The Last Step In The Journey To Leadership Greatness

As a good more human leader, you’ve framed your vision, set your strategy, built your model, hired your team, designed your processes, set expectations, established a culture of accountability, and pushed confidently forward on executing your path to success. But yet, there’s one last thing that you need to do to get it all from “just good” to true greatness. Yep, it’s gut check time. How do you really FEEL about this road you’re on?  Are you personally up for the challenge?  It might seem like ...
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Human Connection (+ let’s meet?)

Over the years, I’ve really fallen in love with the ability to share and connect with you through my social channels. Never before has it been easier and faster to create, share, and connect. In a digital age where it’s possible to live in our own little bubble, it can often feel technology is better at isolating us than connecting. What I’ve found though, is the opposite. I can think of the countless names I’ve seen in my feeds for years, and now with platforms like instagram (add me here), I c...
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Does Your Email Inbox Dictate Your Day — And Should It?

Guest post from Dianna Booher: A reporter for Newsday called recently for a comment about his story on executive stress and the connection to email. As I shared stats from my organization’s recent survey, the reporter passed along comments from a CEO he’d just interviewed: “Email interrupts me all day long. I can’t focus on my core work. It’s 1:30. I have a project in front of me right now that should take me an hour and a half to finish. But because of the email distractions, it’ll t...
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Employee development on purpose

  Recently companies have raised their focus on why customer success matters and how to delight increasingly demanding customers. At its core, creating happy customers requires happy employees—the front-line people who interact continually with customers. What are companies doing to … Continue reading →
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Who is the Best Boss You Ever Had? What Makes a Great Boss?

Ask yourself, who is the best boss I ever worked for? If you were asked why they were the best, you would probably say things like: “She was so positive.”“He made me feel appreciated.”“She took the time to know me and coach me.”“He listened carefully.”“I felt like she would do anything for me.” Most likely you wouldn’t say things like: “He was really good with processes and numbers.”“She knew how to really keep us on task.”“He was good at sticking to rules and plans.”“She was gre...
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