The Best and Worst Political Branding of the 2020 Democratic Primary Race

  The presidential election season is upon us. Whether you’re ready or not, there’s a flood of new political candidates clamoring for your vote. In fact, at most recent count, there are 24 candidates in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. It’s hard to keep up. But, we’re not here for the politics. We’re here for the branding. With every election season, we’re exposed to a new wave of political branding. We’re inundated with political commercials, lawn signs, banners, and bumper...
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Why Good Is The New Bad For Business Leaders

“Good Job!” I used to hear this early in my career and feel pretty satisfied about it – after all, someone was praising me, and succinctly to boot. And hey, who doesn’t want to be praised? But later on, once I became a business leader myself, I discovered the real and present danger of those two little words. I first thought that delivering a lot of “good jobs” would help with morale, and spur the team on to greater heights. I was correct on the first part, but oh so totally wrong on the second...
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To Scale, You Need to Grow Your Management Team

As a business owner, you are – or need to be – a generalist. Depending on the size and stage of your business, you may do anything from cleaning the office to meeting customers to setting strategy. However, as the head of a company, your primary role will always be to set the goals for […]
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Stepping In to Lead a New Group? Try This Process to Grow Trust and Gain Performance

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5 Essentials for Full Employee Engagement

The following is a guest piece by Valmira Rashiti. There is a constant, vicious cycle people talk about when referring to full employee engagement. Some will put the whole burden in the employer, assuming that the company is responsible for meeting all employee expectations and needs. Others will say that ... Click to continue reading
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Acrobat DC - Helpful Designer Software

Adobe - it's the most used reader program at the planet for now, a lot of people doesn’t even know any of his options. That topic would help you to understand Acrobat DC a bit better, little interface and using guide. Check it out, and probably you would love to teach that program like a professional.   In an Adobe Acrobat interface, there are three views, and these are home, document, and tools. When we go further into details on document view, it can either be a single document interface or mu...
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Stop Tax Return Fraud: Sign Up For IRS IP PIN Program

Due to many hacks and breaches of personal information, having a tax return filed fraudulently in your name has become a problem in recent years. Criminals gather enough information about you to file a tax return and request a refund from the IRS or the state. By the time you file your tax return, you are told they already have a return in your name. Now you have to show yours is legit and the other one isn’t. If you are due a refund, your refund may be delayed. Even if you owe, the fraud still ...
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Tips for effective email marketing CTAs

Emails live and die by their calls to action (CTAs). A good email marketing call to action is critical to success; it’s the catalyst that spurs sales. CTAs have evolved over the years, and keeping abreast of current trends is a great way to ensure your email marketing is effective. To that end, here are contemporary tips for crafting powerful email CTAs plus examples you can use to yield better results. Begin at the end The call to action should be the first thing you write when you draft a ne...
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The Democratization of Wealth Work

The Brookings Institute's Who’s employed by the lifestyles of the rich and famous? covers the growth of the personal care and services jobs, which has been one of the fastest growing job segments over the past decade. They refer to this type of work as "wealth work", a term coined by MIT Economist David Autor which he defined as personal service jobs created by rising incomes. As the Brookings's chart below shows (click to enlarge), this includes a wide range of occupations. A key drive...
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