What Do I Need to Do to Become an Entrepreneur

Q: What do I need to do to become an entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is simply somebody who has launched a business. It’s not a set of traits or qualities, a state of being, or an attribute. It’s not a degree or certificate. It’s not an expertise. It’s did you start a business, or not? There are infinite ways to get there. No formulas or lit paths. Statistics show that most successful startup founders are in their forties, well educated, and have ample business experience. Of course that’s ...
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How to Build Confidence in Your Sales Team

Have you given sufficient thought to building confidence in your sales team? It goes without saying, but confident salespeople perform better than those who lack confidence. People want to do business with people who are happy and successful, and one …Read More »
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Leading and Succeeding in the Gray-Zone

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Three Ways To Ensure Your Innovation Efforts Fail

As you might have guessed, I do not really want to see your Innovation efforts fail! I am not saying that if you accept all of my advice you will succeed either. Ignore all of these and I can almost guarantee failure in the near future. Avoid Groupthink Groupthink is probably the biggest killer of Innovation. It occurs when a group of people collectively decide to simply follow what the group thinks. Usually, this is done with no communication at all. This often happens when there are very few...
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From Man’s Best Friend to Family’s Favorite Child

Regular readers know we like Pet Trends here at Small Business Labs. So we had to cover the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's article The Pet Economy Kicks Into Overdrive. The article covers the growth of the pet economy. Key quote: The surge in spending on pets – and explosion of new products, services and unique “experiences” to help quadrupeds and their owners bond more closely – is at an apex, tracking to break U.S. records this year. According to the article, "the U.S. pet economy is projected...
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Subcontract manufacturing – sheet metal work in the UK

Folding sheet metal components with formed joggles Subcontract manufacturing of sheet metal work is what V and F Sheet Metal are all about. From the smallest clips and brackets, through sheet metal chassis and up to 3M long folded profiles we are here to help you. Working with lighting, heating, electronics, pumping and audio companies amongst others to improve their designs and save money in manufacturing. We can simply manufacture your sheet metal components if that is all you want. We can he...
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Is it possible to take loan against Fixed Deposit?

FD is one of the most popular investment option in India due to its numerous advantages like safety, fixed interest earning and easy to understand product. And now you can easily get a loan against your FD even if you don’t have a credit score or meet any income earning eligibility criteria to apply for […] The post Is it possible to take loan against Fixed Deposit? appeared first on Jagoinvestor.
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