How to Reduce Turnover

It’s impossible to create a non-stop sales boom in your organization with a high turnover rate. Have you thought about how to reduce it on your sales team? Here’s an interesting statistic, the average turnover rate for companies is roughly …Read More »
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7 Helps for Consistent Online Leads for Ad Agency New Business

Business development doesn’t have to be so difficult. Business development doesn’t have to be so difficult. By creating simple steps and processes you’ll have a system to boost online leads. Here are 7 tips to get started: 1. Consistently Use Lead Generation Platforms The battle for new business has moved online. 80-90% of business to business transactions begin with a search on the web. - Marketing Sherpa You want to enlarge your agency’s online footprint to generate more leads. These...
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How I wrote and published 2080 blog posts

OMG! I just noticed that I have posted 2,080 blog posts – in fact this one makes it 2,081! (Assuming WordPress can count my posts accurately – I certainly haven’t tried to keep... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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How to Consistently Write Faster (and More Efficiently)

How long would it take you to write an 80k word novel? Or a 60k word self-help book? Would it take you a month? A year? Or perhaps longer? While you can’t rush perfection, there is something to be said about the speed and efficiency with which you write. As a matter of fact, a […] The post How to Consistently Write Faster (and More Efficiently) appeared first on WTD.
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Stop Networking and Start Building Your Network: Advice from Business Leaders

“Networking” is practically a watchword among small business owners. Opportunities for growing one’s network present themselves every day through formal events at Chambers of Commerce or 1 Million Cups as well as through informal gatherings of like-minded people. Networking done right is a powerful tool. Networking can be a powerful tool for business growth. It […]
Tags: Networking, Marketing, Sales, Business Leaders, Chambers of Commerce, Building Relationships, Build Your Network

Why Training and Development = Success All Round

Guest post from Royston Guest: Growing and developing is a two-way partnership between the individual and the business. I think of it as a ‘soft contract’, the rules of engagement for how both parties can achieve maximum value from the relationship. If you are able to link your personal and professional growth to the organisation, you are more likely to stay and participate at a higher level through increased commitment and loyalty. As part of this ‘soft contract’ of grow...
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Practical techniques for increasing team success

Practical techniques for increasing team success Teamwork is a key factor when it comes to creating workplace success. No doubt individuals with incredible talent can accomplish great things on their own. However, for your company to create great products and … Continue reading →
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WeWork Files to Go Public

WeWork released its S-1, which is the legal document a company files prior to going public, this week. WeWork going public is a bit of a watershed moment for the coworking industry. It's the first of the new wave of coworking spaces to do so. It's also a highly watched and controversial company, particularly due to its high private valuation and steep losses. Because of this interest, the S-1 filing is getting a lot of attention. Our favorite part of the S-1 is the description of WeWork&...
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CNC punching sheet metal work in the UK – 2019

Trumpf 200 CNC punch We have been CNC punching sheet metal work in the UK for over 25 years. From an initial investment in 10 station CNC punch presses we have built up to the single station Trumpf format machines. Using the latest Radan CAD/CAM sheet metal programming software we cover huge range of components. Most of our work is for UK companies and uses our standard off the shelf CNC punch press tooling. Having produced countless 10s thousands of different sheet metal components over the ye...
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