers, respond well to new ideas and novel marketing approaches. To provide this stream of creativity, us business owners are always looking for new ways to cost-effectively update our marketing and branding campaigns. Here are ten wacky – smart as a fox ...
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15 Best Tax Saving Options under Section 80C

What so ever we earn, even then if our income is taxable we don’t want to pay tax on that income. We have a soft corner for our income. In this way, we tend to avoid paying taxes. We must remember that paying taxes on time signifies that you are a good citizen of your […] The post 15 Best Tax Saving Options under Section 80C appeared first on Online Financial Planning in India - Jagoinvestor.
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How to plan your smart home — and weigh privacy risks

Tech tips: Here’s how to get started on your smart home and what to worry about along the way.
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UP PSC Prosecution Officer Examination 2018

Prosecution Officer  Recruitment Examination 2018 by UP PSC   Public Service Commission, Uttar Pradesh (UP PSC), Allahabad (UP)   invites online application for following 17 Sarkari Naukri Government Job of Assistant Prosecution Officers in Uttar Pradesh Assistant Prosecution  Examination 2018 (2019)  (Advt. No.  A-5/E-1/2018)... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (SarkariNaukriBlog com)]
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Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Friday

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Friday: Tesla (TSLA) Tesla named two independent board members as part of a settlement with regulators who demanded oversight of CEO Elon Musk. Sears (SHLDQ) Most Read StoriesThe big jet behind Everett's big doors: Boeing readies first 777X to fly911 service restored in most […]
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Here’s what’s in store for the San Fernando Valley in 2019

Hello, Dear Reader … Welcome to the L.A. Daily News 1019 Crystal Ball … . True, there’s no ball here (and absolutely no crystal); just words on a page. But work with us here. We’re coming from a good place – 2018 – where some shoe-leather reporting and getting to know the Valley has given us a decent idea of what you should be watching for in 2019. We can’t predict everything, but we can offer some educated suggestions for what will be on the news radar in the coming year. The bottom line is the...
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Sears may stay alive with rescue bid cobbled together by Lampert

Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert persuaded lenders to finance his bid to buy the retailer. Any turnaround won’t come soon enough for some Sears stores, with the company saying it will close 80 more outlets — including a Kmart in Spokane and a Sears store in Kennewick.
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Review: The Alfa Genus V2 earphones offer custom sound at a bargain price

One of the most fundamental things you need to remember about buying audio gear is that different headphones produce different sounds. Some headphones – like studio monitor headphones – produce audio that’s unadulterated and neutral. Others, particularly those aimed at fitness fanatics, tend to emphasize thumping bass notes. But what if you could have just one pair of headphones, and, as needs determine, change the sound profile of your buds simply by swapping out a component? That’s, in a nutsh...
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Build An Army Of Dangerously Sexy Girls In Senshi’s Revenge

Once again bolstering its library of eroge, Nutaku has released “Senshi’s Revenge” onto its platform, blessing players with the chance to breed (quite literally) an army of warrior maidens to fight against an evil invading kingdom. The adventure-style title has players controlling the prince of “Kurustork”, who must defend the kingdom against the invading Osen […]
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High-living Clyde Hill man was really running an investment scam, officials charge

Keenan Alexander Gracey presented a lavish lifestyle of expensive cars, luxury mansions, and a multibillion-dollar family fortune in Britain to entice more than $3 million from investors in Washington and California. But it was all an elaborate charade, federal prosecutors allege.
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Bankruptcy aids firms in shedding their pension debts

Once the Marsh Supermarkets chain began to falter a few years ago, its owner, a private-equity firm, began selling off the vast retail empire, piece by piece. The company sold more than 100 convenience stores. It sold the pharmacies.... [Author: [email protected]]
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Oregon hotel apologizes a week after kicking out black man

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Attorneys for a black man who was kicked out of an Oregon hotel last week say they want a public explanation for why he was told to leave.Nearly a week later, the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Portland apologized... [Author: [email protected]]
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SpaceX Will Launch Israeli Lunar Lander February, 2019

In about seven weeks, SpaceX will launch a Beresheet which is SpaceIL’s small ~600 kg (1300 lb) lunar lander. SpaceIL competed the Google Lunar XPrize. This launch is about a year too late for... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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D-Wave Hybrid for Open Source Quantum Computing Workflow

D-Wave Systems announced a developer preview of D-Wave Hybrid™, a simple, open-source hybrid workflow platform for building and running quantum-classical hybrid applications. D-Wave Hybrid will... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Six Steps to a Riveting Blog Interview

People relate to people. Your customers, your client base, your employees and your partners relate to people. One of the great content ideas for your company blog is to interview experts in your field…or, more to the point, in your readers’ field. These are people who will interest them. To make this work, you need to do two things: make it useful and make it exciting. If it’s not useful, people won’t invest the time to read it. If it’s boring…well, you know what people do when a blog is boring....
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The hardest things about learning to code by yourself  —  and how to tackle them

Many people have become interested in learning to code in recent years. They either find their way into programming through online courses, or through offline meet ups, or are just simply trying to give it a shot. Websites like, codecademy, and freeCodeCamp are becoming more and more popular. There are a huge number of coding courses out on the web, and also available on YouTube. But coding isn’t easy. Here are some of the challenges we all face when learning to code. Finding the “right...
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Two Different Quantum Dot Qubits Combined to Overcome Limitations

RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science has constructed a hybrid quantum device made from two different types of qubits. They have created a device that can be quickly initialized and read out, and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Washington state to get $16M as part of Wells Fargo’s $575M settlement

The settlement with 50 states and the District of Columbia resolves state investigations into Wells Fargo’s practices from 2002 to 2017.
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8 PR trends that will actually happen in 2019

As PR professionals, we have all nearly done a good job surviving another year in this industry, and yes, I consider “you’re breathing” to be about the only standard I can hold our profession to reliably. It’s been a banner year for some of the dumbest things in public relations with blunders including H&M’s insanely racist shirt, the Victoria’s Secret CMO being a huge transphobic asshole, and this extremely ‘correct’ usage of #MeToo by a PR person. In reality, the PR trends that were meant to h...
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Social media has made Gen Z less engaged in the classroom, says math lecturer Clio Cresswell

Mathematics lecturer noticed the changes in her students after returning to teaching after a five-year break.She says her students are noticeably less engaged, increasingly on their smartphones or computers, and ask more "stupid questions."A batch of results from an ongoing National Institutes of Health study recently showed alarming results about the impacts that screen use has on developing brains. None Clio Cresswell, a mathematics lecturer at the University of Sydney and author of Mathematic...
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What physicians should know about umbrella insurance

Asset protection is a term that gets tossed around quite a bit when we discuss how long and difficult the journey is for doctors to establish their careers.  You always want to protect what you’ve worked hard for, right? The principles for asset protection apply not only to doctors but essentially anyone who wishes to […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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The Here and Now Decision You Make

You can shout loudly for attention if you want to, or you can speak quietly and have people lean in to listen because you are a person of character who produces results. You can push people to take action, or you can inspire them to act on their volition. You never have to push people if you start with the intention of serving them. You can pitch the value of your company, your solutions, and your experience, or you can work to understand how to help someone get what they really want or need. It...
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The Poverty of Words

Some salespeople send emails that, were they to be printed on paper, are three to four pages long. Other salespeople send long emails with bullet points and links in an attempt to pitch a meeting, even though they offer no trade equal or greater to the time they request. Still others, believing that they can win a deal or an appointment through the written word alone, provide a battery of PDF documents, as if they believe their prospective client is an insomniac and their collateral the cure. Wo...
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Comment: Five possible victims of the bear market

COMMENT: It had to end sooner or later. In the run-up to Christmas, while everyone was doing some last minute shopping, the longest bull market on record quietly came to an end.There was no spectacular crash, nor was there complete... [Author: [email protected]]
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2018 movies broke box-office records worldwide. Here’s how.

What a difference a year makes. At the movies, anyway. Theatrical grosses came off a down 2017 to set both domestic and international box-office records in 2018. According to comScore, the Sherman Oaks-based media audience measurement company, North American ticket sales for 2018 should reach $11.9 billion by year’s end. The amount outside the U.S. and Canada is $29.8 billion, making for a worldwide total of $41.7 billion. Those figures are the highest ever registered, and translate to percentag...
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Tesla names close Musk friend Larry Ellison to board

Tesla Inc on Friday named Oracle Corp co-founder Larry Ellison, a shareholder and self-described close friend of Chief Executive Elon Musk, to its board to provide the independent oversight demanded by U.S. regulators after Musk tweeted about taking the electric carmaker private.
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Digital Trends Live: ‘Bandersnatch,’ Brianna Perry, and Origin PC unboxing

On episode 44 of Digital Trends Live, we unboxed three Origin gaming desktops, and welcomed Brianna Perry to the show to talk about her debut album Fortune Cookie, and what it was like meeting musicians like Flo Rida and DJ Khalid as a kid. The post Digital Trends Live: ‘Bandersnatch,’ Brianna Perry, and Origin PC unboxing appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The best shows on Netflix right now (January 2019)

Looking for a new show to binge? Lucky for you, we've curated a list of the best shows on Netflix, whether you're a fan of outlandish anime, dramatic period pieces, or shows that leave you questioning what lies beyond. The post The best shows on Netflix right now (January 2019) appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Is China buying U.S. soy? Washington shutdown keeps traders guessing

Commodity traders are in the dark because of the partial U.S. government shutdown, unable to see daily and weekly reports of agricultural exports to obtain clues as to whether China is following through with promises to buy grain and soy amid the ongoing trade war.
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Business Highlights

CHELMSFORD, Mass. — Army looks for a few good robots, sparks industry battleThe Army is looking for a few good robots. Not to fight — not yet, at least — but to help the men and women who do.These robots aren't taking up arms,... [Author: [email protected]]
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