Airline threats to cancel Boeing MAX orders may just be a bargaining tactic

Threatened cancellations of 737 MAX orders by Garuda Indonesia and other carriers may say more about the airlines than the aircraft — and likely won't hurt Boeing in the long term.
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Charging extra to get there? The Boeing story is yet another sign we’re a corporatocracy

That Boeing has been charging extra for key safety features on planes probably won't be news to anyone who has faced the à la carte smorgasbord of flying recently.
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China's says regrets IADB's cancellation of meeting

China's foreign ministry said on Saturday it regretted a decision by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to cancel a meeting scheduled for next week in the city of Chengdu, adding that it bore no responsibility.
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US Government sets record US$234b deficit in February

The US government posted the largest monthly budget deficit in American history in February, hitting a dramatic milestone as tax revenue lags and spending levels continue to skyrocket.The government spent $234 billion more than... [Author: [email protected]]

Tencent Earnings: 3 Things to Watch Out for in 2019

Investors got a fresh look at what's going on with the company.
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High times in Beverly Hills, with pot delivery and a Gucci ashtray

High-end department store Barneys New York has given the marijuana lifestyle the luxury treatment, launching a range of pot-themed products this week in the latest sign a drug once associated with bohemians and deadbeats is moving up the social ladder.
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Toxic content their 'crack cocaine': Facebook's disturbing moderator secrets

Following last week's terrorist attack and Facebook's struggle to keep a viral video of the event off its platform, we revist this story from 7 August 2018, which took a look at the lives of those who moderate content on the social... [Author: [email protected]]

Devil May Cry 5 Surpasses 2 Million Sales

Capcom has officially announced that since its March 8th release, Devil May Cry 5 has sold a total of 2 million copies. The joyous news comes directly from Capcom, announced during the company’s panel at the Game Developers Conference 2019 and also reported by an attendee: Devil May Cry 5 is already available for the […]
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Tax Refunds Are Up This Year, But That's Not Necessarily a Good Thing

A large refund check means the government is taking more of your paychecks than it should.
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Google's has built its empire on ads, but analysts say it will have to find another way to make money for its new gaming service Stadia (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google wowed the world when it unveiled its new game streaming service, Stadia, on Tuesday, but it failed to address how the service will make money.  Despite the lack of information around a monetization approach, one thing analysts that we spoke to agree on is that an ads-based model will not be enough to sustain Google's ambitious gaming project.  Having to add an alternative revenue stream to ads may be difficult for Google, given its spotty track record with 'for-pay' services, but if ...

Summer day camps offer fun for kids, tax break for parents

Spring has just arrived, but parents already are thinking about summer. Specifically, they're wondering who's going to take care of their kids once school is out for a few months. Now don't get me, or my friends, family and neighbors who have children wrong. We don't view schools and their teachers as babysitters. But classes do keep youngsters occupied for a big chunk of the day for most of the year. Then May and June roll around and for the next three or so months it's kids everywhere all the...
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Obamacare 2018 tax year filing requirements

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law on March 23, 2010. During the almost nine years since President Barack Obama signed the health care bill, which usually is shortened to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, opponents of the law have been working to repeal, maybe replace and definitely weaken it. Republicans succeeded in late 2017 in eliminating a key component of the ACA. Under the GOP's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), the ACA's individual health insurance mandate. ...
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2019 Federal Tax Regulations List

Since 2011, I've created and maintained websites that list the federal tax regulations issued to date for the year. Perhaps that sounds a bit tax nerdy, but I find it helps me get ready access to current regs and the preamble. It also helps with the tax update presentations I do throughout the year, providing that as a resource to attendees.  The webpage for the 2019 regs has links for all years back to 2011. Note that it's also a good way to see how many tax regs are issued each year. I hope y...
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China hits back at Canada, stops purchase of canola seeds

China has stopped all new purchases of Canadian canola seeds in what some see as retaliation for Canada's arrest of a top executive of Chinese tech giant Huawei.The Canola Council of Canada said late Thursday exporters are reporting... [Author: [email protected]]

The U.S. Solar Industry Shows Resilience in 2018

Solar energy had a better year than expected, and the future looks very bright.
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Auto Sales in China Are Weak, but Bitauto Is Gaining Market Share

This single metric from Bitauto subsidiary Yixin is the most important number to watch.
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Is Amazon's Private-Label Business a Paper Tiger?

A new study suggests that Amazon’s private-label products aren’t impressing shoppers.
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Uber drivers prepare to strike over 25 percent cut in wages

Uber drivers from Los Angeles and Orange counties plan to gather in Redondo Beach on Monday to protest a recent 25 percent wage cut and will demand that drivers earn at least $28 an hour. The one-day strike is being coordinated by Rideshare Drivers United, an independent association that seeks fair pay, transparency and a voice for drivers who work for Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services. “We plan to make some noise and create a ruckus to get the 25 percent back that they stole,” said Ridesh...
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Lisa Wardell: the African American CEO running a $4 billion business

This space most frequently is dedicated to entrepreneurs who build stuff - companies, causes, machines.A spirit for business and entrepreneurism springs from many sources. Lisa Wardell dared to take risks, meet people from diverse... [Author: [email protected]]

Need a ride? Amazon is slashing prices on popular electric scooters

If you’re not much of a cyclist or if you’re looking for a lazier way to zip about town, an electric scooter should be right up your alley. Two of our favorites, the foldable Glion Dolly and the eco-friendly Razor scooter, are on sale from Amazon for more than $200 off. The post Need a ride? Amazon is slashing prices on popular electric scooters appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Exclusive: Mexico central bank says Uber, other firms interested in mobile pay system

Various companies in Mexico, including Uber Technologies Inc., have shown interest in using a new mobile payments system developed by the country's central bank that seeks to promote financial inclusion, the head of the bank said on Friday.
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Should You Fund Your Business with a Personal Loan?

During the lifetime of their businesses, entrepreneurs will need money to improve and expand their business. Small start-ups may require funding at the beginning while established businesses usually need additional resources to boost and improve their operations. Unfortunately, 58% of new businesses experience difficulties with getting loans or credit from lending institutions. It’s easier for lenders to provide business loans to companies that have existed for a couple of years. This leaves...
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Philip Morris says Canadian unit RBH granted creditor protection

Philip Morris International Inc on Friday said its Canadian unit, Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc (RBH), was granted creditor protection, following a tobacco class action ruling in Quebec earlier this month.
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Goldman Sachs Is Bullish on This Industrial Stock. Should You?

Let's examine one of the top picks in the industrial sector.
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Hulu vs. Amazon Prime Video: Which streaming service is best for you?

It's hard to dispute Netflix's leadership in on-demand streaming video, it's not alone. Two great alternatives are Amazon Prime Video and Hulu; each with its strengths and weaknesses. Which one is better? We pick the winner. The post Hulu vs. Amazon Prime Video: Which streaming service is best for you? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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PlayStation does the smart thing, stops selling digital codes at physical stores

Sony will no longer offer PlayStation digital full-game downloads at retail stores. The game downloads will now only be available directly from the PlayStation Network's own digital store. The post PlayStation does the smart thing, stops selling digital codes at physical stores appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Russian perfume brand pulls fragrance named 'sexual harassment'

A Russian perfume brand has been forced to remove a fragrance called 'Sexual Harassment' after social media backlash.Nikolai Eremin, the head of Nimere Parfums, apologised on Instagram, admitting that he hadn't thought it through... [Author: [email protected]]

Better Buy: Frontier Communications vs. AT&T

Risk and volatility, or relative safety and stability?
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Why Does Wall Street Love This Controversial Oil Stock?

Brazil's oil major has clawed its way back to a $100 billion market cap. Should individual investors be as confident as Wall Street?
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