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Establishing A Good (and Mutually Beneficial) Business Relationship With Your Employees From a leader’s point of view, there are three basic things that compose a functional relationship: Command, control, and communication. Those are the most basic aspects that leaders need … Continue reading →
Tags: Leadership, Relationships, Trust, Integrity, Reliability, Predictability

How to Start a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Business (2019)

For entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, cut through a decent chunk of bureaucratic tape, and hand over some cash upfront, opening a medical dispensary is a great opportunity. A dispensary will allow you to be a pioneer in what is soon to be a massive, national industry.  Marijuana Business Daily projects revenue generated by dispensaries and retail stores to reach between $6.5 and $8 billion in 2019. When considering this type of business, you are sure to have a lo...
Tags: Small Business, Sales, Medical Marijuana, Dispensary, Marijuana Business Daily, Marijuana Dispensary, How To Start A Dispensary Business

Infographic: 7 “Crazy” Startup Ideas That Worked

I believe many people put way too much stock in the startup idea. Doing the business, doing the work, getting things done, and execution are all more important. Obviously a bad idea can make a business unsuccessful, but a good idea is no guarantee. And very few successful businesses are based on being the first with a new idea. With that as  background, I like this infographic offered by Fundera. Here are a few real examples of startups that seemed “crazy” but worked. The post Infographic: 7 “C...
Tags: Sales, Business Ideas, Starting A Business

The Perfect Digital Marketing dashboard?

In a previous article in this series, I explained the key elements needed to create the ‘perfect’ digital marketing plan. Within this, a digital marketing dashboard is an important foundation of a data-driven approach since this helps to keep your strategy on track by regularly reviewing your performance against objectives. In this article, I’ll look in more detail at how this dashboard should be structured. I’ll start by recommending the essential digital marketing metrics to include for review...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Business, Google Analytics, KPI, Dave Chaffey, Google Analytics API, Google Demo, Digital Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing Channels, RACE Marketing Planning Framework, Digital marketing dashboards, VQVC, Google Data Studio This

3 Solid Reasons To Buy a Taco Bell Franchise Right Now

New Post From The Franchise King®Wouldn’t it be great to own a business that has willing-to-wait-in-line decision-makers who have their wallets out? Of course it would, and for franchise owners, it just doesn’t get any better than that. That said, you do have to select the best location possible. Not the 2nd best location. The best one. The one that’s […]The post 3 Solid Reasons To Buy a Taco Bell Franchise Right Now appeared first on The Most Trustworthy Voice in Franchising | The Franchise Kin...
Tags: Sales, Taco Bell, Franchise Purchasing, Taco Bell Franchise Right Now

CNC punching in Hampshire Sheet Metal Work 2019

Brackets in production Looking for a supplier of CNC punching in Hampshire, UK? V and F Sheet Metal have been CNC punching sheet metal work for 30 years and have a vast range of experience. Whether it’s CNC punching 0.4mm reflector aluminium, 0.9mm zintec, 2.0mm stainless steel, 3.0mm mild steel or 5mm aluminium we are here to help you. You name the material and we have probably worked with it before. With a wide range of Trumpf CNC punch press tooling we can produce the majority of people’s de...
Tags: Business, CNC, Cnc Punch, Trumpf CNC, Hampshire UK, Hampshire Sheet Metal Work

Some (very brief) words for graduates

I was asked to provide in less than 3 minutes some inspirational and aspirational comments to graduates at the University of York this month, on the occasion of being awarded an honorary degree from the University. This is what I intended to say, though I think I forgot to include some of it when I rose up to make my remarks. As graduates, you are part of a small minority of the world’s population whose lives will be shaped by decisions you make, individually and collectively, instead of decisio...
Tags: Sales, University of York

How to Make Your Brand Omnipresent

You started your small business from the ground up, gained a loyal customer base, but you feel like the time has come to expand your reach? In the natural order of things, that is the optimal course of events and although aiming for the bigger league might have sounded unattainable at the beginning, it is Read More » The post How to Make Your Brand Omnipresent appeared first on eITWebguru.
Tags: Business, Marketing, Social Media, Brand, Seo, Content

Supply Chain Strategies for Smaller Businesses

Supply chain management refers to overseeing the processes that transform a raw material into a final product and ensuring that goods and services proceed smoothly from initial manufacturing to customer delivery. Effective supply chain management involves streamlining the flow in a way that maximizes the organization's bottom line and the end customer's value. Experts believe the future of supply chain management will include increased automation, along with a focus on analytics, sustain...
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