Bargaining in Bali

For many people, bargaining is an alien concept. You see a price tag, you pay it. But for Southeast Asians, bargaining is a way of life. While we are experts in bargaining back home in India, we didn’t bargain much on our first trip to Bali, to be honest – one of our biggest mistakes. By the time we had our bargaining game figured out, it was time to leave!  Without a keen bargaining sense, you’re bound to be overcharged and even scammed, especially in tourist-ridden areas such as Kuta, Semin...
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Take Credit Card Payments for Your Business

Even if you’re a one-person business, you can easily take credit card payments from almost anywhere. PaySimple helps business owners take payments online, in person, or on a mobile device—wherever your customers happen to be. Why should your business be taking credit card payments? Customers have a lot of options today: they’re used to the speed of online shopping, one-click purchases, and swiping their credit cards to buy everything from furniture to french fries. This is the golden age of c...
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AgencyLogic Support Series – An Overview of the AgencyLogic PowerOffice Brokerage System

AgencyLogic provides PowerOffice, a set of tools and features that allow brokers and franchises to manage enterprise volumes of single property Websites. To get access to PowerOffice give us a call on: (888) 201-5160 or email: [email protected] Step 1: Log into your account. You will see PowerOffice from the main menu: Step 2: Click on the PowerOffice link. From here a pop-up window will appear giving you one-click access to all of the PowerOffice features: Step 3: The PowerOffice sy...
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Get Clear on Your Prospecting

Are you clear on your prospecting? You’re probably familiar with the saying “always be closing.” Sure, not a bad idea. But, I much prefer the saying “always be prospecting” because, let’s face it, if you have no one to sell …Read More »
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The Anatomy of a Bestselling Novel [Infographic]

Is it really possible to write a bestselling novel to order? To break down its constituent parts and use them as a kind of writing-a-blockbuster-by-numbers? After all, literature isn’t Lego, is it? Despite this, many people have tried. On the bookshelves, physical and digital, you’ll find endless books and courses on how to write a […] The post The Anatomy of a Bestselling Novel [Infographic] appeared first on WTD.
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What It Takes to Be a Leader

Guest post from David Nielson: As a leader, taking on a new challenge, making a change, or leading a team can be challenging. Be it in business or in life, it isn’t just a test of your ability to know what to do. It’s a test of your ability to hold yourself 100% accountable to follow through on what you promise (or commit) to doing. However, we often get caught up in thinking about getting things done, or looking to others to guide us through difficulties. What we should be doing...
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Redfin Champions Transparency in Real Estate as the First Brokerage to Display Buyer’s Agent Commission

51% of Homebuyers Don’t Fully Understand How Their Agent was Paid, Redfin Survey Finds Seattle, WA – Aug. 29, 2019 (PRNewswire) (NASDAQ: RDFN) — Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage, announced today it will publish the commission offered to the buyer’s agent for homes that a Redfin agent is hired to sell on Redfin believes displaying the commission will help consumers better understand the costs and incentives in the real estate transaction. ...
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free cities attract creative individuals

Why have certain cities fostered creativity over time? “First, the protection of personal and economic freedoms changed the local culture, making it more receptive to innovations and new ideas. Second, the new institutions also changed incentives, through a more meritocratic and inclusive social environment, but also by encouraging works of art and innovations that would enhance the prestige of the city. Third, free cities attracted talented and creative individuals who escaped censorship and pe...
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The Top 4 Landscape Design Trends of Fall 2019

The National Association of Landscape Professionals anticipates an uptick in textured plantings, jewel tones, cozy outdoor living styles and lush lawns this season Fairfax, VA – August 29, 2019 (BUSINESS WIRE)–The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) announces its official list of the top lawn and landscape trends of fall 2019. Fall welcomes endless opportunities for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces. NALP trends help forecast elements of design and maintenance that i...
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Freelancers and Financial Well-Being

One of the ongoing questions around independent/gig work is its impact on the financial well-being of independent workers (freelancers, gig workers, self-employed, etc.).  To better understand this issue, a series of financial well-being questions were added to the MBO Partners State of Independence study survey this year (Emergent Research works with MBO Partners on this ongoing study). The new questions included a set developed by the U.S.  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) , which ...
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The Best Mentor You Can Find is Up to You!

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” — Benjamin Disraeli WHEN I WAS a young Army lieutenant, I met with my Assignment (Personnel) Officer, Major Tom Montgomery in Washington D.C. on my way to Germany in the summer of 1977. I never expected that he would become my first true mentor. There was no contractual agreement or even a discussion about such a relationship, and through all these years, I’ve never mentioned the word “m...
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Leave Your Title at the Door and Remove the Door From It's Hinges

When I co-founded my company in 1986, I had two business cards made. One said "President." The other said "Archduke." Whenever I gave clients a choice, they always wanted the Archduke card. In time, I gave all the Archduke cards away and never re-ordered them -- in a pitiful attempt, I think, to seem more professional. Fortunately, everything comes full circle. Last night, while enjoying a wonderful concert in my hometown of Woodstock, my next title was suddenly revealed. Director of Pub...
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CNC punching galvanised mild steel sheet metal panels

cnc punching galvanised mild steel sheet metal panels Here we are again looking at CNC punching. This time it’s galvanised mild steel sheet metal panels. These relatively simple panels have been CNC punched out of 2M x 1M sheets of 0.9mm galvanised mild steel. With the programs using standard CNC punch press tooling there was no extra tooling cost for our customer. The job was set up in 15 minutes on the punch press with parts being ready for de-burring within 30 minutes. If you look below you ...
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