My Top 5 Book Picks

When I reached out to dozens of colleagues to ask what their favorite people management book was, The One Minute Manager received the most mentions. Consider this super-short book a “management for dummies” that’s really very smart. My all-time favorite book on networking. As you might guess from the title, Never Eat Alone is about why you need […] The post My Top 5 Book Picks appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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Three Resources That Will Save Marketers Money In 2019

As bloggers, content creation and brand marketers, we know how expensive running a business on the internet can truly be. Sure, start up costs and running the day to day operations are often much lower than the costs associated with running a brick and mortar business, but there are still some heavy costs associated with premium hosting, software, developers, and advertising in general. Throw in all of the attractive tools and monthly solutions out there to grow your business, and you could easi...
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12 Quick Marketing Tactics You Can Execute in One Hour or Less

Successful entrepreneurs and small business owners know that products and services don’t sell themselves. The truth is that even if you lack experienced marketers on your team, you must learn to market effectively. Still, many business owners worry that they don’t have any time to market and never get started. As a result, their businesses stagnate or worse, fail. The good news is that marketing isn’t just about big, expensive tactics. Many marketing gains come from smaller tasks that create fo...
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76 Surprising Facts About Corporation Innovation

Here are 76 fascinating facts on corporate innovation curated by Valuer in Denmark. And while it's true that Canadian researchers have determined that goldfish have a longer attention span (9 seconds) than human beings (8 seconds), I have great confidence in your ability to buck this trend and focus for the three minutes it will take to read Valuer's post (unless you are multi-tracking or feeding your goldfish). Illustration: gapingvoid 56 reasons why most corporate innovation efforts fail I...
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