Démarrage D’entreprise Québec: 5 Financial Mistakes To Avoid

From your first ever paycheck to your very last one, you’re constantly making decisions about your finances. Your choices today about how to spend, save, or invest will significantly affect your life in the future. If you’re an entrepreneur, your choices are even more crucial because they don’t just affect your financial well-being, they also impact your brand and your employees. Understanding your finances will go a long way into making sure that you avoid potential missteps. Here are the 5 mo...
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Become Your Own Boss With A Business Analytics Career

If you’ve ever dreamt of setting your own hours and being your own boss, consider switching to a career in business analytics. With time and expertise in this lucrative career, you can eventually strike out on your own to become an independent consultant. If you enjoy research, collecting and assessing metrics, or crafting a narrative or prediction based on historical data, then business analytics might be your perfect niche. Read on for more information. Who needs a business analyst, any...
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PG&E puts cost of judge's wildfire plan at up to $150 billion

California power company PG&E Corp, which expects to soon file for bankruptcy, said on Wednesday it would cost between $75 billion and $150 billion to fully comply with a judge's order to inspect its power grid and remove or trim trees that could fall into power lines and trigger wildfires.
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IndiGo reports airfares rising after a year of declines

IndiGo, India's biggest airline by market share, reported a rise in airfares over November and December after a year of declines, with the positive trend continuing in January, and said it would focus on expanding in overseas skies to boost growth.
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5 Tips When Choosing A Business Insurance Provider

You’ve been putting it off for months. You know that you need business insurance but the thought of navigating the mind-boggling array of different providers fills you with dread. What’s… Read more » The post 5 Tips When Choosing A Business Insurance Provider appeared first on
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Opportunities For Careers In Investment

Stock markets are all-powerful in the USA, bringing in trillions in lucrative investment, and with that industry is a stable of well-paid careers. An investment […]
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Gold rises as growth concerns, U.S. government shutdown weigh on dollar

Gold prices rose on Thursday as the dollar declined due to concerns the prolonged U.S. government shutdown will limit economic growth at the same global growth is slowing as well.
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Man sacked from Whitehouse Builders for sharing salary details wins $30K

A Christchurch man has been awarded almost $30,000 in compensation after he was sacked for sharing details of his salary with a co-worker.The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) ruled James Luhrs, a salesperson for residential... [Author: [email protected]]
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Air New Zealand Airbus A320 pilot hospitalised after falling ill during flight

An Air New Zealand A320 pilot who became ill flying from Sydney to Auckland was hospitalised after arrival.A source said the first officer came down with a vomiting bug and was incapacitated mid-flight. A doctor on board was involved... [Author: [email protected]]
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Osaka sponsor withdraws controversial commercial

Japanese noodle company Nissin have removed a controversial commercial following a dispute over the skin colour of a cartoon character depicting tennis player Naomi Osaka.
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Graphic: U.S. sanctions on Venezuela would reroute crude, leave refiners short

Potential U.S. sanctions on Venezuela's crude oil exports would cut off the nation from Gulf Coast refiners that are among its biggest customers, likely forcing it to send more crude to China, India or other Asian countries, traders said on Wednesday.
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Nissin takes down ad after complaints on Osaka's depiction

TOKYO (AP) — One of Naomi Osaka's main sponsors has taken down an online ad campaign that depicts the Japanese tennis player with pale skin after it was criticized as insensitive.Daisuke Okabayashi, a spokesman for Japanese noodle-maker... [Author: [email protected]]
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Microsoft says Bing search engine blocked in China

Microsoft Corp's Bing search engine has been blocked in China, the company said on Wednesday, making it the latest foreign technology service to be shut down behind the country's Great Firewall.
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Singapore releases AI guidelines

Singapore has released a framework on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be ethically and responsibly used, which businesses in the Republic and elsewhere can adopt as they grapple with issues that have emerged with new technology. As per Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), two principles underpin Singapore’s model framework. One is that decisions made by or with the help of AI are explainable, transparent and fair to consumers. The second is that AI solutions are human-c...
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Interesting Facts about Data Science Career

You may not know that data science is evolving rapidly as a “hot” career. Besides, is data science career interesting? It might be a Yes if you only hear from a data scientist expert. However, there are reasons why data science is the most exciting career to take: 1.No More Guesses When you undertake data science as a career, you can make decisions basing your argument on figures and not guesses. Sometimes, your gut may today say something and then get changed before the end of the day, but when...
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RBI making u-turn, seen shifting to neutral in February, cutting rates by mid-year: Reuters poll

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will change its stance to 'neutral' next month and cut interest rates in June at the latest, according to a Reuters poll of economists pointing to an extraordinary U-turn in policy.
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Philippines fourth-quarter GDP grows less than expected at 6.1 percent

The Philippine economy grew slightly faster in the fourth quarter of last year, but the pace lagged market expectations in the face of weak exports, the statistics agency said on Thursday.
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Australia employment stays solid, jobless rate at 6-1/2 year lows

Australian employment jumped again in December and the jobless rate surprisingly fell, a generally upbeat report that should comfort the central bank as the labour market remains one of the strongest parts of the economy.
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6 Quick Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

In the modern business world full of industrial espionage, cyber-attacks and other illegal activities that often target companies, it is extremely important to be protected in every way possible. Business owners often think that cyber attacks are something that happens only to large enterprises, but that’s not true. Every type of company, whether it’s a small business or a huge conglomerate, is a potential victim of cyber-attacks. Today, we are bringing you 6 quick security tips to protect your ...
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This giant cognitive bias codex will transform your understanding of yourself

Nearly 200 cognitive biases affect our decision-making.The codex groups the biases based on 4 major "problems".The sheer amount of biases teaches us "humility," says one of the Codex's creators. None Perhaps aside from mythical spiritual figures, humans are not objective in how they react to the world. As much as we would like to be fair and impartial about how we deal with the situations that arise on a daily basis, we process them through a complex series of internal biases before deciding on ...
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Avista and Canadian utility drop plans for $5.3 billion merger

Avista said both companies’ boards decided to drop the deal because they were unlikely to win a reversal of regulators’ decisions against the deal by the expiration of their merger agreement on March 29.
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200 cognitive biases rule our everyday thinking

Nearly 200 cognitive biases affect our decision-making. The sheer amount of biases should teach us humility.And we should recognize the essential role they play in life, as well. None Aside from mythical spiritual figures and biblical kings, humans are not objective in how they react to the world. As much as we would like to be fair and impartial about how we deal with the situations that arise on a daily basis, we process them through a complex series of internal biases before deciding how to...
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Global Markets: Asian shares subdued as U.S. political standoff, ECB decision eyed

Asian shares were subdued on Thursday as political uncertainty in the United States and worries about weakening global economic growth left investors wary of riskier assets.
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5 Ways to Get Motivated for Writing a College Paper

Motivation is one of the most discussed topics of the recent decade. We’ve gathered some practical tips for students willing to get more motivated for writing a college paper. Let’s take a closer look. Don’t Waste Time on Unimportant Tasks You must learn to ignore what distracts you from achieving your goals. Developing this skill is not so difficult: set aside some free time to think about your plans for life. Highlight what is in priority for you at the moment. Now decide on what you can “fo...
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6 Reasons Why Should We Never Buy Facebook Likes?

Digital marketing is enhancing day by day. Everyone wants to flourish their business in the global market through the internet. For this, the businesses try to expand their approach to social media. Many companies are starting out to explore highly popular social media platforms. But unfortunately, they are ignoring to plan a perfect social media strategy. They think that purchasing a bunch of fans will increase their market value. This is just a fake idea. Fanbase in your will social media plat...
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Microsoft confirms 'Bing is currently inaccessible in China'

Bada bing, bada banned. China has blocked Bing, Microsoft's search engine, tonight. is not accessible inside China, per reports throughout the country. Microsoft says ‘we’ve confirmed that Bing is currently inaccessible in China and are engaged to determine next steps.’ The FT's @YuanfenYang reports that Bing was blocked throughout China following a government order. She cites two sources familiar with the matter. “This kind of DNS corruption is usually the very literal way in which...
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Air New Zealand and Air Line Pilots Association call for drone crackdown after Auckland Airport scare

Air New Zealand and pilots are calling for a crackdown against rogue drone operators following another scare at Auckland Airport.New Zealand Air Line Pilots Association president Tim Robinson said it was a matter of when, not if... [Author: [email protected]]
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The Govt can exit the $10m loan deal with Westland if there is a major ownership change

The Government has included a clause in its $10 million loan contract to Westland Milk which allows it to exit the deal in the event of a major change in ownership. This comes as the dairy co-operative's Chairman Peter Morrison... [Author: [email protected]]
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Asian shares edge up, ECB meeting in focus

Asian shares rose on Thursday after Wall Street managed to end higher, but gains were capped by political uncertainty in the United States and worries about weakening global economic growth.
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Department of Conservation and New Zealand Cruise Ship Association work to prevent birds being blinded by ship light

Cruise ships in the Hauraki Gulf are being told to dim the lights to help prevent seabirds being temporarily blinded.The Department of Conservation (DoC) is working with the international cruise industry to help keep the birds safe.... [Author: [email protected]]
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