Five Common IT Mistakes You Already Made And How to Avoid Them

Are IT costs skyrocketing at your company? Maybe there's something you can do to fix your IT mistakes.
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The History of Affiliate Marketing for Those Who Care

Ever wonder when Affiliate Marketing got started? We've got the entire history right here.
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Why I Closed Franchise Business University

New Post From The Franchise King®I love being an entrepreneur. In addition, I also love the fact that I’m fairly web-savvy. It enables me to implement most of the ideas that randomly enter my brain. Brain GIF from Brain GIFs 3 years ago, one of those ideas got in. It was this: Capitalize on the growing interest in online courses […]The post Why I Closed Franchise Business University appeared first on The Most Trustworthy Voice in Franchising | The Franchise King®.
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Don’t You Realize Selling Doesn’t Cause Buying?

Until relatively recently, the United States Post Office (USPO) was a universal communication hub. It delivered birthday greetings and Dear John letters (For you youngsters, those were break-up notes – like you use text these days, only nicer.). It transported legal letters, work agendas, and Christmas gifts. It was how we moved information and communication between people and places. Now we use the internet and social media for most of our communication. And the USPO? It became a relic of a tim...
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The Rise of Independent Worker Teams: Fiverr's Studios and Upwork's Agency Experience

Fiverr this week announced a new service offering called "Studios". This service gives freelancers the ability to easily join forces to sell and tackle larger and more complex client assignments than a freelancer could do on their own. This follows last week's announcement by Upwork of what they are calling the "agency experience". Key quote from their press release: "Upwork’s newly enhanced agency experience removes the friction that exists with the traditional agency model, making it easie...
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New Airlines Charter – 6 important rules every passenger should know

In the last few years, the complaints from airline passengers have gone up with respect to issues like flights cancellations, loss of baggage and delays. Most of the times, the passengers find themselves with any help and bad attitude from airlines staff and the company itself. Last month, I was travelling from Ahmedabad to Pune […] The post New Airlines Charter – 6 important rules every passenger should know appeared first on Jagoinvestor.
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Laser cutting mild steel components using a Trumpf fibre laser cutter

Laser cutting mild steel components is the perfect process for manufacturing batches of sheet metal work. 3D Model of a mild steel bracket generated in Radan CAD/CAM sheet metal software Nearly all our sheet metal work that has folds starts with a 3D model. It could be one supplied by our customers in a STEP / SAT or IGES format. This is great as it saves time not only when programming to manufacture the components order but also when initially preparing quotations. If our customer doesn’t ha...
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