Client-side job opening – Senior Manager, Creative Services Team

Here’s one you don’t see every day… Micron in Boise is looking for a Senior Manager, Creative Services Team. From the job listing on their site: The Senior Manager, Creative Services Team provides creative leadership to Micron’s in-house agency. Reporting to the Senior Manager, Global Studio and part of our Global Communications and Marketing team, this position is responsible for connecting our creative approach to the business strategy. In this strategic role you will: Partner and ...
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FIR 185: Hey Google, play me some content marketing

The July 2019 edition of “The Hobson and Holtz Report” features Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz discussing these stories: Have we hit “peak podcast”?Google’s trying social media againThese are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2019Communicators need to explore new channels for their messagesYou downloaded FaceApp. Here’s what you’ve just done to  your privacyConsumers are less attentive to news on mobile devicesDan York reports on interoperability, the new Twitter interface, Twitter’s “L...
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Fish Heads and The Value of Great Leadership: An Unforgettable Lesson

“Terry, don’t you see? A fish stinks from its head down” It was three months into my maiden voyage as a cable TV executive, at age 27. I was in the middle of going over a laundry list of problems with my boss that had been vexing me for weeks. They were all coming from one particular region, and because of these problems the region’s financial performance was lagging all the others. The region’s manager seemed to be on top of things, and was considered a “good guy” and “personable” by all who kn...
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Credit Card Merchant Fees Explained

  If you’ve decided to accept credit card payments for your business, you will realize there are many merchant providers out there and they all charge differently.  Unlike other overhead expenses, such as rent or business supplies, credit card processing fees are more complicated to predict and understand as pricing models vary across merchant service providers and often include hidden costs. In this post we’ll explain the various pricing models merchant providers use to apply credit card ...
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5 Ways to Identify Your Brand’s Competitors

The following is a guest piece by Lindsay Pedersen. When developing your brand strategy, you need to make the critical choice of what you are going to position your brand against. What is the customer’s alternative to your brand against which you will push for your own brand? In order ... Click to continue reading
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2019 2020 ACA Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit Percentages

If you buy health insurance from or a state-run ACA exchange, whether you qualify for a premium tax credit is determined by your income relative to the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). You don’t qualify for a premium tax credit if your income is above 400% of FPL. That’s a hard cutoff. See Stay Off the Obamacare ACA Premium Subsidy Cliff. If you do qualify for a premium tax credit, how much credit you qualify is determined by a sliding scale set each year by the government. The govern...
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The Growth of Side Gigs

That side gigs - part-time or occasional work to supplement income - have become more common is hardly new news. Nor are the reasons behind the growing number of Americans with side gigs. Simply put, workers up and down the income ladder are finding that their compensation simply doesn’t keep up with rising costs, especially of education, health care, and housing.  Because of this, more Americans are turning to side gigs to help them make ends meet. As the chart below from the 2019 MBO Partners ...
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