Is Dropshipping Dead?

Are you wondering if you should get into dropshipping? Is it even a good investment anymore? Here's the goods.
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Do you have a compelling reason to reach out?

Go to to learn more...
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Sooner Or Later, All Franchise Buyers Do This

New Post From The Franchise King®Before I share what it is that all franchise buyers do, I need to tell you who I’m referring to when I say “franchise buyers.” A franchise buyer is someone who’s made a decision to buy a franchise. In this case, as you’ll see, a specific franchise. In contrast, a franchise-seeker is someone who’s “searching” […]The post Sooner Or Later, All Franchise Buyers Do This appeared first on The Most Trustworthy Voice in Franchising | The Franchise King®.
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5 Important Website Design Features Your eCommerce Site Must Have To Succeed

Online Commerce (eCommerce) is on a tear. Frost & Sullivan reports that annual B2B eCommerce will reach $6.7 trillion by the year 2020. Meanwhile, eMarketer estimates that global retail eCommerce will reach $25 trillion in 2019. With so much to gain, eCommerce businesses can’t afford to lose sales due to poor website design. For most websites, there are established best practices that can help you build a useful, functional site. But eCommerce websites are unique. They need to manage inventory,...
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“I Have Great Customers!” But Does This Show in Your Business?

I often hear small business owners comment, “I have great customers”! Since this assertion is typically made while I’m delving into the problems the business is having and is in response to my questions about the customers, my question is: If you have “great customers”, where are they? Often, small business owners had great customers […]
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3 Powerful Strategies That Will Help Boost Collaboration Inside Your Organization

Driving collaborative efforts in today’s workplaces has certainly become a key focus for many leaders. Unfortunately, there’s a common mistake many leaders make about promoting collaboration, a mistake that I reveal alongside 3 powerful strategies to boost collaboration in this fifth edition of my podcast feature, Leadership Espresso Shot. My ... Click to continue reading
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2020 NAR Leadership Academy Class Announced

Chicago, IL – August 27, 2019 ( The National Association of Realtors ® today announced the roster of its 2020 NAR Leadership Academy class. Eighteen Realtors® from across the country have been chosen to participate in the 10-month program designed to prepare emerging state and local volunteers for future leadership roles at NAR. “NAR’s Leadership Academy provides one-on-one experiences and tools that equip volunteer leaders for future opportunities at the state, local and ...
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How to create high-converting lead magnets

Lead magnets are incentives offered to your website visitors in exchange for their names, email addresses and other contact information. Examples include eBooks, checklists, white papers, discount codes, quizzes and templates. Your visitors get something valuable, and you get their contact information so you can follow up via phone, email or snail mail. Most commonly, lead magnets are used to entice visitors to subscribe to email lists. They bring prospects into your funnel so you can deploy lea...
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The 3 People That Stand In Your Way Of Business Success (And How To Move Them Aside)

For every person that can help you on your way to personal and business success, there are many more that can do just the opposite – serve as big barriers that make the task that much more challenging. There are three people in particular that you need to be wary of, because you WILL encounter them along the way.  In fact, you’ll see one EVERY DAY. How can we move these barriers aside, and reach strongly towards our dreams? Let’s start with Person #1. The Naysayer “You can’t do that!”  “Are yo...
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FROGs, WFA and Remote Work

As we pointed out yesterday, working remotely is increasingly common for both independent workers and those with traditional jobs.  Two recent articles also point this out and add several new buzzwords to our remote work vocabulary. The Harvard Business Review's Is It Time to Let Employees Work from Anywhere? points out there is a new form of remote work emerging which they refer to as "WFA" (work from anywhere). Key quote: Even as working from home (WFH) becomes relatively commonplace, a ne...
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How to Become Your Own Boss as a Truck Driver

Truck drivers are among the most valued workers in the modern world.
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No More Change Programs – Meet The Super Chameleon

No more change programs? Really? You are thinking that I must be out of my mind. Of course, a business needs to change according to the various market and competitive conditions that it faces. A business does have to change but I believe that it is perfectly possible for it to change itself. Why is this not a popular point of view? Well, many businesses do not believe that they can stand on their own two feet or have not yet acquired the know-how to do this. Secondly, there are a number of very ...
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21 Reasons Why You Like to Do Your Creative Work in Cafes

Ever since I was old enough to realize there would never be a want ad in a newspaper that described a job I wanted, I've loved working in cafes. I never really thought much about it until a few days ago when a baffled friend of mine asked why I was so into it. His assumption? That working in a cafe would be a distraction. A distraction? Dude, quite the opposite. I do some of my best work in cafes. And so, at the risk of trotting out a few half-baked conclusions that my non-cafe-going criti...
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