5 Skills You’ll Need To Outgrow Competitors In Business!

A business should vanquish an enemy without vying. With the right skills-set, you can thrive in any industry, outgrow competitors, and leave your rivals far behind. Although when a business constantly fails to outgrow — or at least cope with — its competitors, it may end up losing sales. However, running a business is no plain sailing. According to SBA (Small Business Association), 20% of new companies fail in their first year, while only 50% survive through their fifth year. One of the many blu...
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Covering Your Bases: Do You Know the Difference Between These Three Types of Landlord Insurance?

Every landlord works to make a profit. They typically don’t purchase a building for use by others unless they can generate income from the property or obtain a tax write-off. However, the property needs to be protected at all times so the landlord doesn’t take an unintentional loss. Fortunately, a person may purchase landlord insurance to receive this protection. There are three types of landlord insurance every person in this position should consider obtaining. Liability Insurance A landlord ma...
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14 Leadership/Management Lessons, Part 2

The last article I wrote on the topic of leadership was my 1,400th post on this blog. I said I had 28 leadership and management lessons I wanted to share and decided to break it up so the article wouldn’t be like a tome. Therefore, this is part 2 of 28 original lessons, and not […]
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Tips for Cultivating a Culture of Success in Your Company

Post Views = 3968The ability to achieve lasting growth and success at your company is often dependent on your workplace culture. While the success of a business is typically a combined effort, it can be heavily reliant on the success of individual employees within their specific roles as well. To help cultivate a culture of […]
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3 Simple Tricks To Help You Become A Better Listener

Over the past few years, there’s been a greater acceptance that one critical measure to succeeding at leadership is building and nurturing relationships amongst those you lead. Unfortunately, every few months a new study comes out revealing that many organizations continue to lose employees to their competitors because employees don’t ... Click to continue reading
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Digital transformation of our world

Photo by Markus Spiske on unsplash Below are some thoughts ahead of my invited presentation at Learning Live 2019:I have been invited to speak about digital transformation of organisations for an invited audience of industry leaders, who will predominantly be drawn from Learning and Development and Human Resources departments. They will be on the look out for new ideas, trends to watch and insight into what to do to prepare for rapid and irreversible changes that are happening in indust...
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6 tips for effective nonprofit email campaigns

Email is an essential tool for nonprofit organizations, and for good reason: In 2018, nonprofit email marketing earned $45 for every 1,000 emails sent (M+R Benchmarks). Want to get more out of your email marketing? Start with these tips for effective nonprofit email campaigns. 1. Educate subscribers about your mission Email is the perfect opportunity to promote your mission and goals. Even better, it gives you a chance to show subscribers how their contributions make a positive impact on the t...
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What Control Means to the Self-Employed

Our article yesterday covered a study showing how work autonomy and control resulted in mental health benefits for the self-employed.  As a follow-up, the chart below (click to enlarge) is from the Freshbooks 2019 Self-Employment in America Report. It illustrates how those who are self-employed define control. It comes down to control over the when, where, what and how of their work. The self-employed often have a lot of control over these factors. This is why many choose and stay self-employed...
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