You Didn’t Do it All! Teammates Helped – Powerful Teamwork Story

How does it make you feel when you see a teammate or someone take all of the credit for success? Seems selfish, right? How can one person truly do anything great without others around him or her. In almost all instances that success was the result of someone else’s efforts in helping that person become successful. Many times it is because of a team. The following funny teamwork story/fable has strong application to teams and shows the dire consequences of believing it’s all about YOU. Feel fre...
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Looking To Buy a Franchise? Are Your Expectations Realistic?

New Post From The Franchise King®I’m finding that a lot of would-be franchise owners have unrealistic expectations. Some of these expectations have to do with the business model of franchising itself. The “Business in a Box” mentality. In addition, a lot of today’s franchise buyers are expecting to get excited about the franchise opportunities they find. Like really excited. Finally, […]The post Looking To Buy a Franchise? Are Your Expectations Realistic? appeared first on The Most Trustworthy V...
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The Best Tools Any Affiliate Marketer Needs in Their Toolbox

Struggling to make those sales? Maybe you don't have the right tools. Here's how to fill up your toolbox.
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CEOs Change the Deeper Meaning of the Ultimate Bottom Line

As I read this morning about the Business Roundtable changing this fundamental principle, I was really glad to see it. It’s about time. Several hundred influential CEOs got together and agreed to revise priorities. The next quarter’s profits — which maximizes short-term share price — are no longer the supreme goal and top priority. Here’s the story: America’s CEOs just made a significant, if mainly symbolic, change . This Makes Sense They changed this because it makes good sense. The world is...
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Courageous and Resilient Women Business Owners Share Their Stories and Lessons Learned Building Successful Businesses

Bank of America Private Bank’s newest white paper, Women’s Entrepreneurial Journeys: Profiles of Leadership in an Era of New Opportunities, profiles eight courageous and resilient women who share their personal stories and the lessons they learned building successful businesses. The stories highlight eight different entrepreneurial journeys that fall into four different categories: Founded and sold. Inherited or bought. Founded and still owns. “Next generation” founders. We are proud to promot...
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IONS Annual Conference Brings Together Scientists & Spiritual Seekers Under One Roof

Truth be told, I've known about Petaluma-based IONs (Institute for Noetic Sciences) for awhile now, and have attended some of their smaller workshops and events over the years. That said, we weren't aware of their annual IONS International Conference , now in its 18th year so were thrilled to team up this year as a media partner.  This summer's event which was held from July 18th-21st in Santa Clara, California brought together over 900 scientists, spiritual teachers and consciousn...
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The Positive Mental Health Effects of Self-Employment

A recent academic study found that self-employed gig workers in the UK score higher across a range of psychological well-being measures than workers in the mainstream economy. The study - The Effects of Self and Temporary Employment on Mental Health: The Role of the Gig Economy in the UK - found that gig workers are about 33 percent more likely to self-report positive traits in terms of mental health than those in traditional jobs. The reason will come as no surprise to regular readers. It's...
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